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Steve · 3 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

Zackattack0908 · 9 years ago
first of all, there's nothing WRONG with being bisexual.. if you really look at it, it's a beautiful thing to show "Hey, i'm bisexual. im proud because love is love no matter WHO it is. if you don't like that then go kiss my butt"
you're dad shouldn't do that to you and maybe you should tell it to somebody.. my friends mom got taken away for beating her.. and i hope your cousin will rot one day, raping is a serious thing..:( you don't need a rep. as a tough girl, trust me, reputation is just a label for people who don't wanna be themselves.. and im sure you wanna be yourself because you seem amazing.
people change and they leave, life goes like that and if you ever need somebody to talk to or trust, IM me at zackattack0908 or email me at zackattack0908@aim.com and i can maybe help you with things..
p.s no body likes the town they live in, and you can always change schools!

xokayla97 · 9 years ago
hey beautiful ;
you liked one of my quotes .
thankss <3 check the rest out !
--kayla/kdunkzz/xokayla97 (:

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