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About Me
I'm Riley Lynn. i'm fourteen years young. One of my passions is writing. My quote account that i've had since last year is Rileylovesyoou. You can check that out. i'll be using this account to write stories on. i'd love to get feedback and comments and faves. i'll take into consideration anything that you think i should put into my stories. Thanks.


My other account is Rileylovesyoou. there i make quotes, and i have had that account since 2010. it's my main account and you can talk to me and contact me there too.
  1. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    September 3, 2011 9:13pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Attention all readers of Forever; With You. i will be stopping this story on witty because i don't have the time to write on it everyday on witty. i will be adding this exact story to a different website and hopefully continuing it there. i have a couple other stories, and you are very welcome to read those and this one which will be continued. The website is called wattpad.com and my account name is fairytalelovee so please look it up if you'd like to read it continued. thanks for reading. ♥

  2. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2011 7:25pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter twenty-two.
    "Chase!" i yelled across the grass in front of the school.
    "Sariena!" Chase responded.
    i ran at him and hugged him. He picked me up, i wrapped my legs around him, and he kissed me. It was perfect for me.
    My fairytale kiss.
    "i missed you." i said when we pulled apart, him still holding me.
    "i missed you too, sweetheart. But we're both here now."
    The bell rang and we had to get to our homerooms. He let me go and we walked into school holding hands. It was the most romantic morning of my life.
    "Sariena, i have to say; that was absolutely adorable outside." Kyle told me in homeroom.
    i was surprised.
    "Don't think nobody saw it, sis. Everyone did." he laughed.
    "Everyone? i kinda doubt that."
    "Okay, maybe not everyone..."
    Mr. M started teaching, then he laughed mid-sentence.
    "There's no way i'm getting teenagers to listen to history when it's 85 degrees outside, sunny, and beautiful and there's six days left of school." Mr. M smiled at all of us. "We're going to play outside today."
    "Whoooooooo!" "Yes!" "Seriously?!" "No way!" "Cooool bro."
    i met Chase's gaze from across the room. Let's go for a walk. He mouthed.
    Okay. i mouthed back, and smiled.
    It was beautiful outside. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining down on the dew covered grass. Since it was still only nine in the morning, it was only about 70 degrees at the moment.
    I came to find out, that the entire grade was staying outside all day.
    Chase grabbed my hand and lead me out around the fields. We walked around the soccer fields for about an hour; just talking, laughing, holding hands.
    i loved it.
    Then we sat down under a tree in the shade and watched some of the grade play soccer, still holding hands.
    i felt like we were as close as ever.
    "Guess what tomorrow is?" he whispered in my ear.
    "Wednesday?" i joked.
    "Well, yeah, but.. it's the eleventh." he looked hurt.
    "i know. It's our four month." i responded.
    he smiled.
    "What do you wanna do?" he asked.
    "No, tomorrow, silly."
    "Oh" i though about it. "Be with you."
    romantic, huh? it's getting there. keep reading pleaseee!<3

  3. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2011 7:00pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter twenty-one.
    Chase wasn't there all day. i was really worried, so when i got home, i called him.
    No answer.
    Alyssa wanted me to go over her house for 'Movie Monday'. But i really just wanted to get a hold of Chase. Since i promised i'd go over, i did.
    "Sariena, quit worrying. You're ruining the fun of Movie Monday." Alyssa said when she noticed i wasn't watching The Notebook; i was staring at my phone.
    "Lys, you don't understand. What if something's wrong?"
    "Neena, if something's wrong, his mom would contact you." She said, matter-of-factly.
    "She doesn't have my number, Alyssa."
    "Yeah? But Chase does. She can use his phone."
    "Yeah, i guess so."
    "Come on, stop worrying. i'm sure everything's fine. This is your favorite movie, just watch it."
    "Alright." i watched the movie.
    *1 New Message*
    hey, Sariena. it's Chase's mom. He's sick and he needs his sleep, and i knew that he wouldn't get any sleep if he was talking to you. so i took his phone. you can talk to him tomorrow at school. -Chase<3
    Okay, thanks for telling me. -Babygirl<3
    *1 New Message*
    You didn't hear it from me, but you're saved as Babygirl in his phone. -Chase<3
    i couldn't help but smile like an idiot. Alyssa noticed.
    "What is it? he text you?"
    "No, his mom did." i showed her the messages, still smiling.
    "Awwwh, that's ADORABLE!" Alyssa said. "You're his babygirl."
    "yes, i am." i loved that idea.
    "i'm gonna get some coffee from Dunkin next door, you want anything?" Alyssa said, leaving me alone in her house, smiling stupidly.
    "The usual."
    "French Vanilla Coffee Coolata? Small or medium?"
    "Small." it was getting late, i didn't want to have too much caffine that i couldn't sleep tonight.
    "Okay, be back in ten minutes. Wanna make subs for dinner?"
    "Sure. Turkey or tuna?"
    Alyssa went to get the coffees next door, and i made us tuna subs with lettuce, cheese, and pickles. Our usual.
    We ate dinner on her couch, watching MTV's Disaster Date.
    "Where you been?" Kyle asked me when i showed up home at nine.
    "Alyssa's. Where's mom?" i said, getting ready to take a shower.
    "Yup." he responded through the bathroom door. "Chase called. He wanted to talk to you."
    "Did he leave a message?"
    "Oh." Even i could hear the disappointment in my voice.
    sorry it's slow. have to get through the rest of the school year. more to come.

  4. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 6:33pm UTC
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  5. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2011 6:54pm UTC
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  6. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 23, 2011 11:29pm UTC
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  7. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 21, 2011 8:54pm UTC
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  8. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 21, 2011 8:26pm UTC
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  9. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 19, 2011 10:33pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter fifteen.
    "i can't believe this! it's like i can't have friends or something!" i screamed to no one in particular, walking home with Alyssa and Sarah.
    "Neena, i'm sure it will be fine. Those girls don't matter. I'm sure he trusts you enough to realize that you'd never ever do that. Don't worry about them." Sarah tried to comfort me.
    "But he has major trust issues! He always accuses me of stuff! He's being such a hypocrite too! Because he can hang out with girls, but i can't hang out with a guy without being accused of cheating? this is the worst thing."
    Alyssa took my phone and hers and put them in the kitchen drawer the second we got home. They continued to ring anyway. Chase was blowing up our phones. Calling and texting us, over and over again.
    Sarah popped a movie in the dvd player. i spent the rest of the night with my girls, watching movies and crying. they tried to help me out, but i couldn't feel better. Sometimes, he made me feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world, and sometimes he made me cry myself to sleep and wish i could be done with this.
    i wasn't quite sure which one mattered more. The laughter or the tears.
    After a few hours, i grabbed mine and Alyssa's phones out of the drawer. 40 missed calls and 8 new messages on Alyssa's. jeeze. he just wasn't giving up, was he? 29 missed calls and 10 new messages on mine.
    he probably assumed Alyssa was more likely to answer, since she did the first couple of times.
    i read his 'i'm sorry' messages and decided to give him a chance and respond.
    What do you want Chase? -Sariena
    *1 New Message*
    To talk. -Chase
    About? -Sariena
    *2 New Messages*
    Look, Sariena. i'm really sorry i flipped out at you. i shouldn't have done that. it's just that i'm really overprotective and i didn't want to lose you i only did it because i care about you. you mean everything to me, and hearing that killed me inside. and i didn't think before i reacted. i know you wouldn't do that to me. And i know that Jake wouldn't either. he's a good friend. i'm sorry if i made you cry. Please stop ignoring me though. And in my defense, this isn't the first time you're "just friends" with a guy.
    Oh my god. "just friends"? wow. Awesome.
    i showed the message to Sarah and Alyssa. Sarah hugged me. Alyssa flipped and called Chase, leaving the room. i threw my phone and kicked the table. i started balling.
    "i can't take this anymore." i whispered through the heavy breathes.
    "Just friends? Why the hell would you say that?" i heard Alyssa scream in the phone from the kitchen.
    Sarah just hugged me, feeling my pain.
    is anybody actually reading it? i feel like no one is....

  10. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2011 12:52pm UTC
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  11. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 14, 2011 6:46pm UTC
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  12. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 12, 2011 7:40pm UTC
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  13. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 10, 2011 5:56pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter eleven.
    it's been a few weeks that i've been with Chase. we spend almost every day together. He's become my absolute best friend. i'm now closer to Chase then i am to Alyssa. it's insane to me, since i've known Alyssa for eight years, and Chase for three weeks.
    Alyssa seems a little mad every time she texts me only to find out i'm with Chase. She hasn't been the same since i started dating Chase. i don't think she likes me dating him. i miss her, the old her. She used to be the most amazing person in my life, the one person i always turned to.
    Now, she's just different. And i don't know how to change that.
    Chase has been good with it all. He's made new friends and seems to be really close to Kyle now, which to me is kind of weird. But whatever. They're like brothers. i'm starting to think that Chase is really much different from all the other guys. He's much different - for example; the way he makes me feel. It's much more special, you know?
    Kyle has been getting farther from me too, it's sad. It seems like the closer i get to Chase, the more i drift from the people i love. Since Kyle's my twin brother, we've always been extremely close, even when i was dating any other guy, or he was dating any other girl. We still stayed close, and happy. i miss him too. We never even just sit and talk anymore. That might be my fault though. Maybe i'm not making time for him. He always managed to make time for me even though he's been dating Carrie.
    I'm starting to think that i'm the bad guy here. it's not Kyle or Alyssa, it's me... i need to change what i'm doing, i don't want to lose the people i love. For all i know, Chase could just be another guy on the list of guys i'll date in life.
    Then again, maybe he's not. He is really special and i don't want to lose him, ever.
    i don't know what to do...
    sorry it's so short, i'll hopefully write more tomorrow. do you like it?

  14. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2011 9:06pm UTC
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  15. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    June 2, 2011 3:34pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter nine.
    Chase walked next to me kind of awkwardly at first. We talked a little here and there. But then, suddenly Chase seemed to get some burst of confidence as he grabbed my hand in his, and called me his baby.
    He gives me some intense butterflies. Him just holding my hand made me feel like the absolute luckiest girl in the whole world. Could it be possible that i already liked him way more than i had originally planned to? Was he already - after two days - the boy i was thinking about 24/7, and dreaming about? Yes, he was. As hard as it was to believe it, i really really liked Chase. No, i didn't love him. It's only been two days, i'm not that immature about relationships. But i definately liked him more than i was used to liking a guy.
    "Hey, Sariena! Who's this?" Mom's attempt to act casual about this was clearly failing. She seemed way too eager and overjoyed about Chase being here.
    "Mom, this is Chase. Chase, this is my mom."
    "Hi! It's really nice to meet you." They were both trying way too hard.
    "Alright! We're going to go in the backyard, okay?" i grabbed Chase's arm and pulled him away from my mom.
    "Nice to meet you too Chase! You two have fun!" Mom continued with her baking.
    "She's nice." Chase said.
    "i know. She can be." That made him laugh.
    In my backyard, we have a pool, a trampoline, a swingset, and a basketball court. My personal favorite was the trampoline because i could practice my cheering on it. Chase, however, seemed to be very interested in the basketball court.
    "You wanna play?" i asked, walking over to the gate of the court.
    "You have a basketball court? Wow." He was in awe.
    "Yeah." i laughed. "It's mainly for Kyle, the trampoline's more mine. But i can still play on it."
    "Let's play then." He grabbed a ball from the basket full of them inside the court.
    I found out a few things from this experience. One; i suck at basketball. Two; Chase doesn't suck at basketball. Three; Chase looks super yummy when he's sweaty. Four; i really really really liked Chase.
    Chase, well he's amazing.
    Scratch that - perfect.
    "Do you kids want some snacks?" Kyle came out of the back door of the house, imitating mom.
    "Actually, we'd love some." i smirked at him.
    "Well isn't that just too bad?" He kidded.
    "Hey, Kyle!" Chase chimed in.
    "hey, dude! Wassup? A huge group of guys were gonna hit the court after school tomorrow. You should totally come. You look great out there. Do you play?" Kyle pushed past me to talk to Chase, typical i guess.
    "That sounds really cool. i might just take you up on that offer. And i used to play at my old school. i was captain."
    "You're definately captain material." He fist pounded him.
    Kyle never associated with any of my exes. What was so different about Chase? Everyone seemed to like him better than any other guy i'd been with. i did too.
    "Hey, you guys can talk for a few minutes. i have to run inside and change. i have practice later." i said, interrupting them. "i'll be back out soon."
    "Practice for what?" Chase asked. He had so much to learn.
    "Cheering." Kyle and i responded at the same time.
    i ran inside and quickly changed into some Soffe shorts, and a tee. I pulled my long straight hair into a pony tail and reapplied my makeup. i found my cheerleading shoes and put them on.
    "Are we dropping Chase off at his house on the way to your practice?" mom asked.
    "Probably." i needed to go ask.
    When i got back outside, Chase and Kyle were playing one-on-one. i didn't really want to disturb them, but i had to ask Chase about going home.
    "Heey! i'm back." i yelled out before getting over to the court.
    "Oh, hey Sariena." Kyle responded. "Ready to go?"
    "My practice isn't for another half hour, Kyle. " i turned away from him. "Do you want to be dropped off at your house on the way?"
    "Actually, sis, we were gonna chill. If that's okay with you. i mean, he's your boyfriend and all." Kyle inturrupted before Chase could open his mouth.
    i wasn't really sure how to respond to that. Was i supposed to be glad that Chase was fitting in and Kyle liked him? Or scared that Kyle would take Chase's attention when i brought him over?
    "uhh, sure. i don't care what you do." i hesitated.
    And with that, i was off to cheerleading practice, leaving my boyfriend at my house alone with my brother. This may not go over well.
    sorry if it's still kinda short. i haven't had a lot of time to go on. can you guys please fave and comment if you're reading this and you like it? i don't really have a lot of time, and if no one's reading it, then i may just end it... Thanks.:*

  16. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    May 28, 2011 2:25pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter eight.
    "You really don't care about Jason?" Alyssa asked me, surprised.
    "i really don't care. like she said, he broke up with me. i'm allowed to date other people. it's been months - and he's already dated." i pointed out that he was the one who was caring now. "it kinda seems like he cares now, not me."
    "You're totally right." Sarah said. "Don't even think about it."
    "she's got better things to think about." Melinda said, pointing me towards Chase who was walking over to the table. Melinda pushed over towards Alyssa so that Chase could sit next to me.
    "Hey baby." he said as he sat down.
    "Hi. How was your day?" i asked, all the girls stared at us.
    "Okay, i guess. i didn't get to see you much so far though." he responded, ignoring the stares. My guess was that he was used to it.
    "Well that's good." i said. "Chase, this is Alyssa, Sarah, Melinda, and Courtney." i pointed out each of the girls sitting around me - my girls.
    "Hi Alyssa, Sarah, Melinda, and Courtney." he said, smiling.
    "Hi Chase!" They all responded.
    Lunch went pretty well. it wasn't awkward at all. Girls at the other table seemed to stare, but my girls and i just pretended they weren't there.
    "Meet me outside the school after school." Chase said, before he left me in the hallway.
    "Will do. Wanna walk home with me?" i asked him.
    "i live kinda far.." he hesitated.
    "i don't. You can come to my house - if you want, that is." i didn't want to push it.
    "i'd like that." his face brightened up.
    The rest of the day dragged by. i was counting the minutes until i could see Chase again. When the bell rang, i ran to my locker and packed up everything as fast as i could. Melissa stopped me, asking if i wanted to go over her house. i told her about Chase coming over.
    "Good luck, girlie!" She kidded. "You have fun. love you."
    "Thanks." i laughed. "love you too."
    i met up with Chase outside the school. he was sitting out on a bench.
    "You ready?" i asked.
    He stood up and hugged me. "Yes."
    "Then let's go."
    sorry i haven't written, busy. Can you guys comment and tell me what you think? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  17. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    May 24, 2011 6:25pm UTC
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  18. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2011 8:22pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter six.
    When i got to the movies, Chase was standing against the wall in the lobby. He was holding two movie tickets. Did he pay? Awwwwwh! i walked over casually, trying not to look nervous.
    "Hey!" he hugged me.
    "Hi. What movie are we seeing?" i didn't want to let go.
    "Well; i bought tickets to see Fast Five. But if you don't want to see that, that's cool too.." he gave me a crooked half smile. i could tell he was hoping that i would want to see Fast Five - i didn't know what it was about, so i just pretended i did.
    "Yeah, let's see that. the previews looked good." he didn't seem to notice that i didn't have a clue what it was about.
    "Alright. Do you want any snacks?"
    "No, not right now. i just ate."
    "Yeahh, me too."
    We walked into cinema 2 and sat down in seats near the back. i put my purse down on the floor by my feet.
    We led on a conversation that wasn't forced - it just came naturally- until the previews started. The theater got dark and the sound came on. i could see Chase looking at me from the corner of my eye, just like he did yesterday. My heart started beating faster, and i could hear it - i hoped that he couldn't.. that would be embarassing.
    He put his arm around me and i rested my head on his shoulder. It was absolutely perfect. i lifted my hand up to 'fix my hair' and grabbed his hand near my left shoulder.
    i could feel his heartbeat in his chest. it was just as fast as mine, if not faster. i suddenly wasn't as embarrased anymore.
    The only thing i got out of the entire movie so far was that Vin Diesel was in it. i was too focused on Chase.
    Then; he leaned down, and he kissed me! it was the most amazing feeling in the world, i can't even explain it.
    i was definately falling for him, fast.
    "Tongue or no tongue?" Alyssa was soo noisy.
    "No tongue, Alyssa it was our first kiss." i laughed.
    i could tell, even through the phone that she was shaking her head. "Neena, how many times do i have to tell you, first kiss or not, tongue is always fuuuuunnn!!!!!" She stretched out the syllables of fun, as if to make her point.
    "Whatever, Lys. Like i said before, only you move that fast."
    Alyssa made me give her all the details on the date, from my outfit, to my hair, to his outfit, to his hair. i ended up on the phone with her for two hours.
    i couldn't wait for tomorrow, when Chase showed up at school. All the girls would be soo jealous when they find out that i went on a date with him. He would be the new hottie, and hopefully i'd be the new girlfriend.
    it wasn't official yet, but it was totally implied, right? i mean, we went on a date, and we kissed! that's not what friends do.. i just hope he feels the same way.
    Feedback? do you like it so far? thanks.

  19. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2011 5:24pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter five.
    it may sound really lame, but this was the absolute best thing that's happened to me since breaking up with Jason. Ever since then, my life's been boring. But, it's been a few months, and i'm completely over Jason now. i'm ready to move on to someone who will treat me better and actually, i don't know, care about me. Jason never texted me unless he wanted something and he never listened to me. i really liked him though, so being dumb old Sariena, i stayed with him. Chase doesn't seem like that kind of boy. i mean, he's already texted me in the half an hour we've been apart!
    Even though Kyle was kinda joking with me about Chase and making fun of me, i could tell he was genuinely happy for me. He just told me the other day that he hates to see me down. And i feel the same way about him being upset - it makes me feel bad.
    i decided to go to bed since it was getting late and i really wanted to be ready for my first date with Chase.
    *1 New Message*
    Goood Morningg(; -Chase
    He texted me good morning, how incredibly cute and sweet! Jason never did that for me. i started liking Chase more and more every minute.
    Goood Morning!;) -Sariena :D
    it was 10:30, so i didn't have much time to get ready for my date at 3. i showered, dressed in my cutest jeans that made my butt look amazing, and my nicest shirt. i blowdried and straightened my hair to the straightest it could be. Then i applied my makeup. i wanted to look my absolute best.
    "Sariena; mom wants to know what time you're going to the movies." Kyle barged in.
    "Three... wait. How does mom know i'm going to the movies today?" he told her?!
    "i told mom. She wanted to know what was up with you, so i told her about Chase. But don't worry, she's not mad or anything." mad? why would mom be mad? i should be the mad one here!
    "Uhh, Kyle! i was gonna tell her!" i yelled.
    "Sorry. Jeeze, calm down kid." he rolled his eyes at me and left the room.
    "THREE!" i heard a scream thoughout the house.
    "Sariena, sweetie, who's Chase?" mom came into my room, without knocking. Does anybody know how to knock in this house?!
    "A new boy at my school." i responded, deciding not to mention that he hasn't exactly started yet.
    "Okay.." she seemed hesitant.
    "Yeah, he's really great mom. You'd like him." i added.
    "i'm sure." she didn't want me to get hurt. i knew she was just looking out for me, but i was really happy - for once. Couldn't she tell?
    it's been a long time since i've been happy. For months, i just moped about the house, school, and everywhere else i went - unless Jason was there, then i faked my happiness.
    "i miss you, Neena." Sarah said though the phone.
    "i miss you too."
    "Wanna chill today?"
    "Actually, i was calling about what i'm doing today. i just couldn't wait to tell you!"
    "What?! What is it?!" i could hear her excitment through the phone.
    "i'm going on a date with this new boy, Chase..."
    comment? how is it so far?

  20. Stories_By_Riley Stories_By_Riley
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2011 8:54pm UTC
    Forever; With You♥
    Chapter five.
    i ran upstairs into my room the second mom pulled into the driveway. i just couldn't wait to call Alyssa up and tell her all about my night with Chase, and about the date! i knew she'd be proud of herself, cause this was all her doing. And for once, i was gonna let her be proud.
    i called Alyssa.
    "Hello?!" She answered on the first ring.
    "Guess who asked me out?!" i squelled.
    "It wouldn't be a 'yummy' boy named Chase who just happens to be totally into you?" She beat around the bush.
    "It would be." i played along.
    i could hear a scream from her end of the phone. "OHMYGOSH! Sariena, you guys are going to be soo adorable on Monday when all the girls see you and him together. They're gonna be soo jealous that the hot new boy, which we never get, is totally taken! And Jason? He'll be totally jealous too. And he'll regret dumping you." She went on and on.
    "i don't care about Jason, Alyssa. He's old news. Chase is my new boy. He hasn't actually asked me to be his girlfriend though. Just, on a date." i explained.
    "Don't worry, dear. He totally will ask you.. Have you kissed him?" She went right on to her favorite topic.
    "Psssh; i hope. And no, not yet. i only met him today, Lys." i was practically bouncing on my bed.
    "Okaay! Whatever to only meeting him today. You should've kissed him goodnight!" Even through the phone, i could tell she was smirking.
    "Alyssa; you, my dear, are the only person i know who moves that fast. Most people don't kiss the first day they meet. Nice try though."
    "Okay. Be that way. i'm gonna go though. i'll text you." She said.
    "Alright. buhbye."
    "Ta Ta for now!" She was so lame sometimes.
    *1 New Message*
    Heeey(; -Chase
    Heeeey!;) -Sariena :D
    *1 New Message*
    Movies 2moro?(; -Chase
    Yes. Time? -Sariena :D
    Kyle burst through the door, smiling.
    "Can i help you?" i asked.
    "Why are you so happy? Tell me!" He jumped onto my bed.
    "There's this boy, Chase, who is coming to our school Monday that i met at the mall and we really hit it off and i really like him. He asked me out on a date to the movies tomorrow. i'm just really excited. that's all."
    Kyle layed down next to me. "What's he like? Looks, i mean."
    "He's gorgeous. You'll see him Monday." i winked at him.
    "You won't tell me?" he seemed hurt.
    "Nope. Now get out of my room, mister. it's almost eleven and i'm getting tired!" i joked, pushing him off the bed.
    "Get some rest for Chaassseee." he kidded as he left.
    *1 New Message*
    Be there @3. -Chase
    Sounds good. i'll be there! -Sariena :D
    How do you like it? any good so far?


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