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the only reason i will ever be on here is bc im on a html hunt goodbye
2018 edit: never thought id be on this account again but wow turns out its hard to remember emails from 2011
  1. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    May 19, 2013 1:04pm UTC

  2. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    April 12, 2013 4:19pm UTC
    I hate to say "I told you so"
    But f.u.ck it, I told you so.
    And don't say a word, I already know.
    This is an anthem
    so f.u.cking sing
    A dedication to the end of everything

  3. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    February 28, 2013 1:20pm UTC
    There's something you don't know
    I've walked you off to keep you on your toes.
    There's something you didn't know
    I've grown some bones, so I can walk you off.

  4. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2013 12:59pm UTC
    Can't you tell from the look in our eyes?
    We're going no where.
    We live our lives like we're
    ready to die
    This is sempiternal.

  5. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2012 9:37am UTC
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  6. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    November 30, 2012 12:02pm UTC
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  7. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    November 18, 2012 12:18pm UTC
    1 whole year on Witty
    No, I didn't write a long paragraph like most Wittians
    Honestly, I never thought it'd come by so fast.
    But wow. It's only been a year, but Witty has helped alot. I got to stop my friend from cutting and I started to respect myself, something I thought would never happen. Because of that, I'm grateful to every Wittian, since they're all amazing.
    Thank my followers for staying with me for a whole year, since I made my
    account on Witty Profiles. Oh, and my little Witty Family, (Plu-Plu, Raito, Grace, Matt, Mello, Len, and Misa-chii) I love you all~<3
    So, can't wait for round two!
    -Sky Blue Evelyn/Axel.

  8. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    November 13, 2012 10:49am UTC
    It's my birthday today♥

  9. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    October 24, 2012 2:28pm UTC
    Mr. Player
    The one who lost the game.
    Chapter 10 - Meeting him again. (Part Three)
    Emmerson could feel his chin quivering.
    Brother. He thought, Sky has a brother….
    Meanwhile, Ace was standing still. Silent and frozen.
    He could tell by Emmerson’s reaction that this was something that Sky didn’t want to tell, but still…
    He called Darcy and told her to pick Emmerson up.
    He yelled, making Darcy realise that it was urgent.
    “Ace what’s going on?! Why are you two so–”
    “JUST GO!” He yelled.
    When she and her brother left, he ran.
    Ran in Sky’s direction.
    It took him five minutes to realise she wasn’t in the mall.
    Although panting and out of breath, he continued running.
    When out of the mall, he quickly glanced around.
    He ran left and wthout even realising, he found himself at the old abandoned park.
    He saw someone crouched on a bench, the world ‘Evelyn’ written on their hoodie.
    “Hey,” he said softly as he kneeled down in front of Sky.
    She looked up and Ace could see she had been crying.
    “Sky what’s going on?” He asked gently.
    She shook her head and wiped away her tears.
    “It’s nothing Ace. D- Don’t worry about it.”
    He frowned,
    “Sky there’s no point lying at this stage.” Sky bit her lip, “Wh—well what am I supposed to say right now? Oh, by the way, I just found out my brother who I haven’t seen in more than five years is actually alright and I shouldn’t have been worrying over the past years?!”
    Ace pulled her in for a hug.
    "You need to stop that habit of yours, Sky. Closing of your heart from other people. Building walls around yourself and pretending everything's fine."
    "Pretending everything's fine is somewhat easier, Ace."
    He lifted her chin up with his finger, making sure he could see her face properly.
    "Does Erza know?" He asked, "Have you told her?"
    "N-- No..." Sky said as she turned her gaze away.
    "You know, Sky, you're really strong." He muttered as he fiddled with the ends of her hair.
    Sky looked at him, implying 'How so?'
    "Keeping such a thing a secret. It's amazing."
    The two continued to talk, although they did not move from their position.
    Eventually, they went back.
    "SKY!" Darcy yelled, "Where have you two been?! What's going on?!"
    "It's nothing, Darcy." She replied quietly with a smile.
    Emmerson was sitting down, but he was watching Sky.
    "Liar! It must have been something!"
    "Darcy! It's nothing, honestly!"
    "If that's true then why were you gone so long? And why was Ace yelling? And Emmerson looking like that?! Seriously, what the heck is going on?! What are you hiding?! Making everyone worry over such a stupid th--"
    "Can you just shut up for atleast one minute?! I already told you, it's none of your business!" Sky yelled angrily, cutting Darcy off.
    "Wh-- Was it really that important?!" Darcy yelled angrily, "I mean, you've made everyone worry like hell!"
    "Well that wasn't intentional!"
    "So?! You always get the attention!"
    "You think I want it?!"
    "I don't care! How do you think it feels to be over shadowed?!"
    "Look, it's not my fault that you're an attention seeker!"
    "I am not!" Darcy yelled.
    "I really don't care."
    Darcy huffed, "Emmerson! We're leaving. Now!"
    Emmerson looked at his sister and left.
    Soon, the others left aswell.
    "Sky, what is going on?" Erza asked, at last.
    "Erza..." Sky muttered.
    "I... I heard something today. Very shocking news."
    "What was it?"
    Sky let out a deep breath,
    "...It was about my older twin brother... Sam."
    Erza's eyes widened, "What?! Brother?!"
    Sky gulped, "Yup...."
    Like... woah. I'm so crap. I haven't posted in 20 days. 20 flippin' days. Crappy Axel is crappy.
    Oh yeah guys. I've changed my name. I'm Axel now.
    Lallalalla I have no updates.... llalala
    Gosh, trying to make Ace n' Sky's little moment cute was the hardest thing ever....
    Oh yeah, (Reminder)
    I don't notify anymore. Sorry dudes!

  10. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    October 14, 2012 2:44pm UTC
    That awkward moment when
    Your best friend, tells you that she likes your
    brothers best friend, who you have been secretly dating since April.....

  11. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    October 3, 2012 3:01pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  12. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 27, 2012 4:15pm UTC
    Dear Witty,
    PLEASE, stop showing me adverts for "My Candy Love"
    sincerely I'm trying to save action points.

  13. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 7:48am UTC
    Mr. Player
    The one who lost the game.
    Chapter 10 - Meeting him again.
    Sky took her hat off and tied her long, silky black hair into a messy bun which she tucked under her new black newsboy cap.
    Ace sighed, "What's with all the hats?"
    She raised an eyebrow at the player,
    "You like collecting girls, I like collecting hats."
    Emmerson snorted at that comment, his snort turning into a chuckle.
    "Shut up Emmerson!" Ace said as he hit his friend, who dramatically clutched his arm.
    Cody smiled, "How come you two are allowed to play fight and I'm not?"
    "Because you get serious." Devin sighed blankly. Zane nodded.
    All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning came speeding down from the sky and rain came pouring down.
    "Ahh damn." Emmerson said as he looked at his phone, "Sh/tty weather and no signal..."
    "Oh. My. God." Darcy muttered, "Let's get out of here. Like, now."
    Darcy was afraid of thunder.
    "We can't." Ace mumbled as he looked outside, "If you haven't noticed Darcy, it's f/cking chucking it down outside."
    "Gee Ace. Way to make a girl feel special." Sky said as she poked the player in the cheek.
    She pulled her hood up, "I might as well run home."
    "E... Evelyn..." Cody read as he looked at the back of Sky's hoodie.
    "That's her last name," Zane sighed at his blonde friend.
    "OH! I thought it was Evelyn Salt."
    "My name reminds you of a film?"
    "Evelyn!" Three low, male voices called behind the group.
    "Hm?" Sky said as she turned around to face the three teens.
    There was an awkward atmosphere.
    "Well, what?" Sky finally huffed, sick of the silence.
    "HOLY SHlT! YOU'RE NOT SAM!" One of the bruntte's gasped, "BUT YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HIM!"
    "Wait, whut? That's not Sam!?" One of them asked. He had messy purple hair and two piercings. On his lip and his ear.
    There was one other guy, he had dark ash brown hair and unlike the other two, no piercings. He sighed, "Oh God. Colton, Luke. If you haven't noticed, that's a chick."
    "BUT JAY. The dude looks just like Sam." The purple one, Colton, said to his friend.
    Luke looked at Sky, "Hrmmm...."
    "WHAT THE F/CK IS GOING ON?!" Ace yelled, utterly confused.
    "They thought Sky was their friend, Sam. Doofus." Emmerson sighed.
    "How? Sky wasn't even facing them!" Darcy pouted as she eyed the boys up, thinking, Why do all the guys notice Sky!?
    "Evelyn." Jay muttered,
    "Like Evelyn Salt!" Cody and Luke yelled in unison.
    "CODY/LUKE! SHUT UP!" Zane and Colton shouted.
    "Sam... Evelyn...?" Sky muttered quietly.
    She raised her head and looked at the three boys.
    "You three know... Sam Evelyn?"
    Emmerson looked at Sky, confused.
    Devin took a note of it.
    Still, Emmerson had known Sky for years. Not once had he heard the name Sam Evelyn.
    "Sky, who's Sam Evelyn?" Darcy asked her best friend.
    Sky gulped.
    Was she going to answer it?
    The question on everyone's mind?
    Who was Sam Evelyn?
    Oh God. To think this is only part one....
    And there's quite alot of #Team Emmy
    fans... maybeI'llhavetodoamajorplottwist.
    ^^ ignore that...
    I don't notify any more. ^_^''
    I feel so asdfghjkl when I change the format♥

  14. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 6:11pm UTC
    Your social guides give you swollen eyes but what I've got can't be bought so you can just call it what you want

  15. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 2:45pm UTC
    ^^ Love how it's a cat sign.

  16. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 14, 2012 7:11am UTC
    Mr. Player
    Chapter 9
    Dude, that's my ice cream.
    The boys went with Emmerson to get wheels and I was supposed to go with Darcy.
    I say "Supposed" Because I snuck of and went for ice cream...
    "Hrrmm...." I muttered, "Flavour.... which flavour..."
    "Oh!" The ice cream girl said, "We've just got Cookie dough flavour!"
    I smiled, "Cool."
    I paid for the ice cream and walked off.
    It tasted great.
    I heard a loud buzz and my butt vibrated.
    "SKY!" Ace shouted through his phone, "WHERE ARE YOU?!"
    I raised an eyebrow, "How do you have my number?"
    He sighed, "You're a couple chapters behind."
    "Any way, where are you?" He asked,
    "Erm, near the ice cream parlour, why?"
    Ace sighed, "Ice cream? Really?"
    "Why are you calling me?" I sighed.
    "Because Darcy said that you suddenly disappeared!"
    "I wasn't following her to begin with!"
    "Why not?!" He snapped
    "Because I don't want to shop for shoes!" I said angrily.
    "Don't speak to me in that tone!" He huffed,
    "Oh," I said in a low voice, "So you want me to speak like this?"
    So, I had my hair tucked in my hat, making me look like, quoting Zane here, a "frail guy" and now I'm speaking in a low voice.... interesting....
    "Oh god who the heck was that?!" Ace suddenly said,
    "Who the hell just spoke with the deep voice!"
    I gulped and he paused.
    "T-- THAT WAS YOU?!" Ace gasped.
    "Ah-- And so what if it was!" I said in the deep voice.
    "Oh my f/cking gosh. SKY YOU SOUND LIKE A GUY."
    I chuckled, "That's because everyone's manlier than you."
    "Shut the hell up!"
    OKAY, DON'T.
    "God you are so troublesome Mr.Summers." I sighed, still using the deep voice.
    "Stop it! You don't understand how freaky it is!"
    I laughed, "You're an idiot."
    I suddenly felt someone pull my hoodie.
    "Don't call me an idiot." Ace said as I turned around.
    "A-- Ace?!"
    He nodded, "The one and only."
    "Oh. You've become all big headed again..." I muttered.
    I smiled, "Anyway, let's get back to the others."
    "Mmh." He replied as he took a lick of my ice cream.
    How dare he. I don't even let Erza have my food.
    "Where are you, Emmerson?" Ace asked Emmerson,
    "Just came out of the shop-- AND AHAAA I HAS FOUND YOU!" We looked and he was pointing to us.
    "Sky why have you got ice cream?"
    "It's a long story Emmy."
    "SKY EVELYN." Darcy groaned, "How dare you run off like that!"
    "I walked, mum."
    "Shut up! I was worried!"
    "But I'm not a little kid!" I protested.
    Everyone went silent.
    "...Well f/ck you guys then." I said as I turned around and began to walk off.
    "THE CHILD IS ESCAPING!" Cody gasped, "Get her mom!"
    "Shut up Cody!" I pouted as I turned back around, "I'm not escaping I'm going shopping!"
    "Sky? Shopping?" Ace said confused, "You feelin' okay, Blue?"
    "If you hadn't noticed, I am a girl." I huffed as I stuck my tongue out.
    "Where are you going?" Zane asked,
    "Meh. Just getting a new hat."
    "But that hat's fine." Emmerson said as he poked my forehead.
    "I know," I replied. They followed me to the hat store like the stalkers good friends they are.
    Okay so you may have figured it out that when in this font Sky is using her dude voice... I just thought I'd be extra and put it in a different font c:
    AND WAY TO GO ACE. "You're a couple chapters behind."
    Mwohahha. What is it? That's a secret though. >_^
    Sorry, I am no longer notifing.

  17. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    September 6, 2012 10:35am UTC
    Mr. Player
    Chapter 8
    She has returned.
    Erza groaned, "God. She lied to us!"
    I sighed, "Erza, she's probably just in traffic or something."
    Erza shot a look at me, "She was supposed to come back yesterday!"
    "Oh my gosh..." Erza muttered, "What if something happened to her?!"
    I raised an eyebrow, "Really? This is Ava we're on about."
    "Your right. She can trick death itself. Like a cockroach!"
    Suddenly, the door flung open.
    "Who are you calling a cockroach, Erza?"
    "A-- Ava?!" I said confused, she smiled.
    "Sorry girls. I'm really late, aren't I?"
    "Twenty four hours to be exact." Erza huffed.
    Ava tucked a piece of her long curly copper blonde hair behind her ear.
    "I'm sorry Erza. We've been short-staffed at work lately."
    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
    Ava opened it, "Yes?"
    "Sky! We're leaving for the mall--" Darcy and Emmerson froze mid-way, "OMG AVA?!"
    Ace gave a confused look, "Eh..?"
    Ava smiled, "Been a long time, Darcy, Emmerson!"
    "Well, this is where I take my leave." I sighed as I got my lazy butt up.
    I wasn't dressed up like Darcy. I was in jeans and a black hoodie that said "Evelyn" On the back.
    "Riiight." I sighed, "Let's get this over with."
    Ace huffed, "You sound like we're making you run to Japan."
    I looked at him, "I don't like moving."
    Cody laughed, "Your real lazy Sky!"
    Zane sighed, "Is that something to be laughing about?"
    At the mall.
    "I saw the cutest shoes ever in Lemon Park!" Darcy sqealed,
    Emmerson sighed, "I just want wheels for my skateboard."
    The boys went with Emmerson to get wheels and I was supposed to go with Darcy.
    I say "Supposed" Because I snuck of and went for icecream...
    Gosh. I typed this, but it look ages and when I went to preview it, IT SAID I HAD TO LOG IN EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY WAS. WTF.
    So, it didn't save.
    Oh yeah, playing Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora is singing, it is the cutest shiz ever :3
    Sorry, I am no longer notifing.

  18. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    August 31, 2012 6:07pm UTC
    Mr. Player
    Chapter 7
    God knows how long later, day of the concert.
    I sighed as Sky and Devin talked to each other about Arctic Monkeys.
    How is this freaking possible?
    I'm a player who couldn't get the girl and has now become the third wheel?
    Why the hell couldn't Emmerson come?!
    I-- I won't be able to go to the concert...
    "It's starting!" Sky squealed as Alex Turner, the lead singer, stood on the stage.
    That's right, I did my homework.
    I learnt about this Arctic Monkeys sh/t so I could impress Sky if she asked about it.
    "Damn it." I muttered, "Why didn't Emmerson come?!"
    Sky looked at me confused, "You don't know what day today is?"
    "No, what's up?"
    "I-- I shouldn't be the one to tell you, Mr.Player. Emmerson should tell you,"
    I groaned, "I'm his flippin' best friend. Why am I not allowed to know?"
    And don't call me Mr.Player.
    She sighed, "It's not that, it's just that things like this aren't the things you want to tell people."
    "Ohh. So he doesn't trust me?" I huffed,
    "Of course he trusts you he just doesn't feel comfortable telling people about--" She stopped haflway because Arctic Monkeys started singing a different song.
    "Right..." I muttered. Whaaat's going on?
    I mean, I've known Emmerson for 5 years which is practically like, forever so why is it only Sky's allowed to know?!
    "Sky, how long have you known Emmerson and Darcy?"
    "Eight years, why?"
    My eyes widened.
    "I've known them for eight years. Why are you asking?" She said, confused.
    "Ah-- Never mind," I sighed as I shook my head.
    Aftert the concert.
    Ace's mind was in a mess. Eight years. Sky had known Emmerson for eight years. Knowing Emmerson for five years was something Ace was always proud about but now, it turns out it was nothing special to Emmerson. Oh, and the plan about seducing Sky so he can finally feel like a player again, was that really going to work?
    Ace had known Sky from school. The popular girl who was always surrounded by people, no matter how much she hated being crowded. The girl who was always on par with him when it came to looks, popularity, grades. Thing was, she didn't care.
    That annoyed Ace. She was the most popular, yet she hated it.
    She was the prettiest, yet she hated it.
    She was the smartest, okay, she didn't hate that but still.
    If she and Ace hooked up back then, it would've been the couple of the century.
    But no, she didn't want to date the hottest, smartest, most popular guy in school.
    Okay, he was living up to his repuation of the player who broke girls hearts but still, any normal girl would date him anyway.
    That was what Ace thought until now.
    He'd realised something his younger self hadn't realised before.
    Sky wasn't a normal girl.
    He already knew this: but she wasn't like the rest.
    It's because she was the prettiest girl she didn't date him, it was because she was the smartest and most popular girl aswell.
    Ace had realised something.
    There's something different about Sky.
    Something deep and dark.
    Something no one knew about.
    He was going to find out.
    Make her fall for him, get her to reveal her secrets and then break her heart.
    Hmph. You brought this on yourself, Sky. Ace thought, Never mess with a Player.
    Little did Ace know, he was the one messing around.
    Word of advice, Ace.
    Never play the game with someone who can play it better.
    Gosh. I typed this, but it look ages and when I went to preview it, IT SAID I HAD TO LOG IN EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY WAS. WTF.
    So, it didn't save.
    Oh yeah, playing Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora is singing, it is the cutest shiz ever :3
    Sorry, I am no longer notifing.
    And sorry for this being so short!
    Hmmmm. Should I write from the narrator's p.o.v thing more often?

  19. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2012 3:15pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. SkyBluexxx SkyBluexxx
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2012 2:11pm UTC
    Normal people:
    Screw the rules I have YOLO
    Rich people:
    Screw the rules I have money
    Screw the rules I have wifi


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