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  1. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2012 2:42am UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 17 part 2
    *Ariel's P.O.V*
    I opened Zayn's room door and he was still nowhere in sight. I heard the tap running in the bathroom so I decided to wait in his room, I looked at some of his old pictures he was soo cute in them, there were pictures of him with his sisters,and some family shots I smiled Zayn was sucha cute baby. I turned to see all of his awards set up on a shelf and there were many, sports, music, dancing, he was soo amazing. Do i like Zayn? I was confused but then I loved Brad. And Zayn couldnt like me! He didn't, and I don't like him hes a good friend that's all. He was a bit cheeky but I liked it, it was easy to talk to him, my thoughts were interuppted by the door knob turning, I was sure it was Zayn. I turned to see Zayn only in a white towel and his hair was slightly wet still, his body was perfect his abs I couldnt stop staring he looked like a greek god. Zayn stopped right at the door when he realized I were there. I looked back up to his face, he had a cocky smirk "Go put on some clothes jeez!" I covered my face and unwillingly turned around, I was soo embaressed I hope he didnt notice me staring his smirk told me the opposite though. I crossed your arms over my chest impatiently waiting for him to put some clothes on. "That's not what your heart says." he whispered right in my ear and his chin on my shoulder. I jumped and turned to face him, startled at how close he actually was to me. He chuckled and winked at me. "That wasn't funny! And please put some clothes on Zayn, I'll be outisde." I began to walk away until Zayn firmly grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him with full force. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close into his chest intoxiating me with his amazing smell, both my hands rested on his chest, he was intently staring at me, I looked at him through my eyelashes. "What?" He smiled "You're really cute when you blush thats all." I looked down trying to hide me face "I'm not blushing." He chuckled and then tilted my chin up and looked me straight in the eye, "Do you like Brad?" He whispered intently. I didnt know the answer to his question, of course I liked him I liked him all my life possibly even loved him. BUt I couldnt say this to Zayn something was stopping me. He leaned down so that our noses were touching I could feel his breath this felt so wrong, but alot more right at the same time. "Please tell me Ariel." he pladed. "Zayn, I uh please lemme go." I shut my eyes tightly this was overwelming. I never felt this way before around anyone, I heard footsteps from the stairs, oh m god soebody was coming, this looked wrong what if it was his mom? "Zayn please let go. Someones coming. Please." I pleaded him. But he didn't make a move, except for holding me tighter against his chest. "So? Let them come." He said stubbornly. "Zayn please. Let me go, what if it's your mom? oh my god Zayn please! Try and understand will you?" I shouted at him whispering. "Why don't you explain me." He smiled cheekily and looked extremely amused, did this not matter to him? "Zayn." I hissed trying to pull away from his tight grip arond my waist. He just smirked at me and started walking closer in to me making me back up more. "Zaaaaynn! St-" The doorknob turned and I was freaking out! The doorknob turned again, the door was locked I sighed in relief. "Zayn open the door? Is Ariel in there?" It was Waliyha knocking on the door. I looked at Zayn who made no move to open the door and let go of me. "Stop it Zayn! It's not funny." I put my hands on top of his trying to get him to loosen his grip on my waist. "Answer my question." He said gripping both my wrists tightly in one hand. "Zayn, your hurting me." I gasped. "Ok, open the door or I'll call mom!" Waliyha was clearly getting impatient now. Zayn loosened his grip on my wrists and waist. "I'm sorry." He whispered, I ignored him and opened the door for Waliyha. "Zayn go put some clothes on where are your manners?!" She snapped at Zayn who was still in a towel. He rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom. I stayed at Zayn's place for the rest of the day for dinner. I avoided Zayn as much as possible still angry at him for what happened earlier. Until after dinner "Zayn can drive you home Ariel. We will not let you leanve alone he brought you here after all." Zayn's mom insisted on Zayn driving me home. "Yea I brought you here let me drive you home Ariel." Zayn interuppted trying to make eye contact with me. I frowned "Fine, let's go I have a curfew." I said my thanks and goodbyes to his mom and Safaa, Waliyha was gone out. Zayn led me out the door and opened the passenger side door for me, I got in without saying a word.
    Sooo Zayn or Brad? And last one was supposed to be part 1 messed up!
    And the new charcter quote is up to so check it out if
    you havent! heres the link!
    K so what do you guys think? I feel I'm starting to suck
    cause I'm clearly not getting the same response as
    before :( but you guys are amazing,
    love yous! Also if any of yous aree really willing to help me with the notifications please let me know! I'm choosing a few people ok soo just comment and let me know! So sorry for the late upload! Lemme know
    what you think! Comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :)
    Thanks lovlies! xoxo

  2. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    August 7, 2012 5:03am UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 17 *Ariel’s P.O.V* part 2
    Zayn seemed to know where he was going, but i clearly didnt and continued to beg to tell me where were we actually going. "Pleasee tell me where were going." I batted my eyelashes at him. "Its a surpise!" he smirked at me "And stop batting your eyelashes." he chuckled. I sighed and reached over for the radio and set it to some station. finally Zayn pulled into a a parking place of a big white house, "Where are we?" I asked him suspiciously, he grinned and came around to my side of the car to open the door for me. He flashed me another mysterious smile and we walked towards the house together when it all finally clicked as he pshued through the door of his house. He brought me to his house! "You brought me too your house!" I hissed loudly this time, he contined to smirk at me "Well we've got a detective here!" I frowned at his sarcasm "But why?" He shrugged "I'm not gonna go out with you like this." he gestured to his outfit like it was obvious. I looked down to his work clothes and giggled "Why not?" he frowned "Zayn are you home honey?!" I'm guessing his mom, called from the kitchen, "Yes mom!" Zayn called back as she came towards us in the living room, she looked at me shocked and then at Zayn curiosly, "Mom this is Ariel, my friend." he explained. His mom looked me up and down in a similar way Zayn did making me blush a bit. "Hi honey, dont be shy to ask if you need anything, this is like your home." She smiled warmly at me. I returned her smile "Thank you Mrs.Malik." "Call me Trisha." I smiled at her. "We'll be upstairs mom." I flashed his mom another smile as she returned to the kitchen and Zayn led me upstairs by my hand. We reached his room "See she likes you." I felt happy when he said that, cause i felt asif she'll never like me. "Really?" Zayn chuckled and nodded. "Yes, well I'm gonna go for a quick shower you can wait here if you want? Or you can join me since its obvious you want to." he winked. I smacked his arm "No thank you, I'll wait here!" He laughed. "Wait, Waliyha!" He called out "What do you want?!" A distance voice replied. "Come here!" just a couple seconds later a short girl about 13 or 14 years old cae through the door. "What do you want ugly?" He frowned "I'm not ugly. And this is Ariel." He gestured towards me. I smiled at her "HI." she returned the high and looked back to Zayn. "Zayn's got a girlfriend." He frowned "Shes not my girlfriend, Shes a friend." I turned a little red. "Yea she prolly isnt shes to pretty to be youur girlfriend, your gross." She continued the arugment. "Oh no you didn't, watch what I do to you." He pointed at her. "Ohhh Im soo scared." she mimicked, I laughed out loud this time they were soo cute. the both turned to look at me almost forgetting I was there. "Oh sorry, Wall-E you better take good care of her while I shower." She beamed and grabbed my wrist. "Lets go! Zayn's kinda weird dont you think?" She began as we started to leave the room. "Hey I heard that Wall-E!" she yelled back "I dont care! And dont call me Wall-E!" He laughed as he shut his room door and Waliyha lead me further down the hall making small talk and pointing out which room is which. She finally took me to her room, it looked comfy it was a typical teenage girl room, purple bed, posters of hot celeberties, a few comfy chairs, it was pretty big and it was neat aswell. "I love your hair! Can you do mine like that?! Pleaseee! Im going out with a friend and it would mean the world!" I smiled at her. "Sure why not? And a friend eh?" I winked at her. She just laughed it off and gave me a hug "Thank you your the besttt!" I smiled and 15 inutes later her hair was all done. So i offered her to do her make up nad she gladly agreed. "There you look beautiful!" She blushed and gave me a hug "Thank you Ariel!" I hugged her back "No problem, and whats taking Zayn soo long?" I asked her. "It always takes him long trying to look pretty." I laughed and she lead me back downstairs to the kitchen. I decided to help her around and I even played a littl bit with Zayn's little sister Safaa. She was adorable! I loved Zayn's family they were soo nice, and the seemed to like me. "Ariel honey, would you mind getting Zayn from his bedroom, hes taking to long today." I laughed, "Sure I'll be right back." I made my way back upstairs hoping I would get Zayn's room right.
    Zayn or Andrew? And part 2 willl be up hopefully soon loves! And the new charcter quote is up to so check it out if you havent! heres the link! http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/6074464
    K so what do you guys think? You guys are amazing, love yous! So sorry for the late upload! Lemme know what you think! Comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :)
    P.S the new format is temp i just gotta find another one! Lemme know if you have a good one! Thanks lovlies! xoxo

  3. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2012 4:21am UTC
    click to see this quote

  4. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2012 4:18am UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 16 *Brad’s P.O.V* part 1
    Ariel seemed pretty upset when she left so I decided to follow her; I watched her stomp down the quite hallway. She was so cute when she was angry, I called her name a few times but she only quickened her pace soo I had to run to catch up to her. Somehow when I managed to catch up to her I grabbed her waist and pushed her into the a dark closet on of my hand was covering her mouth knowing she would scream, and the other firmly holding her tiny wrists. I gently pushed her against a wall and closed the door of the closet. I could tell she was scared so I fumbled my hands in the dark finally finding the lights, as soon as she saw my face her expression calmed and I slowly removed my hand from her mouth. I caressed her rosy cheeks with my thumb and my other hand was still holding both her wrists, a little loosely now. I gently leaned in to her a rested my forehead against hers, letting our noses touch and our breathing tingling eachothers lips. I looked at her she looked so peaceful with her eyes closed and her breathing sounded heavy. I was tempted to kiss her, she slowly opened her eyes and looked me right in to my eyes with her pale blue gorgeous eyes, I was always a sucker for her eyes. She bit her lips nervously, and without thinking twice I let my heart take over and kiss her on the lips, my stomach like always turned with stupid butterflies and my heart sped up. I know I sound like a teenage girl right now but Ariel was the one who had the power to do that to me. I smiled into the kiss when she finally responded; I didn’t wanna risk this and take things to far so I unwillingly pulled away, my nose slightly brushing against hers. I looked her in the eyes, I couldn’t hold this anymore, I love her and she needs to know this. “Ariel, I-I love you.” I stuttered a bit but said it anyway as sincerely as possible. She looked me right in the eyes and I could see tears forming in her eyes. Oh no I didn’t plan for this to happen! “A-Ariel, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean anything I did before, I promise you’re the one for me, and I’ll treat you like a princess, my princess. I love you so much. I would do anything for you, just tell me you love me once please I love you.” I continued and every word I said I meant it. She looked up at me with her big eyes and started “Brad, I-I,” she stopped and stuttered, I was dying to hear those words from her mouth again. But the bell interrupted and she nodded her head “I have to go.” She pushed her way through me and literally sprinted across the hall. I sighed knowing she’ll never forgive me for what I did.

  5. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2012 4:13am UTC
    The coach of his game
    Characters List
    Ariel Smith: http://data.whicdn.com/images/20222624/268187_211183918923018_172548036119940_552104_4074137_n_large.jpg
    Ariel's Eyes: http://img3.etsystatic.com/000/0/5192288/il_fullxfull.309308879.jpg
    Brad Iverson: http://img.perezhilton.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/mitch__oPt.jpg
    Zayn Malik: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-A4F2Y9zwHno/T-Miys9-gWI/AAAAAAAAKjc/WMoivzc7pHo/s1600/One+Direction+Zayn+Malik.jpg
    Scarlett: http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/538902_255853601171104_1887487105_n.jpg
    Kelly: http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/375005_254654547957676_1712816544_n.jpg
    Sophia: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/383425_260026547420476_2032242030_n.jpg
    Andrew: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/535871_286177738138690_1475062345_n.jpg
    Jake: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/528665_267169276706203_1555444074_n.jpg
    Alex: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/540944_258878610868603_1987101856_n.jpg
    Joey: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7qq21MMWf1rtkahxo1_500.jpg
    Ok so these characters are already introduced in the story, more characters will bein another quote ok! So what do you beautiful girls think? Anyways lemme know what you think! Comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :) Shout out to willowxoxo shes sucha beautiful sweetheart! She put this quote up for me so goo follow her! love you girll!<3 xoxo

  6. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 20, 2012 3:10pm UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 15 *Ariel’s P.O.V*
    He came walking down the hall with an attractive strut, ignoring every girl that was drooling over him. He wore a white and blue varsity jacket with only the top two buttons done, his jet black hair pulled back into the same quiff from two days ago. He seemed pretty casual, he continued down the hall with his headphones popped in, bopping his head to the music. Behind me someone cleared their throat, it was Brad of course. Sophia continued drooling over Zayn along with Scar and Kelly, I turned around to just to make eye contact with Brad, he looked annoyed. the bell rang interrupting our eye contact and we separated to different ways. I decided to continue to make my way to math. I sat down in my usual seat, that was beside the empty seat next to me, Brad still wasn't here yet. Soon almost every desk was full and there was no sign of Brad yet. her thoughts were interrupted by girls whispering and annoyingly screeching, she obviously knew what that meant; Zayn. She looked up to see Zayn introducing himself to the teacher and Brad walked in just seconds after he scanned the room for obviously me, he gave me a quick smile and started making his way towards me. "You can take a seat beside Ariel, Zayn." my head shot up by the sound of my name to see Mrs.Carl pointing to me, and Zayn making his way over to me already. "I'm sure Ariel won't mind showing you around, right Ariel?" I quickly nodded and looked around to see an angry Brad making his way over to the other empty seat across the room. Zayn sat beside me and flashed me a quick smile, this was awkward I don't know what to say. I decided to see if he remembered. "Hi, I'm Ariel." H looked up from his phone and smiled at me quickly, "I know, we have met before Ariel." I mentally squealed he remembers! "Yea, um I just wasn't sure if you remembered." he chuckled "Of course I remember you." I smiled "Well trust me if you will, you are in for a long 75 minutes of pure boredom. " He once again let out a chuckle, "Well as long as I have someone as entertaining as you next to me, I think I'm good to go." I gave him a smile and we continued to talk to each other through out the class, now and then I would catch Brad staring at me from across the room, but I just shrugged it off. By the end of class me and Zayn seemed to click with each other, he was very funny and nice once I got to know him, and I didn't mind his company at all. I decided to invite him to lunch with us later during the day, he agreed to it and suddenly I was excited for lunch. After another long period of gym I was glad to say it was finally lunch. "Hey." I turned to see Brad beside me. I smiled "Hey." he leaned against the locker beside me and gave me a flirty smile. "Ready for lunch babe?" I smiled and closed my locker. "Yup!" I turned around to see Zayn making his way down the hall towards us. I pulled Brad back by his hand, he turned to see where I was looking and frowned. "Hey Ariel." Zayn waved when he was close enough. "Hey." I smiled. "Zayn this is Brad by the way, My..erm friend." Brad looked up to me he gave Zayn a quick smile and Zayn enthusiastically said "Hey." I smiled at them, Brad clearly didn't seem pleased to meet Zayn. He just frowned and we made our way to the cafe. I introduced Zayn to everyone, he kind of seemed shy in front of them. "Hey Ariel, what's happened to your neck?" Andrew exclaimed. My head shot up and I saw Brad smirking at me. And suddenly it hit me, last night. Ughh... I hated Brad so much right now, I shot him a glare, and he just chuckled. Everyone on the table was staring at me and I couldn't help but turn red. Everyone started laughing, I turned towards Zayn he didnt look up from his phone but he had a little frown on his face. I was so angry right now, ugh..I can't believe I didn't notice! I pushed my chair away and angrily and stomped out of the cafe into the quite hallway, Heard footsteps behind me and I quickened my pace not wanting to talk to anyone right now. I felt someone grab my waist and push me into the dark closet, on of their hand was covering my mouth, muffling my screams and the other firmly holding my wrists. He pushed me against a wall and closed the door of the closet.
    K so what do you guys think? You guys are amazing, love yous! So sorry for the late upload! I'm moving and things are hard right now. And eversince I have stopped with the notifications I have lost readers :( So I was thinking that I would choose one of you girls to give notifications for me, I know it sounds weird but I dont have that kind of time. So if your interested drop by my profile and let me know if you can, and I'll give you the details from there! Anyways lemme know what you think! Comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :)
    P.S the new format is temp i just gotta find another one! Lemme know if you have a good one! Thanks lovlies! xoxo

  7. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2012 1:12am UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 14
    *Ariel’s P.O.V*
    “I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight beautiful.” He whispered huskily in my ear, I tried to say something; I couldn’t so I just gave him a quick nod, and he let out a low chuckle and left me standing there clearly stunned with a lingering kiss on my cheek. What. Just. Happened? It took me awhile to process everything in my head; I mentally cursed myself for losing control like that. This was gonna be harder than I thought, and especially now that Brad knew he had the ability to make me lose control, he would use it more often than I would like him too. But that was one of the most amazing kisses I have had in my entire life. It was passionate but romantic; it was sweet but needy at the same time. It gave me a feeling never felt before. My thoughts were interrupted by Kelly and Scar bursting in my room, seeing me in my towel didn’t help them become any less shocked then they were. “Ever heard of knocking?” I immediately snapped. Kelly mumbled a quick sorry followed by a “What the hell just happen?!” by Scar. I turned red and sighed loudly, let me grab some clothes. “Not your hair too!” Kelly exclaimed. I immediately realized she was pointing out the fact that both mine and Brad’s hair was completely out of place. I turned bright red, for the billionth time tonight! I hated blushing. I ignored her comment earning a low snicker from both of them. I quickly shuffled around my room and grabbed a tank top and a pair of shorts to sleep in. I went to the bathroom quickly changed and decided to let my hair air dry. I left the bathroom and went on my bed and spilled all the details to Kelly and Scar, trying my best to completely satisfy them. Once I finished my story and how I was planning on getting my revenge on Brad, they seemed completely satisfied; I let out a sigh of relief. We talked for a while, and then we decided to go to bed cause it was getting late.
    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I sleepily answered the it “Hello?” I glanced at the clock it was 7:50 it was time to get up anyways “Hey beautiful! Good morning!” I could recognize that voice from anywhere in the world. Brad. He seemed pretty cheerful today. I smiled “Good morning!” He answered, obviously knowing my next question “I just called to say, it’s wakey time!” I laughed “Yup, I’m up now.” I hopped out of bed and started to choose my days outfit while still on the phone with Brad. I decided on black denim cut offs, a plain yellow tee shirt with Guess written across the chest. I quickly washed my face and began to do my hair while talking to Brad. I pulled the shorter layers back and curled the ends of the long ones; I left out two pieces of hair at the front. I decided on smoky eyes, with a light pink shade of lip gloss. I paired my outfit with a necklace with two hearts, a pair of long feather earrings, and my black Zigi Skylar pumps. I put all my notebooks in my yellow flower handbag. I went to the kitchen eating a bowl of Froot-Loops as quick as possible. “I’m outside of your hostel, come fast!” Brad suddenly said in the phone. I was shocked “Why?!” He let out a chuckle “Of course to drive you to school silly!” I immediately sprinted to the balcony and spotted his car, and of course him leaning against it. He closed the phone and signalled for me to come downstairs. He was truly amazing. I went back to the kitchen to see both Scar and Kelly eating their breakfast. “I have a ride.” I told them and grabbed my purse heading towards the door. “Ooo its lover boy!” They both teased. I just laughed “Shut up guy, see you later.” They both chuckled and said bye before I left. I made my way to Brad’s car and he opened the door for me, I smiled this felt kind of weird him being totally nice, he was up to something I eyed him suspiciously as he got in the driver’s seat. He looked amazing he wore a white v neck shirt and a black blazer on top paired with a pair of blue jeans his hair in its usual bed head style. He looked at me from the corner of his eye clearly catching me staring, I turned red and faced the opposite direction, he smiled as he started driving, “You can look I don’t mind you know.” I snapped my head back “I wasn’t even!” he just let out a low chuckle “You look beautiful.” I turned red again and smiled at him, when we reached the school everyone was staring at us. Why? I earned a few Hi Ariels, I love your shirt/bag/shoes, the usual. Brad was just casually walking me to my locker big smirk plastered on his face, I just awkwardly strutted down the hall with him close beside me. We walked up to everyone when suddenly Sophia came slightly breathless “Did you guys see the new boy yet?” I shook my head no. “He is totally gorgeous you gotta check him out! Oh my god there he is!” she excitedly looked in that direction; I followed her gaze and immediately recognized who it was, of course no one other than; Zayn.
    Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50704767
    K so what do you guys think? Brad or Zayn? You guys are amazing, love yous! Also I have stopped giving notifications it takes too much effort and time, and then it becomes harder to upload sooner, so the best way to know when the next chapter is up is to follow me and the chapter will be up on your hompage/quotes by people you follow. Sorry guys but now I promise I'll upload sooner! Lemme know what you think! So comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :)
    P.S the new format is temp i just gotta find another one! Lemme know if you have a good one! Thanks lovlies! <3 :)

  8. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2012 3:28pm UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 13 Part 2!
    *Brad's POV*
    “Hey Ar- stuff Ariel, I’m so sorry, I didn- I- Scar let me in she said you were here-Sorry I had no idea!” I jumped off her bed, a little off guard of the fact that the girl I loved was standing in front of me with just a towel. I felt like an idiot, so I sighed finally giving up on talking. I lowered my head, but then I looked again at her she looked beautiful as ever, in her white towel, her hair towel dried, falling right down to her waist and the best part was she wore no makeup. She looked stunning; I just stood there not saying a word just staring at her like an idiot, but I didn’t care. I held eye contact with her, not looking anywhere but straight in her beautiful eyes. She turned a beautiful shade of bright red that I loved; she looked down breaking eye contact with me. I don’t know where I got the nerve to, but I just started walking closer to her, and suddenly I was right in front of her and I could smell her vanilla soap off her skin she smelled amazing, I took a deep breath through my nose, and then I lifted her chin with my two fingers. She was still red enough; I pushed her wet hair behind her ear, still not breaking eye contact with her. I rubbed my thumb over her cheek, gently caressing it, I looked at her lips they looked red and full, and the fact that she was biting them wasn’t stopping me from kissing her right now. She looked so sexy when she bit her lips, if only she knew what she was doing to me right now. My heart rate started speeding up as I inched my face closer to hers and she gently closed her eyes, the weird stomach thing happened again, I would call it butterflies but it was to girly. Before I knew it my lips her on her warm soft lips and I couldn’t help but control myself. Just the feel of her lips drove me insane, I put my arms around her waist pulling her very close to me, she was on her tippy toes, and I was lost in her smell and her. She took a minute to respond but soon she immediately wrapped her hands around my neck pulling me closer, I hungrily pushed her against the wall and tried to get closer to her if it was even possible. Her hands moved from my neck to my hair, and she intertwined her fingers in them. I moaned because when she played with my hair it drove me nuts. I gripped her waist tightly earning a light moan from her. I pulled away from her lips and left a trail of kisses from her jawline and then made my way over to her neck, she threw her head back giving me complete access to her neck I kissed it until I found her soft spot, I nibbled at it and biting it lightly, she let out a gasp followed by a loud moan. I continued this on few more spots on her neck I knew it would leave marks but I didn’t care I wanted everyone to know she was mine. She tugged at my hair and pulled me in for another kiss, this time it was her who was controlling and it drove me insane. After a while we both pulled away she once again realized she was in her towel she turned a light shade of red this time. I smiled at her and rubbed my thumb across her red and full lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight beautiful.” I whispered in her ear still breathless, she gave me a quick nod still clearly stunned; I chuckled and kissed her cheek leaving her standing there not moving. I left her room Scar and Kelly raised their eyebrows at the huge grin plastered on my face, “Nice hair, what happened.” Kelly asked, with a knowing smirk. I smirked at her “Ask your friend.” They both gaped at me with their mouths slightly opened I chuckled and winked at them. I left their dorm with that constant smirk, I felt amazing knowing I still had an effect on her, and this time I was going to prove to her how much I loved her.
    New format!! :D K so what do you guys think? This chapter is just something to show how Brad feel about Ariel! I took the character quote down, I messed up sorry! I'll put it back up asap! I also wanted to thank you all for the wonderfull birthday wishes means alot! You guys are amazing, love yous! Also I think I might stop giving notifications it takes too much effort and time, and then it becomes harder to upload sooner, so the best way to know when the next chapter is up is to follow me and the chapter will be up on your hompage/quotes by people you follow. Sorry guys but now I promise I'll upload sooner! So comment/fave/follow! lovee y'all! :)

  9. SilverStars1454 SilverStars1454
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2012 3:20pm UTC
    The coach of his game
    Chapter 13 Part 1!
    *Brad's POV*
    I wanted to see Ariel and since it was only about 6:30 pm I decided to go to her hostel, I called her about 2 times and then I texted her about 4 times she didn’t answer I r for her to reply to my texts, when she didn’t I got impatient and made my way over to her place. I went to her dorm and knocked on the door I was greeted by Kelly, her and Scar were I suppose having a movie night? I scanned the room for Ar, she was nowhere in sight. I loudly cleared my throat “What are you girls up to?” I tried making a conversation with them. Scar immediately looked up and sighed “Ariel is in her room, and were watching a movie duh.” She snapped and looked back at the T.V being very interested again. I quickly made my way over to Ar’s room, I knocked a few times but she didn’t answer, I turned the knob and surprisingly the door was unlocked, I stepped inside and looked to see the bathroom door shut and I could hear the shower running, I could also hear Ariel singing in her beautiful voice. So I decided not to bother her I made my way over to her dresser and looked at her pictures. There were pictures of her from two years ago, pictures of her I suppose in California with some of her friends. Suddenly I came across a picture of her kissing another boy, he had blonde hair and a strong jaw line, he was obviously shirtless and tanned. She looked beautiful as ever in her bikini his arms were tightly wrapped around her waist and hers around his neck. I clenched my fists, I hated when I saw her near other guys, and I felt like she was my property. I didn’t care if this sounded creepy but she was mine, and I was gonna make her mine. I loved her since I was in grade 6 with her, even though I was popular and she wasn’t as popular as me I still loved her, and I thought she was beautiful. She would always call herself fat and ugly. She had glasses but I didn’t care, she had braces I didn’t care, she was not a size zero and I didn’t care, she wasn’t even fat she was perfect. She was beautiful right now too but she wasn’t the same as before. I liked her more before because I knew she was only mine, but now since she was more confident about her beauty of course I was glad she realized how beautiful she was, but it meant that my chances to be with her were very low, since I’m sure she was aware of the fact she can have any guy. I snapped out of my thoughts and sat on her bed, patiently waiting. I heard the knob turn. I turned my head in her direction.

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    July 10, 2012 10:13pm UTC
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    July 10, 2012 9:56pm UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 11part one!
    Ariel’s P.O.V
    He flashed me a perfect smile “Hi, I’m Zayn what can I help
    you with.” I could’ve sworn he checked me out but well he
    looks way too good for me. “Hi, um I just wanted to drop my
    resume and fill out an app'lication form.” He smiled
    approvingly, “What’s your name?” I speechlessly replied
    “Ariel.” He gave me a big smile that made me blush, I swear
    I heard a little chuckle from him. He handed me a pen and
    the form, “Well Ariel, why don’t you just sit and fill this out
    well I take a look at your resume?” he said my name in a
    british accent and it made my name sound a lot more better
    then it was. I handed my resume over to him and walked
    away, he had an amazing smile. As I was staring at him he
    looked up from my resume, and caught me staring, I turned
    red and pretended to concentrate on the form, I looked up
    this time a little sneakier to see him smirking and “reading”
    my resume. I rushed through my application form but kept my
    writing neat I had to impress Zayn, don’t get me wrong but
    well I needed a job. You keep telling yourself that, that
    annoying voice in my head said. Shut uppp. I thought to it
    and continued with the form. After I was done I made my way
    back over to Zayn who was now talking to another old lady
    about something. So I stood patiently once he was done he
    came to me, I handed him my form “All done.” I smiled. He
    smiled back “Good, I showed your resume to the hiring
    manager and he would like to know if you could come on an
    interview sometime this week?” Yay! But hiring manager? I
    thought he was the hiring manager? “I thought you are the
    hiring manager? And yes I could definitely come in for an
    interview.” He chuckled, “No love, actually Bob was a bit busy
    so he asked me to check, I’m not a hiring manager, and I’m
    definitely not old enough. He was wondering if Thursday
    afternoon at 5pm is alright.” Love? He just called me love!
    Why was I getting so excited big deal, right? “Yup that’s
    great.” He smiled at me “Ok then I’ll see you then.” He
    winked; I nodded and gave him a quick smile before I left.
    Now I was extremely tired, so I decided to go home and get
    some rest. I was listening to my music while on the bus,,
    when my phone beeped with a text. Andrew. I haven thought
    about him much for a while now I guess. ‘Hey cutie!:)' I
    smiled a bit ‘Hey!:)’ I don’t think I like him more than a
    friend he was nice and caring, but I loved him in a more
    brother way. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone. ‘I
    just wanted to say something to you!:)’ I hope it wasn’t
    something about liking me cause well I don’t like him. ‘Shoot
    :)’ I texted him back because I was curious to know. ‘I just
    wanted to say that you know how we almost kissed that day,
    well I didn’t mean to lead you on, I thought I liked you but I
    don’t think I do, I mean I love you but as a sister! You know
    what I mean?:)’

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    July 7, 2012 8:27pm UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 11
    After a long day of school today I think I might go and
    hand out some resumes, I need a job. Before I left California
    my dad would always convince me not to because according to
    him I can’t “support myself” of course he’d send me money
    but I just felt the need to prove myself to him. So today I
    was gonna be going around New York looking for a job. I
    hopped out of the shower still in my towel, I needed to wear
    something attractive but classy I skimmed through my now
    very full closet till I stopped at my baby phat one shoulder
    ruffle romper. It was patterned with nice bright colours, I
    paired it up with a black belt around the waist. I blow dried
    my hair, leaving my blonde hair in natural waves I pinned
    the short layers back and straightened out my bangs. I
    started on my make-up deciding to keep it natural, I used
    some concealer and foundation, I applied black eyeliner on
    top of my eye to make the light bluecolour of my eyes stand
    out more, I applied mascara on my already full and long
    eyelashes. I left my diomand studs in my ears and paried
    them up with, a love necklace with a blue stud, a turquoise
    coloured flowery bracelet, finally I applied some natural
    lip-gloss that made my lips shine but look natural too.
    Lastly I paired up my outfit with a pair of turquoise coloured
    Nicholas Kirkwood silk flower, t-strap, platform sandals, I
    grabbed my turquoise coloured flowery purse and slung it
    diagonally over my body, I grabbed my black Ray-Ban
    sunglasses and took a last look in the mirror and I looked
    amazing. I sprayed some perfume and rushed out of my
    bedroom. “Kelly and Sophia were in the kitchen sitting on the
    island eating. They both looked at me “You look amazing!”
    Sophia gushed and Kelly nodded in agreement. I smiled at
    them with my perfect white teeth “Thank you.” I quickly
    grabbed a whole wheat granola bar from the cupboard, “Where
    are you going?” Kelly simply asked. “Oh, I’m going job
    hunting.” I responded to her honestly since there wasn’t
    much to hide.
    They gave me a weird look, not sure why “If you go like that
    I’m sure you’ll get many jobs!” Kelly winked at me. I laughed
    continued nibbling on my granola bar. “Ok I should get going!
    Bye girls!” I said quickly throwing the wrapper for my
    granola bar out. “Good luck.” They both waved at me, I
    flashed them a quick smile and hurried out the door. After
    dropping about 22 resumes I was officially tired! I decided to
    grab myself a coffee and relax and continue dropping the
    other ones off after. I ordered a coffee for myself and sat
    down, rite when my fone buzzed. Brad ‘Hey:)’ I immediately
    smiled but waited a couple minutes to not look desperate.
    After about like 5 minutes I replied. ‘Hey, what’s up?’ he
    replied immediately ‘Nothing at home with the boys:)’ again I
    waited ‘Nice’ he asked me ‘I was wondering if you wanted to
    go to Andrew’s party with me on Friday? :)’ I really wanted to
    go with him but I couldn’t. I quickly racked my brain for an
    excuse ‘Andrew is picking me up before the party to help him
    out, sorry’. I knew he was mad ‘Oh,
    I see. That’s fine. Where are you right now?’ he replied after
    a couple minutes this time. ‘Job hunting ;)’ he texted back
    ‘Nice good luck :)’ after that I didn’t text him back. I
    quickly left Starbucks and handing resumes out. I entered
    McDonald’s; yes I was applying at McDonald’s, this is a hard t
    ime of the year to find a job so I guess anything would work.
    I walked in and greeted the cashier. “Hi, would I be able to
    see the hiring manager.” I asked her sweetly. She quickly s
    miled at me and nodded. She came back 2 minutes later with a
    VERY attractive boy following her lead. He looked like he was
    about 17-18 young age for a manager really. He was tall, his
    hair was jet black in a quiff, he had chocolate brown eyes and
    long eyelashes framing hes eyes, he had the perfect skin tone
    and a perfect smile. He was walking right towards me. Soon
    he was close enough for me to read his name tag it read:
    Outfit!: http://www.polyvore.com/job_hunting/set?id=52701976
    OK so I'm very afraid of the response I get for this chapter! I'm
    sorry if you don't like One direction, but I thought Zayn would be
    the perfect character for this role! And he is not a celeberty in my
    story! Please guys don't hate!! I'll try my best to upload again
    tonight and upload the characters aswell!
    I'm really lovin the feedback! And spread the word about my
    story loves more readers the more fatser I upload! also Fave if you
    read!If you want a notification when next chapter is up click this
    Love you beautifuls :)
    Follow me on twiiter @nihah_m!

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    June 30, 2012 2:33pm UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 9 part 2
    Ariel’s P.O.V
    . I smiled “A happy meal.” He laughed “Seriously?” I frowned
    “What’s wrong with that? Besides they have Pokémon toys
    right now!” he chuckled and shook his head. It was finally our
    turn he ordered two happy meals; I looked at him weird as he
    paid. “What? They have Pokémon toys!” I laughed out loud
    and he joined me, he grabbed our happy meal boxes and we sat
    on a table. I opened my box “I got Pikachu!” He frowned as he
    got some ugly green character, we laughed and ate. After
    eating we headed to the car again. “Ok movie?” I frowned I
    didn’t wanna go to the movies anymore. “Sure.” He looked at
    me “I don’t wanna go to the movies lets go somewhere else?”
    he suggested cause he knew I didn’t want to. I smiled big
    “Ice-cream!” He smiled at me “Where? Frozen yogurt?” I loved
    frozen yogurt especially Yeh! “Yeh, let’s go to Yeh!” I
    exclaimed. “I love that palace.” He laughed. “Me too!” Yeh
    was a frozen yogurt place where you could make your own ice
    cream and it charged by pound depending on what you topping
    you used. It was really awesome! He pulled in front of Yeh and
    grabbed my hand as we both went inside laughing! I felt very
    hyper for some reason. We both grabbed two cups and I went
    straight to chocolate lever and Andrew went for the mango I
    wrinkled my nose at him. “What its good?!” he exclaimed. We
    both put soo many toppings in our bowls knowing our bill
    would be huge. Finally when we were done mine was 20 dollars
    and Andrew’s was 35 dollars! I started to pull out my twenty
    but Andrew stopped me. “Put them together.” The girl at the
    cash nodded and the total was 60 dollars. “What you can’t pay
    60 dollars for ice cream!” I exclaimed at him. “Don’t worry
    about it. When we got outside to the beach I tried forcing
    Andrew to let me pay him back, but he was impossible to
    convince so stubborn! “Listen Ar! I don’t care about money
    it’s a nothing in my life, now don’t be so stubborn and eat.”
    He said. I knew he wouldn’t listen to me so I just continued
    eating. We shared our ice creams and talked a lot; suddenly
    Andrew turned to me and smiled as he raised his finger to wipe
    the ice cream form the corner of my mouth. He smiled not
    breaking eye contact and put that finger in his mouth, I just
    stared at him. Dazzled by his beautiful eyes, he smiled and
    started leaning in forward and or lips just touched.
    AWWWWWWW! ok so Team Andrew or Brad?!
    I would really appriciate the feedback! Fave if you read it!
    If you want a notification whennext chapter is up click this
    Love you beautifuls :)
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    June 30, 2012 2:29pm UTC
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    June 30, 2012 12:59am UTC
    Zayn Malik
    Followed me on twitter! Private account! Fangirling atm SorryI Love Him!♥ :)
    -Format credit to ThatsSoMeee

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    June 28, 2012 2:21am UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 8 part 2
    Ariel’s P.O.V
    “Really now? What’s
    that?” He asked walking in to me. “Not telling.” I started
    taking steps backwards. “Are you sure?” was he challenging
    me? “Yep, I’m sure.” And with that he started chasing me
    around the gym I was a fast runner soo we began running
    around in the gym until I ran right into Brad again! Damn
    why?? “You gotta stop running into me, it’s making me think
    you do it on purpose, but if you like it that much continue, I
    don’t mind.” He smirked flirting with me. “Ha, you w-” before
    I completed my sentence I was lifted off the ground and was
    being twirled in circles by Andrew. “S-stop. P-pleasee.” I
    finally let out through laughter. He finally stopped “Damn you
    Andrew!” I punched his chest. “You’re a fast runner cutie.” He
    said holding my hands; from the corner of my eye I saw Brad
    roll his eyes and frown and walkaway to shoot hoops. I ruffled
    Andrew’s hair and walked away, I heard him grown “Awe not
    the hair!” the rest of gym class passed the same. I flirted a lot
    with Andrew to make Brad more jealous. Same with my last
    period class math, by now I was very tired and was waiting for
    Scar to come pick me up so we can go home. All of a sudden
    Brad appeared beside me “Hey. Waiting for a ride?” I looked
    up at him and he smiled I don’t know why he still had the
    effect on me but he did, I was enjoying it and hating it at the
    same tie! It was driving me crazy! “Hey, yea.” He smiled “Hop
    in with me?” he offered “No. its really ok Scar should be
    coming.” I tried getting out of awkward car ride. “Please? I
    insist.” And the way he looked me into the eye sternly I
    couldn’t say no “Ok.” I whispered trying not to sound
    breathless. He smiled and led me towards his car"Black-
    Lancer- Evolution-Mitsubishi"
    he always had new cars, “New car?” He smiled “Yea, I love
    going fast on this one.” He winked “No ple-” I started he knew
    I hated it when he drove fast. “I’m just playin you babe.” He
    chuckled. Did he just call me babe? Urg this was already hard
    enough, he quickly opened the car door for me. He began driving
    towards the girls hostel and I quickly texted Scar that I had a
    ride, and she didn’t have to wait. He turned on the radio One
    direction singing “One thing” I smiled and started singing along
    to them. He kept smiling at me, I missed being close with him,
    and it hurt to remember how we ended. All these thoughts
    made me stop singing. “Hey why the long face, I need you to
    sing for me!” he smiled at me. “You’ve got that one thing!!” he
    started singing and I joined him when we reached to the hostel
    he stopped and turned the radio volume down, “You still have
    that same beautiful voice.” He looked me right in the eyes and
    held my gaze strongly with his. I couldn’t look away! Why
    couldn’t I look away?! He slowly started coming closer to my
    face and me too his I couldn’t stop myself. I could smell his
    minty breath and cologne, just when our lips were about to
    Gym outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/gym/set?id=50622629
    First day outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50588136
    I would really appriciate the feedback! Fave if you read it!
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    Love you beautifuls :)
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    June 28, 2012 2:19am UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 8 part 1
    Ariel’s P.O.V
    I walked to my locker to grab my new zebra print Bella gym
    bag, and I was really feeling proud of what I did at lunch
    today pretty impressive. As I was grabbing my stuff at my
    locker Brad was right beside me closer than I thought he was
    and I ran into his chest and almost fell backwards, but of
    course his very big manly hands caught me before I hit the
    ground. “Thanks.” I whispered breathlessly. “That’s what I’m
    here for.” He replied giving me that flawless dimply smile and
    a wink. He seemed way calmer and happier than he was about
    10 minutes ago, which made me feel a little bit better since I
    kinda felt guilty for doing to him. He helped me up on my feet
    “So what class do you have?” he asked me trying to make
    small talk. “Gym.” I continued giving him one worded answers
    it was like a habit now. “Oh, um me too!” he sounded kind of
    excited. “Cool.” Damn I felt bad for doing this. “Can I have
    the pleasure to walk you there?” he smiled his perfect smile.
    Damn why so cute? “Sure.” I tried sounding not to excited. He
    made small talk again “So what made you move back here to
    New York? Too cool for Cali?” he winked. Damn I had to give
    him more than one word now or I’ll sound retarted. “Uhm, well
    living in California was different, and I really didn’t want to
    deal with a step mom since my dad just got married, and so I
    told my dad about my decision to come here and he was ok
    with it considering the fact that my mom passed away to years
    ago and I was old enough to live on my own.” He seemed
    interested “Oh well welcome back!” he smiled as he opened
    the gym door for me to enter first. “Thanks.” And with that we
    walked separate ways to the change room. “Hey girlie!” Scar
    greeted me while tying her hair up in a ponytail. “Hey you’re
    in this class to?!” “Yeaa our first class together after 2 years!”
    we continued talking as I changed in my gym clothes. I wore
    my love pink short shorts, with a white Nike tank top, my pink
    and white Nike running shoes, I put my curled hair up in a
    ponytail and tied a pink head band to keep my hair out of my
    face. I touched up my lip gloss and my natural eye makeup.
    “Damn girl looking hot.” Kelly smiled at me. “Thanks.” I
    laughed as we walked out together to see everyone warming
    up. Andrew came running up to me he looked soo good in his
    blue gym shorts and white wife beater “Hey beautiful.” He
    smiled his cute smile. “Damn you’re so short without your
    heels!” He exclaimed. “I was gonna say something nice but
    never mind now!” I teased him back.

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    June 27, 2012 2:19am UTC
    The coach of his game.
    Chapter 7
    Ariel’s P.O.V
    After that hallway scene all day I saw people staring at me and
    whispering about me, my classes were good so far and Brad
    was only in my second period class by now. I was hoping for
    more classes with him hopefully he’ll be in my third and fourth.
    But right now it was lunch, I saw Kelly and Scar coming
    towards my locker with Sophia “Hey girll, let’s go for lunch!”
    Sophie said in her high pitched but cute voice tuggin at my
    arm. “Ok and you’re like a little girl.” I let out in a chuckle,
    we began walking towards the lunchroom, when we got there
    all eyes were on me and immediately memories came flooding
    back of how at this time two years ago all I had for lunch was
    a bottle of water, I looked over to our usual spot and there I
    spotted the goddess Brad, with Alex, Jake and some other
    football players and cheerleaders I’m guessing. We strutted
    over to the table with everyone staring and I heard people
    whisper things about us. Not gonna lie this felt good. We all
    took seats and I saw Brad staring right at me I just pretended
    not to notice him, and sat across Jake. “Hey cutiie” he smiled
    at me quickly. “Hey.” I shyly returned, after everyone just
    drifted into their stories of summer, and I quietly listened I
    would catch Brad staring at me here and there, but when I
    look he would immediately look away. Suddenly Andrew came
    at our table and squeezed in right beside me. “Hey beautiful.”
    He gave me a flirty “Hey! Whats up.” I said knowing my
    cheeks slightly turned pink. “I wanted to tell guys I’m having a
    back to school party at my house this Friday anyone up?”
    Everyone nodded except Brad he was just glaring at Andrew; I
    smiled to myself knowing he was jealous. Andrew stopped at
    Brad “You in?” he asked because he didn’t get a response.
    Brad quickly nodded and returned to his iPhone. “I better see
    you all there.” Then he turned to give me a breathtaking smile
    “especially you cutie.” He pulled my already red cheek “I love
    the colour of your cheeks when you blush you look even more
    beautiful.” He quietly whispered in my ears when no one was
    looking, then he softly pecked my cheek, I felt my heart race
    and butterflies. I laughed and whispered “Thank you.” We both
    continued talking to each other for rest of lunch, I really liked
    Andrew he was nice, funny, sweet, and cute. I looked up to
    see Brad’s face soo angry and he was holding his iPhone soo
    tightly his knuckles turning white. I knew he did that whenever
    he was mad or jealous. All of a sudden Brad got angry and left
    the lunchroom, he was so mad and everyone just kinda looked
    around all clueless, but I knew he left cause he was jealous.
    OK last chapter was supposed to be 6! sorry! Iwould really
    appriciate the feedback! Fave if you read it! The characters will be
    up soon!
    If you want a notification when next chapter is up click this link
    Sorry for the grammar mistakes I don't have muchtime to proofread!
    Love you beautifuls :) Please continue reading! Thanks for all the

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    June 25, 2012 9:54pm UTC
    The coach of his game.
    OK beautifuls!! First of all I want to thank you all for reading my
    story and for the wonderfull feedback! I love you all! Secondly I
    want to know who would like to be notified when I put up the new
    chapters! You have 2 options: add me on facebook and let me know
    you would like to be notified! My profile is:
    If you do not have facebook please just comment on this or
    fave this! if you don't do either you will NOT be on my list! It
    will be easier if you just add me on facebook! and thank you soo
    much for reading my story! And also many people tell me that my
    plot is similar to "Girls LIke me" By themascaraseries, but its not
    its different once you read it and it will be trust me!! But she really
    has inspired me to write this story!!
    Anyways I love you all beautifull people and I will upload soon
    promise and characters will be up soon too! Love you gorgeous
    have a happy and safe summer!! <3


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