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I'm random, a romanticist, and generally emo, live with it
  1. Secrets_own Secrets_own
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2012 12:27am UTC
    Hey...I think I finally figured it out....Love, that is. I know I'm young and all, and you say that I have no clue what I'm talking about... but I think I really do now.
    Love...sure it's confusing and all, but it's one of the most awesome feelings in this world. It's truly amazing when you love someone. I personally feel warm, and safe, and like I'm on top of the world when I'm with the guy I love.
    ...the thing is though....that means I've been in love with only two people....my current boyfriend, whos sweet and funny, and kind as heck, and who is honestly one of the most downright amazing people I've ever known. He's my Hellboy. Which I know must sound weird to you...but you'd understand if you met him or listened to our convos.
    And the other guy I love/d well...he was my Joker, my Jester, my love and my sweet. He was respectful of me and never asked for anything I wouldn't give. He was so, so sweet and hilarious, even when I wanted to frown he'd find a way to make me laugh. He always listened and shared his own past i return...I have a 23 second video of him just making faces at the camera and sticking his tongue out...I can't delete it. He doesn't even speak in it...and yet I can't get his voice out of my head....
    sorry..sorry for the turned-out-to-be rant...

  2. Secrets_own Secrets_own
    posted a quote
    July 3, 2012 2:16am UTC
    heh, you know what's funny?
    i told him more about my life in a day of knowing him, than my parents know in raising me for my entire life.
    shouldn't that be sad?

  3. Secrets_own Secrets_own
    posted a quote
    June 8, 2012 7:11pm UTC
    Xan i know you might not like me but i thought you ought to know,
    when you first asked me why i liked you not all of the answers could i show
    i didnt fall in love with you that first day of official meeting
    but instead was falling since my initial sighting
    i saw you almost every saturday beforehand and watched you smile and laugh
    and fell for you then before the ice of conversation we broke in half.
    i loved you then like i continue to love you now
    though it grows and soars now even with you gone i guess i'll say goodbye with a bow
    maybe one day we'll meet again somewhere
    and hopefully then you might begin to care.
    i love this guy, and i miss him with all my heart.


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