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XoSoFtBaLlStAr_4 · 1 decade ago
this is a sick trick, thousands of people die from cancer daily, dont mock that, what if i laughed when you were on your death bed?!?!?!

TicketToHeaven_ · 1 decade ago
There is no 'Stage 5 Breast Cancer' by the way. There are 5 stages, but they are marked Stages 0-4. The survival rate of Stage 4 Breast Cancer is very slim, nearly 20%. Stage 4 is where the disease spreads to other parts of the body. At this stage, it's much more about maintaining the cancer more so than ridding your body of it. It isn't necessarily terminal, but very rare to live over five years with. Someone THIS YOUNG having breast cancer is EXTREMELY rare. It's pathetic so many people actually believed her lies.

laxgirl09 · 1 decade ago
omg shes ur bestfriend?
im sooo sorry! that must be soo hard! i am prying for her and u! please comment me and tell me if she dies or not. if not how shes doing.

DanceeXoLoveeX3 · 1 decade ago
this is the sickest scam i have ever heard!!!

kitkat167130 · 1 decade ago
I will because i just lost someone about a month ago to cancer :[

x0x_jay_x0x · 1 decade ago
i love this and its soo true :D
good job :D


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