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Veronica Smith*

ayshau123 · 7 years ago
Your book summary seems amazing but I only read completed books so please follow me on wattpad. I follow back and once the book is completed I'll read it. Right now its archived

Atira · 7 years ago

Kim_Possible · 8 years ago
Can I have a quarter.....I wanna call my mom and tell her I've met the guy of my dreams..


Amazing*Panda* · 8 years ago
I walked in the middle of the street and started talking to random strangers and randomly screaming... but I do that everyday..

Lissa Snape* · 8 years ago
I ate dozens of cookies tore the whole house up screamed up and down the store over a piece of candy and yelled at my mom when she told me no and spoke like a 5 yr old

jojo* · 8 years ago
I cried loudly and then cried again and then cried and cried and then I hit my best friend

Veronica Smith* · 8 years ago
It's a website where you can create books and everybody can read, vote and comment on them. You should check it out, especially if you love to write.

Cupcake145* · 8 years ago
What's watt pad?

Steve · 8 years ago
what do you like best about wattpad?

Morgan* · 8 years ago
That's how I've been with the past couple of people I liked. My friends helped me gather up the courage to do it. It may take forever to get the nerve to let it out, but after that you'll love it. Have you ever been afraid to jump in the water, but after you did, you had a lot of fun? It's just like that.

queenofwonderland · 8 years ago
Me and My boyfriend have been dating for 2 months and the 28th of this month will be three....If you love him dont be afraid to tell him, tell him online if you dont have the guts to say it to his face. call him, or text or I.M. the first time I told Logan I loved him I said it in a British Accent and it made it alot easier to speak with him from then on haha (: Hope that helped.

bonjovifan · 8 years ago
and butterflies.... don't forget them butterflies

Nikki Sixx* · 8 years ago
OMG YES! Story.of.my.life.!

Picturesque Wonderland.* · 8 years ago
It all depends if it's good, and if u dnt spayul uvryting wrung liek dis.

Veronica Smith* · 9 years ago
my mom deleted this account so i created a new one. srry.

PrimarilyParamore* · 9 years ago
I've heard of the first part before :P

br0kenwings · 9 years ago

ImAddictedToLifeMkai · 9 years ago
Follow me:http://ofwgktakidmilli.tumblr.com/
ive jus followed you ;D

swagamuffintake2 · 9 years ago
I want a tee shirt made with this on it.

elizabethcutiexoxo · 9 years ago
hey there :) i'm following back everyone who follows me on tumblr
my tumblr is ----> http://calidream-z.tumblr.com
have a lovely day c: <3


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