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Obviously it's me (; lol, jk(; Actually it's Nour ;] My friend told me about Witty Profiles to make presentations on stardoll...Oh & if you don't know stardoll it's an amazing site, you should really make an account there (; If you already have an account then add me(; It's hannah0099 & please don't call me Hannah, cuz I hate it! >:( It's NOUR ,,,
  1. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2010 7:13am UTC
    Just a quickie no time for formatting; does anyone have any idea how to make the scroll boxes? Thank you.

  2. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 8, 2010 7:54pm UTC
    With Cheerleader_92 (Sanja) : Fashion's Mood : Hey Sanja! Thank you for having this interview with us.
    Sanja: Thanks to you for interviewing me. :D
    FM.: cheerleader, interesting name XD Random, or do you actually cheerlead?
    S.: Haha, thanks. I used to be a cheerleader, but I quit it about two years ago because of problems with my back and knees.
    FM.: That's cool :) How old are you? :D
    S.: I am 13 at the moment, turning 14 in October. (:
    FM. Where do you come from?
    S.: I’ve lived my whole life in Hamburg, Germany. But I’m actually Serbian, Turkish and German. (:
    FM.: Awesome! :D What's the best word to define your character? (;
    S.: Oh, wow. That’s a difficult question. XD I choose unique and misunderstood.
    FM.: What's your favorite movie? (Random Question
    S.: Favourite movie? Umm, I’d say all the four Inuyasha movies since I am a huge Inuyasha fan. Other movies I really love are Forrest Gump, Crazy/Beautiful, Pirates of the Caribbean and the old Disney movies. :D
    FM.: I love Disney Movies :D Since when have you been on stardoll?
    S.: I’ve been on Stardoll since 2006. I created Cheerleader_92 on August 8th in 2007, but I’ve had several (now deleted) accounts before. ^^
    FM.: Why, that's a long time[: Do you focus on one main style, or do you like to change? S.: Hm, well. I like many different kinds of style, but I actually focus on one. :P
    FM.: What's your favorite color?
    S.: My favourite colours are Black, Grey, White & Dark red.
    FM.: Well… Do you call yourself an Emo, punk… etc.? What can't you go out without?
    S.: Some people do, but I don’t. My phone! It’s probably the most important thing in my life. I can’t go out without a bag, my mascara & my purse. ^^
    FM.: Haha x) Have you ever been covergirl?
    S.: Nope, not yet. ;D
    FM.: Well, I really think you should be one :D What's the meaning of Fashion?
    S.: Thanks! Fashion means creativity, expression, art.
    FM.: What makes you log onto stardoll everyday? Is it Fashion, fame, or friends? XD
    S.: Fashion and friends. I love talking to my friends, they’re extremely important to me. And fashion, dressing my doll, makes me feel good. :L
    FM.: Hehe x) Have you ever thought of leaving stardoll?
    S.: Ah! Many, many times. *laughs* I’m a very emotional and dramatic person, so there are many small things which make me upset and make me think of leaving.
    FM.: Oh, haha x) But I bet you'd never dare leaving, eh? XD Would you like to give a message for all stardoll lovers out there?
    S.: I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. ^^ Umm… I hope you enjoy your time on Stardoll, find great friends and your own style! :D
    FM.: At the end of our interview we'd like to thank you a lot for having this interview with us, hope we didn't waste your time ;D
    S.: I’ve had fun answering the questions. Thank you! (:
    I interviewed Sanja ( cheerleader_92 ) on stardoll by myself for my blog;-
    don't copy ;D
    (c) RockingMe - 2O1O
    hannah0099 on stardoll ;]

  3. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 7, 2010 4:40pm UTC
    Don't you think the word... ❝EPIC❞ is a little over used?
    Fav. if you think so(;

  4. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 6, 2010 6:12am UTC
    "Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground... *Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up, up* & never say never..." Well, ehm... Justin? You just said it twice (o;

  5. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2010 11:13am UTC
    "How long is it gonna take before you see that she's not me..."
    Demi Lovato - Every time you lie
    RockingMe - 2O1O

  6. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2010 8:10am UTC
    Am I losing you? Part (2)
    This is not a true story I just made it up, enjoy reading(;
    Until… I
    was surprisingly surprised that we were moving tomorrow.
    Mom: Amanda, sweetie, did you know we're moving tomorrow?
    Me: Oh my God, mom!
    Mom: I could tell you're excited ;)
    Me: ME!? I am not excited at all… I am sad & mad… Don't you get it!? When we move I'll have to switch schools… And Chloe won't… I'll go to a different school, mom! It's a big deal! Do we have to?
    Mom: Yes we do, it's your father's work.
    Me: UGH… I hate you!!! ):
    Mom: Go & pack your bags, young lady…
    Me: I'm going to Chloe's.
    Mom: You haven't even asked me.
    Me: Can I?
    Mom: No, we have to pack; we're travelling in the early morning.
    *The bell rings*
    "Knock, knock! It's Chloe, open up Mandz!"
    That's what Chloe always used to call me 'Mandz' she never called me Amanda.
    I run quickly to the door & open the door really fast. Me: CHLOE! *I scream*
    Chloe: Is there something wrong Mandz?
    Me: I am moving tomorrow…
    And tears drop from my eyes…
    Chloe: REALLY!? Oh naaw… You're playing a trick on me again!! You won't fool me today :D
    Well… I always used to prank her… Just for fun ;D
    Me: No! Really ): Can't you see!? I'm in tears!
    Chloe: Secret Promise!
    We had a secret promise thingy, that we made up.(; *Does the secret promise*
    Chloe: OMG! You're serious! o;
    Me: See? I can't believe it.. It'll be the 1st 'apart' from each other school year ): Besides… We won't see each other daily!! Or weekly either I guess …
    Chloe: We could still talk on the cells?
    Me: I guess so… But I'll miss you so freakin' much! I can't live a day without you ):
    Chloe: Awwh! Me neither hun… I don't know how to survive with you …
    To Be Continued...
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    RockingMe – 2O1O

  7. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2010 6:53am UTC
    Am I losing you? Part (1)
    This is not a true story I just made it up, enjoy reading(;
    Chloe & I have been friends since we were little kids; we've actually been best friends since then.
    We tell each other… like every small detail of our lives! We share everything together; clothes, shoes, hair clips, gossip, & secrets.
    We don't have but each other, we're always on the phone, telling each other completely nothing, just chitchatting ;)
    We've started Middle School since last year; we both are in the same school. We're both nearly the same age; we're 13 & a half.
    But she's elder than me by one month [:
    She's in August, & I'm in September…
    It's almost school time! I can't wait till school; we already see each other daily…
    But school's just … different! :)
    Now I have everything set for the 1st day of school…
    I am really excited!!
    But until…
    Should I Continue?
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    (c) RockingMe - 2O1O
    Should I Continue?

  8. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2010 4:49pm UTC
    I'm really sorry.
    No, I am really sorry... For giving you a second chance.
    (c) RockingMe - 2O1O

  9. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2010 10:48am UTC
    Having you as my friend , my dear Was probably the best that has ever happened to me! Love you freakin' much, you awesome! (Wasiela)

  10. RockingMe RockingMe
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2010 10:12am UTC
    Tell me the truth, cuz I need to know it hard, or smooth


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