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Steve · 5 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

ilovehimwithallmyheart · 1 decade ago
can you please make me a layout for witty, i would've made it on my own but i don't know how to heres what i would like:
size: medium layout
scroll boxes: about me, friends, status, and stories
picture: a quote to do with missing someone or love, or you can do something with taylor swift i don't care your choice
header: my user name; ilovehimwithallmyheart.

rider118 · 1 decade ago
I'm using the big layout with the girl jumping and the beach :) its greattt thanks love

dancing_in_the_rain_21 · 1 decade ago
hey im using a layout of yours :)

RetttroMonster8D · 1 decade ago
Hey i took one of your large layouts & put a different background for it. is that alriiight ? :B

iNEEDmysoul · 1 decade ago
hey i'm using a layout if that's cool(:

Advice_Lovas · 1 decade ago
Hey! We were wondering if you can make us a layout!!! If you can that will be great.
This is what we want:

1.) A cute rainbow theme to it
2.) big
3.) 5 scrolls called, "About Kristie" "About Celena" "Status" "updates" and "journals"
4.) and our user name "Advice_Lovas"

please and thank you if you can!

__smileypaigeyy02__ · 1 decade ago
Hey,I wondering if you wanted 2 enter my fan art,contest...information on my profile

Fan_Art_Freak38 · 1 decade ago
Hey! That's fine. Yeah, would you mind making me a new one? Can you make the theme Supernatural (t.v. show) and stuff like that (ghosts, fire, etc.) and can i have one box saying fanart? Thank you so much! :D

Revenge_is_Sweet_Love_xo · 1 decade ago
Heyy i delete requests/comments after i reply!


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