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alwaysandforeverplusaday · 9 years ago
hey hun [: my page on tumblr is http://mydearestromeo.tumblr.com/
I just started it yesterday so it isnt much [: but it will grow [:

thanks a bunch! [:

suzieq · 9 years ago
you can make it! i know the feeling and i know how hard it is to be there, but some day you'll find a guy who's worthy of you, and talk to your best friend, tell them you need them. you'll make it.

oncelovedx · 9 years ago
i know that feeling.. you just have to tuff though it, in the end it will work out. stay strong. tell your bestfriend you need her/him. talk to someone. i'm here. you'll get though it. i believe in it/you.

summer_sage · 9 years ago
forget him hun... he will be one of those guys that no matter what he will always want the next best thing. i hate to see someone get hurt cuz he seems to be a player. I don't want you to get hurt and it sounds like he is a sweet guy but he seems to be playing you, and thats NOT okay.. i hope your doing alright, if you need anything or just to talk, let me know :)

lorenbabyx3 · 1 decade ago
I Have The Same Date<3


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