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The truth?
I'm not normal.

Hi, I'm Morgan. I'm 16 years young. I blow out the candles on May 7th and I absolutly love it! My favorite number is 13. I'm a sophomore this  year and am so glad not to be a freshman anymore. There's a lot people don't know about me but if you read my quotes maybe you can put it together. It's been a rough year, lets just say that.

My Current relationship status is: taken <3
Go ahead and judge the age difference, I honestly don't care anymore.

Check me outtt and leave a comment if you wish, I will write back ♥♥
P.S. --->Remember you're beautiful

What a guy should do:::
Touch her waist.
Actually talk to her.
Share secrets with her.
Give her one of your sweatshirts.
Kiss her slowly.
Hug her.
Hold her.
Laugh with her.
Invite her everywhere.
Hangout with her and your friends together.
Smile with her.
Take pictures with her.
Pull her onto your lap.
When she says she loves you more, deny it.
Always hug her and say hi whenever you see her.
Kiss her unexpectedly.
Hug her from behind around the waist.
Tell her she's beautiful.
Tell her the way you feel about her.
Open doors for her.
Tell her she's your everything.
Make her feel loved.
Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know.
Take her ANYWHERE she wants.
Text messege or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school, and how much you MISS her.
Be there for her when ever she needs you, & even when she doesn't need you, just ill be there so she'll know that she can ALWAYS count on you.
Hold her close when she's cold.
While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on my shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her LIGHTLY.
When people DISS her, stand up for her.
Look deep into her EYES and tell her you love her.
Lay down under the STARS and put her head on your chest so you can cuddle.
When walking next to each other grab her HAND.
When you hug her HOLD her in your arms as long as possible.
Call or text her EVERY night to wish her SWEET DREAMS.
COMFORT her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
Take her for LONG walks at night.
ALWAYS remind her how much you love her.
Sit on top of her and tell her how much you love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while sitting on her.
If her hair is in her face move it out of her face and then kiss her gently.
Surprisingly sneak up on her and hug her from behind.
Kiss her in the rain.
Pick her up like in The Notebook and kiss her.
Slow dance with no music.
Love her, kiss her, hold her.





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  1. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2011 1:34pm UTC
    going to be perfect, but being perfect means that
    ---> We try to be ourself, no matter what

  2. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2011 9:20pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  3. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2011 9:16pm UTC
    JUST BECAUSE I can't please you ---> Doesn't mean I'm not trying ♥

  4. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    October 28, 2011 4:57pm UTC
    I refuse to be
    a s t a t i s t i c

  5. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 2:48pm UTC
    Spongebob gets his license, is the day
    my childhood ends.

  6. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 12:43pm UTC
    Black opps
    Every girls dream is to beat a guy at this game.
    Guess what?
    I just completed this dream. (:

  7. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    July 20, 2011 12:27pm UTC
    I always make quotes
    They are usually just about cutting and anorexia,
    About how it doesn't do any good to do those things.
    I tell everyone I know to not do it.
    Every quote I put favorite if you know someone whose dealt with it so they know they aren't alone.
    & every quote only gets a couple favorites.
    I feel more and more alone every time.
    I wish someone would see through the hidden messages long enough to know I'm not always doing it for everyone else.
    But then again, I'm no one.
    I'm the girl whose life is always perfect.
    Please see through all the hidden messages.
    I need help to over come cutting and anorexia.
    I'm not perfect.

  8. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 8:08pm UTC
    My Smile
    has faded
    it's been gone now,
    for more than a year
    >>t h e re 's stuff you d o n ' t k n o w a b o u t
    so d o n ' t p r e t e n d that y o u d o
    at least check under my sleeve
    and make sure I start to chew
    i'm getting use to the pain
    although it's a lot to endure
    please check on me once in a while
    behind my c - l - o - s - e - d bedroom door
    maybe then you will find the blade
    and all my cries
    hidden behind a twisted and twirled web of lies
    watch me say i'm not hungry
    watch me shrug off food ,
    it's been more than a day NOW,
    since i have last chewed
    save me now
    before it's too latE
    as the days pass by
    i'm finally gone,
    I'd still be alive
    if only anorexia and cutting didn't press on

  9. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    June 23, 2011 6:54pm UTC
    even if it's for a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime.
    Anorexia is a very serious thing that has lead to death of many people.
    If you have ever starved yourself, or know of someone else who has
    can you favorite this so everyone else who has knows they are not
    There is hope to change anorexia and all the other eating disorders.
    Believe in change.

  10. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    June 23, 2011 6:48pm UTC
    I bet you just thought of someone at the mentioning of this
    word. I know I did. I know many people who cut, and I bet you
    do too. I can bet you that you see someone every day that cuts
    but you might not know it. Cutting is a very serious thing; over
    3 million people have cut and still continue to do so. So can all
    you witty girls (and some boys) press that heart or leave a
    quick comment if you have cut or know someone who has cut?
    I just want to know, I'm not alone.
    it kills

  11. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2011 11:57pm UTC
    At my door in the pouring rain with roses
    ---> Just to apologize about a little argument.
    He's a keeper ♥

  12. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 19, 2011 7:36pm UTC

    People will do anything to be accepted, even if it is making fun of other people.
    People will do anything to get rid of the pain, even cut.
    People will do anything to be skinny, even starve themselves.
    Society has made us this way.
    Don't let it get you


  13. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 19, 2011 6:42pm UTC
    & see that girl?
    >> She cries herself to sleep every night.
    It's all because of you.
    You went a little to far this time.
    You can never take back your actions.

  14. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2011 8:23pm UTC
    Don't judge me
    >>You don't know what I go through every day.
    You don't know that I'm fighting to save my best friends life.
    You don't know that I'm fighting to overcome self harm.
    You don't know that I'm fighting to get good grades.
    You don't know how hard it is for me to say no to you.
    You don't know anything about me.
    So don't even dare to judge me until you can tell my life word for word.

  15. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2011 7:59pm UTC
    & see that girl?
    >> The one in the corner, smiling like no tomorrow?
    The one talking to her friends and laughing?
    The one who is willing to help you no matter what,
    even when she won't help herself?
    You would never guess what she goes through.
    She doesn't hide her smile when she's alone in her room
    She takes out a knife and cuts herself till she can't feel pain
    She starves herself to make her feel like she's good enough
    She hides from her family.
    From her mom that abuses her mentally
    and a dad that abuses her physically.
    She never cries because she gets made fun of then.
    She won't get help from anyone.
    She is the strongest girl I know.
    God please help her.
    Let her know she is not alone
    I love you 'C.D.D'

  16. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2011 10:06pm UTC
    Not having the best birthday*
    >>Favorite if you're not having a good day either.
    Or favorite if you want to make my day better :)

  17. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2011 5:41pm UTC
    dear whoever is reading this,
    I thought you might want to know it's my birthday today!
    That is all (:

  18. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 6, 2011 7:35pm UTC
    Because of You **
    >> I am afraid

  19. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    May 6, 2011 7:12pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. Nicksmean13 Nicksmean13
    posted a quote
    April 19, 2011 7:54pm UTC
    & If you really cared
    you would know that those cuts on my wrist
    yeah, they aren't from a cat
    Do cats scratch straight lines like 5 times in a row?
    I didn't think so...
    It's called a knife.
    Don't let someone suffer any longer.
    Question them, and make them get help


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