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divergent* · 9 years ago on quote 6677925
I find this pretty harsh. "Stupid 13 year olds who don't know any better." Hey, BravoSierra can be the reason why they are still alive. You have no right to justify her own doings. Maybe you should look at yourself first and fix your wrong doings before you "try to help" witty. Cause surely, you can't see your reflection in the mirror. She doesn't have stupid imbecile strangers. THEY NEED TO READ QUOTES because they probably need something to cheer them up. Of course she'd make a big deal if her quotes were deleted. SHE WORKED SO HARD FOR IT. She puts effort in her QUOTES. Not what you so call "imbecile strangers." You're being the imbecile yourself. If you had such a huge problem with her quotes, you can just IGNORE/BLOCK her. Not so hard right? Saying that we don't exist because we are behind a screen. Well, so you've been talking to computers? Girl, you have to realize what your saying. And I can't even believe that my little sister actually commented and justified you for your wrong doings. And guess what? She's 13. She happens to realize that YOU are doing the WRONG choice. When you say "stupid 13 year olds" "stupid little kids" That probably made them feel worse. I hope you feel guilty after hearing that a thirteen year old died because of that comment. Witty is actually better without you here. So, good bye.
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divergent* · 1 decade ago on quote 6264948
I love this.
This made my day..~ xD
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divergent* · 1 decade ago on quote 6164068
I thought it was the other way around but, whatever! xD
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divergent* · 1 decade ago on quote 4928411
x) Haha, I always tease her.
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