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hey ErBody- My Names Kelli!! Ive been told that i have some really good quotes.. so i Hope u Like um.. and AlOt of quotes on my profile are by me.. or have been ReWritten by me.. haha! Ima try and add a few everynow and then.. when i got time.. So I Hope ya like um! PeAcE MuAh * Kelli
  1. NacHickAdEe07 NacHickAdEe07
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2004 5:53pm UTC
    He said he Loved me.. But he doesnt..
    He said he could never do that to me.. But he did
    He said he would be with me forever.. But he wont
    He said I was his bestfriend.. but im not..
    Nothings the same anymore.. im not the same -
    He completly turned me into somebody I dont wanna be anymore..
    Someone whos afraid to ever LoVe another guy..
    Someone whos always depressed..
    A Girl shutting herself out of the world.
    I dont wanna be that person anymore..
    Its just the stuff he said to me.. I believed it..
    And now i regret it all.. Because he Changed me..
    Changed the person I am today.. Its like im never happy.
    I dont wanna be that person anymore.. and im not.
    im gonna move on.. and live my life.. I will always love him..
    He will always have a place in my heart.
    But one day.. im gonna have somone new..
    Better then He was to me..
    I will never forget him, But all I know is,
    that my life has to go on..
    I cant live life around the hurt he's caused me..
    So its time for me to say goodbye to the past with you..
    Cause there's someone out there..SoMeWhErE.
    Waiting on me.. Someone that actaully deserves me..
    I made this up myself.. DePreSsInG.. but thats how life goes..
    Feel free to use it if u want... juss plz dont take credit!
    My heart goes out to alla those Girls that have had their hearts broken by a guy that meant everything to them! Ur not the only ones! <3 YaLl!
    Kelli Michelle -

  2. NacHickAdEe07 NacHickAdEe07
    posted a quote
    May 29, 2004 7:03am UTC
    I Loved you so much.. and i still do..
    Always will.. But u broke my heart..
    and u felt no pain.. But u gotta remember..
    *WhAt CoMeS ArOuNd - GoEs ArOuNd*

  3. NacHickAdEe07 NacHickAdEe07
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2004 2:04pm UTC
    You just dont know how u make me feel..
    I feel like the most important person when im with you..
    U make me feel like no one has ever made me feel before..
    I dont know if I should be scared or nervous..
    All I know.. is that I think im falling in Love with you.
    I made this myself - use it if u wanna!!

  4. NacHickAdEe07 NacHickAdEe07
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2004 1:26pm UTC
    Somtimes.. I wish I could just look in the Mirror and be proud of what i see -> proud of what Ive turned out to be -> PrOuD.. to just be me!.. - But, u know its hard when People let you down, Its like.. whats the point in wanting anything? Will Anyone ever realize.. they arent perfect?..
    LiFe is tuff rigt now.. no one understands me.. this quote is my way of explaining myself.. If it explains you to.. Be FrEe to use it!.. Have a Good One!
    MuAh * Kelli


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