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Hey Im grace, I live in America, Im 14, Freshman, and Im a hardcore directioner and proud of it.♥ Their my life and they make me happy, if u have a problem with that, well, thats your problem;) I like acting, soccer, witty, Ed sheeren, How I Met Your Mother, and my friends. I love summer, if you follow, i will follow you back. I love  life and im not afraid of looking goofy and having fun. 
♥ thanks for reading :)
-Harry Styles's Prinsess  LoveMyProfile.com - Profile Counters

Look at this sexy beast juggle!

Hey you! smile :)

  1. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    February 11, 2013 12:25pm EST

  2. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2012 9:11pm EST
    And you tell me about your past
    → Thinkin your future is me <3

  3. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 7:10pm EDT
    Because 7 hours at school isn't enough...

  4. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    September 15, 2012 6:33pm EDT
    Harry Styles has a quiff?!
    thats it. Its been decided. i am dead.

  5. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    September 15, 2012 11:40am EDT
    Graduation Speech:
    I’d like to thank the internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Word, and most of all, Copy & Paste.

  6. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    September 8, 2012 12:33pm EDT
    Chapter Nineteen- Valerie push past Louis in tears. He walked into the room.
    "What happened?" said louis.
    "Nothing. We just get in a fight."
    "Are you going to apologise?"
    "I dont know." He sat on the bed.
    "Well your not going to let her cry all night are you?"
    Harry was silent. "Look, harry, i dont mean to be mean but you'll probably never find a girl like Valerie ever again. Whatever your fight is about, it probably isn't as important as her. So just go apologise, even if you did the right thing."
    "But wait- we have to go to work"
    "Ill cover for you, ill just say you dont feel good"
    Harry got up and walked out, but he turned around before he left.
    "Thanks lou"
    Harry called her.
    "im sorry that i opened your letter, it was none of my buisness. Where are you? can i come talk to you?" There was a long silence, like she was deciding was to say.
    "I was being stupid for telling you what to do, and i'm just... sorry."
    Another long scilence.
    "It's just that, truth is.. i love you."
    "Got ya! leave a message after the beep!"
    Harry hung up and sighed.
    "Harry?" He turned around.
    "Oh Valerie look-"
    "No, i heard you on the phone." she laughed and gave him a kiss.
    "I love you too"
    please keep reading!! i love you guys!!! sorry it took so long to write, i just started high school!

  7. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    September 3, 2012 7:39pm EDT
    Me: *Sees spider on counter*
    Me: *kills it with bare hand*
    Me: Yeah..i could survive the Hunger Games

  8. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2012 9:03pm EDT
    Chapter Eighteen- "I think you should read it." said harry.
    "Harry you don't get. Nobody does."
    "But if he's making a gesture after all these years, maybe he wants to apolgise."
    "I don't want to see him so just drop it."
    "Harry." Valerie started to leave.
    "Maybe he is clean and-"
    "Harry, why are you taking his side? He's a horrible man." Valerie stormed into the bathroom.
    Valerie wanted to cry, but there was no tears left. She was tired of living ith the memory of her father. she unlocked the door.
    He was reading the letter.
    "Babe, look he wants to apologise-"
    "Whatever he wanted to say was between me and him."
    "I'm just trying-"
    "To help?" she was screaming now.
    "He put me through so much pain, i never want to relive that."
    Harry just stared at her.
    "I dont know why you would want me to relive that"
    she stormed out and slamed the door.
    Whose side are you on? Harry's or Valerie's?..Just curious.
    Anyway please keep reading!! i love you guys!!!

  9. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 28, 2012 2:36pm EDT
    I didn't fall...
    The ground just needed a hug.
    true story.

  10. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 27, 2012 6:48pm EDT
    Girls are like phones.
    We love to be held and talked to,
    but if you press the wrong button you're disconnected.

  11. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2012 8:23pm EDT
    Chapter Seventeen- Valerie hadn't seen her father in eight years. She hated him.
    "I...I'm not going to read it." She threw it across the room.
    "Why not?" said Harry.
    Valerie looked away. "You really want to know?"
    "Only if you want to tell me."
    "No.. you should know.." said Valerie. Harry sat down next to her.
    "So, it started when i was eight. I got home from school and my mom and dad were screaming at eachother again, my dad had been drinking. I watched in the doorway, until she tried to leave, and he grabbed her, she fought, but he stabbed her with a pocket knife. I held her in my arms untill i fell asleep. I woke up in my bed the next morning, i was clean and it was like nothing was wrong.
    Except everything was."
    A tear slipped from her cheek, he wiped it away.
    "I don't know how he did it, but he covered up the murder. And i lived with him for another two years. As i got older and i figured out what happened, i couldn't take it anymore. I ran away. I tried to live on my own for a while, but then i went to the orphanage."
    Valerie cried into Harry's shoulder.
    "I'm so sorry." And a tear slipped from his own cheek.
    Thank you so much for reading, i love you guyss!!!
    Feedback is welcomed, please keep reading!!

  12. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2012 4:25pm EDT
    Chapter Sixteen- "Hey lou, have you seen Valerie today?" said harry.
    "No, sorry, she wan't in her room?"
    "No.. and she's not answering her phone"
    "Go check again. Let me know if you find her"
    Harry went down the hall again, and knocked on her door.
    "Valerie? you there love?"
    "Please harry just leave me alone.."
    "Whats wrong, babe, please let me in."
    Valerie unlocked the door and opened it. She looked discusting, she was white as a ghost and her nose was puffy and red.
    "I'm sick." She said.
    "Lets get you into bed love."
    Harry laid her down , "I'll find you some cold medicine." He leaned in to give her a kiss.
    "Oh, you don't want to kiss me." She coughed.
    "I always want to kiss you."
    Harry walked down to the lobby, said hi to some fans, and asked the front desk for some pills.
    "Of course, Mr. Styles, and do you mind giving Valerie this letter."
    "No problem."
    "Oh my gosh, Harry, this letter is from my father."
    Thank you so much for reading, i love you guyss!!!
    More drama conming sooooooon, please keep reading!!

  13. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2012 6:24pm EDT
    Would it be too much to ask
    for someone to leak
    'Live While We Are Young'
    onto youtube for us
    American Directioners?!?!
    Anyone got links?

  14. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2012 5:59pm EDT
    Chapter Fourteen- "So Harry is your boyfriend." said Teresa.
    "Well, we are trying to keep in a seceret."
    Teresa and Valerie went shopping for their dresses for prom. They went to all the designer stores in New York and finally settling on two.
    Teresa could only stay for the day, and then she left to go home.
    "Harry, you know where i want to go?"
    "Where?" Harry was lost in her baby blue eyes.
    " Italy.."
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Someday im going to live there, like in a house on the contryside, or an apartment in Florence, it just looks so beautiful."
    "I promise, one day i'll take you."
    Valerie smiled and gave him a kiss.
    "Alright, i have to go."
    "Wait, Harry?" Harry turned around.
    This is the moment, she thought, im going to tell him i love him.
    "Uhh.. g-good luck at the concert, knock um' dead!"
    Harry laughed and said goodbye.
    Thank you so much for reading, i love you guyss!!!
    School starts soon,and im doing a lot of soccer stuff, but i promis to write often for you guys!

  15. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2012 11:43am EDT
    I've fallen for your eyes,
    but they don't know me yet.
    -Ed Sheeran

  16. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 11:31am EDT
    Chapter Fourteen- It finally came to the week where they will be in New York City, near her hometown. Teresa was coming to visit her. She hopped down the stairs and waited for her in the lobby
    "Valerie? Hey!"
    She thought it was Teresa, she thought wrong. It was a super annoying girl from her old school, Claire.
    "Are you here to meet One Direction?!"
    "Oh, um, well not exactly."
    "Well i am! Im going to meet Harry Styles and then we are going to fall in love and get married."
    Paul stepped out of the elevator, "Oh Valerie? Abby is looking for you, she needs some more faberic from the store."
    "Um, ok."
    "Omg! You know paul!!!!"
    "Well i kinda work for one direction, as one of their stylists."
    "OMG!! Could i like meet them?!"
    "Only if you promise not to tell ANYONE back at school."
    "I PROMISE!!" She screamed and valerie led her up to her hotel room. They got off the elevator just as the boys were coming on. Claire screamed.
    "Oh Valerie, is this your friend?.." Said liam.
    "No.. this is an old friend i ran into, in the lobby"
    "Ohh..." Claire was hugging all of them, screaming, crying, and hyperventalating.
    "Well, claire i think, you should head back down now."
    "Okay.." She managed to say. Then she turned around and ran and hugged harry one more time then kissed him.
    Louis, Niall, and Zayn held back Valerie from full out attaching her. And liam pryed her off of harry and sent her down the elevator.
    "Uhh sorry guys.." Said Valerie
    "Its fine." said louis.
    "She begged me to meet you guys and.."
    "Its fine love" said harry, wipeing the lip gloss off his face.
    Sorry the chapter is long. and sorry if there were any mistakes!
    Thank you so much for reading, i love you guyss!!!

  17. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2012 6:02pm EDT
    I feel bad for my brother,
    I have totally taken over our bathroom.

  18. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2012 10:51am EDT
    Chapter Thirteen- "So how is all the traveling going?" said her friend, Teresa, from home. "Um, its fine, really tireing." Valerie said. She hadn't seen Teresa in a long time, and she missed her friends, skypeing is all she can do for now. "Val, come on, just tell me where you are."
    "Im working."
    "I know that, but tell me what your doing."
    "Im designing cloths."
    "See? was that so hard? But, i feel like there is still something you arn't telling me."
    Valerie blushed and looked away.
    "Who is he?"
    "Who is who?
    "Well, you obiously met a guy."
    "No i didn't."
    "Yes you did!"
    Valerie laughed and smiled.
    "I miss you guys."
    "We miss you. Im so sad you won't graduate with us."
    Valerie left half-way throung the year, so she wouldn't be able to graduate in june, but she picked up classes on-line classes so she can complete her high school degree.
    "Wll, it turns out, i might be home for prom!" Valerie figured out that they were doiing a cocert near her hometown.
    "Ahh! no way!! i have to email you a picture of my dress!!"
    There was a knock in her door.
    "Hey babe, you there? i thought we could go out to lunch."
    It was Harry.
    "Who was that?"
    "No, someone was there.."
    "Must have beed the t.v."
    Harry was still at the door. "Are you there love?"
    "Um.. yeah. be there in a second."
    Teresa gave her a confused face, and Valerie just shrugged.
    "Who's there Val, i can keep a seceret."
    "Fine. you promise not to tell?"
    Valerie got up and opened the door and let him in.
    "Hey love" he gave her a kiss on the cheek and noticed the laptop.
    "Whose this?" He asked in his cute accent
    "this is my friend Teresa.. Dont worry we can trust her"
    "Hello!" He said.
    Teresa was looking at Harry and then back at Valerie. Valerie shrugged again and said, "Teresa, i have to go, but can we talk tonight?"
    Teresa nodded and ended the call.
    Sorry the chapter is long. and sorry if there were any mistakes!
    Thank you so much for reading, i love you guyss!!!

  19. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 17, 2012 7:22pm EDT
    Trust people who like big booties...
    →they can not lie

  20. Mrs1D Mrs1D
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2012 3:02pm EDT
    Chapter Twelve- Valerie unlocked the door to her hotel room, finding four boys watching t.v. in her bed. "Umm.. hi?"
    "Oh Hi, love" said louis.
    "How did you guys get in here?"
    "Thats not important right now.. So, Harry told us.." said liam.
    Valerie put down her bag, making sure not to make eye-contact. She was accually really nervous about what they thought of her. Then she feltfour arms wrap around her and, "Welcome to the family!" Valerie laughed. Someone knocked, valerie went over to open it.
    "Hey..babe.." Harry said slowly, "Whats going on?"
    "We just dropped by to meet valerie." said zayn.
    "Dude, your girlfriends hot!" Said Niall. Valerie laughed. Harry kissed her cheek.
    "Come on Val, i have plans for us tonight."
    "Oh yeah?"
    Harry had planned this the moment he heard the Up All Night tour was going to Gorgia. He drove down the dirt road, Valerie looked out the window. "Harry, where are you taking me?" She flashed him a smile, he still gets butterfies from that.
    "You'll see."
    Harry pulled to the side, next to a field. Harry led Valerie to the middle and they watched the stars all night. Harry sang to Valerie and she soon fell asleep.
    Harry heard a screen door slam.
    He heard a sothern voice yell "Hey!"
    "Val, Valerie wake up."
    "Huh? what?" The farmer was coming closer, he had a shot gun.
    Harry picked up valerie and she let out a shrik. He ran to the car and put her inside and drove off.
    And what do you know, Valerie was laughing.
    You gotta love that girl, Harry thought

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