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iscreamiloveyou01 · 8 years ago
just like when you're one of those girls who every guy likes.. it begins to be nothing special(: Im okay with only getting 2 top quotes every once in a blue moon, they mean something to me(:

HiImAwkward · 8 years ago
you aint the only onee

tellthetruth · 8 years ago
and connecticut...

justachancenotalifetime · 8 years ago
since i live in new york .. this freakin scares me, but i live in deep new york, its only gonna give us a floood & power outage :x

CarlynCanFly · 8 years ago
Please look, not for favs, but it might make you think(:♥

_twilkfresh · 8 years ago
Happy Birthday girrl :)

Mollymooandalishaloo4lyfe · 8 years ago
happy birthday:'}!

ProudToBeGeeky · 8 years ago
Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true!

jane :-)* · 8 years ago
Happy Birthday!

XMissTeenUkX · 8 years ago

xxbrittanygxx · 8 years ago
Be yourself babe, it'll be fun ! Just don't let him convince you to do anything you dont want to unless you are ready !

Cmulqueen · 8 years ago
i will b ur friend gurlly


7ru3l0v3izfor3ver · 8 years ago
i honestly dont fit in... except the loner crowd

amandamccann · 8 years ago
mariah mom and dad do not love me more than you. they love us equally and they care so much about you. just give them a chance to care. and you are beautiful mariah. i honestly have been jealous the past few years because i find you way more beautiful than me and you catch lots of guys attention. and your anything but fat. you are like a twig and i weigh more than you and i am 2 and a half years younger than you. i love you :)

zebrastripes3 · 8 years ago
Hey. I know I don't know you very well but I do know that you go to my school and I just randomly clicked on your username off of top quotes and found you a few minutes ago. And honestly, you're not worthless or unimportant. Don't let people get to you. You're one of the most gorgeous girls I have seen in my entire life. If you ever need someone to listen or care just chat me or message me on facebook. If you ever need to talk to anyone I'm here for you. But judging by how freaking gorgeous you are there has to be at least 5 guys out there that like you for who you are. And you are most definately not fat. At all. I promise. You have a place in life. And I honestly don't wish you were gone. God has plans for you. You're here for a reason. I'm here if you ever need a friend or just a shoulder to cry on.

mace22xoxo · 8 years ago
you're a beautiful girl, never single yourself out like this! good things will happen open yourself up to new things, and new people!

MariahLautnerBieber · 8 years ago

anonymouus · 8 years ago
dude seriously. why is every single one of her quotes a topquote? it's annoying.

LifeIsAMovie · 8 years ago
hi! this is not my format =] this belongs to wittygirl2010.

Luck41 · 8 years ago
for people who this is true for...it hurts...its happened to me in 4 relationships of mine that lasted a long time...

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