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  1. Maaatt Maaatt
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2011 8:34pm UTC
    Hey witty girls.I'm a guy on witty, i know it's a shock! i'm not here as a girl doing an experiment or as a guy here to break some hearts and just be a dick. so about me:
    i'm popular i guess but i don't use girls
    yes i hav been blown once but only once and i regret it. if you really want to know the story then i will tell you but i will only tell you if you promise not to call me a duesche bag.
    i don't bully anyone ever unless they purposefully are rude to my friends or me
    i get in trouble at school a lot b/c of my life at home(lets just say my parents shood go to hell)
    i'm currently single
    i live in Rhode Island
    8th grade and 14 since my 11.15
    so girls just chat itup cuz i need some girl advice and i'd be glad to return the favor and help u with guys and how guys think


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