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Joe_Average_Jerk · 1 decade ago
Yo, sweet undies! B]

bostoncelticsx09 · 1 decade ago
hahahah madddie ,
youu loved that messsage ;]
he neeeds a new freeakin phone!!
we BETTTER go to the moviiiess :]

bostoncelticsx09 · 1 decade ago
hahhaha thaat was sooo funny. (:
joeey was pisssssed ! XD

peacelovesummerxo9 · 1 decade ago
yeaaah. probly during youre besfriend's oral presentation .. hmmm .. thanks. hahaha. jk:]
but youuure stillll a beyotchh. youure just my beyotch :]

xoBMTox13 · 1 decade ago

dangletsbangxxx · 1 decade ago
okay goodness thats not just me doing that haha

woahhitsaflut · 1 decade ago
hahaha my friend was doing a presentation in literature, and i couldnt stop laughing and then she laughed..and i think she failed. i felt pretty bad about that
haha i had to share also(:

manndaa96 · 1 decade ago
haha, that happened to me, me and my frends had to do this weird little story thingy up in front of our writing class, and we kept looking at each other cracking up laughing and our teacher is like what is up wit u gurls today...hah, thought i'd share my story tooo..

breezyy_looves_youu_x3 · 1 decade ago
hahaha that happened 2 me and my friend we had a spanish skit we needed 2 do& we couldnt even concentrate we were cracking upp... all of our spanish grade is like on these stupid skit things we do so im like failing spanish so my moms mad at me cuz i am spanishh... haha just thought id share that stroy witchu=]


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