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mmm, it's maddie (:

abouuuuut me ; 14yearsold. vollllleyballllll , softballllll , and basketball are my sports <3 , bestfriends are alllll i need. celllltics are my obsessssion. immma lovver naht a fight , but i'llll fight for what i love <3

liiiikes ; mmm boys. summer ;*. falllllll. bestfriends<3. laughing. smiling. l0ve. rajonrondo. craaaazy core skitttles. drake. liiiil wayne. beiiiing crAzy. being tan. trying new things. making memories. MUSIC. taylorswift. ke$ha. briight colors. skinnyjeans. sweatpants. bigsweatshirts. being optimistic. eminem. connnfident boys, naht cocky. skype. webcams. taking pictures<3. boys. vennnnting. being me. AE. my family. JustDance2. dancing. singing. having fun. being loud. being outside at night. bikerides. texting. staying up allllll night. no school. sleeping in. snow days. movies. fireworks. boys. boys. b0ys. being y0ung f0rever. ;* 

ew ; dramadramadrama. middle school. haters. liars. dumb people. people who dont understand. whores. mean people. drama. crying. being in a bad mood. spiders. cold weather. running. waking up early. half of my school. my school in general.. people who are annoying, and dont get it. getting yelled at. cleaning. h0mew0rk. y0urm0m. (:



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