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  1. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    February 14, 2011 2:24am UTC
    Name: hailey.
    Age: 15.
    Birthday: january 7th.
    Current Location: home.
    Current Mood: tired, hungry, & hopeful.
    Flower: daisy.
    Color: hot pink, black, & tiffany blue.
    Restaurant: cici's.
    Store: gordmans.
    Designer: i dunno.
    Animal: dolphins & butterflies.
    Drink: wataa.
    This That or Both:
    Summer or Winter: summer.
    Shoes or Purse: shoes
    Jeans or Skirt: jeans
    Showers or Baths: shower
    Rich or Famous: rich.
    Diamonds or Pearls: diamonds.
    Nsync or Backstreet Boys: both.
    Yoga or Sports: neither.
    Ocean or Pool: pool.
    Pink or Blue: pink.
    White or Black: black
    Real tan or Tanning beds: real tan
    Preppy or Gothic: preppy.
    Eyeliner or Mascara: MASCARA!
    Lip gloss or Lipstick: lip gloss
    Taken or Single: taken.
    Relationships or Flings: relationships
    What's more important looks or personality: personality
    Longest relationship: 1 year.
    Shortest relationship: 2 weeks.
    Crush?: mhmm.
    Does he know you like him: yes.
    Do you believe in soul mates: yes.
    Do you like romantic guys: of course
    Flowers or candy? flowers
    Have you been in love: no.
    Did it work out: ...
    Has any guy ever cheated on you: i don't think so...
    Have you ever cheated: no!
    Who are your best friends: chris, james, sierra, allie, & jayci.
    Do you tell them everything: no.
    would you do anything for them: yes.
    Can you be yourself in front of your girls: ohh yes. :D
    Do you spend lots of time shopping with them: no.
    Is it better to have lots of buddies or one or two best friends: two best friends.

  2. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2011 12:01am UTC
    Dear you;
    Thank you for making me cut, I was going on 3 months without doing it, now I have the words 'failure' & 'fat' on my legs.
    Love, Me.

  3. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2011 6:45pm UTC
    Cross out the things you've done.
    Graduated high school.
    Kissed Someone.
    Smoked a cigarette.
    Got so drunk you passed out.
    Rode in a police car for something you didn't do
    Rode every ride at an amusement park.
    Collected something really stupid.
    Gone to a rock concert.
    Help someone.
    Gone fishing.
    Watched four movies in one night.
    Gone long periods of time without sleep.
    Lied to someone.
    Snorted cocaine.
    Failed a class
    Dealt drugs.
    Been in a car accident.
    Been in a tornado.
    Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid).
    Watched someone die.
    Been at a funeral.
    Burned yourself.
    Ran a marathon
    Cried yourself to sleep.
    Spent over $200 in one day.
    Flown on a plane.
    Cheated on someone.
    Been cheated on.
    Written a 10 page letter
    Gone skiing.
    Been sailing.
    Cut yourself on accident.
    ...on purpose
    Had a best friend.
    Lost someone you loved.
    Shoplifted something.
    Been to jail.
    Dangerously close to being in jail.
    Skipped school
    Skipped class
    Had detention.
    Got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
    Stolen books from the library.
    Gone to a different country.
    Dropped out of school.
    Been in a mental hospital.
    Been treated in a mental hospital
    Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
    Had an online diary.
    Fired a gun.
    Had a yard sale.
    Had a lemonade stand.
    Actually made money at the lemonade stand.
    Been in a school play.
    Been fired from a job.
    Taken a lie detector test.
    Swam with dolphins.
    Gone to sea world.
    Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
    Written poetry.
    Read more than 20 books a year.
    Written over a 30 page essay
    Gone to Europe.
    Loved someone you shouldn’t have.
    Befriended someone you shouldn't have
    Used a coloring book over age 12.
    Had surgery.
    Had stitches
    Taken a taxi.
    Seen the Washington Monument.
    Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once
    Had a drug or alcohol problem.
    Relative to someone with a serious alcohol/drug problem.
    Been in a fist fight.
    Suffered any form of abuse.
    Gone surfing in California
    Had a hamster.
    Pet a wild animal.
    Used a credit card.
    Did “spirit day” at school.
    Dyed your hair.
    Got a tattoo.
    Had something pierced.
    Got straight A’s.
    Been on the Honor Roll.
    Known someone with HIV or AIDS

  4. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2011 6:38pm UTC
    If you're comfortable giving out your aim, & feel like listening to someone vent, comment below. Please?
    I really need someone that I don't know in RL to vent to...

  5. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 28, 2010 12:01am UTC
    Do u like a guy? yeahh.
    What color is his hair: blonde.
    What style is it: shaggy/skater.
    What color eyes: they change between blue & green.
    Braces: no.
    Abs: yess.
    Height: 5'1O".
    What grade is he in: 11th
    How did you meet him: online.
    How long have you known him: 5 months.
    Would you consider him your friend: yes.
    Would he consider you his friend: yes.
    if you asked him for a hug would he give you one: yeah.
    Does he play any sports: soccer.
    Can he play the guitar: i don't think so.
    What about any other musical instruments: no.
    Last thing he said to you: "bye."
    Do you guys ever text: yeah.
    How about AIM: sometimes.
    Facebook chat: no.
    Last time you were on his Facebook profile: earlier.
    Have you "liked" his profile picture: no.
    Has he ever commented on any of your photos: no.
    Has he ever written on your wall: nah.
    Describe something he would wear on a typical day: jeans & a tee.
    What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: jeans & a tee.
    Least favorite thing: he lives so far away.
    Has he ever let you wear his hoodie/jacket: no.
    What do his sneakers look like: i've never seen them.
    Do you know what his favorite bands/singers/songs are: yes.
    What song best describes your attitude towards him: missin' you remix.
    What would be his theme song: fearless.
    Do you know when his birthday is: may 12th.
    Has he ever given you anything (such as jewelry, candy, pencils, etc): no.
    Do you have any classes together: no.
    Do you think that he likes you back: yes.
    Do your friends know that you like him: mhm.
    Do any of your teachers know that you like him: nahh.
    Does he know that you like him: yes.
    Do you parents know he exists: kinda...
    Do they know that you like him: no.
    Do you think they would like him if you were dating him: mhm.
    Have you met his parents: no.
    What would you do if he read this survey: nothing.
    Why do you like him: he's just amazing.♥

  6. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 23, 2010 6:42pm UTC
    | ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ |
    Slowly but surely I'll rebuild myself,
    better and stronger than ever before,
    even if it takes me forever,
    because everything gets worse before it can get b e t t e r .
    | ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ . ♥ |
    *My quote & My layout; don't jock.(:

  7. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 22, 2010 9:19am UTC
    ** * * * * * ** ***
    Just because she comes off strong,
    doesn't mean she didn't fall asleep crying
    & even though she acts like nothing's wrong,
    »» maybe she's just really good at l y i n g. ♥
    ** * * * * * ** **

  8. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2010 7:05pm UTC
    Love the people that treat you right,
    Forget about the ones who don't,
    Believe that everything happens for a reason,

  9. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2010 7:00pm UTC
    with her fist because starting today,
    she's n e v e r l o o k i n g b a c k.

  10. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2010 6:50pm UTC
    do you remember, we were sittin' there by the water;
    you saw me start to believe
    for the first t i m e.♥

  11. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2010 8:41pm UTC
    && I can live without you but
    without YOU I'll be
    m i s e r a b l e at best

  12. LoveNikoleX3 LoveNikoleX3
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2010 9:28pm UTC
    && I go back to December,
    a l l the time. ♥
    Back To December -- Taylor Swift.


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