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  1. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 24, 2012 1:46pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 24
    Marcus and I saw them at the same time. The four of us made awkward eye contact. Jason stood up and came over to me. “We’re just talking about what happened that night.” Courtney came up behind him looking a little nervous. “Marcus, Nicole” “Courtney” we all decided to sit and talk to figure out everything that happened, because weather we liked it or not, we were in some kind of weird love triangle square and our issues had to be resolved. “So I took a pregnancy test. It turned out to be food poisoning” I stared at Jason as Courtney told her story. They though she could have been pregnant because they were too drunk to use protection. Her parents were also getting divorced and that’s why she decided to get as drunk as she did. Jason went next and I stare at my hands while he spoke. I felt his eyes glued on me as he explained “I was upset because I knew Marcus liked Nicole and I got drunk. It was a big mistake.”
    I knew why he did everything and maybe that’s why I really couldn’t be with him. I know if he went to West Point he would be faithful and come back to me all the same. I know he won’t die if he goes to war. But there’s nothing romantic about predictable. I love Jason, because I know him. Marcus went next “I knew I liked Nicole when I saw how she reacted to Courtney being mean to her. I knew she was tough and she was in the same situation I was.” I felt like I could cry, and I didn’t know if I was happy or sad. “We had so much in common, and handled it so differently. Courtney, I did like you, when we were alone you were so sweet and nice but you were bullying Nicole while she was in a bad place and you didn’t even seem to feel guilty about it. I thought I loved you, but I love the girl I thought I knew.”
    Courtney was in tears holding her coffee like somehow if she gripped it tight enough it would all go away.
    I put my hand on her arm, to try to comfort her. I know she slept with the guy I loved and hated me for several years but no one deserved the hell going on in her life. She smiled at me a little and loosened her grip on the coffee and took a sip. Once I picked my hand up Marcus commented “your turn.” I looked up at them not really knowing what to say. I didn’t do anything really hectic here, I’m mostly a victim, but I had to say something.
    “Ahem well, Courtney I… I never meant to steal your best friend. When we were in junior high I really though the three of us would be great friends but you decided to go your own way and I’m sorry if you felt I was a threat, I only meant to be your friend because I didn’t have any and I hope we can become friends someday. Jason, I… I love you, but we both know I can’t be with you.” I’m going to start crying, it’s inevitable, but I have to finish. “You are meant to graduate, go to New York with that scholarship to West Point graduate and go into the army. You’ll come back one day and find a girl you’re meant to marry. And I-I’m going to stay here, and see where my life takes me whether it’s my own restaurant or running the orphanage because I’m meant to live my life here.” I was balling at this point but I stopped for a second and sucked it up to finish. “Marcus, I don’t know how but somewhere in the past week you’ve managed to make me fall for you. And I think someday soon I’ll fall in love with you. We both have time and money in this area to live. If we go our separate ways then that’s how it’ll be,
    But Chances Are if we end up together it’ll be amazing”
    Author Note: That was dramatic..but I needed to finish a lot of the story line in this chapter cause honestly I stopped liking this story in chapter 18 xD but oh wells you guys seem to ike it. Tomorrow is the last chapter! I hope you guys have Happy Holidays and I love you all!! :)
    I just feel like telling you this: I'm overly addiceted to gLee acoustic cover of Teenage Dream. I have no life. <3

  2. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 23, 2012 9:02pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 23
    I sat there stunned. He went upstairs with her at the party… It was him. He put his head down, not wanting to see my anger. He was drunk, but he didn’t apologize. “Okay then” “What?” “Okay, you slept with her, you two were drunk.” “You’re okay with it?” “No, but it’s in the past and it was one time right?” “Yes of course only one time!” “Well, I forgive you, but I can’t be with you.” I felt bad but I needed to be honest. I loved Jason more than anyone, but he slept with another girl, who he didn’t even really like. The look on his face broke my heart. “Goodbye Jason.” And with that I got up and left. I walked out of the cafeteria crying. I ran down the hall towards my locker.
    I suddenly ran into a hard figure that wrapped their arms around me. It was Marcus. I knew his arms, not very well, but I remember their warmth. “Shh..Shh..it’s okay” He didn’t know why I was crying, or maybe he did. I stood there with him in the empty hall way for a few minutes. Once I stopped sobbing he looked at me with warm eyes and asked “Why are you crying?” I didn’t know why really. I knew me and Jason would never work out, and it’s not like he actually cheated on me because he kissed me Sunday two days after he slept with her. It still hurt. Disneyland hurt, he kissed me despite everything. He kissed me in a place with memories. I thought of my parents and it made me want to cry more. I haven’t cried since their funeral a few months ago.
    I looked back up into his eyes after staring at his chest in thought. I finally responded “Everything, it’s all right, but it’s all…wrong” He pulled me into him again and I wrapped my arms around him. We stood there in a hug while my tears slowly stopped. Lunch was almost over and I knew I’d have to go to class. “Look, Nicole, I really like you and I know you love Jason and I can’t really beat that but…” I suddenly put my hand around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. After we separated I said back “I like you too.” We kissed again and then the bell rang. We slowly separated and went to class. I was in a daze the rest of the day and thought about walking home. Bella drove me on Fridays but it was nice out and I could stop by the bakery down the street and pick up something for me and Ariel. As I walked out I saw Marcus texting by his friend’s car with a few other guys. As soon as he saw me he came over to me.
    He wrapped his arms around me and smiled “Hey” “Hello there” “Do you have a ride home?” He looked around to see if someone was going to take me home. “Nope, I felt like walking home today. Maybe stop by the bakery” “Can I come?” I nodded with enjoyment at the idea and we started heading for the bakery.
    Half way there he grabbed my hand and said in the middle of our conversation “So can I ask you something?” “Sure, anything” he stopped us and took a deep breath. He looked into my eyes and said “Will you, Nicole, be my girlfriend?” his voice cracking at my name. “Finally.” He smiled at me, kissed my forehead and we were on our way.
    When we got to the bakery he was laughing like crazy because I got the hiccups. “It’s not that funny!” as we got in line. Hiccup. Every time he started laughing at me. “You’re right it’s not funny” “Thank you” “It’s hilarious!” Hiccup. He kept laughing and I rolled my eyes while looking around the store.
    As my eyes fall on Courtney sitting with Jason.
    Author Note: EEk 1 more chapter! then Epilgoue/last chapter? Thank you to everyone who is reading! If you liked this story go check out my other account LoveAlwaysStories ! I'm going to start posting stories on there instead of here so yeah I love you all! Bye! <3

  3. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 23, 2012 5:41pm UTC
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  4. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 22, 2012 7:39pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 21
    The traffic wasn’t that bad heading there. It was Sunday around 8 so we knew it wouldn’t be too crowded. When we walked in and linked arms as we walked through the tunnel and saw all the Christmas decorations. I pulled him over and took a picture of us on my phone with the Walt Disney statue behind us. We continued to walk down Main Street and I took some pictures of the decorations and buildings. I love Disneyland and haven’t been in years. The last time I went was with my parents and Ariel, it wasn’t that great of a day cause Ariel thought she was forced to go and was grouchy all day.
    We decided to go on some rides first. We went on the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and he even pushed me on a water ride. We got off and he was laughing his head off at me wet, I had left my jacket in a locker luckily. The only way he got me on was because I told him he had to go on the spinning tea cups with me. After the cups he needed a break so we got some lunch since it was about noon. Once we finished eating we went on some kid rides for the fun of it. We went on Peter Pan and Dumbo, and I beat him on the Buzz Lightyear ride. We went on almost every ride in the park with in a matter of hours; my sister has got us special passes so we got to skip to the front of every ride.
    It started getting dark and we had a small dinner and got ice cream afterwards. I got mint chip in a cone and he got chocolate fudge also in a cone. We walked through the stores eating our ice cream and I picked out some sparkly pink Minnie ears for Ariel along with an Ariel shirt just for the fun of it. I also got her a little thing of fudge from their candy store, along with getting “both of us” a ton more of their delicious little snacks. Even picking up some special hot chocolate thing with seven different types.
    While I paid I looked around for Jason, I couldn’t see him anywhere. I walked through the store twice around but couldn’t find him. I started calling him when I looked across the street at him walking back to the store. I saw a bag in his hand and a big smile on his face. “Where did you go? I thought you ditched me!” “Well I did ditch you, but for good reason” his smile started to scare me. “Come on, the fireworks are starting soon and I want a good seat” I took his arm and we walked towards the castle.
    Right before the fireworks started I finally asked “What did you run off and buy anyways?” “Well… I guess there’s no time like the present. Since I wasn’t able to get you a good birthday present last month, I saved up and got you this.” He pulled out a little jewelry box and opened it to a little charm bracelet. “Can you put it on me?” we smiled at each other as he took it out of the box and put it on my wrist. I looked at the few little charms on it. It had a Mickey head, a little heart, and a little circle charm that said “Love, Jason”. I looked up to see him staring happily at me. We stared into each other’s eyes and slowly moved into each other.
    We kissed, and the fireworks started going off.
    Author Note: This chapter makes me gitty :) lol it's just so perfect! actual fireworks! This is why I'm Team Jason, But I'm also team Marcus. This story will be over by Christmas! :( BUt I will post 2 prologues on my other account: LoveAlwaysStories, and whichever is more liked will be written..maybe...I'm indecisive and may just start the one I like better...andyways love you all! Happy Hlidays!! bye <3

  5. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 22, 2012 12:17am UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 20
    WeI don’t know why, but I didn’t accept it. I didn’t really tell anyone about it either. I wanted to talk to him before accepting or denying it. I wanted to accept it, but he didn’t ask me out or talk to me about it in person. And if that’s his way of asking it kind of sucks. The next morning we got up at 5:30 to deliver the toys. Christina was groggy and rode passenger in Bella’s car because she was taking her home. We got to the orphanage and drove into the back. We didn’t sign in since no one who comes in this early is a volunteer. Marie saw us carrying the bright red bags in and stopped us. Without saying anything in the cold quiet hallway she pointed down the hall at a door. Then she winked and walked away. We went in and saw some donation boxes but pretty much empty.
    After a few loads we got everything inside the little room and left. Bella took Christina home and I went home as well. It was about 7 when I got back and I was wide awake. Those kids are going to be so happy to have all the toys on Christmas. I hope Marie will take pictures for me if Ariel and I don’t come. Interrupting my thoughts was a text from Jason. “Want to hang out today? Sorry it’s early, I figured you’d be up for the toys :P” I responded with “Sure, I’m starving so either meet me at iHop in ten or wait till noon” A few minutes I got a response “See you at 7:10” I left a note for Ariel what was going on and left.
    I grabbed my bag and sweatshirt and left for iHop. When I got there I threw my black sweatshirt on while walking in. I was wearing that jeggings and some cozy boots. My hair was in a messy bun, like actually messy, I brushed my hair and threw it up cause this morning was so rushed. I walked in to see Jason waving at me from a booth near the front. I went and sat across from it. “Hey boy hey” “Hi perky” he looked dead. “Why are you up so early?” “Couldn’t sleep, so I just got up” “Why? Is something wrong?” “No, just hungry now” He smiled at me and we looked at our menus. Something was wrong, but I’m not going to force it out of him while he’s this tired. I ordered a stack of pancakes with some sausage and eggs along with some hot chocolate. He ordered hash browns with ham and eggs, along with a cup of coffee. I made a face at him when he said coffee. I don’t like coffee, it’s too bitter. “Oh hush” he ripped off a straw cover and blew it at me. Our waitress came and gave us our drinks and some water. I picked up a little whip cream off my hot chocolate nonchalantly. “Hey what’s over there” I indicated towards the other side of the store. He just stared at me, not falling for my trick. “Oh well I guess..” I threw it at him and it landed right on his chin. We both started laughing like crazy.
    Some old man gave us an angry look and we shut up, still stifling our laughs. We made small talk while we ate occasionally throwing food at each other. Once we were done he asked me “so what next?” “Nap time?” I was starting to get tired, 6 hours of sleep wasn’t much for me. “Heck no, we are staying awake!” “I’m never giving you coffee again.” I said laughing at his enthusiasm. “How about we… go to Disneyland?” “What?” “Disneyland” I stared at his serious face and started laughing, “oh gosh you’re too much.” “What? Why can’t we go to Disneyland? It’s only like an hour away, and if you can’t waste like a thousand dollars on those kids you can spend a hundred on yourself.”
    It took me a minute to process. Disneyland did sound like fun today. “Okay, let’s go to Disneyland. But first let me stop at home” We drove to our own houses and I was going to go pick him up in twenty minutes. I told Ariel my plans and she said to bring her a souvenir and have fun. How my sister is so cool with this, I don’t know. She went and got us tickets online. I promised to bring her back 3 souvenirs. I didn’t want to carry around a lot of stuff so I brought my iPhone 5 and my wallet. I also changed, I changed into converse, some jeans put on my favorite Disney shirt and grabbed a cute jacket.
    And with that, I went to pick up Jason to go to Disneyland.
    Author Note: I love you guys so two chapters! I even put in her outfit cause I needed to think of it so I used Polyvore to help me stick one together. Oh my gosh, NEXT CHAPTER <3 I love Jason then the next chapter I hate him. I have more emotions about this story then you guys do and I know how it's going to end. Anyways I love you all! You're amazing! And I want to thank you guys for reading! There's only a few of you but you guys read them all and I just love you guys! :') Anyways enough of this note! comment for a reminder!

  6. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 21, 2012 8:29pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 19
    We got them done after about three hours. We got a few huge red bags to put the presents in and stuck them in my car. I had bags of presents in my trunk and back seat. I had to put a few in Bella’s car as well. We decided to deliver them tomorrow morning before everyone woke up and sneak them in. We didn’t want the kids seeing them before Christmas. Once we were done I promised them food for being there so late to help me. I ordered Chinese food for all of us and we pigged out while watching Friends. After a while I kicked the guys out for some girl time. About two minutes after they left I started doing some dishes. Ariel walked in and asked “are they spending the night?” “If you’re okay with it” “Sure, just don’t get too loud, I need a nice long quiet bath after today” “Okay, night sis.”
    Right after she went into her room Bella and Christina came up to the counter and stared at me waiting for something. “What?” “Why was Marcus here?” Bella questioned impatiently “Oh, um he and I are sort of something” “What kind of something? You have Jason. And he’s dating Courtney” “We all know me and Jason aren’t going to work out, and Marcus and Courtney are over. We just clicked. And you saw him he was so nice to all of you guys” “He kissed you huh?” I stared at Christina, how the heck did she know. “What? Posh… no...” they both looked at me before shouting “HE DID” “Hush! My sister!” They were getting gitty and started asking me everything from was it good and how and when. I told them everything. “But, what about Courtney? You know she’ll give you hell for it” “Well she can suck it” I laughed at Christina’s remark agreeing with her. “Courtney doesn’t need to know, I bet she didn’t even like him that much anyways.” “What do you mean?” I stared at Bella for a second before telling her “I saw her go upstairs with some guy at the party like a half hour after they broke up” “Well wasn’t she drunk?” “Yeah, so?” “I was just wondering, cause the guy may not have been” “What are you saying?” “She probably didn’t realize who she was sleeping with.” It took me a little while for that to sink in. Courtney may not have realized it. “But who was the guy?” “I didn’t see his face, could have been basically anyone. Probably no one we know.” “Well I’m curious I’ll see if Tyler knows.” She started texting him on her phone. They were officially together so we couldn’t object.
    After a while we went to bed. I couldn’t sleep very well; I was too excited to drop off all the toys. But also a little anxious to find out who Courtney’s rebound was. She is my enemy but she’s also Marcus’s ex and that meant I’d have to deal with her eventually. Knowing who he slept with would be a good reason why she should leave me alone. My phone beeped with a notification from Facebook when I started dozing off a little. I checked it because I knew it’d bug me if I didn’t see what it was. I suddenly felt wide awake as I saw it.
    Marcus requested to be in a relationship with me.
    hey so Marcus is moving kinda quickly theree even though they did kisss :D what do you guys think will happen next?? lol I don't even completely know yett TELL ME Team Marcus? Team Jason? Team little kids getting Christmas presents :) yeah so I'll try to post two tomorrow but it depends on how much I write tonight...yeah
    COMMENT FOR A REMINDER love you all <3

  7. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 21, 2012 12:17am UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 18
    I drove home with the biggest smile on my face. When I got back home I had to do my best to act like it didn’t happen. I did not want to see how Ariel would react. I went into my room and dropped off some stuff. I had to leave in a few minutes to go to the orphanage I volunteer at every other Saturday. I grabbed some boxes from our parking garage space and stuck them in my trunk. They were some old toys me and Ariel had when we were little and I saw no point in leaving them in boxes when someone else would like them more. I drove to the hospital and signed in. They all knew me pretty well since I started helping out at the beginning of my sophomore year when Bella’s mom told me about it since she worked about two blocks away as a nurse at the hospital. It’s been about a year and a half now and I love it.
    A little while in to the day I started talking to Marie, a woman who works there, about the Christmas plans, it was only a few weeks away. “It’s such a shame; they won’t be getting a lot this year.” “What? How come?” “Only so many donations, and we don’t have enough to give one to everyone.” I sat there watching some three year old boys start fighting over a block. She went to go separate them. I gave all my stuff today; they give new toys to these kids usually. We rely on donations outside of Walmart constantly. Light bulb moment. I could donate the toys. “Hey Marie, do we at least have a Santa coming in?” “We’ll only bring one in if we know we can give out toys. So we need enough donations by next Friday.” “Tell them to bring one in, I have an idea.”
    I quickly got my stuff and rushed out and I knew Marie was watching me confused. No one knew about the money. I called up Jason to help me; I needed boys to help with these toys. We went to Toys R Us and got 3 carts full of shiny new toys. Enough for all the boys and girls, from the ages of two to thirteen. I brought them home with me and called over Tyler, Christina, Bella, and Marcus. Most of them were thrown off by Marcus coming but didn’t comment.
    And the six of us started wrapping presents.
    hey so since it was so short and I've been lacking I'M POSTING TWO!! yay! <3 okay love you and next chapter will hopefully be up tomorrow! :)

  8. LoveAlwaysMe LoveAlwaysMe
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    December 21, 2012 12:01am UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 17
    “No one? At all?” “Nope” I stared at him dumfounded. “But, you’re 16, you have to have some legal guardian” “Well I don’t” “But…but….how?” “Come inside and I’ll explain” he jumped out of the car and started walking. I turned off my car and quickly caught up to him. We went a little into the complex of apartments before going up a flight of stairs. He grabbed keys out of his pocket and opened the door “well, here’s home.” We walked in and it looked like a teenage boy bedroom, but with a kitchen. It had a studio set up with a pull out couch and the bed wasn’t made. He had a little kitchen that for the most part was clean. There was a bathroom door on the back wall and a closet next to it. It wasn’t big or anything but it seemed nice. He started folding the bed up “I know it’s not much but..” “I like it” we smiled at each other as I walked passed him to a little picture frame on the wall. He came up behind me his body lightly touching mine “that’s the family” he pointed at each person identifying his mom, dad, and sister. “Where is she?” “Madison is in college at the moment, about to graduate with her bachelors in medicine.” He looked really proud of her. I looked up at him as he admired the photo.
    I turned around and we were face to face. He looked down at me, like he was about to kiss me. “So” I coughed. I can’t kiss him; he just broke up with the girl who hates me and I don’t need another reason for her to hate me. “What made you break up with Courtney?” I blurted out. It slipped out so fast he took a second with an expressionless look before turning around. He walked over to the couch and sat down “well…for starters she wasn’t all that nice” “well yeah, but she’s been like that for a while” I came over and sat next to him. “I guess I just realized we didn’t have a lot in common, and I started liking someone else” At this point we were both looking deeply into each other’s eyes, I noticed some green speckles in his as our faces got closer and
    We kissed.
    YAY THEY KISSED!! :D ..so super short, super awesome and I'm sorry for lack of posts :( last one was the most popular so far!! :D yay readers I love you people! Any who I don't really like this story and I'm only like half way there. I WILL FINISH IT THOUGH! Personal goal. I have an idea for another story but like it's a sci fy fantasy magic thing. I ike the idea for it but I dunno. I'll finish this first though... anyways love you!! enjoy!! byes!! <3

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    December 19, 2012 12:15am UTC
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    December 17, 2012 7:58pm UTC
    Plot Twist: People stopped saying YOLO because the world is actully ending on the 21st

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    December 15, 2012 8:33pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 15
    My mouth dropped open. I can’t believe he did that and while she was drunk. She slapped him and stomped off. I stood there and stared at him with my eyebrows up waiting for an explanation. He turned back towards me and simply said “So where were we?” I cough before choking out “Um, why did you do that?” “Do what?” “Break up with Courtney?! She’s always been mean and you decide to do that here?” “If it wasn’t public no one would believe it.” He had a point, she’d tell everyone they were just in a fight and make him get back together with her.
    I looked behind Marcus, who was seductively leaning against the wall, towards the kitchen. Jason was looking my way and chugged half a cup of beer. What was up with him tonight? I kept talking to Marcus a little while and every time I looked towards Jason he was chugging down beer. Marcus was even drinking a little more. Marcus got pulled aside by some guys and I was left alone. I looked around to see what my friends were doing. Christina was dancing with Tyler, kind of expected that. Bella had left a little while ago. And that’s when I saw Courtney going up to Jason. He nodded to something she said and she grabbed his hand. I watched them go to the dance floor and start grinding each other. Both totally drunk. And that’s why I don’t drink at these parties.
    I looked around, I wanted to leave. I wanted to tell Marcus I was leaving so I had to walk around a little to find him in the back yard. I found him in a circle of guys, he has clearly been drinking. I yelled in his ear over the music “I’m leaving” he frowned. He yelled back “let me walk you out?” I smiled and nodded. He put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking through the house. It looked like we were together but he was using me as support to not fall over. I asked him “Do you need a ride home?” “I’d love to come over!” I laughed at him leading him outside. On my way out I glanced at the staircase to see Courtney tripping up the stairs with someone who I couldn’t make out from the distance I was at.
    We finally got outside and I threw him into my car. He closed his eyes and started dozing a few minutes into the ride. I realized I didn’t know where he lived and taking him home may not be a good idea. Ariel did want to protect my friends from their parents; I took him to my place. We got there and I had to drag him up into the elevator to get to our apartment. When we came in Ariel was sitting in the living room. “What’s his name? And how many cups did he have?” “Marcus and too many, can you help me here?” As he was falling out of my arms. She came over and we managed to wake him up enough to get him to my room. “Did you have anything to drink?” she said while looking at me with that parenting look that you knew you better choose your words wisely. “No, I am sober” “Good.” And with that she walked to her room.
    When he was all settled in my bed he looked so peaceful. I took a quick shower before going to bed, get all the beer and gunk off me. All the hairspray and make up off I went to my room in my towel. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t awake. I changed quickly in my room before getting into bed. I turned off the light and snuck myself in next to Marcus. And right before I fell asleep
    He turned and put his arms around me.
    hey!! oooh SLUMBER PARTY!! xD next post will be on Monday cause I'm having writers block andd only have 16 done so yeupp love you all! see you Monday!! byes ! :) <3

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    December 14, 2012 9:29pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 14
    It’s Friday and everything has been going well. I’m all caught up on my work and tests and I’m even going to a party tonight. It’s a party to celebrate the end of football season. A senior in one of my classes is throwing it. He knows Jason, so we were all invited. At the end of the day Christina and Bella came over to my place and Ariel helped us get ready. I wasn’t expecting her to be so cool about it. I told her I was the designated driver if anyone drank and she told me if they were drunk to bring them here. She knows how harsh parents can be. So around 5 she helped us get all dressed up and do our hair and makeup. She dressed me up in dark blue skinny jeans with a black tank top. I put on a hot pink leather jacket and hot pink high tops and also stuck on some hoop earrings and a silver necklace with little key charms. I straightened my hair and it reached about half way down my back. I put on concealer and emphasized my blush. I was ready to go.
    The party started at 6 so we left at 6:10 to be “fashionably late” according to Bella. She was wearing red jeggings with a black blouse, a thin yellow belt, and black heels. She stuck on her red lipstick as I drove us to the party. Christina took her own car wearing black flats and a short blue dress with a black blazer. When we got there it was just getting started. We saw Tyler and Jason come in about ten minutes after us. Jason looked good. They came right up to us and he gave me a hug. I could smell his axe over the smell of beer. Tyler, Christina, and Jason started drinking first. Bella decided to have one just to scrape off the edge. I had to stay sober to drive home so I poured a water bottle I found in the fridge into a red solo cup so people wouldn’t bug me about it. I saw Marcus later and we chatted for a while in the living room. He wasn’t drinking as much as everyone else. Courtney came over to us totally drunk a few minutes into our conversation.
    “Hey Marrcusssss” laughing like an idiot “Hey Courtney…someone’s had a little too much to drink” “What?! Nooooo I just wanted to make sure this little b/tch wasn’t bothering you too much” “She isn’t a b/tch and she isn’t bothering me” He smiled at me when I said that. Courtney was glaring at me at that. I thought she was about to jump on me. “Here Courtney let me get you a ride home” “No! I don’t want to go home, just come dance with me. Leave the loser alone.” “Go home Courtney.” His face got really serious and I considered backing away. I don’t need to be a part of this and give her another reason to hate me. “Come on Marcus, you’re MY boyfriend, come dance with ME.” Wow, someone has issues drunk. “Courtney leave me alone” “What? Why?“
    “Cause we’re over.”
    hey!! oooh Courtney and MArcus are done-zoo hehe wait till yous eee the next chapter :) let me know what you guys think!! lovve you ! bye <3

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    December 13, 2012 7:38pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 13
    That probably sounded a little harsh. I just looked so weird, with my face and he didn’t even warn me he was taking a photo. It’s part of this Instagram thing he was doing, he was posting a photo a day. I guess today was take a picture while your friend isn’t looking to irritate the heck out of them. A few minutes later I saw Marcus liked the photo and commented “you look cute when you’re concentrating.” I liked his comment and put my laptop on the coffee table to watch the movie. About 15 minutes later I got a chat from Marcus. He made some small talk with me, the usual, hi what’s up how’s it going. After a while he started asking about who I stayed with now that my parents are gone. I told him everything he asked about. I don’t know why, for all I know it could just be Courtney on his account fishing stuff out of me to taunt me later. I just didn’t think it was. I saw Jason log on Facebook and Skype and told Marcus I had to go. He offered to text me so we did. I logged off before Jason could talk to me cause I wasn’t in the mood.
    Once the movie ended it was about seven and Ariel came out of her room when the credits were rolling. “Hey do you want to go to dinner?” I asked her “I’ll pay” I gave her a sly smile and she rolled her eyes and said “sure, let me go stick some clothes on” I threw a jacket and my converse on and we left. She drove us to the Wendy’s a few blocks away. When we walk in I see Jason there with Tyler half way through their meal. They didn’t see me so we ordered and I kept my head down. I made sure we sat on the other side of the restaurant to avoid them; I just wasn’t in the mood to talk to Jason. A little into the meal Ariel noticed and asked “who are you avoiding?” “What?” “You’re ducking, so either I need to take you to the doctor for your neck or you’re avoiding those two boys” she nodded in Jason and Tyler’s direction. “They’re my friends, who I just don’t feel like talking to” “Why not?” “Jason posted a photo of me on Facebook of me that I didn’t know he took” “That’s a weird reason to not talk to someone” “I know it's just a pet peeve I have, and I thought he knew that” Just then I got a text from Jason it was him frowning with me in the background I was looking his direction and ducking. It said “I’m sorry” I looked his way and he was looking at me. He gave me a half smile and I turned back towards my frosty.
    They got up and left a little while later. We left around 8 and headed home. I decided to check my Facebook again to see if anything new was up. Jason commented saying “Try convincing her of that”.
    Okay, I may have some issues with how I look but I can accept a complement. I did like ti after all. It’s not like I hate complements from cute guys, who are dating my enemy. I decided to write back “Thank you Marcus:)” just to bug Jason. I saw the post on Marcus’s wall saying “Nicole and Marcus have become friends” and Courtney commented on it “Marcus, call me. Now.” I fell off my bed laughing. We are friends on Facebook, it’s not like he dumped her for me. I saw Jason on Skype and decided to talk to him about the picture. It took a few minutes for him to pick up like he didn’t know if it was safe to answer. I greeted him with a simple hi. “So you’re not mad at me?” he questioned right away, “No, But don’t post weird photos of me without my consent” He made a face at me but agreed, a part of me could tell he didn’t completely mean it. “And it’s not weird, you just looked cute so I took a photo” “Yeah right” I rolled my eyes at him. After about an hour we hung up and went to bed. I was about to go to sleep when my phone buzzed. I looked at it and saw a text from Jason saying
    “Good Night Cutie:)”
    hey girl hey! hey boy hey! hey people hey! so kinda a filler chapter. I wanted to make Jason complement her and I didn't know how so I did that. I will be posting tomorrow FYI, umm next chapter things will start getting heated like REALLY heated. I love Marcus, so much <3 You're going to hate Jason in 15/16. um la te da that's it.
    Love you ! bye! <3

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    December 12, 2012 9:33pm UTC
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    December 11, 2012 9:55pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 11
    After we ate our ice cream Jason had to get home. I decided to stay a little longer and finish my homework. I was finishing up the last of my science homework when Courtney Miller and her two clones came up to my booth. She has wavy red hair but it was straightened, and she had brown eyes. Courtney is the bully in my life. She insults me as much as she can but it doesn’t get to me. She’s hated me since elementary school. Bella and her were best friends in 4th grade, when my best friend moved away Bella had started sitting with me at lunch so I wasn’t alone. Over time Bella and I got closer and Courtney has spent the last 7 years finding anything she could think of to hate me more.
    “Ooh nerd girl in her natural habitat.” Her clones Jenny and McKenna laughed. I just looked up at her and went back to my work. “Oh the silent treatment, someone’s acting cooler than she is” “What do you want Courtney?” I did not want to deal with her right now, still being on edge about my parents and everything. She looked down at me acting like she cared, “I just wanted to ask you how you do it?” I sighed while saying “do what?” “Get up every day and not scream at your reflection” her clones and her burst out laughing when her boyfriend came over. Marcus, he had brown swooshy hair and dark brown eyes that sometimes looked black. I met him freshman year, he always seemed like a nice guy which is why I wondered why he dated Courtney. He has a reputation as kind of a bad boy. I’m pretty sure Courtney told everyone that though to make it look like she “tamed” the “bad boy.” But he was still coming over to her looking irritated. “Courtney leave Nicole alone” “Oh relax Marcus we’re just having some fun” “Courtney stop.” She just looked at him, completely stunned like he just smacked her in the face or something. “Whatever we’re done here anyways” she flipped her hair and went back to her table. Marcus stood there and looked at me.
    “Thanks for making her stop…” I had to thank him because he has never even really spoken to me. He probably knows about my parents and just decided she should lay off of me for the first time. “It’s fine, she’s been getting meaner to people and I’m sick of it” I smiled and put my head back into my textbook. After a second he sat down across from me and folded his hands. “What?” I looked at him expecting him to say something. I thought our conversation was over but apparently he didn’t. “What’s up?” “Nothing…shouldn’t you be getting back to Courtney?” he looked at his hands for a second and let out a little laugh, “yeah cause hanging out with Courtney and the clones is so much fun..” he stated sarcastically. “Yeah but she’s your girlfriend, and you don’t know me” “I think I know you more then you think” “What?” I was utterly confused.
    “I know more about you then you think”
    oooh creepy? what do you think he knows?? O.o um I won't be posting till Thursday because I have 3 tests Thursday and one Friday and then finals. So it probably won't happen tommorrow...anyways love you! fave if you like it! comment if you want a reminder!! bye!! (I've gotten better at making these short ;) )

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    December 10, 2012 9:56pm UTC
    I’m that weird/ugly girl at your school
    with aboyfriend
    and you’re still forever alone.

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    December 10, 2012 8:59pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 10
    The next day I had plans with Jason after school. I dealt with the way and all my classes, I kept thinking about the money I was left though. I could practically do anything and I hadn’t done a thing. I felt I should do something major with it, like find some way to help the world. I kept thinking of things I could do with it and made a mental list of what I wanted or could do with it. It was: pay for college, pay for Ariel to go to college, get a car, give some to family, give some to charity, and start my own business. I loved charity work and helping those who aren’t as lucky as I am. I even volunteer at old folks homes and animal shelters on the weekends with my friends. I wanted this money to matter.
    After school I met up with Jason at his car. Usually when we work on homework after school we go to a nearby ice cream shop with booths big enough for all of our work. When we arrived we got out our math homework first, so we could help each other. I had to help him more than usual, like he was getting extra distracted recently. Note to self: don’t leave Jason to doing math homework alone for more than a few days. He looked too distracted today.
    “Okay, don’t be getting senioritis on me; you still have a whole other semester of your senior year” “Do you think I’ll get the scholarship?” “What?” “Do you think I’ll get the scholarship for West Point?” I sat there looking at him worried for a second. “Yeah, why are you stressing over it though? You have all the requirements you’re a shoe if you did your essay well.”
    I was worried about Jason; he seemed scared he wouldn’t get the scholarships he applied for. His family wasn’t rich, his dad walked off on him when he was young so it was him, his mom and step dad. They got on pretty well but college tuition is hard to pay. I really wanted Jason to not have to worry about college money. I wish I could just give him the money but I don’t want to hurt his pride by giving him a handout.
    We finished most of our work and he bought me ice cream as always. It’s a weird thing we do; even though I could pay for my own he’d never let me. I think it’s his only way of saying thanks. I love Jason for that, he always puts others above himself and helped as best he could. He was actually the one who got me interested in my charity work. He was a really good person, and I’m going to miss him like crazy next year. But he’ll be serving our country,
    a true hero.
    ello:) so it's kinda short. I'm working on 11. If I don't post tomorrow don't hate me D: I should be able to finish it by then so yeah. I'm in a good mood :) hope you like it! (I'm only doing reminders now if you commetn for one!) :)

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    December 10, 2012 12:29am UTC
    What to get?
    So I need to get my boyfriend a Christmas present. I was thinking of going with a little group of presents like make him cookies, and put it in a box with mistletoe and something else? I was also considering making him a mix CD of songs him and I both like and some Christmas songs but I don't knoww..I'll also put a letter in it. He likes Pokemon, reading, Hunger Games, Narnia, Disney movies, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, vanilla frosting, the color blue, and he wants to be a french teacher. What do I get him?? PLEASE help me, I suck with presents :(

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    December 9, 2012 9:26pm UTC
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    December 9, 2012 6:05pm UTC
    Chances Are
    Chapter 8
    “Yes Mr. Parker?” “Where have you been?” no one told him about my parents apparently. We were the only people in the room when I said, “They were in an accident.” I spent about ten minutes telling him what happened and he said his apologies and gave me a few assignments I had missed. I left his room for lunch and saw my friends instantly. I walked over and sat in between Bella and Jason. Christina, Tyler, and Adam they knew about what I was going through and tried not bringing it up, and I was okay with it. We had a regular lunch, Jason was talking the most to me and I caught him staring at me a few times whenever I stopped talking. I kept thinking about my family no matter how hard I tried and I think he could tell. After lunch he walked me to class and left me with a big hug and we made plans to do homework tomorrow after school. I loved Jason even if we couldn’t be together.
    The rest of the day was fast I had two classes and then Ariel drove me home in her new white BMW. I told her about my day and she said she got a few interviews for jobs. We were a weird little family, we had enough money to never have to work again but we wanted jobs anyways. When we got back to the apartment I did my homework and went on my laptop. When I logged onto Facebook I had a few notifications, mostly pokes and game requests. Jason had also posted a photo on my wall of a Hunger Games meme with a smile as the caption. I turned on some music and decided to clean my room. A little later Bella called me on Skype and we talked for a little while she asked me about Jason and I told her for probably the thirtieth time that him and I weren’t going to be together and she always seemed like she didn’t believe me.
    Jason and I just aren’t meant to be, no matter how much it kills me.
    Hey hey chapter 8! (sorry it's short) sad ending there..but ya love Jason, he's a mix between two of the guys I care a lot about so put together he's almost perfect <3 I also love Mr. Parker, based off my bada/s english teacher (coolest teacher ever) I kinda just want to put this here, I ALMOST GOT KISSED! hehe sad word being almost. Should happen sooner or later... oh well it was cute then my friend came out and screamed PDA at me -_- whatevs hope you're enjoying the story comment for a notification and I think I'll be posting two chaapters tonight cause I didn't post yesterdaay sooo enjoy!!! <3


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