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  1. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 2:01am EST
    Reality chapter 4, part 2
    “Hi mom” I say innocently “what are we having for dinner?” I start to unpack the groceries bags.
    “Well I thought that Danny could come over and we could have steak.” She says
    I freeze and tremble, I am sure that Jess already told you about Danny so I wont cover him, but I examine my cut and rub my hand gently over it and it tingles. I shut my eyes and all I can imagine if the big red F on my math paper, all of the cuts and bruises I have gotten from Danny, and what people would think of me if they found out that I cut myself.
    “No” it bursts out of me and my mom freezes “ I really don’t like Danny but obviously you only care about yourself.” I storm up to my room and don’t go back down stairs until morning. During the night I make more cuts and slices in a pattern, on one arm it says LIFE and on the other it says SUCKS. I wake up in the morning because my mom is shaking me frantically. She calls 911 and by now I am about half awake. I doze off again and wake up in a bed in a hospital room. Doctors surround me and my arms are bandaged up. All at once everyone starts talking to me. I only hear bits and pieces of what people are saying. I loose interest and start to stare out the window. All of a sudden everyone is gone and Jess is in the room. She asks me a bunch of questions and I just get angry and tell her I have my reasons. Then this doctor comes in and says stuff about a mental facility thingy and Jess starts yelling at me. And I mean yelling at the top of her lungs, as if she was trying to talk to someone on the other side of the country. Jess storms out and I don’t see her for over a year.
    After a year at the mental facility, I get home and the first thing I want to do, I go on a walk. When I get back from the walk my mom tells me that jess called…

  2. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 1:54am EST
    Reality chapter 3, part 2
    Pt. II
    Another F in math, what a shocker! I don’t get why, even though I try my very best, I never do well. My best friend Jess always does so well. I decided that this would be my last F; I wouldn’t take it any more. When I get home nobody’s there, I see a bright orange block of metal with a small blade sticking out and on it, it says “Exacto knife” I pick it up and press it to my bracelet ever so lightly and it instantly falls to the floor. I slowly press if to my wrist and a long line of fine beads of blood forms on my arm. It tingles for a second then it fells good. I see my mom’s car pull up and I hurry up to my room and hide the knife. Under my pillow and go back downstairs.

  3. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 1:50am EST
    Reality chapter 2
    I rode my bike as fast as I could to the hospital and sprinted inside.
    “Do you know what room Missy Bolagard is in?” I asked with an urgent tone.
    “Ya, she’s right down the hallway on the left.”
    “Thanks,” I say in a hurry then run down the hall and into her room.
    “Missy how are you? Why would you do such a thing? How could you sacrifice somethi-”she interrupts me angrily
    “I don’t want you in here if all you are going to do is ask me a bunch of questions. “ I have a number of my own reasons why I do it and that’s that.” She says in a convincing tone.
    “Missy, we will be putting you into a mental institute for people under the age of 16” says a doctor in pink scrubs and a white long lab coat.
    “What ever” says Missy. I look at her like she is an alien
    “What ever?!” I say and before I think, I say more. “I don’t know you anymore, you used to be a good student and cared about what people thought of you and you wore pink preppy clothes and I just don’t know who you are any more!” I yell and I storm out of the room and take a seat in the waiting room.
    “There you are Jess.” Says my Mom. ”I just found out about Missy, I am so sorry, I rushed right ov-”
    “Lets just go home” I interrupt in a mean tone.
    (this is the end of part 1, part 2 takes place from missys perspective)

  4. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 1:48am EST
    Reality chapter 1
    “Hi Ms. Bolagard, is Missy there?”
    “Hi Jess, no she isn’t here, you just missed her. Would you like me to have her call you when she gets home?”
    “Yes please, thank you. Bye!”
    “No problem, bye!”
    You are probably confused; here let me start from the beginning…
    It was a perfect autumn Tuesday, Missy and I were in math class and as usual I got an A, Missy had gotten another F and was clearly upset. . The next day I came to school and Missy wasn’t there. I had assumed she was either sick or she had another “accident”. You see, her mom and dad divorced 3 ½ years ago and since then ms. Bolagard has had countless boyfriends. And the most recent boyfriend, Danny, has a drinking problem and when he drinks, he gets quite violent and lately Missy has missed a lot of school because of injuries. But on my way home when I went by Missy’s house, there were no cars in the driveway. I was confused so I called Ms.Bolagard’s cell phone and she explained to me that they just hospitalized Missy. When I asked why, she began to cry and choked on the words:
    “Missy has, she’s been cutting her wrists and not telling anyone.” Then all of a sudden it hit me, Missy had a crappy life. I could understand where she was coming from. Think about it: bad in school, no dad, beaten by her mom’s boyfriend. Then Ms. Bolagard began to sob and then she hung up the phone.

  5. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 1:31am EST
    For a while i was convinced my life was a fairytale, but no. my life is like the notebook without getting back together with noah. i fell in love but all good things have to end, now im with someone new and im happy but im not as happy as i was.

  6. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 12:14am EDT
    By does the world have to be so harsh?
    type here

  7. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2012 7:23pm EDT
    I think there will be more teenagers in the premier of monsters inc. 2 than little kids!

  8. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2012 10:49am EDT
    Hey everyone whos ever realized that crying makes you feel better when your sad..... spread the word so everyone can feel better
    Witty sisters unite

  9. Lonelygirl101 Lonelygirl101
    posted a quote
    May 29, 2012 12:14am EDT
    I think its sad, really, that the adorable, nice, caring guys are friend zoned and the cheating douchebags are the ones that girls fall for.

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