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  1. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    March 15, 2013 3:06pm UTC
    So for some reason, my chapters aren't posting! They aren't even posting as 'click here to see this quote.' I'm up to chapter 7 already, but it won't show up on witty! I apologize.
    If I were to continue this story on wattpad, would you guys still read it? Of course, I have to make a wattpad account, but still.
    Once again, I'm so sorry to all my readers.
    But please leave me a comment!

  2. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    March 10, 2013 3:40pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  3. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    March 1, 2013 10:36pm UTC
    Chapter 1
    "Attention passengers, our flight will be landing shortly. Please turn off all electronics, and again, thank you for choosing our airline." the pilot said over the intercom. I turned off my iPhone and put it in my pocket, then glanced out the window.
    It was raining, but I kind of expected it to be.
    The pilot was right, our flight landed shortly after.
    I got off the plane and made my way to the baggage claim.
    When I turned my phone on again, my aunt had sent me a message that said she got called into work and sent the car for me.
    Once I had my two suitcases and duffel bag, I spotted a driver in a suit holding a sign that had my last name on it.
    I walked over and he took my bags, then led me to the car.
    It turns out my aunt actually has her own driver.
    Apparently, she's engaged to this big time music manager.
    He just so happens to be the manager of a super famous band.
    I don't know the name though. That's all the driver told me.
    When we got back to the house, he said he would bring my bags for me. I thanked him and walked in the house.
    I went to turn a light on, and when I did, a whole bunch of people jumped out and shouted 'suprise!' That I was.
    "Auntie Megan, hi!" I said, once I found her in the crowd.
    She was the only person I recognized. There were a few people my age there, some people a few years older than me, and people who must have been friends with my aunt and her fiancee.
    "What is all this?" I asked, looking around the room.
    "It's a welcome party! There's a few people I want you to meet. This is Josh, my fiancee." she said, and he shook my hand.
    "Okay, let's go over and meet some people your age." she said.
    We walked over to a group of five boys talking to each other.
    "Okay guys, this is her! Laura, this is the band Josh manages." she said. There was a blonde, a boy with dark brown hair, one with a sort of buzz cut, one with curly hair, and another with light brown hair. They all smiled and greeted me.
    "Okay boys, have fun tonight. I'm going to steal Laura for a while, if you don't mind." she said, and led me to the kitchen.
    "They're cute." I said, wiggling my eyebrows.
    "I thought you would say that. You can't date any of them. I don't even want you hanging out with them. Your father sent you here to get you back on track, and hanging around with teenage boys will not do that. However, you having a job will do that. Unfortunately, the only job that Josh could get you was to be the personal assistant to the boys. So that's what you're going to do." she said.
    "So you don't want me hanging out with them, but I have to spend every day with them?" I asked, confused.
    "Just don't get too close to them, okay?" she asked.
    "Sure. I'll keep my distance." I responded, and she smiled.
    I don't want to though. I already had my eye on one of them. The boy with the curly hair, he was cute. He looked like he might have a reputation as well. So there's no way I'm staying away from him.
    So I know their manager's name isn't Josh, I just made that up.
    Thank you for all the support!

  4. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2013 6:41pm UTC
    "I've told you multiple times, I'm NOT going to college. You can't make me." I yelled at my father.
    "Laura, please. Calm down. You need to do something with your life. You just graduated high school, go out and find a job or something!" he said, and I could tell he was on the verge of begging.
    "No Dad. I'm young. I have my whole life to get a job. Can't I just take a year off and have fun?" I asked, trying to reason with him. Which was not easy.
    "No. You've been having way too much fun lately. You're spiraling out of control. You used to be such a good girl. You had great grades, good friends, and a bright future ahead of you. But now you just barely passed your senior year and you're out every night until 2 am. This needs to stop." He replied sternly.
    "What are you gonna do? Send me to reform school?"
    "No. But you can't stay here. So I'm sending you to live with your Aunt Megan." he responded.
    "You really think that's going to help? You're sending your 'out of control' daughter to go live with her young and fun aunt? What's that going to teach me?" I asked, not sure why he thought it was a good idea.
    "She and I have discussed this, and we both think it's a good idea. She wants to help you get back on track."
    "Dad, I never was off track. You can't just make me move. That's totally not fair." I told him.
    "You have to do whatever I say until you're eighteen, which isn't for another month. So you're going to move to London. At the end of this week. That's final." he said, walking out of the house and slamming the door after him. I should be the one walking out.
    This was so not cool. I have not been 'spiraling out of control.' I mean sure, I like to go to parties, and sometimes I drink, but I'm a teenager. It's what we do.
    My name's Laura Anderson, and I'm seventeen years old. But I only have another month until I'm eighteen and can do whatever I want. Which doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon.
    I know my dad cares about me and only wants the best for me. But lately he's been so uptight that it's hard to have a real conversation with him. He's been through a lot this year, with my mother's death and all. Which is why I didn't put up that much of a fight with him when he told me I was moving. I just hope he realizes that I'm not going to change. He can send me to Antarctica for all I care, I'm gonna come back to America the same way I left it.
    As a wild child.
    yes, I'm back(: I'm going to try and write this again, thank you to all my followers who left comments for me, i would go and read them whenever I was feeling down.<33
    youngwildfree143 is my polyvore account!
    laura's character! http://weheartit.com/entry/13448217/via/olivianatalie

  5. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2013 6:27pm UTC
    Joey: What does a paleontologist need a beeper for?
    Monica: Is it, like, for dinosaur emergencies? "Help! Come quick, they're still extinct!"

  6. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2013 4:31pm UTC
    LIZZIE_143 HERE!
    In case you haven't heard, I'm back and writing!
    Do you want me to post on this account, or my other account?
    Please comment! and go follow 1Dforlyfe

  7. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    February 4, 2013 8:37pm UTC
    Lizzie_143 here!
    I've decided to start writing again.
    My new account is: 1DForLyfe
    Go follow that account for the prologue to my new story(:

  8. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    February 4, 2013 8:28pm UTC
    This is the last time I will ever be on this account.
    Because I've made a new one and will be writing again.

  9. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2012 2:11pm UTC
    hi guys.
    im not going to write stories on here anymore.
    i dont have time and i've been getting hate recently.
    im really sorry, i just need a break.

  10. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 22, 2012 10:29pm UTC
    Phoebe taught me that it's okay to be a little crazy
    Rachel taught me it's okay to be a little materialistic as long as I'm a good person
    Monica taught me it's okay to control specific details of my life
    Ross taught me it's okay to embrace my inner nerd.
    Joey taught me it's okay to show my sensitive side
    Chandler taught me it's okay to laugh at myself
    As a whole, they taught me that all these little things combine to make one big, beautiful thing.
    (not my quote, saw it on tumblr but loved it)

  11. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 10:56pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 25
    "Liam, let's go! We don't wanna be late!" I yelled, putting in my pearl earring. Today Chris was getting married, and Liam and I were already running late.
    "I'm coming, I'm coming!" he replied, finally walking out of the apartment.
    He got in the car and we quickly drove to the church that was almost an hour away. Most of Ashlee's family lived in England, so the wedding was being held kind of close to my flat. I was so glad to be a part of this wedding as well.
    "Okay, now try to avoid Uncle Jack, he's kind of crazy. And my mother will be here, you should sit next to her." I told him as we were walking in the church hand in hand. I spotted my mother sitting in the front row and walked to her.
    "Hi Mom. This is my boyfriend, Liam. Liam, this is my mother." I said.
    "What a delight! It's so great to finally meet you. You seem like such a gentleman." she said, and Liam took a seat next to her. I walked to the back of the church and took my place in line, and before I knew it, I heard the piano.
    I walked down the aisle, winking at Liam as I walked past him. I got tears in my eyes as I looked to Chris, who smiled at me. I cannot believe the man he grew up to be. Dad would have been proud, that's for sure. Ashlee started walking down the aisle, and I smiled. This day was perfect, two people who obviously belong with each other were finally getting their happy ending.
    The vows were original and cute, more fun than the traditional ones. After they placed the rings on their fingers, they kissed and started to walk down the aisle.
    I clapped and hollered, so happy for this adorable couple. I hope that one day Liam and I will be just like Ashlee and Chris, because they seem so in love.
    The reception was beautiful, and I was ready to have fun and dance.
    After I made a toast that got everybody overly emotional, the DJ tried to cheer everybody up by getting the dancing started. I joined, and had a blast.
    Eventually it was time to bouquet. Ashlee went up to the balcony, turned her back to the crowd of girls below her, and threw the bouquet.
    And guess who caught it? That's right, I did. Which meant I would be the next one to get married. I laughed and smiled, then looked at Liam. He was smiling as well, and walked over to me. I pulled him close to me.
    "You look very beautiful tonight." he said, kissing my forehead.
    "You look quite dashing as well." I said, trying my hand at an english accent.
    That earned a laugh from him, and I kissed his lips.
    "Liam. Do you know how much I love you?" I asked him.
    "Hmm...how much?" he asked, winking at me.
    "A whole lot." I replied, kissing him again. He pulled me into his chest and we danced together. I honestly do not think this night can get any better.
    Because for once, everything is right in my life. I'm with the perfect guy, I have the perfect job, I'm reunited with my family, and I'm in love.
    They say the past has a way of catching up with you. You can either run from it, or choose to face it. I decided I was done running from it, and I faced my past.
    Look where I am now.
    the end! I'm kind of sad it's over, but tomorrow i will start the new fanfic, which i think is going to be amazing! it will be about harry, i think!! feedback?(:

  12. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 10:38pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 24
    I still can't believe Liam broke up with Lilly. Harry was right, he does want tog et back together with me. Well, at least I hope he does. I checked my phone to see who my missed call was from earlier. Liam. Why didn't I answer? I slapped my forehead quickly, then called Liam back.
    "Carly, before you say anything, just come to the the center of town." he said, then hung up. I couldn't question him, so I just did as I was told. I walked to the center of town, not sure what to expect. When I got there, Liam was nowhere to be found. I sat down on a bench and waited for someone to walk out of a store, anyone, but nobody did. Why would Liam tell me to come here if nothing was going to happen? Before I could think of answers to that question, I heard music start to play. My favorite Train song, If It's Love started coming out the speakers. I wasn't quite sure I knew what was happening, but moments later, the town square was full. There was almost two hundred people dancing in the center of town. I finally realized what this was. A flash mob. I looked to the center of the circle that the dancing people had formed and saw Liam standing there, a huge smile on his face. He remembered. I told him I wanted to be a part of a flash mob, and he made that happen. I walked through the crowd of people to get to Liam.
    "What did I ever do to deserve you?" I asked as I got closer to him.
    "I was just gonna ask the same thing." he said, closing the distance between us. He came close to me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt so safe and secure in his arms, and I wrapped mine around his neck. I pulled his head close to mine and our lips crashed together, and I'm not exaggerating when I say there were fireworks. It was all part of the flash mob.
    "I can't believe you did all of this for me." I said, kissing him again.
    "Yeah, well. I told you that you were special. I've been waiting for over five years to ask you this question." he said, looking at the ground.
    "Go ahead." I urged him, knowing what the question was.
    "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, the corner of his lips tugging up into a smile. I nodded my head as fast as I could and replied yes, then kissed him again, more passionately this time. I heard the cameras flashing and saw the bright lights, but I didn't care. All that mattered right now it that Liam and I are together. We're finally together. After hating each other, then loving each other, then not talking to each other, we are finally back to loving each other.
    And I wouldn't want it any other way.
    one more chapter left! sorry if I've been rushing, I just reallllly wanna start the new story, haha(: i think it's gonna be about harry! what do you think?

  13. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 9:41pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 23
    Beep! Beep! I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I set it for nine o'clock, so I would have time to shower and get dressed. After taking a quick shower and putting on a cute shirt, jean shorts, and a pair of flats, I walked out of my apartment and was on my way to the coffee shop downtown.
    I opened the door and heard the bells chime, then immediately regretted coming here. Liam was here. The only other person in the coffee shop besides the employees and myself. What was I supposed to do?
    I walked up to the counter and ordered a coffee with cream and a dash of sugar. I mixed it once I got it and paid, then sat down at the table farthest away from Liam. He still noticed me though, and made his way over.
    "Carly? Wow. It's been a while." he said, setting his cup down.
    "I know. What, like ten months or something?" I asked, laughing. This was so awkward. What am I supposed to say to him?
    "Yeah. You just uh, left. Without any notice, or warning." he said.
    "Zayn told me to take a break, so I did. A pretty long one too." I replied.
    "I shouldn't have walked out on you like that." he started to say.
    "Liam, stop. We don't have to talk about this." I told him.
    "No, we do. You were just trying to be honest with me. If we were going to have a relationship, honesty would have to be a part of it. And I'm glad you told me about you and Zayn before anything started between us, otherwise I would have been more hurt. But I'm with Lilly now." he said, trailing off.
    "Which is why I should go. She doesn't want me talking to you." I told him.
    "That's crazy. She barely even knows you." he said, shrugging it off.
    "Whatever. See you around." I said, getting up and starting to walk off.
    "Carly, wait. Please. Look, I know Lilly isn't the sweetest girl ever. But I can't let go of you for some reason. I need you in my life. Do you think we can be friends?" Liam asked, a hopeful smile on his face.
    "I don't think so Liam." I replied, before I could stop myself.
    "Why not?" he asked, confused.
    "Because being friends with you won't satisfy me. I still love you." I blurted out. What did I just do? Why can't I just be happy that Liam wants me in his life? I just had to go and screw everything up. At least now he knows how I feel.
    "Y-you do?" he asked, looking shocked.
    "Yeah, but you've got Lilly. And you're obviously in love with her." I said, pushing my chair back and walking out of the store. Why can I never get anything right?
    I went to the store and bought a half a gallon of ice cream, two chocolate bars, and a jar of peanut butter. I walked home and sat on the couch while watching The Notebook and eating my snacks. Why can't I have a Noah in my life? Is that too much to ask for? Apparently. My phone started to ring, and I hit ignore without even looking at the screen. I changed the channel on the TV to the news and got up to use the bathroom.
    When I came back, I did not expect to see what I saw on the television.
    "This just in. Reports say that Liam Payne of One Direction just ended things with his longtime sweetheart Lilly Evans. Nobody knows why, but this couple must be heartbroken. The lovebirds were dating for eight months as of today, and the split seems to come as a shock. We will update you as soon as we know more." said the news anchor.
    Liam broke up with his girlfriend? But why? Unless...
    Liam Payne was still in love with me.
    okay, so the next chapter is going to be so cute omg. feedback?(:

  14. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 7:06pm UTC
    i will be finishing i love to hate you tonight! who should my next fan fic be about? harry? i'm leaning towards harry! let me know what you think ;)

  15. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 12:47pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 22
    At around midnight, I decided to call it a night. I grabbed my bag from the back of the club and walked out to get a cab, since I didn't want to talk in the rain.
    I didn't have much luck though, and I ended up walking home in the pouring rain anyways. I put the hood of my sweatshirt up and crossed my arms around my chest, trying to stay warm. It was dark out, as it usually is during this time of night. I should have taken my car tonight, I know.
    As I passed under a street light, I was pretty sure I saw a figure behind me. When I turned around though, nobody was there. That's weird. I continued walking, but had my cell phone out and was ready to call someone if anything else suspicious happened. I heard something drop. I turned around as fast as I could and saw a cell phone lying on the ground under the street light I just passed seconds ago. It wasn't there before. I saw a shadow walk out from behind a nearby tree and screamed. When I saw who it was though, I was able to calm down a little bit.
    "Harry Styles! What are you doing? Why were you following me?!" I asked, my eyes wide. My heartbeat was returning back to its normal pace.
    "I wanted to suprise you!" he said, walking over to give me a hug. I hugged him back, glad that I didn't have to walk all alone in the dark anymore.
    "You don't have an umbrella either?" I asked, as we continued walking.
    "Nah, I left it with Lou and Niall." he said, his hands in his pockets.
    "So, how does it feel to finally be back in England?" he asked.
    "Weird. I don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it." I admitted.
    "Why? What's wrong?" he asked, and I was going to tell him.
    "I just-I wanted everything to be the way it was before. When everything was going good for like, a day. When Liam and I kissed, and had something there. But now he's with Lilly, and I can't even talk to him." I confessed.
    "Why can't you talk to him?" he asked, confused.
    "Because Lilly told me not to. I get the feeling that she doesn't like me." I said.
    "Ah. Well, if it makes you feel any better, she doesn't like any of us either."
    "She seems rude. Why do you guys put up with her?" I asked.
    "Well, we just hope she's nothing serious. We kinda of want Liam to end things with her. And can I let you in on a secret?" he asked, whispering.
    "Sure, what's up?" I asked, kind of curious as to what Harry was going to say.
    "We all want you and Liam to get together. Even Zayn." he said, winking at me.
    "Yeah, well let me tell you a little secret. I want to get together with Liam too."
    "Tomorrow is his and Lilly's eight month anniversary." Harry told me.
    "Why are you telling me this, if it's only going to upset me?" I asked.
    "Because I lied about the secret eariler. But this one is true." he said.
    "What? Tell me!" I begged, dying to know.
    "Okay. Well, when Liam started dating Lilly, he told us that if you didn't come back before his eight month anniversary, then he would give up on you. But you're back. Which means...." Harry trailed off, letting me figure out the rest.
    "B-but Liam doesn't know I'm back. And it's already tomorrow." I said, glancing at my watch. 12:17 am.
    "Go to the coffee shop at nine thirty. Don't ask, just go." Harry told me.
    "Fine. But will you walk me home? I don't need creeps following me on this dark and rainy night." I said, sticking my tongue out at him.
    "Of course." he said, putting his arm around me and walking me back to my flat.
    I wonder what's going to happen at the coffee shop tomorrow...
    what do you guys predict? only a few more chapters, I am so excited for you guys to read my new story, live while we're young! i think you're going to love it!

  16. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2012 12:05am UTC
    click to see this quote

  17. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 11:36pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 20
    I was sad. I was upset. No, that was an understatement. I was devestated.
    I cannot believe Liam left me like that. I was finally honest with him, and it come back to bite me in the butt. Zayn walked out of his room and over to where I was sitting on the couch. I didn't tell him that I told Liam about us.
    "Zayn, I need to tell you something." I said, deciding now was an okay time.
    "What's up?" he asked, putting his arm around me.
    "I told Liam about us. I needed to be honest with him, so I was. And guess what he did? He said he needed time and space, so he left." I said, tearing up.
    "Carly, everything's going to be alright. He's crazy if he doesn't want you." Zayn said, trying to cheer me up. Too bad it wasn't working.
    "Maybe I need time and space." I muttered to myself.
    "You should take a break. Go on vacation or something." he suggested.
    "You know, that's not a bad idea." I said, forming an idea in my head.
    "I'm going to visit my brother for a few days." I said, since he couldn't come visit me after all. I texted him and told him I was coming to the states for a few weeks. He replied fast, telling me he was excited. I went to my room and packed my clothes and electronics that I needed. Once I was packed, I walked out into the living room. I had my boarding ticket in hand and hugged Zayn goodbye.
    "I'll see you soon." I said, giving him one last hug and promising to call him at least twice while I was gone. I rolled my suitcase outside and put it in the back of the cab that was waiting for me.
    Going through the airport security and check in was easy, since I travel a lot.
    I got on the plane immediately after checking in. I popped in my headphones and listened to One Direction's album, because I needed to hear Liam's voice. There's only one reason why I was upset I was leaving England for a few weeks, and that is because I can't see Liam. Because whether I want to or not, I think I'm falling in love with him. If only I could tell him that.
    I woke up several hours later as the plane was landing. I was finally here.
    I walked off the plane and to the baggage claim, where I thought Chris would be waiting. He sent me a text message saying he was there, but when I looked for him, I couldn't find him. Maybe because I didn't remember what he looked like.
    "Carly?" I heard a man's voice call out. I turned around and saw him.
    "Chris?" I asked, my face breaking into a smile. I ran and jumped into his arms, so happy to finally be reunited with my brother.
    "I missed you so much!" he said, giving me a hug.
    "I missed you too! Wow, I can't believe it. You look so different!" I exclaimed, notiving the girl standing next to him.
    "Is this your fiance?" I asked, giving her a hug as well.
    "Yeah, this is Ashlee. Ashlee, this is my baby sister Carly." he said, introducing us. I was so happy to see my brother again, and I was glad that he was finally happy in life. He deserved it. I grabbed my suitcase and we walked outside.
    "So, are you excited for the next two weeks? We're going to have so much fun!" Ashlee said, clapping her hands together. She seemed excited to have me here, and I was excited to be here.
    We drove to Chris' hosue and I threw my suitcase on the bed in the guest room.
    "Hey, I have to go out for a little bit. Ashlee's here, if you wanna go get to know her." he said, turning his head to the living room.
    "Sure, see you later." I said, plugging my phone in before walking to the living room and sitting down near Ashlee.
    "It's so great to finally meet you." she said, smiling at me.
    "Same here. Okay, so you're the closest thing to a sister that I have. I need advice." I said, before I could stop myself.
    "Go fo it." she said, giving me her full attention. I told her the entire story about Liam and I, and the background info that went with it. She seemed to understand everything, and I asked her what I should do.
    "Well, it seems like you really love him. You should tell him." she said.
    "Yeah. I should." I said, agreeing with her.
    "Go call him. Or at least do something." she said.
    "Okay. Yeah, I'm going to call him." I said, walking to my room. I booted up my laptop quickly and googled Liam. Wait, what did that say?
    I pulled up a website that had a picture of Liam holding hands with some girl.
    Of course. Why did I think he loved me? He was obviously playing me.
    I clicked my phone off and shut my laptop. I can't do this.
    I don't even know if I can go back to England. Ever.
    feedback? next chapter will be a few months in advance. this story should be done tomorrow, and hopefully I can start the new one tomorrow as well! get the word out, Live While We're Young! I will have a description out after this story is done(:

  18. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 11:05pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 19
    I decided it was the right thing for me to tell Liam that Zayn and I had been fooling around up until the day I confessed my feelings for Liam.
    After all, if I wanted to have a relationship with him, I was going to have to be honest. And I expected him to be honest with me.
    I texted Liam and told him that we needed to talk. He agreed, and said he would be over in twenty. Should I go through with this? Yes, I should.
    Nineteen minutes and thirty seven seconds later, I heard a knock on the door.
    "Hey." Liam said once I opened the door and let him into the apartment.
    "Hi." I replied, still kind of mad at him for the whole Britney situation.
    "Look, it was a mistake. It really was. Can I just explain?" he asked.
    "No. Not yet. There's something important have to tell you." I said.
    "Are you seeing someone else?" he asked, his expression now upset.
    "No. But before I told you how I felt, I was kind of, uh, fooling around with someone." I said. This was going to be awkward.
    "Oh. Uh, was it anyone I know?" he asked, trying to act casual about it.
    "Actually, yeah. It was, um. It was Zayn." I said, biting my lip.
    I couldn't bring myself to look at Liam, but when I finally met his gaze, he looked upset. Angry, maybe. I knew I shouldn't have told him.
    "Y-you were sleeping with Zayn?!" he asked, shocked.
    "You were sleeping with Britney!" I fired back, because I thought he was.
    "What? You actually thought I was getting with Britney? Did you not hear anything I said to you? I told you I was in love with you." he said.
    "Liam, guys lie about their feelings all the time. When Britney came over late a few nights ago, I knew what you were going to do. It's fine, really." I said, even though it wasn't fine. I didn't want Liam and Britney together.
    "I told her to come over, because I was going to end things. I didn't want to do it over a text message, cause only a jerk would do that. But I wasn't going to sleep with her. I felt guilty for using her, and I wanted to apologize." he explained.
    "So you were ending things with her? Ugh, I'm such an idiot!" I screamed.
    "You and Zayn? Really?" he asked, looking hurt.
    "Yeah. He was sweet, he was nice, and he actually cared about me. I was upset because I thought you still hated me, and I was confused. But now I know what I want. I want you, Liam. I want to be with you." I said, pouring my heart out.
    "Yeah, well I'm not sure I want to be with you anymore. I cannot believe you lied to me about you and Zayn." he said.
    "Liam, I didn't lie! We weren't even aware of each others' feelings when Zayn and I were hooking up! Please Liam." I begged. I couldn't lose him.
    "Carly, I just don't know if we're right for each other. I think I need time to think." he said, putting his head in his hands and sighing.
    "Liam, you can't just pretend we don't have chemistry. I really like you." I said, on the verge of tears. I didn't want him to go.
    "Carly, I can't do this. I'm sorry." he said, walking out the door. I slumped onto the couch, not believing what just happened. I finally let myself start to like Liam, and once I do, I get let down. Love stinks.
    only doing 25 chapters, in a few chapters there will be a time jump. JUST CAME UP WITH THE TITLE FOR MY NEW STORY, I'm going to call it 'Live While We're Young.' yeah, because it's their song, but it also goes good with the character(:

  19. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 8:53pm UTC
    hey readers! i will upload a few more chapters tonight, i promise! stick with me here(:

  20. Lizzie_143 Lizzie_143
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2012 8:33pm UTC
    I Love to Hate You
    Chapter 18
    "So I take it you like me too?" Liam asked once we pulled apart.
    "Yeah. I really, really like you Liam. I guess I was just too caught up in the past, and I couldn't make myself believe that you had actually changed." I admitted.
    "My feelings for you haven't. I still love you." he said. Love? I don't think I can go from hating Liam one day to loving him the next. So I didn't say it back.
    "So, is someone gonna let us in?" I asked, starting to get cold from the rain.
    "I have a spare key under the mat." he replied.
    "Then why didn't you use it before?" I asked him.
    "Because I was afraid that then you wouldn't kiss me. And come on, every girl wants to be kissed in the rain." he said, smiling sheepishly.
    "Good point." I said, following him into his house after he unlocked the door.
    "Let me go get you something dry." he said, noticing my soaking wet clothes.
    He came back a minute later with a white vneck shirt and a pair of girls' jeans.
    "Why do you have these?" I asked, then figured it was from when some girl spent the night. Obviously. Why wouldn't he have girls' clothes here?
    "They're my cousins. She left them here after she came to visit for a while." he explained. Oh. So I had been wrong. Still, that didn't mean anything.
    "Okay. Where's the bathroom?" I asked, and he pointed down the hall.
    I walked into the bathroom and changed into the clothing.
    "What movie do you want to watch?" he asked while I was changing.
    "Doesn't matter!" I replied, tugging on the skinny jeans. They actually fit pretty well. I pulled the shirt over my head and then walked back to the living room.
    "Mind if we watch this?" he asked, holding up Friends With Benefits.
    "I love Justin Timberlake!" I exclaimed while sitting on the couch next to him.
    I've always wanted to be part of a flash mob, I thought during that part of the movie. I decided to mention it to Liam.
    "Hey Liam. Have you ever been in a flash mob?" I asked.
    "Actually, no. I haven't. You?" he asked back.
    "Never. But I really want to be part of one. Or just see one happen. They seem so cool!" I said, getting excited about this now.
    "Maybe one day you'll see one." he said, smiling at me. I bit my lip and stared down at the ground. I lifted my head up just in time to see that he made the flash mob for her. It was even their song. How cute!
    "That's adorable. Why can't all guys be like that?" I asked.
    "You want to have a friend with benefits?" he asked me.
    "Not really. Although it's not complicated." I said. Oh crap. Shut up, Carly.
    "So you have had a friend with benefits before?" he aked.
    "Uh, yeah. But it's over." I responded. That was awkward.
    "Hey Carly? Can I take you out on a real date?" he asked me.
    "Hmm..I gotta think about that." I replied, winking at him.
    "I'm joking. I would love to go on a date with you." I said, just as the movie ended. I got off the couch and grabbed my phone and wallet.
    "I gotta get home." I said, kissing Liam on the cheek.
    "Oh, okay. See you later?" he asked, and I nodded my head. He put his arms around my waist, pulling me close. He lifted my chin with his thumb and brought his lips to mine. I smiled while kissing him, then when we pulled away I said one last goodnight before opening the door and coming face to face with Britney.
    "What is she doing here?" Britney asked, walking past me and bumping my shoulder on the way. She walked in like she owned this place.
    "I think the better question is what are you doing here?" he asked her.
    "You invited me over. You said you wanted to take me on a real date or something." she said, examining her nails. What? Was Liam just playing me? He looked at me and had this apologetic look in his eyes. Oh my god. He really did tell Britney he wanted to take her on a date. But he told me he loved me!
    I ran out of his house and into my car, then drove off. I drove back to my flat, and slammed the door once I got there.
    "Is everything alright?" Zayn asked, rushing to the living room.
    "Liam is a nasty, lying jerk." I responded, trying to calm down.
    "What did he do?" he asked me, trying to get the full story.
    "He told me he loved me." I started off.
    "That's not so terrible. Is it?" Zayn asked me, and I shook my head.
    "No, but he told me he wanted to take me on a real date. Then right as I was about to leave, Britney walks in and said that Liam told her he wanted to take her on a real date. He's playing me Zayn!" I said, tears starting to fall from my eyes. This can't happen. I won't let Liam win again.
    "It's going to be okay. Trust me." Zayn said, grabbing hold of my hand as we sat down on the couch. I can't let this happen again. I don't want to go back to hating Liam. I actually wanted to do the opposite. But with Britney in the way, that was going to be hard. So I had to get even.
    And what better way to get even than to tell him about Zayn and me?
    should she tell him? the next chapter is going to be a few months, maybe a year in advance! i know this story went kindaaaa fast, but i really wanna write the next one! haha, but i love this story line tooo(:


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