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nicole🌹* · 1 year ago
Aw that is so cute! But hey, sometimes you find love in unexpected places! I've been with my boyfriend for over a year; he's not my type at all but he's been my best friend since we were fifteen so I guess we would have ended up together at some point even though I really doubted it but hey sometimes you just jump in. That's sweet though and I'm happy for you. I wish you the best with this guy!
Girl yes I totally feel that. Social media can be so toxic in that case. Making us feel like we're unsuccessful or boring, which is totally not true! :/
I don't really have time to do all this cool stuff though, when I'm deep into student teaching for school and then working weekends.

nicole🌹* · 1 year ago
Aw thanks girl. But yeah student teaching has been awesome! That's fun. Tell me about your new man. No I get it completely. Sometimes I feel like I should be somewhere else, or doing something fun with my time, you know? I don't know if I explained it well but I get antsy when all the same stuff happens day by day. xD
Sometimes I feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest while I'm young and it totally bums me out when I dwell on it!

nicole🌹* · 1 year ago
Aw don't worry about the late replies! I just appreciate that you keep taking the time to reply. Student teaching has been a great experience so far. It's been difficult at times, but it's all me learning so I am taking it all in stride! I love all the children in my class and my mentor is so cool! :)
How are you though, enough about me.

seafoam* · 4 years ago
I'm so happy you told me that because I can tell from how honest and real yours are that you're somebody well worth talking to and knowing and though I haven't had the privilege of either, I've liked you for a long time. Thanks so much 😘

Amenah · 5 years ago
oh, thank you darling.
i know this might not sound as genuine after what you said, but i do honestly love your quotes, too. ^-^

graciexdelrey · 5 years ago
you're honestly my favourite person on witty

the1975* · 8 years ago
The most amazing friend on the face of the planet. A Megan is there to laugh with you through the best times, and will even cry with you in the rain. She has her "blonde" moments... and can be quite clumsy... But once you get past her "Hi, my name is Megan." You'll find the most beautiful, amazing friend in the world. She works her hardest and isn't afraid to try new things. She will care for you when your at your worse. She is just simply amazingly beautiful. She loves to dance, laugh, and smile. She will do anything to help a friend. She is the most caring and loving person there is no matter how cruel the world can be. Megans are the best.


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