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Status: t-.-t it was all lies....

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My name is Leslie!

My birthday is on september 28!

Uhm where to start? Well i'm boring as heck.. Until you get to know me! I have 2 brothers their names are Bryan and Arturo! I have 2 doggieesss! Chiquis and negrita! Honestly, I hate my life.. but i try to make my bets out of it.. Life goes on don't waste it on being sad!  I am a band geekk(; I play the flute! And i can kinda play the guitar! MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!! I swear...I love all my friends!<33 I have super great friends..Alli,Hibana and Maricela are my actual true friends they're my sisters my parnters in crime.My homiess my lesbian lovers! I lovee them so much! I love a lot of things.. And thats not always a good thing.. I fall so hard. And i always end up getting screwed over or hurt.. Or i end up hurting the other person?/: Well stay strong gorgeous! Life goes on... Byee ! Follow i follow back(:


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 This is my 2nd account!
My first account is LeslieLovesunicorns
i share it with my best friend in the whole wide world!
I'm going to post quotes that are mine from my old account! I will stll use my other account so maybe follow it to?(: Thanks!

Stay strong beautiful!
I know things may be tough right now . But you have to get through this! If you need any help or  someone to listen i'm here! i might not give great advice but i do know how to listen!

Follow? I would really appriciate it! Thanks gorgeous!
instagram: Leslie_rawwr... i follow back!






  1. Leslie_rawwr Leslie_rawwr
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2013 10:38pm UTC
    No matter how many times i say i'm over you my heart knows the truth. i've had such a long time to move on.. Yet i still stay holding on.... No matter how many times you've screwed me over i still love you no matter what and always will. i miss you. I honestly do. It's been more than an year. And still looking in your eyes makes me fall even harder and make my heart beat a mile a minute and have a million of butterlfies in my tummy. Memories flash back remembering how you made me feel. All the cute things you told me. How happy i was. Knowing that you still have feelings for me made me hold on even more.. I guess we both don't know how to let something go!</3 but yet omething inside me still hopes to have something with you in the future. But i know i'm wasting my time.. I though i finally moved on.. I was way wrongg.. I don't see why i can't move on.. theres nothing to keep on holding on to..
    Sorry had to vent. /;

  2. Leslie_rawwr Leslie_rawwr
    posted a quote
    September 15, 2013 4:58pm UTC
    Love is in the air,
    so dont breath
    or you'll fall in love.

  3. Leslie_rawwr Leslie_rawwr
    posted a quote
    August 13, 2013 1:40am UTC
    Guys are like i don't want much but she has to have big boobs.big butt,nice a.ss,nice teeth.. This isn't build a b.itch workshop! You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

  4. Leslie_rawwr Leslie_rawwr
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2013 9:04pm UTC
    it's kind of sad when your best friend doesn't believe in you....

  5. Leslie_rawwr Leslie_rawwr
    posted a quote
    July 4, 2013 1:56pm UTC
    let everyone know that you are alot more stronger than you were yesterday.


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