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  1. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2012 4:23pm UTC
    music players, fanart, fades, quote formats, graphics, backgrounds, cursors, profile counters,
    symbols, layouts, competitions, basic help, feedback, tips for if you are new and so much more

  2. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2012 12:42pm UTC
    Need help?
    with alot of stuff to do with witty?
    Go to my website!
    Format Credit: Laura001

  3. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2012 10:24am UTC
    i take fanart, quote format, music player and fade requests
    on my website
    Format credit: Laura001

  4. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2012 10:19am UTC
    Anything you need for your profile
    such as..
    Quote Formats
    Profile Counters
    Music Players
    Just go to: www.wittyhelp.weebly.com
    Format credit: Laura001

  5. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    July 17, 2012 10:40am UTC
    I'm back!
    I'm back from my holiday from Witty and the internet! I can't wait to get back into it all. Hahah! So I'm gonna start continuing my story and also updating my website and all that! Missed you all:)x

  6. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2012 11:09am UTC
    Won't be on
    Sorry guys, won't be on for a while. Yes this does mean that I won't be writing 'Fish Friend' for a while. Let's say about 3 weeks? It's not a break! Just simply.. a lot of holidays. Busy life too. Sorry if you are reading my story! I will have lots of chapters up as soon as I can! Love you, and will miss you all.
    Format by Laura001

  7. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2012 3:47pm UTC
    chapter seven
    "Annie!" Dad called from the kitchen the next morning after Jessie had left.
    I ran downstairs, and peeked through the kitchen door, "Yes?" "We need to talk. Seriously."
    "Oh okay! What about?" I started to get a bit nervous as I walked closer to dad and sat on a stool at the table.
    "Just some things I need to tell you."
    "Alright then, go ahead." I mumbled, quite scared of the unknown.
    "Well, you know them pictures you saw yesterday with Jessie?," "Yep!" I said in a hurry so dad could continue.
    "That's was your mother, the mermaid in the pictures that we saw." Dad said brightly.
    "T-that's my what!!!" I trembled, even though I heard what dad said, but I couldn't believe it. "I just thought it, was all in my head or something?"
    "No, It's true honey. It's you mum. We can talk about this if you want or not. If you don't want to we shall never speak of it again"
    "Never speak of it again." I cried.
    I ran up to my room crying with floods of tears. The thought of me seeing mum about 6 weeks ago without even noticing. I can't stand, myself, not knowing who my own mother is, when she was right in front of me at that moment of me drowning (well, practically fake drowning). I wept until my eyes were worn out. I couldn't sleep properly that night. I dreamt of mum and her gorgeous blonde locks. She really was beautiful. Then thinking about her in mermaid form, just wasn't right.
    I remember seeing the beautiful face of the creature and thinking, that it did look like mum but I didn't think it was actually her.
    I'm so confused right now.
    I've so many questions but I'm not comfortable talking about it. So jotting down some in my notebook so that I can find out should help in some sort of way:
    1. Has mum always been a mermaid?
    2. If mum died passed away then how come she is still living in the water?
    3. Can she come out of the water and come back to live with us?
    4. Is she still down there, under the sea?
    5. Why is she a mermaid?
    6. What causes her to be a mermaid?
    7. Why couldn't I see her face in the sea, like I can when I'm using normal water to wash my hands, go for a shower and all I do see her in some shape or form unlike the sea?
    I said I never wanted to speak of it again to dad.
    But that doesn't mean I can't investigate, right?
    Thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry it's sort of a short chapter! New one should be up soon!♥
    TO VIEW THE CHARACTERS (what they look like) then GO TO THIS LINK: http://laura001characters.weebly.com/characters.html
    If you would like to VIEW THE PICTURE OF THE KISS (James and Annie's first kiss, THEN GO TO THIS LINK:

  8. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2012 3:18pm UTC
    chapter six
    I sat up all night thinking why Jessie was there. She never said anything about having a crush on anyone? Why was she standing there staring at us make out? I think I'll send her a text.
    'Hey, Jessie, did I see you yesterday at the seaside, stalking me and James? <3'
    She took ages to answer, it even said that the text was read and all! Why wasn't Jessie replying, has she something to hide?
    'Oh sorry, my dad just took my phone off my for like an hour there, cuz i was on it so much lol! oh and yea, i was stalking. ;)'
    I didn't understand.
    'So you, were? Why?'
    'I wanted to see all the action, and take a pic of ur first kiss! duuhhh! what did you think i was doing?'
    'oh thought you had a secret crush on James?'
    'defo not!' she replied.
    I guess I was wrong. She didn't like James, in that sort of mushy way like I do. Just as a friend, that was all. Good. Everything sorted. She sent me a picture of my first kiss. Jessie really should be a photography, she has skill. Perfect angle. Perfect view of the action. Oh, I so have to save this picture to my phone!
    Jessie and I arranged through texts, for a sleepover tomorrow. Oh, and that reminds me, she needs to have those photos of her going into the sea done!
    'Hey Jessie, just forgot about, the pictures of the stuff you saw under the water? I know they were silly things like seaweed and all but still bring them for me to have a wee looky!:)'
    'Okie Dokie, annie granny'
    'I don't like that nickname... -_- messy jessie'
    'Whatevs! xx'
    I guess we have new nicknames now! Annie Granny and Messy Jessie. We are weird, weird kids.
    "Hi Messy Jessie!"
    "Hey Annie Granny!"
    Jessie stepped through my front door with her sleeping bag and clothes etc!
    We both dumped her bags down and ran up to my bedroom with the pictures. They were printed and in an envelope. She opened the envelope and she took the pictures to have a look first.
    "Nope! Definitely no mermaids there."
    I snatched them off her jerkily to check.
    "OH MY WORD, there it is!!! Can't you see that?"
    She poked her head round to look.
    "What are you talking about? There's nothing there?" She said unsure of what I was talking about.
    "Can you not see the mermaid? Looks just like my mum!"
    I cried. It was the first time I'd seen a resemblance of her. It seemed so real. "Look there, right there," I pointed my finger to indicate to her what I was talking about. "There's the nose, the eyes and the mouth, and her beautiful long blonde hair, just like I told you!"
    "Annie, I think you are seeing things."
    After an hour of arguing we just could not agree.
    "Dad!!!" I bellowed.
    Dad ran up the stairs as if something had gone terribly wrong.
    "I'm here, I'm here! What's wrong? Ahhhh"
    "Well, you know the way, I told you quite a while ago, about me falling off James' boat? Well...."
    I told dad what really happened. I also told him why I really needed them swimming lessons (to look under the ocean for the mermaid).
    My dad understood it all. I was so surprised. He was nodding at all of it. He looked shocked, very shocked. Especially when I showed him the pictures. He saw the mermaid too. He was utterly flabbergasted. He didn't say a word either. I just nodded and walked out of the room.
    The question here is,
    Why can't Jessie see the mermaid?
    Thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it!♥
    TO VIEW THE CHARACTERS (what they look like) then GO TO THIS LINK: http://laura001characters.weebly.com/characters.html
    If you would like to VIEW THE PICTURE OF THE KISS (James and Annie's first kiss, THEN GO TO THIS LINK:

  9. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 13, 2012 2:34pm UTC
    chapter five
    It's 12am. I'm not asleep. Oh look a text!
    'Hey, that hug was pretty good. I know it's a little late tonight (12am), but I couldn't wait any longer. Wanna go out, beautiful? xxxx:)
    He made me speechless as always. I couldn't say no could I? I mean, there's nothing wrong with him, no exceptions, nothing stopping me so, I guess, yes?
    'Oh my word yes! xxxx' I replied and as soon as I hit that send button, I nearly screamed. I was officially going out with James Girvan.
    Never in my entire school life, did I think we would ever go out. I always thought he was that 'guy-I-would-always-have-a-crush-on' sort of guy. But no. We are a couple. We are a match. We are a pair. We are partners. We are boyfriend and girlfriend.
    'That's great babe. Meet me tomorrow, 6pm, at the seaside. xxx' replied James in a new text.
    'Okay, gonna go 2 sleep now. Talk to u tomorrow xxxLoveu:)'
    I sent that text, once again speechless.
    I had trouble sleeping. It kept me awake. It was the best feeling ever knowing that some guy actually loves me, actually has feelings for me. Well I can't say that just yet, because I don't know what will happen.
    I woke up, 9am.
    "Dad, you will never guess what just happened?!?"
    "What, tell me, tell me, tell me" He mimicked my voice (all high pitched at this exhilarating moment in time).
    "Daaad!" I groaned, "James Girvan asked me out!"
    "OMG NO WAY GIRLFRIEND?!" He said trying to act like a teenager... but failing.
    "Shut up," I said trying not to giggle. "You know the boy I always told you about?"
    "Yea, I do pet! That's great!" Dad exclaimed, back to his original self.
    I ran up to my room to grab my phone and text Jessie all about it. She was thrilled. She was single, and not jealous. I was surprised! She was actually happy for me!
    We talked all about it until 5pm. I switched off my phone to avoid temptation of more texts, and to focus on getting ready for my first date ever.
    I put on my makeup carefully and neatly. I wore, foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, light eye shadow and a dab of glitter! I then got out my outfit, black short pencil skirt with a turquoise and black cropped t-shirt, showing a bit of my belly. My shoes where turquoise also and had a slight heel to make me look taller, and the same size as James.
    My dad gave me a lift to the seaside so I wouldn't get muddy and dirty. He dropped me off and looked around the seaside, from the car window watching what was happening for like 1minute.
    "Hey Annie, babe." said James scanning up and down me. "You look a bit fancy for the seaside, but don't worry, it's sexy and I like it."
    I've never heard James talk like that before, but I liked it.
    "Hi! Awwk thanks, James!" I walked over to him.
    1 minute was up, dad drove off.
    I hugged him so tight, to remember the feeling. It soon turned into a kiss. Which turned into a snog. Which turned into more. By more I mean a feel. No more. We couldn't go any further than that. We are only 14.
    The kiss was magical, it was my first. In fact, it was pretty much my first for everything that night apart from a few things which 14 year old girls .... can't do because.. they aren't allowed.
    The snog was unreal. His lips felt so lush and pure. He then moved his hands a bit higher than my waist and moved them round to... my..... pineapples. My juicy pineapples... My developed pineapples. Fully grown. I'm laughing so hard now that I think about it. Anyway, he then made his way back down to my waist. I didn't do a thing, just kissed, and snogged, and hugged and did my best to impress. And he was.
    We both reached for a final breath and stopped.
    "Wow you've got skill!" He exclaimed after the love moment.
    "Thanks, it was my first time, so I'm not very experienced. Though you have true passion and mean it!" I giggled, James giggled. We looked around the seaside, and near road, to check if anyone saw that true delightful love moment....
    And we saw someone. They dashed off as soon as we saw them. The person looked familiar, sort of like...
    Thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it! Because of the delay of last chapter, I thought I would treat yous to another one today to show I'm sorry!♥

  10. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 13, 2012 12:42pm UTC
    chapter four
    "Here I go" Jessie dived in to the sea with a graceful dolphin shaped dive. She really did look like a dolphin when she swam.
    Turned out, she got her swimming lessons. It's been 5 weeks and she already looks like a pro. I can't believe dad wouldn't let me take the swimming lessons, I know, I know, I'm really selfish, I know we don't have the money but I just got my hopes up. That's annoying.
    She got a wetsuit and all the weird, long named stuff from the rent shop... Even more money from her mum and dad. I seriously don't know where they get it all. First swimming lessons FOR ALL THIS SUMMER and then a whole pile of money to rent all that stuff from the rent shop.
    I also can't believe that she is doing all this just for me! Though at least she gets swimming lessons and techniques, which I don't.
    I couldn't exactly see her snooping around the seaweed that was floating around.
    "Concentrate, Jessie!"
    I don't think she heard me, down there, but she heard something and looked up at me. I faintly saw her then, begin to take random pictures of the seaweed and fish swimming curiously around her.
    A few minutes later she wonderfully swam up to breath, "I couldn't see anything, Annie? Are you sure it was here you saw the mermaid?"
    "Aw well, we'll come back in a few days, and look. I don't believe you yet, but I liked looking at all the pretty fishys down there!"
    I burst out laughing.
    I went to the public toilets with Jessie, to dry her up and get her in her clothes, we then went back to the rent shop and gave them back the wetsuit etc.
    On our way to the chippy for something to eat we bumped into James!
    "Hey!" said James in the hottest voice ever!!!
    "Hey hottie!"
    Most embarrassing moment ever. You think these things in your mind, and they just come out. I can't believe I said it. 'Hottie". I didn't mean to, it just came out. I'm feeling so regretful. No way, this is a nightmare, right?
    Jessie nudged me, with her eyes wide open.
    "Um okay, so are we expressing our true feelings for each other!?" James said joking around.
    I laughed with my hand over my face, so embarrassed to even talk.
    "So, if we are, then I think you are the most beautiful girl in Westwood High."
    I blushed.
    I went pink.
    Bright pink.
    I nearly cried tears of joy.
    I smiled.
    I hugged him.
    I hugged James in the most cuddly way. He was so cosy and warm, and smelt REALLY good.
    "We have to go now.." said Jessie, in an awkward position.
    "Yea, bye James" I said it quickly and smiled and ran off with Jessie. "Jessie, do me a favor and pinch me"
    Jessie pinched me REALLY hard, so much I screamed.
    "Take a chill pill!"
    "Sorry! Just really day-dreamy right now. I can't believe it. He thinks I'm beautiful! He hugged me!"
    "I know right! I'm so happy for you, Annie! Yous would be the perfect couple."
    "Do you really think?"
    "I don't think, I know"
    We got our scrumptious chippy and walked home with excitement.
    "Don't forget to print the pictures!" I said reminding Jessie, as she walked down her lane.
    "Will do!" She answered grinning.
    I won't be able to sleep tonight. James is just....
    I'm speechless. He is...
    Thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it! VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!♥

  11. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2012 12:30pm UTC
    chapter three
    "Where the flipping heck did you get a waterproof camera?" I asked Jessie shocked. In our town the only shops we have are a small corner shop and a seaside rent shop (sells surfboards and all that stuff) quite near the seaside. It doesn't really sell that sort of 'high tech stuff'.
    "Haven't you ever heard of EBay?" Jessie said as if I was stupid.
    "Well obviously I have! We should get going to take these pictures if we see anything. I'm so excited!" I really was was excited, like if the 'mermaid', was actually mum, it would make no sense.
    We walked to the seaside about half a mile away from Jessie's house. We reached the seaside and suddenly, I just remembered something.
    "Oh no! I just forgot something.."
    "And what would that be" said Jessie rolling her eyes and sighing.
    "I can't swim. You can't swim. How are we supposed to swim all the way down there, with just a swimming costume and no swimming experience (apart from my experience the other day)."
    "Okay so we obviously can't go. How about we walk to the leisure Centre and see about a swimming lesson?"
    "Yea sure! I really do regret not taking the offer school gave me of going to swimming lessons. We wouldn't have to do all of this if I could swim!" I said, once again, easily annoyed.
    "We have this whole summer to go to swimming lessons, so we should be great at it before school is back. But we should only need a few lessons until we can go to the sea, right?"
    We walked to the leisure Centre to see about swimming lessons. We walked in the leisure Centre rushing over to the reception, "Hi, we would like to apply for swimming lessons." I said eagerly.
    "Okay you will need to fill in this consent form and a parent's signature, is your parent here?" said the lady behind the counter, with enormous spectacles on. She looked like a fish with them on. No joke. Especially her nose, it was fish shaped. Weird. I think I'm getting slightly obsessed with this fish thing.
    "No our parents aren't here." I said disappointed. I looked at her with my best puppy dog eyes.
    "Aw, honey. Don't worry, how about you take your consent forms (the both of you), bring them here tomorrow, and I will see what I can do!" Said the fish-faced lady with googol specs.
    We ran out while shouting "Thanks!" with are consent forms in out hands.
    We ran home keen to get our consent forms signed and what not, by our parents. My dad wasn't too sure about me taking swimming lessons.
    "Annie darling, I don't think you could go to this swimming lessons thing, I know your really enthusiastic and all to go, but we can't afford that sort of thing." Dad said trying to disappoint me.
    "Aw no dad PLEASE. i really have to, it will really come in handy it is very useful. What if I nearly drown again? If I go to swimming lessons then maybe I won't drown!"
    "Look, I don't want you going near water."
    At that moment I felt so frustrated. How in the world was I going to see the 'mermaid' again if I can't swim.
    I'll sleep on it.
    thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that on comments, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it!♥

  12. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 6, 2012 7:38am UTC
    chapter two
    "Jessie?" I said knocking impatiently on her house door.
    "Hi Annie! How are this fine day?" Jessie's mum said to me, looking quite annoyed by all the banging I was doing on their front door.
    "Fine, thanks, Mrs Arnolds! Is Jessie in? I need to speak to her urgently!"
    "Yea, she's upstairs doing some homework, should you not being doing you art homework too?"
    "Um, well this is kind of urgent and well, I just really needed to have a quick chat with Jessie"
    I was very annoyed with Jessie's mum right then. I get annoyed easily. It's annoying. And so was that.
    I sprinted up the stairs skipping a few steps along the way, ran into Jessie's room and shouted "You'll never guess what, happened to me yesterday!"
    "You drowned?" she said sarcastically.
    "Okay you got me." I said playing along
    "Wow I was only guessing! I'm soooo proud of myself."
    "Okay well, you know the way I told you like last week about my plan to get James to fall for me? Well I did it and it sort of worked."
    "Oh my word tell me all about it!"
    I told Jessie the story and the drowning with expression and slightly exaggerated, just a little. I told her about what I saw down there.
    "A mermaid?"
    "That's the word I was looking for!"
    "I doubt you actually saw a mermaid that strangely looked like your mum, that's just crazy! I know we are best friends and supposed to trust eachother but I need proof."
    "Well I didn't exactly bring a camera with me in my dramatic 'fall from the boat' incident."
    "That's actually not a bad idea! Do you have a waterproof camera? Because we could just go now and take pictures if we see anything!"
    "But first you need a shower Miss Annie!" Jessie said holding her nose and waving her hand up and down,"Did you not get a bath or shower after your time in the sea?"
    "No" I said embarrassed.
    "It's okay you can use mine."
    I undressed in her bathroom and turned on the warm hot shower. As soon as the first drop of water hit my long red hair (adapted from my dad's curly red head), I saw mum in the steam rising from the water. She looked just like the mermaid I saw in the sea. Only, in the sea I did not sea her like this, but in the human/fish form. Maybe in the sea I can't see mum the way I can in tap water. Maybe it's just in tap water because every time I take a shower or bath this happens, I see her. I haven't told anyone about it but I feel complete when I see her.
    I picked up the shampoo and slapped it on my head. I made all these wacky, weird hairstyles with the shampoo's soap suds. Then I took some body gel, put it on my legs as if I was a slimy tailed mermaid (the gel looked like slime). It soon washed off with the shower caps, fierce water. It was time to get out of the shower, I got that feeling where you never want to leave it because the water was so warm, and I knew once I got out it would all be cold again. But I had to.
    I dried myself up took the towel, wrapped it round me and sprinted straight to Jessie's room where I found her sitting, finishing her art homework. She looked up at me. My towel fell. Most embarassing moment ever. Especially when us 13 year olds are going through quite a lot of changes... She burst out laughing, because it was so awkward, quickly picked up my towel, I was bright red.
    I will never forget that!
    ♥Thanks so much if you read that. Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that on comments, THANKS. Hope you enjoyed it!♥

  13. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 3, 2012 2:35pm UTC
    Chapter one
    James walked me home after saving my life. The whole incident was half planned and half not. I never really thought about the 'I can't swim' part since I really can't swim. I was completely and utterly drenched by the wet, stinky sea water. We soon came to my house. "So I'll catch you later, Annie?" James said with his dreamy smile on his face.
    "Yeaaaa," I replied almost drooling.
    I walked in the house, dad saw me, "What the heck happened to you, pet?" looking at me in shock.
    "Oh umm.. When I was on Jame's boat with his friends I fell off, but don't worry! I'm still alive, thankfully" I replied smiling.
    "I told you, you are only 14 and you should not be doing that sort of stuff, going out on a boat and all!" Said dad worried.
    "Don't worry about me dad, I'm fine I can take care of myself."
    I rushed upstairs, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and dried myself up.
    I wonder what I saw down there. It was that sea creature but I can't remember what you call it. It had a slimy, scaley snake/fish like tail, with fins, it was a peachy, orangey colour with some aqua, torqoisey scales. It was the most beautiful sea creature, I'd ever seen. I couldn't quite see the face. It was very misty and cloudy under where I was in the sea. It had lovely long long blonde hair, just like my mum's.
    My mum isn't alive. She died when I was 6. I will never forget that day when I came home from school on the bus, crying because I was being called names, all I needed at that moment was mum. I ran out from the bus in to the house and looked around for mum. She wasn't there. I called dad, he came home. We couldn't find her. We called the police and found out that when she was leaving work, she got in the car, drove on her way home and.. THUD.
    Scream. Cry. Silence. Death.
    She crashed her car in to a hedge after some teens stole a car and were driving it around the roads without a license, with out thinking, without a care, without a brain, without sense and drove in to my mum in her car.
    I won't forget that day.
    I can't wait to find out what that mysterious creature is.. Hopefully Jessie will know.
    Okay bed time!
    ♥Thanks so much if you read that. If you haven't read the Prologue you won't quite understand that first chpater so please read it (it is on my profile). Please give me feedback on the comments. If you would like reminders of when a new chapter comes out them please comment that on comments, THANKS. ♥

  14. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    June 2, 2012 1:31pm UTC
    I was desparate to get out, I really wished I did take that swimming lesson school offered me. I couldn't get up, I felt my body sinking lower and lower. I tried to kick my legs like I saw in movies. I wasn't strong enough. I panicked. An unusual pain was striking me, I was in desparation. My body began to shake. There. Right there. What was it? I couldn't see clear enough. An extremely large fish tail? It swam closer and closer and soon I saw a face. A beautiful, pure, acne free, fairy tale- like face. It was the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.
    Suddenly I felt a tug on my arm pulling out of the water on to boat.
    'Are you alright, Annie?' said James. I coughed and spluttered everywhere.
    'I thought it was a nightmare,' I said lying, looking deeply in his drop dead gorgeous eyes. 'Did you save me?'
    'Yea!' replied James with the most dreamy smile ever.
    I couldn't belive my plan worked. The drowning bit was bad though, I nearly killed myself. Just comes to show what us girls do for our true loves.
    But nevermind all that right now, I'm worried about what I saw down there. Looked sort of like a... Mermaid.
    ♥Thanks so much if you read that. I will probably continue the story (with chapter 1) depending on how many favourites I get. Thanks again, beautiful! ♥

  15. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2012 3:37pm UTC
    Please watch?
    Love you if you do:)

  16. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 29, 2012 1:24pm UTC
    When the sun is shining;
    I'm happy
    When it's raining
    I'm moody
    Just me?

  17. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 28, 2012 1:14pm UTC
    Go to www.wittyhelp.weebly
    For cursors, backgrounds, quote formats, fanart, profile counters, FAQs and fun surveys about the site!
    Brand new website! So addictive for Wittians!

  18. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 25, 2012 1:42pm UTC
    anyone else experienced....
    That lump in your throat feeling?

  19. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2012 5:01pm UTC
    *Preview Your Quote*.
    Oh look 1876 faves and 197 comments!
    *Submits Quote*
    Oh look 1 fave. Yay.

  20. Laura001 Laura001
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2012 4:03pm UTC
    Go to www.wittyhelp.weebly
    For cursors, backgrounds, quote formats, fanart, profile counters, FAQs and fun surveys about the site!
    Brand new website! So addictive for Wittians!


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