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Hello, my name is Kaytee.  I love to sing and write songs. I love to surf, ripstick, skateboard, and play basketball.. I have blonde hair, blueish-green eyes. i am 5"4'!!!!! (:
  1. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2011 2:02pm EDT
    test ur tounge
    *idk why its called that*
    find the 3 and get a kiss tomorrow
    *find the B DON'T skip ur wish won't come true
    Once you found the 'B' find the mistake
    Once you found the mistake Find the 1
    Once you found the 1. Find the 6
    once you found the 6 find the N (it's hard!!!)
    Once you found the N... find the Q
    find the i
    Now make 2 wishes!
    *~ they will come true~*
    Now as soon as you make ur 2 wishes repost this as "test ur tounge" ;)
    if u don't your wishes won'come true ;(
    You got 20 minutes! Hurry!!!!!!!

  2. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2011 8:48am EDT
    Guys: Put your hands around her waist firmly
    Girls: lay your head back on his shoulder and put your arms on his.
    Guys: whisper in her ear
    Girls: giggle
    Girls: whenever he tries to kiss you, don't just let him, kiss him back!
    Girls: When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold
    Guys: automatically move closer to her. (if your stupid then you'll either say "me too" or you'll give her your jacket... don't)
    Girls: During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder
    Guys: lift her chin up and kiss her
    Guys: When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too... and mean it!
    Girls: When you're both laying under the stars, put your head on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat
    Guys: whisper in her ear and link your hands with hers!
    Now make a wish about something you would like to happen between you and your crush
    now copy and repost this if you don't you'll have bad relationships for 69 years
    by 12pm tonight ur 1 true love will realize how
    much they want you

  3. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 18, 2011 9:48pm EDT
    Am I the only one who's schools consolers are perverted(:

  4. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 15, 2011 12:08am EDT
    Fav if you do this.
    Your laying in bed ready to fall asleep. You are planning out every little thing you are going to do
    the next day.
    *The next night*
    You relize you have forgotten to do everything.
    Just me?

  5. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 9, 2011 11:04am EDT
    RJ Berger<3

  6. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2011 1:44pm EDT
    He Explored My Body, Licked, Sucked, Swallowed! When Satisfied, He Left! Damn Mosquito

  7. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2011 1:28pm EDT
    If YOU follow me:) I will follow YOU(: I promise(:

  8. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 6:12pm EDT
    I'm a girl
    I push doors that clearly say PULL
    I laugh harder when I try to explain why I'm laughing.
    I walk into a room and [forget] why I was there
    I count on my fingers in math class
    I try to accomplish things with time still on the microwave
    I wish for Love every 11:11,
    [I][Lie][Sometimes] to hide the pain
    I say its a long story when it's really not
    I fall in love too hard too fast
    all I want is to kiss you in the rain
    but thats more than it seems...
    *not mine*

  9. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:43pm EDT
    When I grow up,
    I want a son first, then a daughter;
    So my son would beat up any boy that makes my little girl cry.♥
    not mine

  10. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:33pm EDT
    What is wrong with you?
    How dare you make fun of someone for something they can't control?
    She has acne. - Do you think she chose to have red spots all over her face?
    Her nose is big. - Who cares? Is she supposed to get plastic surgery? Hmm?
    She has crooked teeth. - I've never met someone who got braces just for fun.
    She wears glasses. - Do you think people like being half-blind? They don't.
    Her hair is frizzy. - Some people don't like frying their hair w/ a straightener.
    She's not a size 0. - Oh, I'm sorry that some of us aren't afraid to eat cookies.
    Imperfection is beautiful.
    not mine.

  11. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:31pm EDT
    do whores call their "private" parts "public" parts? :D
    *not mineee*
    not min

  12. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:29pm EDT
    click to see this quote

  13. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:26pm EDT
    there's a guy out there;
    that's going to be really happy you didn't get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend. //////// ♥
    ***not minee*

  14. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:24pm EDT
    No mom,
    It doesn't matter whether I go to bed at 9:00PM or 2:00AM.When I wake up tomorrow at 6AM,
    I'll be tired either way.
    *not mine*

  15. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:23pm EDT
    When you see a hot guy and you're just like
    oh hello.
    Not mine...

  16. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:22pm EDT
    & he whispered to her
    "the only way i could ever hurt you
    i s b y h o l d i n g y o u r h a n d t o o t i g h t . "
    Not mine*

  17. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 7, 2011 5:20pm EDT
    Just gunna stand
    there and steal my fries?
    Well thats alright because
    I love your massive thighs.♥
    *not mine*

  18. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2011 11:55pm EDT
    that epic moment
    when some kid gets dissed by a techer
    **Not my format**

  19. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2011 11:45pm EDT
    My friends boyfriend who she is madly in love with, just told me that he loves me and will miss me until tomorrow......i feel bad....becuase i love him too.

  20. Kaytee5968 Kaytee5968
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2011 12:03am EDT
    Those nights were you just feel like bundeling up into a ball and crying you heart out</3

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