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  1. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    February 9, 2013 1:43pm EST
    Call It A Curse,
    Or Just Call Me Blessed,
    If You Can't Handle My Worst,
    You Ain't Gettin' My Best

  2. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2013 11:18am EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 9
    Did I really just do that?
    Yup, I did. I turned around and walked fastly to the bathroom, running into the stall and standing there for a moment, taking deep breathes. Butterflies filled my stomach and I couldnt wipe a smile off my face.
    I had to face the fact that I had feelings for Niall. I knew I prmised myself I wouldn't but I cant help it. He is such a sweetheart. I took one last deep breathe and walked by to the stage and watched the rest of the boys set before I rushed on stage to switch the scenary around. When I was done I avoided the boys as I went back to the side of the stage and watched the rest of the boy's concert
    Soooo Sorry For The Wait! More chapters will be up soon! Sorry its short but I needed a little paragraph before I can write the next chapter... Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  3. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2013 12:35pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 8
    I took a deep breathe and lulled myself together, pushing those thoughts out of my head. I slowly made my way back to the dressing room. By time I got there I heard the usually screaming and laughing coming from the boys so I knocked on the door.
    "Its open!"
    I heard Harry yell. I opened the door and walked in.
    "Hey guys."
    I said They were all playing video games so they mummbled a quick hello before turning thier full attention back to the screen. I walked over and sat down in the chair that was placed on the couch next to Liam and sat down.
    "Hey Leah are you ecited for tonight?"
    Liam said to me, being the only one who cared I was here right now.
    "Yes, but Im not sitting in the crowd, I'm standing in the wings, the crew said I could help with stage setup in between sets so..."
    I said, shruging my sholders.
    "Why dont you want to sit in the crowd?
    Louis asked as the game ended.
    "Its my first concert with you guys and Id rather not get trampled by fans the first night."
    The boys all laugh but agreed with my reasoning. They truely did love their fans.
    "Alright boys we have to go get ready."
    Zayn said. The boys all stood up and Niall walked over to me.
    "You can come in you want so you dont have to wander around alone..."
    He said shyly, fixing his hat and slipping his hands into his pockets.
    "Id love to."
    I said sweetly, letting Niall help me up and lead me to the dressing room where I watched the boys do vocal exercises and get dressed. By time they were done it was time to start the show. I walked through the corridors with the boys and crew until we came to the side of the stage.
    "Are you sure you want to sit in the wings?"
    Niall asked.
    "Im sure."
    I said, smiling at him. He smiled back before turning away.
    I blurted out, causing him to turn back and walked towards me again.
    He said, adjusting his ear piece.
    "Good Luck."
    I said. And then I did something I shouldnt have done. I kissed his cheek before turning around and letting him go onstage to preform.
    Soooo SOrry For The Wait! More chapters will be up soon!

  4. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 19, 2013 8:39pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 7
    I woke up and noticed my mom wasn't in her bed. I rolled over, sat up, and stepped onto the floor. I looked over at the small coffee table and noticed that there was a note addressed to me.
    "Leah, Im at the stadium, heres $50 for breakfast and to get a cab ride down to the arena.
    Love, mom"
    I set the note down and walked over to the bathroom, curling my hair and putting on a nice outfit for the concert tonight. Once I finsihed my makeup i walked out of the bathroom and grabbed the money off the table before walking out the door. I made my way down to the small coffee shop located in the lobby of the hotel. I bought myself a small coffee before walking outside into the cool air. I stuck my fingers inside my mouth slightly, blowing to make the loud whistling sound which caused a taxi to stop in front of me. I walked over and climbed into the back seat and told the man where to bring me. The ride took about 10 minuites. I handed the man the money and stepped out of the cab. I ran through the crowd of fans, all of them asking questions, and finally reachedd the back entrence where the security guards let me in. I walked quietly through the halls until I finally reached the boy's dressing room where they were probably all hanging out. I heard my named metioned right as I was about to walk in so I took a step back and listened.
    "I don't know Liam, all I know is that she is absolutley amazing and beautiful and I can not get her out of my head. I tried to kiss her last night but she through up her gaurd like she was afraid..."
    I heard Niall said. My heart started to beat faster and faster. I took a few more steps back and wandered the hallways, giving them time to move onto another subject.
    "He did like me."
    I thought to myself.
    "Know I need to figure out how to gain his trust, or I can just leave him... Decisions decisions..."
    More chapters will be up soon!
    Leah's concert outfit:

  5. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2013 3:16pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 6
    Zayn pulled into the parking lot of the hotel we were staying out and we all walked through the door. The boys were on the first floor so I headed for the elevator alone, but Niall came to my side.
    "I'll walk you to your room, just to make sure you get there alright."
    He said, shutting thr elevator door.
    "You could have just texted me you know."
    I said, joking of course.
    "Im old fashioned I guess."
    He shrugged. I smiled at him and looked at the elevator door slowly open. We walked down the hallways in silence until I reached my room.
    I said, opening the door and standing in the hallway.
    "No problem."
    He said, looking back up at me with his gorgous eyes and sticking his hands in his pockets. He took a step forward to kiss my cheek but I took a step back, I couldn't let him like me, I had to push him away...
    "Ill see you tommorrow."
    I said. He seemed startled, but understood.
    "Goodnight Leah."
    He said, starting to walk away.
    "Goodnight Niall."
    I said, shutting the door quietly, I looked over at one of the beds and saw my mom was already sleeping. I went into the bathroom and showered quickly before hoping into bed. I went on twitter and saw that Harry had tweeted.
    "Had a nice time with Leah and the boys tonight! Can't wait to preform tommorrow. xx"
    I retweeted it and saw that all of the other boys had as well, even Niall. I hope he wasn't hurt, but I couldn't like him, not with my past expiriences. I just couldn't handle it...
    More chapters will be up soon!

  6. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 13, 2013 12:07pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 5
    "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!"
    Harry said, running off the course after Liam and Zayn drove passed him. Liam was in the lead and Harry and I were cheering him on!
    "Dont Crash!"
    Harry yelled as Liam drove by, laughing as he did so.
    'You're gonna jinx him!"
    I yelled over the sound of running engines. Just as I said so, we heard a loud bang and Niall and Louis cheering. I looked over and saw that Liam had spun out and was now backing away from the way, having some difficulty.
    I yelled looking up at him.
    He said, offering a slight smile. I sighed and turned my attention back towards the race. As the 2 boys both ended their final lap, Zayn crossed the finish line first.
    Louis and Niall cheered, running onto the track to congragulate Zayn. Liam walked over to Harry and I and handed Harry the helmet. Harry walked over to the go kart and sat down next to Louis who was in the other kart.
    "Its all Harry fault dont worry Liam."
    I said, loud enough for Harry to hear.
    "I can hear you!"
    Harry yelled, starting his engine. Liam and I laughed as we watch Zayn give them the go signal and they drove off. By the end of the race Harry had one by a landslide. Thank the lord to. He jumped out off the kart and ran over to Liam and I, throwing me over his sholders as if he had just one the world cup.
    "Harry put me down its my turn!"
    I laughed. Harry finally put me down and patted me on the back.
    "Good luck"
    He said as I walked over and sat down in the vehical. As you might have already guessed, the boys purposly put me up against Niall. I glanced over and saw him staring at me, but I kept my atention on Harry as he gave us the signal to go. I pressed the petal down all the way, zooming past Niall and around the many twist and turns of the course. I couldnt tell where Niall was because I only focused on what was in front of me, and not crashing. Once I entered my final lap I cautiously looked around and didn't see Niall, which ment he was probably right behind me. I pressed down on the gas harder, speeding me up and allowing me to cross the finsih line first. I took the helmet off of my head and jumped out of the go kart as Harry and Liam lifted my on their sholders.
    Harry yelled, throwing his free hand up the the air and showing the number 1 sign. I laughed as the put me down and Liam spun me around.
    "Liam I'm getting really dizzy."
    I said laughing. He set me down and I waited for my vision to clear up again before looking over at our appoinents. Zayn and Niall were shaking their heads while Harry and Louis were yelling at eachother.
    "I want a rematch!"
    Louis yelled at Harry.
    "No way! We won fair and square and Im sure Niall is starving!"
    Harry yelled back.
    "OKay lads thats enough."
    Liam said, breaking up the boys "Fight".They walked back over to me.
    "Well, know you got to know us"
    Niall said, wrapping his arm around me."
    I hope we didn't scare you too bad
    Louis said, draping his arm around me and walking me out the door along side Niall.
    "Not at all."
    I replied, laughing slightly.
    "Well this was just a small taste of what you're gonna have to deal with for the next year and a half, if not longer."
    Harry said.
    "Oh, Im so excited."
    I said sarcasticly. I heard Niall laugh quietly to himself before we all piled in the car. I reached over to strap myself in and Niall's hand covered mine.
    I mummbled, looking down at our hands, then looking back up
    "Its fine"
    He whispered back, looking into my eyes and waiting a moment. I slowly pulled my hand away and set it on my lap, drawing my attention to the window. I let my thoughts wander for the ride.
    "I think Niall likes me."
    I thought to myself, thinking of all the signals he'd given me today.
    "and even though I promised myself I wouldn't feel this way, I think I liked him as well."
    :D More chapters will be up soon!

  7. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2013 7:21pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 4
    "I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drule down their chinny chin chins. Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight, baby be mine tonight yeah!"
    Niall sand, coming to the front of the stage, looking me straight in the eyes.I blushed and looked down. He was pretty cute.... No Leah, dont think about that! He's famous, he'd break your heart. I looked back up at the stage, noticing that the boys had finished the last song in their set.
    "That was great boys."
    My mom said into the microphone that was located on the side of the stage where all of the stage equiptment was. The all ran down the stairs and up to me
    Harry said.
    I said, looking at all the boys.
    "What'd you think?!''
    Louis yelled. I paused a moment for dramatic affect.
    "You guys were awesome."
    I said, as smiles grew on their faces.
    "Wait until you see us tommorrow for the real thing!"
    Niall said, winking at me before grabbing my arm and leading me down one of the hallways.
    "We're stealing Leah for the evening!"
    Louis yelled to my mom as we ran passed her.
    "Where are we going?!"
    I yelled to Niall. He looked back and smiled.
    "you'll see."
    He said. I took a deep breathe and kept running down the hallway. We finally reached an exit and Zayn pushed the door open and ran over to a car. He got in the driver seat and all the boys piled in behind him.
    "Guys where are we going?"
    I said again, expecting an answer
    "Its a surprise!"
    Harry said, turning around in the passangers seat.
    "I barely know you guys! What if your bring me to some dark alley to kill me?!"
    I said, making the boys laugh, especially Niall.
    "Well I guess you'll find out."
    Louis said, smirking at me. I nodded my head and looked out the window, trying to figure out where the boys were taking me. After a few minuites of silence we pulled into a parking lot. I tried to look to see where we were, but Niall covered my eyes.
    "No peaking."
    He said, helping me out of the car and leading me through a doorway. I heard Liam talking to someone but before I could make out what they were saying, the conforsation stopped, and Niall pulled me through another door. I entered the room and smelt burnt rubber and gasoline, leaving me uterly confused.
    "Niall where the heck are we?"
    I asked. He laughed quietly before unter covering my eyes.
    "We're going go karting! And you're on a team with Harry and Liam!"
    Louis exclaimed. I looked around and saw the go karting course. I walked over to Harry and Liam as the took me into a huddle.
    "Okay Leah, Liam is going to go first, then me, and you'll be our finisher."
    Harry whispered. I nodded my head as Liam asked me
    "Have you ever been go karting before?"
    He asked. My mind flashed back to 7th grade, my dad had always taken me go karting back home, every Saturday. I flinched at the thought of my father.
    "I used to go all the time, you can say I'm an expert."
    I whispered, smiling. Liam and Harry smiled at me.
    Liam said, breaking up the huddle. Harry wrapped his arm around me.
    "Your very confident Leah, I like that. I can tell we're gonna be great friends."
    He smirked. I laughed before he let go of me and leaned on the rail next to me while we waited for the green light, signalling Liam and Zayn to start.
    More chapters will be up tommorrow! Comment your opinions of the story so far pleasee

  8. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2013 8:19pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 3
    The boys all showed me around and asked me a lot of questions like where are you from, how old are you, did you have a lot of friends back home, are you single, ect.
    They were all very talkative but I noticed that Niall wasn't talking much, and the others must have too.
    "Niall, cats got your tounge?"
    Louis joked, high fiving Harry.
    He slightly laughed, rubbing the back of his head unconforitably.
    "And thats the stadium."
    Liam said a few minutes later, once we ended up on stage.
    "want to watch our rehearsals?"
    Niall asked, walking over to me. I smiled, trying to make him relax a little bit.
    i said very politly, my mom always stressed on me about how important it was to have good manners.
    "Great, sit here!"
    He said, running off stage and pulling a chair up center stage in the front row. I sat down in the chair and waited for my mom to finish explaining the stage set to the boys before they started to sing and jump around. They had so much fun on stage and they really were talented. I know I promised myself that I was going to lay low while I lived with all of these people but, these boys ere certainly changing my mind. I mean, making some friends wasn't that bad of an idea... right?
    Sorry its short! More chapters will be up tommorrow! Comment your opinions of the stroy so far pleasee

  9. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2013 5:44pm EST
    Somewhere Behind The Athlete You've Become
    And The Hours Of Practice
    And The Coaches Who Have Pushed You
    Is A Little Girl Who Fell In Love With The Game And Never Looked Back...
    Play For Her

  10. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2013 5:22pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 2
    I woke up to my alarm around 8 and started to get ready. I hopped out of the hotel room and into the bathroom to straighten my hair. Once I was done I put on my usual makeup, which consisted of top eyeliner and mascara, before going back into the main part of the room to get dressed. I ended up wearing dark skinny jeans, a black, see through, button up, and my infinity ring. Once my mom and I were all set and ready we set off on our way.
    "I'm sure you'll love the boys."
    My mom said, getting all her work stuff organized as we waled through the door and into the arena, where the boys would preform the next day. We walked down a long series of hallways before we reached the stadium. I stepped through the doorwy and looked around the huge area. It was pretty cool that these boys preformed in front of thousands of fans. Then, my thoughts were interupted by yelling.
    "Louis! What are you doing?!"
    I heard a voice yell. I looked up at the stage and saw a boy running around and jumping up onto equiptment and beside him was another boy. I looked beside me, noticing my mom wasn't there, then looked forward. I saw her in front of me and ran to catch up to her.
    "Come on Lou we have to rehearse!"
    I heard another voice say, but my attention was draw away from the stage when I heard a voice address my mother.
    "Hello, you must be Jane and Leah. I'm Roger, I will be working with you."
    He said
    "Nice to meet you."
    My mom said as we both shook his hand.
    "Boys! Come meet our new addition to the team!"
    Roger yelled. I looked over at the stage and saw 5 boys run down the stairs and next to Roger.
    "Boys this is Jane, our new stage manager, and her daughter Leah, they will be coming on tour with us."
    He said, I looked at each one of the boys faces. They were pretty cute, but I wasn't going to let that get to me. I came here for my mom's work, not to find a boy.
    "Hi I'm Liam, nice to meet you."
    One of them said, stepping forward and sticking his hand out. He seemed to be the more mature one of the group. I stook my hand out.
    "You as well."
    I replied, shaking his hand. We held eachother's glance for a moment and he smiled, before another the rest stepped forward.
    "Im Louis."
    One said, who I recognized to be the boy who was running around earlier.
    "Im Harry."
    The curly haired one said.
    "I'm Zayn."
    Said the boy with the pretty eyes, and lastly, the blonde one came up and took my hand, looking quite nervous.
    "And I'm Niall."
    He said, holding my hand for a while, before finally letting go.
    "Well Leah, why don't you go off with the boys and they'll show you around and get to know you better."
    Roger said. I looked over as Liam came over to my side and lead me up the stairs and into a series of hallways.
    I thought to myself
    "Heres where we found out what these boys are truely like."
    I'll try to post more tonight...
    Leah's Outfit Meeting the Boys.

  11. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 9, 2013 9:04pm EST
    SOOOO Sorry I Didnt Post Another Chapter... ill try to post one tommorrow but no promises! love you all

  12. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 9, 2013 12:45pm EST
    Save you tonight
    Chapter 1
    "Leah sweetie we're here."
    My mom said shaking me awake. I opened my eyes and looked out the window to see our plane slowly desending into the beautiful city of London. My mom reached up and grabbed our carry ons, handing me mine before we waiting until our plane came to a hault. Once I stepped of the plane I threw on my jacket and walked to the luggage cart to find our luggage. Once we found our luggage we noticed a cab driver with "Jane" (my moms name) written on the sign.
    "You must be Jane and Leah."
    The man said as we nodded our heads.
    "Follow me."
    He said, leading us over to a small limo. We placed our luggage in the trunk and then my mom and i sat down in the back of the limo.
    "Isn't this great Leah?"
    My mom said, staring out the window and looking at the city.
    "Yeah, its great mom."
    I said, half paying attention, as I was looking at my twitter feed, seeing what the boys were tweeting.
    "Super excited to meet our new stage manager and her daughter tommorrow!"
    The one named Liam had tweeted. I locked my phone and looked out the window as my mom was doing, looking around and knowing we'd only be here for a few days before we left for the tour. By time we got to the hotel it was already dark, so while my mom checked us in I walked up to our suite and jumped in the shower, letting the warm body warm my body back up, before jumping into bed. I wasn't sure about how I felt about the boys of One Direction, but I guess I'd find out tommorrow.
    Chapter 1! sorry i havent been posting! I will post another chapter tonight!

  13. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2013 11:30am EST
    Save you tonight
    "Leah lets go! We're gonna miss our flight!"
    My mom yelled up the stairs. I couldn't believe it. I had to spend the next year and a half with One Direction, every girls dream, but certainly not mine. You see, my mom was a stage manager, one of the best actually. And when the manager of One Direction offered her a job to tour with them for thier world tour, and take all family (which was just me) she jumped at the chance.
    I said, grabbing the last of my bags and looking at my empty room. I sighed throwing on my snapback and grabbing my iphone before running down the stairs and into the cab that would bring us to the airport. Moving wasn't bad for me sense I didn't have much friends, everyone was too fake for me in this town. Once we arrvied at the airport, she had someone bring our bags to the luggage area and we bordered the plane. I slipped in my headphones and closed my eyes, prepairng myself for the 15 hour long flight to London, England.
    Well this is my new story! and I've decided to use polyvore to get you a better picture of the characters so heres what Leah looks like and what she wore on the plane: http://www.polyvore.com/leah_plane_outfit/set?id=68132610&lid=2178989

  14. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 9:29pm EST
    How Can I Love When I'm Afraid To Fall?
    But Watching You Stand Alone
    All Of My Doubts Suddenly Go Away Somehow...
    one step closer

  15. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 9:17pm EST
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow...
    Blue Birds Fly. Birds Fly Over The Rainbow,
    So Why, Oh Why, Can't I?

  16. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 9:07pm EST
    It Might Just Be Me But...
    I Wish I Was Carly Rose Sonenclar... She's Amazingly Talent, Beautiful, And Such A Sweetheart. She Is My Inspiration.
    ~Follow My Twitter If You Agree ;) @jaymay8~

  17. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 1:39pm EST
    Save you tonight
    So This WIll Be My New Story! Coming Soon:
    Leah's mom was a stage manager, one of the best actually. And when she is offered to become One Direction's stage manager for their world tour,offering a lot of money, she jumps at the chance, taking her only family with her, which happened to be her only daughter Leah. Leah was 16 and beautiful, the boys all loved her long blond hair, perfect body, tan skin, and great personality, but she didn't care. She wasn't 'boy crazy' like girls her age were, nor did she care about the boy band sensation One Direction. She was independent, not wanting anyone in her life in fear of them leaving like her father. But when the boys try to befriend her, she tries to stay away, but can't, they were fun to hangout with. They become good friends, but Leah still keeps her distance, but when Niall tries to break down her wall, to get closer to the girl he may love,she doesn't know what to do, should she forget her past and accept her feelings for Niall? Or run away from her feelings as she had already done many times.

  18. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 1:10pm EST
    Trust Me
    A 1D Fanfic
    Well as you probably could have guessed, Liam and I did end up getting engaged the following year. He proposed before we left to go on tour and we are planning to get married next summer, after the tour is over. These 5 boys have deffinetly changed my life, for the better of course, and its all because I decided to take a leap of faith and learn to trust
    Authors Note:
    Thank you so much to all of my readers! I will start a new story soon!

  19. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 1:06pm EST
    Trust Me
    A 1D Fanfic
    Chapter 26
    "wake up wake up! Its time to get up!"
    Louis screamed, waking the whole house. I started to get up, but Liam kept me from doing so.
    "Liam you need to go to the studio."
    I said, trying to pry his grip off of me.
    "But I wanna lay here all day with you."
    He whined
    "Fine, you can let your fans down."
    I said, putting my hands in the air. He imediatly let go and I stood up, turning around and giving him a smirk, before going to the bathroom to get ready. I ended up straightening my hair and putting on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top.
    "You look beautiful as always"
    Liam said, wrapping his arm around me.
    I said, as he kissed my cheek and lead me into the car. The drive way quiet but once we got there, we saw s swarm of fans, blocking the enterence.
    "Here we go."
    Harry sighed, as we all stepped out of the car. I felt Liam's grip tighten.
    "Liam, relax."
    I said, looking up at him.
    "You seem more nervous than I do!"
    I said again, waiting for him to answer.
    "I just don't want you to get hurt."
    He said, looking down at the ground. I squeezed his hand, causing to look baack at me.
    "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."
    He said, wrapping his arm around my waste and pulling me close, as he pulled me through the swarm of fans. Most of them had nice things to say about Liam and I, but others didn't. I could tell he heard them too because he kept trying to cover it up,
    "You look so beautiful today. I love you."
    He whispered in my ear, but I could still hear the rude remarks.
    "You're not good enough for Liam!"
    One said.
    "Yeah, your too ugly for him!"
    Said another.
    "He doesn't need some mentally unstable b*tch"
    Said another. I looked up at Liam, seeing his face grow red with anger. I looked back in front of me and saw we had reached the enterance. Liam pulled the door opened and slammed it shut. Walking down the hallway and into the studio, still keeping his grip on me.
    I said, as he pulled me down to the couch and set me on his lap. I waited for an answer that didn't come.
    I said again, turning around and looking at his face, still red with anger. He eventually looked up at me.
    "Did you notice that you're more bothered by this than I am?"
    I said, pressing my forhead to his and kissing him, trying to make him smile.
    "I just hate how they treat you. Why can't they just let us be happy?"
    He sighed, looking away from me.
    "Liam look at me."
    I said, drawing his attention back to me. I looked him straight in the eyes and honestly said.
    "It doesn't upset me anymore so don't even worry about it, just ignore it. I just think about how I'll always the boys and especially you to tell me that I'm not worthless, and that I'm different in a good way. So believe me when I say that I'm okay!"
    I said, waiting for a reply
    "Trust me on this one."
    I said, once he didn't reply.
    "Of course I trust you, I just want everone to see what I see."
    He whispered, pulling me back into his chest.
    "Well eveyrone doesn't have as good as a heart as you do Liam."
    I said, kissing once again before getting up.
    "Now you've got some songs to record!"
    I said, pulling him up. He pulled me back into him, kissing my forhead.
    "You're amazingly storng, you know that?"
    He said, letting go.
    "I do now."
    I said smiling up at him. He was the one, I could feel it. My one and only love, and the first person I was ever able to fully trust.
    "I love you Liam."
    I said as he opened the door to the recording room.
    "I love you too."
    He said, standind in the doorway.
    "Forever and always?"
    I asked, smiling at him.
    "Forever and always."
    He replied, running back over to kiss me quick, before going into the studio to record the rest of the new album.
    Authors Note:
    Thank you so much to all of my readers! I will start a new story soon! And I will be posting a prologe!

  20. Jaymay Jaymay
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 12:42pm EST
    Trust Me
    A 1D Fanfic
    Chapter 25
    After a while I finally pulled away. I looked up at Liam as he wiped the tears away from under my eyes. He pressed his forhead against mine and kissed my nose.
    I whispered.
    "Lets go down and visit the boys. I've missed them."
    "Me too Carls, me too."
    Liam said, taking ym hand and leading me down the stairs and into the theater room. As soon as we walked in the boys erupted into cheer.
    "Thank god you guys are okay!"
    Niall said, running up and hugging me.
    "I told you everything would be okay."
    Niall whispered in my ear, before pulling away and sitting back down on the couch. I followed Liam to our usual spot on the couch and sat down on his lap, feeling his muscular arms snake around my waist. I looked over at Louis who was smiling at me.
    "Thank you."
    I mouthed to him, as he nodded his head and smirked at me, before turning his attention back to the television screen.
    "I missed you."
    Liam whispered into my ear, kissing my neck as he did so.
    "I missed you too."
    I whispered back, turning around to kiss him, before falling back into his body and falling asleep.
    Authors Note:
    Only a few more chapters until this stories over ):

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