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Hi, my name's J a s m i n e .  =  ]
I just turned 16 on December 31.
I l o v e   r e a d i n g, but I s u c k   a t   w r i t i n g. :D
umm.... my favorite color is green.
and also, I just joined here, so i don't really know how to do anything fancy. Like, color background and all those things. i need advice on how to do those. i'm clueless. and i found this site through an author's profile on fanfiction. :D so yea. = ]

  1. JasmineDec31 JasmineDec31
    posted a quote
    February 6, 2011 2:48am UTC
    Thank you for f o r g e t t i n g to wish me " H a p p y
    B i r t h d a y " then a d d i n g me on S k y p e and a s k i n g me
    " H o w a r e y o u ? "
    - . -

  2. JasmineDec31 JasmineDec31
    posted a quote
    January 8, 2011 11:00am UTC
    I don't want to go back to s c h o o l...because if I do, I have to a c t like I'm h a p p y to see my
    " f r i e n d s " again...

  3. JasmineDec31 JasmineDec31
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2011 10:30am UTC
    I thought f r i e n d s were there so you could l e a n o n t h e m and t e l l t h e m a n y t h i n g, not there to make you be c a r e f u l of what you say, in case they go t e l l e v e r y o n e . . .

  4. JasmineDec31 JasmineDec31
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2011 6:31am UTC
    Why do people call themselves A F R I E N D if they don't mean it?
    It'll only hurt other people who thinks it's true.

  5. JasmineDec31 JasmineDec31
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2011 5:12am UTC
    I just l o v e my 'friends'....
    They think of me every time they need work from someone,
    They turn to me when exam is close,
    They talk to me when their friends aren't here,
    They forget me when they're out with others,
    They don't wish me a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year,
    They didn't wish me a Happy Birthday on my birthday.
    Aren't they just perfect?
    But I still help them with work, exams, talk with them, wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and wake up at midnight just to send a Happy Birthday message.


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