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satakochan happy witty anniversary! · 1 decade ago
i agree with wonderfullove and that one girl. I dont think i can ask something i dont belive in for help.

ThatOneGirl_brokenhearted · 1 decade ago
I'm an atheist and I protest to keep religion separate form Witty. I'm not hating I'm just saying that there are a lot of non-religious people that don't like being "recruited" to religion. No offense, I'm sure your beliefs have values to you, but could you please just keep them to yourself? And @WonderfulLove, me too darlin, me too.

akp1015 · 1 decade ago
I love this!! I hope it gets to the top quotes so more people will see it. :)

WonderfulLove · 1 decade ago
I liked this quote until you started talking about God... :L

collapse* · 1 decade ago
lmao :D ive considered


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