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JameyNacole · 7 years ago
The days when he loved me.... before he broke my heart :/

JameyNacole · 8 years ago
i put it on here cuz i wanted too. and thank you very much samantha :) you should follow me if you arent already

SamanthaDarling · 8 years ago
I thought my Beta was dying too... They are really lazy, and they don't swim much. They also don't eat very much. Try getting some stuff from the pet store that is like a relaxer for the water. She might be stressed. It also helps put like a slime on her that she may lose when she gets stressed. Also try totally changing her water. If she doesn't already, try getting a little plastic plant thing, it gives them something to sleep in/on and swim around. hope it helps love:) and hope the fishy starts feeling better

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