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Hey my name is Casey! whats up pplz? I like to write poetry, so if you see any on here tell me what you think! Thanx my s/n is xTornUpxxChucksx Much
  1. IxNeedxHim IxNeedxHim
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2005 5:45pm EDT
    May I please have my <3 back?

  2. IxNeedxHim IxNeedxHim
    posted a quote
    April 11, 2005 8:04am EDT
    I love you . . . you don't love me . . .
    Thatís the truth . . .
    And it decays my soul
    Although you cant see
    You penetrate my youth
    My heart is flaccid
    I poured it out for you
    Did you even get a glimpse of it?
    Even though its mostly gone and there is no use
    I'm going to pour whats left, just to try and rid my invisibility
    My vacillating body carries on each day
    Are those butterflies in my stomach, or just imps?
    I dont care . . . I still have some faith . . .
    I feel as if I'm sitting in a corner
    Waiting for the answer
    And at the same time I know it wont come . . .
    Theres someone else
    And I despise her
    You're my world
    And your in her hands
    Under one circumstance . . . love . . . no demands . . .
    Your smile lingers within the walls of my shattered mind . . .
    I'll always remember it . . . you . . . until the end of time . . .

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