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Kelseykitty* · 7 years ago
aww thats sad. I met a guy on a cruise a week ago and we made out in a hot tub and like totally fell in love... but he hasn't talked to me since.

The Chosen One* · 8 years ago
Ok hey im guessing your a guy :P
Ok show a girl you like her..
Flirt ... talk to her compliment her
Make her feel special! Need to tlk bout anything im here
chat soon x
If your a girl idk if yu r
But if yu r then tlk to him
Make him laugh rub against him slightly

sierra17 · 8 years ago
Ooh la la ;) wellllll maybe you should say "Hey I really like you and I was wondering if you'd like to go to the homecoming dance with me" Make sure you're alone...but not like creepy alone, like in a closet..cuz that'd be scary! hahahaha well yeah.. and if he accepts, then great! but if he declines DONT EVER BEG! because that would be suppperrr embarrassing. if he says no then just say, "Ok, thank you anyway. I hope you have a great time at the dance." make sure he doesn't see you sad...because either 1. he'll feel bad and say yes out of pity, or 2. he'll feel like he "won" ik it sounds weird but trust me, it happens...good luck girlyyyy :)

Lost Dreamer* · 8 years ago
doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone-

MissyLizzie · 8 years ago
-Stands a little bit taller-

0xandie0x · 8 years ago
thats one more than i have with him :/

accountdeactivated* · 8 years ago
lol I would be like "I'm so bored... so what up my homie?"
you probably don't want to say my homie though XD,
but just act like you have nothing else to do so you just figured he had news.

_lifeisamazing · 8 years ago
Ahaha its really sad but what I do is text him like omgg I know right ?! then be like oh snaap ment to text my cousins or whoever. ahah like i said its sad but he answers...

alexismybabyboy · 8 years ago
Ask him if he wants to play the Question game you just ask eachother questions back & forth or play the 3 things game ...He says 3 things about him self then you say 3 things about your self , hope it helps (:

alexismybabyboy · 8 years ago
Hey (name) , whatcha up to ?

Jersey_Girl · 8 years ago
heyyyyy (name) (:

jesusismylovexox · 8 years ago
text him
"so penises are fun right?"

of_mice_and_lucifer* · 8 years ago


xomakaykayxo · 8 years ago
Mean Girls

rawr_ima_kitty · 8 years ago
sorta happened to me also

SoccerGirl1016 · 8 years ago
I agree(:

RemainsOfTheB · 8 years ago
just give him your number tomorrow, say "here, since you asked for it" or something aha (:

xoavaxo · 8 years ago
hunger games or R.V. definately.

Thebestpersonever · 8 years ago
mean girls, john tucker must die, what a girl wants, and just about any disney movie

lozza821 · 8 years ago
He is actually veryyyyyy good lookin. :D


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