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  1. Hes_my_escape24 Hes_my_escape24
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 3:13am EDT
    Standing in line to sign in for class I turn around to look at the door. My heart begins to race. I see the most amazing guy I have ever seen in my life. I sit in the back row and watch as him and his best friend sit one seat away from me. My heart races faster and i can hear it pound at my chest. I turn away. “Like he would ever notice me” i say to myself. A small tap on the shoulder. My heart drops. I turn in my chair and to my surprise…it was him. “You look familiar”. He tells me his name and I tell him mine, we both smile and turn back to our friends. I think “why didn’t I say something else, I ruined it, I'm so stupid.” Well here I am two years later still in love with the boy from class and here I am in disbelief as that boy from class kisses my lips and with that familiar smile he speaks "I love you, I've always loved you." Who knew that the man i thought i ruined my chances with would be the man who made my life complete. MAM♥ 10-24-08 ♥ KRED

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