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My Name's Rosaria Erin Lawrence.
You can call me Ro.
I'm a June baby, the fifteenth of '95 to be exact
I'm going to go to college to become a doctor once I graduate.
I want to help people, make them live long happy lives.
I'd create a cure for heartbreak if I could,
since that seems to be the most widespread "disease" around.
I've fallen in love once, what a joke.
You think you know someone and can trust them,
and they go and stab you in the back multiple times.
Never again, though. Once is enough.
I'm a pretty good listener if you need that sort of thing,
but the ugly truth is:
You're the only one who can truly help yourself,
pick yourself up off the ground,
and the only one who can move on.
No one can do that for you, they can only help you through it.
So be happy, have fun, and stay strong. <3


  1. ForeverYours1119 ForeverYours1119
    posted a quote
    November 9, 2011 10:59pm UTC
    Just Face It:
    When he said goodbye,
    he meant forever.


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