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Hey, my name is Jessica and I'm a writer on witty. I get bored and distracted easily... Unlike a lot of people, I like Twilight, I think Harry Potter is boring (I quit after the first 4 books), and Hunger Games is okay. Now . . . yeah, please don't rant, this is my opinion!!! Umm, instead of One Direction, I like Big Bang (which is also a 5 member boy band but Korean) I feel like pumpkin pie right now. . . My favorite series is Warriors (I like cats) and I also love anime!! Shugo Chara, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Naruto are my favorites. I am a fashionista and love dressing up, but all I wear is sweatpants at home :P Currently want to try out for volleyball team. . . Please read my latest story and leave feedback! Okay, enough about me. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment box. Thanks ! :)
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    January 6, 2013 5:53pm UTC
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  2. Fluff Fluff
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    January 3, 2013 6:06pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 7
    As soon as I got home, I dashed to get to my closet with the secret stash of cigarettes and alcohol. I haven't had a cigarette for a while and on top of the Ethan taking me to the winter formal thing that I felt like I needed a smoke to calm myself down. It was then I remembered they had all been destroyed and thrown out. My whole stash was gotten rid of. This made me furious all over again. Right now, I needed them. I needed to feel the burning, tingling sensation of beer running down my throat. I needed to inhale that smoke, tar, and nicotine. One side of me asked what had I been thinking, trying to get rid of these old habits that had stuck to me like glue? Why wouldn't I just give up trying to change my ways? Another side asked what had I been thinking, taking that first but biggest step towards this messed up life? Why had I even started doing this bullsh/t? A beep from my phone, indicating a new text message, interrupted my thoughts.
    "Day 2 isn't over yet. Stay strong. I'll be coming over a bit later tonight. See you soon!" -Charlie.
    Stay strong, the text read. It was almost as if he was watching me, like a guardian angel. That was just what I needed to hear right now. I sighed with happiness. I was so glad that I had someone like Charlie in my life. Then, with that over with, I started on my homework. There was a lot to make up for the days I'd neglected and ignored it. School was becoming increasingly easier these past two days. I was sure it was because I hadn't drank alcohol or smoked. I didn't know what to think, except for the feeling that it was a good thing.
    I felt better about myself. I felt my life improving. I felt, well, proud of myself.
    By the time Charlie was here, Mom was already at home cooking dinner.
    When I heard the doorbell ring, I rushed to get the door, but my mom beat me to it.
    "Charlie! I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been? Come in, come in,"
    Mom gushed, happy to have a guest here.
    Charlie flashed one of his perfect, innocent smiles at my mom. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Robertson. Maybel needed some help with her schoolwork, so I came to tutor her. Is that alright?" he asked, utterly polite and well-mannered.
    "What a nice boy. Of course you can. And you should definitely join us for dinner. There's enough food for everyone." My mother beamed with joy.
    I walked down the rest of the stairs to greet Charlie. "You really didn't have to, you know," I said.
    "Oh, that's okay. I don't mind," he replied.
    After a quite awkward dinner with the three of us, Charlie and I headed upstairs to my bedroom.
    While walking, he swooped down to my height and whispered,
    "You know that tutoring thing was just an excuse, right?"
    I smiled knowingly. It pleased me to know that he made excuses just to see me.
    Once we were in my room, door shut, Charlie asked me a terrifying question.
    It may not sound very terrifying to you, but it was to me.
    "So, Maybel, I was wondering if you would go to the winter formal with me?"

  3. Fluff Fluff
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 3:43pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 6
    I woke up the next morning in my own bed. Charlie must have put me there before he left, I figured. That was sweet of him. I found a little note on my bed that wasn't there before.
    It read, "Congratulations on making it through Day 1. Six days to go! -Charlie."
    I smiled at that and got ready for school.
    Although I still had side effects and withdrawal symptoms, it wasn't as bad as yesterday, probably because I got a good night's sleep last night.
    As soon as I stepped into the school, I saw a bunch of winter formal posters along the walls and bulletins. I had totally forgotten about it even though it was coming up soon. There were six days leading up to the winter formal to be exact. I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to go or not, but I still had some time to make my final decision.
    "Hey! You made it to school today," Charlie called to me, approaching my locker.
    "Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. Thanks for coming over yesterday!"
    We talked to each other until it was time for school to start. After Charlie left, I noticed that I haven't been talking to the popular kids lately for some reason. Maybe I can hangout with them later some time.
    I headed off to math class, my first period of the day. Oddly, I found Ethan, the guy who invited me to his party a couple weeks before, sitting in my assigned seat. I was confused.
    "Uhh, hey Ethan. What are you doing here?" I asked him curiously.
    He shrugged. "Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to ask you something.
    Maybel, will you go to the winter formal with me?"
    Now I wished I hadn't said anything. I was totally caught offguard and had no idea what to reply with. There were a lot of people around us anticipating my answer.
    The pressure was on me.
    "Yeah, sure Ethan. I'll go with you," I chirped nervously, without thinking it through.
    He smiled back at me. "Alright, cool."
    With that said, he left to go back to his seat since class was starting already. Immediately, I regretted my decision. Although Ethan was nice enough, I felt like something was out of place. But then the winter formal would only be for a few hours, I reassured myself.
    What's the worst that could happen?

  4. Fluff Fluff
    posted a quote
    December 30, 2012 5:58pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 5
    Today was Day 1 of the bet and I had the worst withdrawal symptoms ever. I didn't know how I could last even one day, let alone a whole week. When I looked into the mirror this morning, my hair was messy tangle of fishing nets. There were deep purple bags under my eyes and my skin was as pale as Bella Swan's skin from Twilight. I realized that I was shaking, and I didn't know how to stop it. Was this what they called tremors? I went downstairs and saw my mom watching TV on the couch.
    "Mom," I whined, "can I please stay home from school today? I feel sick and terrible."
    She turned to me and stared at my body in horror.
    "Maybel, honey! What happened to you? Do you want me to take you to the doctor?"
    my mom asked urgently.
    I immediately shook my head no. If that happened, the doctors would know I've been drinking and smoking, so then I'd be in big touble.
    "No thanks. I just want to rest at home today. It'll make me feel a lot better," I said.
    "That's fine. Well, I hate to leave you home alone when you're sick, but I have to go to work soon. I'll prepare some food for you."
    That relieved me. I could just relax for the day, away from all the stress at school. With that being said, I went back upstairs to get a few more hours of sleep. I closed the curtains so that absolutely no sunlight would peek in, then buried myself underneath my warm blankets.
    It was around noon when I heard my cell phone ring. It was probably my mom, considering all my friends were supposed to be at school right now.
    I looked at my caller ID; it was Charlie.
    "Maybel!! I'm in front of your door right now. Come down here and open it. I've been waiting for 15 minutes already!" Charlie yelled at me through my phone.
    "Okay, okay. I'm coming, just give me a sec."
    I wasn't exactly presentable right now, but I only had enough time to run a brush
    through my tangled brown hair.
    "So, Charlie, what brings you here?" I asked as he walked inside.
    He shrugged. "When I didn't see you at school, I guessed that you'd be at home.
    Sure enough, here you are. And Maybel, by the way... you look amazing today."
    I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh shut up. I know, I look like a beast."
    "No, really. You look beautiful like that. No makeup, no slutty clothes. It's nice."
    I was caught dumbfounded. No one had ever compliemented me like that, especially when I was wearing an oversized hoody and flannel pajama pants. I didn't know how to respond.
    "Well, anyway, I brought over some movies we could watch together, if you want. It must be pretty boring stuck here at home by yourself," Charlie suggested.
    I smiled at him. "I'd really like that, thanks! So what movies did you bring?"
    We ended up watching a bunch of the old Disney movies until I could watch no more.
    I eventually fell asleep next to him. Sleeping in Charlie's arms was really comfy.

  5. Fluff Fluff
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    December 28, 2012 5:57pm UTC
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  6. Fluff Fluff
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    December 27, 2012 10:03pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 3
    Before I realized what was happening, I was a smoker and an alcoholic. After that party at Ethan's, I became addicted to smoking. Not to mention I was drinking two beer bottles nowadays. My head throbs perpetually and I barely get any sleep. But I guess... I guess it was worth it. Well, I could always sleep during school. School didn't matter to me anymore. I looked over at the clock, wondering what time it was. It was half past eight.... Half past eight?! I started worrying, until I realized that I really didn't care anymore. I was going to take my time getting to school.
    Turns out, I missed my first three periods, but whatever.
    "Maybel, Maybel!" someone shouted, running towards me. It was Charlie.
    We used to be pretty close, but recently we've become distant friends. I wonder what happened?
    "Maybel, where were you?! You've been missing school lately.
    I almost thought you wouldn't be coming today at all," Charlie said.
    I sighed. This was typical of him since he was always the one to be worrying about me.
    "Calm down, Charlie. I'm fine, just slept in a little bit today. You really don't have to worry about me.
    I mean, it's only three periods, right?" I reassured him.
    He frowned and furrowed his eyebrows. "No, it's not okay. Hate to lecture, but getting an education is important. You can't keep on doing this. And.. wait... is that alcohol and s-smoke I smell?!"
    My relaxed expression went to a frozen face. How could I forget to rinse my mouth? Oh no, if Charlie found out... But I had no way to explain myself to him.
    I looked down at my feet to avoid meeting his stunned expression.
    "Maybel... I never ever thought you'd fall into doing this. You need to stop smoking and you need to stop drinking. Don't you care about your health at all? You can die from this you know! Do you hear me, Maybel?" Charlie stared intensly at me, capturing my terrified gaze.
    "Shut up! Stop tormenting me! I- I have to get to class now." I hugged my books to my chest and ran off, leaving him standing there in the middle of the hallway.
    Although I tried not to let that petty speech get to me, it was stuck in my mind.
    "You can't keep on doing this."
    "Don't you care about your health at all? You can die from this you know!"
    Charlie's words kept on replaying over and over again in my head. I wasn't even paying the least bit of attention to the teacher; there were too many things on my mind.
    Suddenly, my phone vibrated in my pocket, signfying that I got a text message.
    I stealthily crept my phone out to avoid being seen by the teacher.
    It read, I'm coming over to your house after school! -Charlie.

  7. Fluff Fluff
    posted a quote
    December 26, 2012 7:14pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 2
    After detention, I chugged down my daily bottle of beer. It helped relax me after the torture of detention. Then, I started getting ready for the party tonight. Believe it or not, this was going to be my first high school party. Since I started drinking, even though it was in secret, I was fitting in more and more with the party kids. I guess this is what alcohol does to me? Whatever, I kind of liked it. Life was more fun this way. I straightened my long brown hair and applied eyeshadow and mascara to my icy blue eyes. I put on a strapless, ruffled, black dress and a pair of sparkly heels. Then tons of jewelry. Finally, I was ready. I sexily winked at myself in the mirror. Now all that's left to do is to wait. Soon enough, around midnight, I heard a car pull into my driveway. I smiled, Ethan was here. I took off my heels to avoid being heard and snuck out of my backdoor. Perfect.
    My parents were still sound asleep.
    "Hey babe," Ethan said to me. I smirked back at him. It'll be a fun night. Although I felt a bit guilty about this, it couldn't hurt, right? We arrived at his house a few minutes later.
    Wow. The place was totally amazing, as expected of Ethan. Before I even walked in, there was music blasting everywhere, too loud to hear above. It's a wonder that the police aren't here by now.
    I looked around the already trashed house. There were some broken bottles littering the carpet flooring. The smell of alcohol permeated the room. I actually found it really nice and refreshing. I vaugely recognized some people in the room. Maybe I could get to know them a bit better at this party. They were my type of people. I could definitely befriend some of the party people.
    "Ayeee..... Do ya wanna cigarette?" a guy asked me. He was obviously drunk, but then, who wasn't?
    Although I'd never smoked before, I could give it a shot. I mean, couldn't hurt, right? I shrugged and reached for his cigarette pack and lighter. "Yeah, sure, why not?"
    Inhaling the fumes, I could feel myself getting higher and higher. If this is what smoking was like... Why didn't I try it sooner? I took a few more smokes, loving the new sensation I was getting from it.
    "Ya likin' thosee cigarettes Mayybell?" Ethan slurred drunkily. I nodded at him, smiling. "Weell, if ya think dats goood, then wait n'til ya try thiss. We're doin' weed right noww. You should reeallyy join us. Yeahh... it feels sooo good." Ethan collapsed onto the couch in front of him and started snoring loudly. Something better than cigarettes... maybe I should try it? I walked over to where they were doing weed. They were passing around the marijuana joints. I took one and smoked pot. It felt so good, just like Ethan said. It was like.. floating on top of a cloud.
    And that's how I got addicted to smoking.

  8. Fluff Fluff
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    December 25, 2012 1:29pm UTC
    Not your perfect girl
    Chapter 1
    I remember when I was little, how I was always curious about what wine tasted like. My dad would let me have a small sip every so often. Now? I'm 16 years old in sophomore year. I have a secret stash of alcohol among my clothes in my closet. I would gulp down one bottle each and every afternoon, either after school or before bed. Then, of course, I would rinse my mouth with mouthwash to avoid being caught. No wonder my breath always smells minty. Today was a Monday and I had to go to school soon. I sighed. School sucks.
    It was like a prison cell, and who even ever bothers to learn?
    As the teacher, Mr. Jonhson, was droning on and on about some random historical event, I felt myself getting drowsy. I couldn't fall asleep last night, nor the previous night. It must be the stupid alcohol, I told myself. But if alcohol only caused sleeping problems, I could deal with that, right? Gently, I rested my head upon the desk in front of me. Ah, that felt nice. Since school isn't that important, I guess I could take some that time to nap. Yeah, school doesn't really matter, I reasurred myself. I closed my eyes and drifted off for what seemed like hours.
    "Maybel!" the teacher yelled sharply, "Class is over. You've been sleeping this whole time."
    My head turned to the clock. My nap had been half and hour. Oh no.
    "I'm so sorry Mr. Johnson! I promise I ever won't do it again." Though, that was obviously a big fat lie. I went and gathered my stuff to leave to my next class.
    He frowned. "Not so fast, Maybel. Don't think you can get off scott-free. I'm giving you detention, two hours after school today. Maybe that will teach you not to sleep in class."
    Mr. Johnson handed me a detention slip.
    I sighed, not again. Well, it's not too bad. Two hours after school? I could probably use that time to take a longer nap. Having alcohol is totally worth it. The rest of the day passed by in a hazy blur.
    I was half-asleep during that time. Finally, it was time for detention.
    I took my seat in the very back, next to some of the rebellious kids, the troublemakers. Not that I minded, they were pretty cool. Some of the troublemakers were popular. I talk to them sometimes.
    "Hey Maybel," a rebel named Ethan whispered, "wanna go to a party tonight? It's at my place and it's going to be awesome. My parents are gonna be out. I could give you a ride."
    Ethan smirked at me, waiting for my answer.
    I weighed my options. It was a school night, so I would be extremely tired the next day. But there would be beer. I like beer. I haven't been to a party since school started, and Ethan had a reputation of throwing the best high school parties ever... It would be impossibly easy to sneak out of the house since my parents go to sleep really early.
    "Yeah, Ethan. I'll definitely come."

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    October 21, 2012 5:24pm UTC
    If you're not following Steve,
    you're not a true wittian.

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    October 3, 2012 6:15pm UTC
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    October 1, 2012 10:08pm UTC
    Interviewer: So who is your celebrity crush?
    Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber...
    Interviewer: ...

  12. Fluff Fluff
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    September 26, 2012 2:38pm UTC
    A New Kind of Love
    Chapter 3
    (Hunter's POV)
    A date. He wanted a date. What did I get myself into?! I decided to speak logically, so that Evan wouldn't be hurt as much.
    "You know I have a girlfriend," I said, referring to Breanna.
    He was prepared for that. "As friends. Only as friends."
    "No, Evan," I grumbled. I was beginning to have my doubts now.. Evan put on the classic puppy dog face, but unlike most people, he could actually do it right. With his messy brown hair and dimming blue eyes, I was weakening.
    "It's just that I've never been on a date alone with a guy before. And this probably hasn't occured to you, but you could be bisexual," Evan said thoughtfully.
    I gulped. It was true that I was attracted to girls, but what about the thoughts going on through my head when Evan first walked into the classroom? Did that mean I was bisexual? I hope not.
    "One date, that's all," I permitted myself to say.
    He grinned, his eyes sparkling again. "Friday night then, after school."
    Right. I hope I didn't have any plans for Friday. Today was Thursday, which meant that would be tomorrow.
    The rest of school felt longer than it actually was, but it was finally time to go home. Breanna came over to my house today with me. We were on the sofa and the TV was on, but we were mostly talking.
    "Hunter," she chirped happily, "So what happened with Evan today?"
    I groaned. "Not good. He demanded a date with me."
    Breanna's eyes got big with surprise and fear. "Don't worry, he said it was only as friends."
    She scrunched up her face. "I'm still worried. I mean, this is a gay guy we're talking about. When is it? Hopefully not this Friday, we were going to see a movie, remember?"
    "Oh, shoot. I totally forgot about that." Not good. Not good. Curse Evan and his ridiculous demands. He was getting between me and Breanna.
    "You seriously forgot about our date? For a guy?" she pouted. Breanna scowled in disbelief and anger. "Well fine, go ahead and date Evan for all I care. I'm leaving, see you tomorrow at school."
    The door closed behind me with a soft click. Why do things like this have to happened to me?!
    And mostly, what was I supposed to do about it?

  13. Fluff Fluff
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    September 24, 2012 6:38pm UTC
    A New Kind of Love
    Chapter 2
    (Hunter's POV)
    One by one, the students fell silent as they noticed that's what the rest of the people were doing, wondering what was going on. The teachers were even tuned in on it.
    Evan's face was bright red to his ears, but his expression didn't show it.
    "You're what?!" Christina shrieked. I sucked in a deep breath.
    No, Evan can't be gay. This has gotta be a joke.
    Evan tried to remain calm, but beads of sweat started to pop out on his forehead. "You heard me."
    I finally decided to say something.
    "Dude, think about what you're saying. You definetly don't look gay," I said.
    I heard some scuffling of feet as people tried to get closer to hear us better. This kind of thing certainly didn't happen everyday.
    Evan glowered at me. "Does homosexuality have to have a look?"
    I don't know how this happened, but the lunchroom got even quieter than it already was. The room was so extraordinarily silent that you could hear a pin drop from across the room. It seemed like everyone was holding their breaths, waiting, just waiting.
    "Well, anyway, f*ck this." Without even bothering to get his lunchbox, Evan left the room.
    Hearing the sound of his footsteps echoing throughout the lunchroom, I knew I had to do something. But I didn't know where he would go. To an empty classroom? To the library? I decided to test my luck and check the library first, because that's where I'd go if I was in the same situation.
    I got up, reaching a final decision.
    "Hunter, where do you think you're going?" asked Breanna. Oh, geez. I totally forgot about her.
    "I'm going to go check on Evan," I told Breanna.
    She just nodded. "Alright. But make sure not to upset him even more," my girlfriend warned.
    "Don't worry, I won't. Thanks." I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and left.
    Sure enough, Evan was in the library curled up on a red beanbag chair.
    He had his nose buried the a book, but not really reading it.
    "Hey, Evan," I managed out weakly, my voice cracking a little.
    He lifted his eyes a little, then realized it was me. Then, he gave me such a cold look that his pain practically pierced though my skin.
    I walked over to him, little by little, step by step, and dropped down to the beanbag chair next to him. "Look, please hear me out. I'm sorry. So sorry. I wanted to let you know that homosexuality isn't a crime and I have nothing against it. I'm not judging you for being gay."
    This managed to get Evan to smile. "Thanks."
    I was feeling more confident now. "So what can I do for you to forgive me?"
    Evan looked thoughtful for a minute. Then, an idea lit up his eyes like Christmas lights; his eyes were beautiful. "Make it up to me," he simply stated.
    "Make it up to you? How?" I asked.
    Evan's aroma of cologne wafted over me as he leaned in just a bit.
    "Hunter, I want you to take me out on a date."

  14. Fluff Fluff
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 2:37pm UTC
    A New Kind of Love
    Chapter 1
    Author's Note: Yes, this is is going to be BOYXBOY/BOYXGIRL. I wanted to try something new, different, and original. If you don't like reading about this kind of stuff, I suggest you stop reading now.
    (Hunter's POV)
    A new guy walked into the classroom. Even though I'm straight, I could tell he was good looking. The new student had thick, brown hair and messy bangs, sticking in different directions. His eyes scanned the room until the pair of bright blue eyes hit me. And smiled. I swallowed and lowered my eyes.
    My girlfriend, Breanne, nudged me. "So what do you think of him?"
    "He looks alright," I shrugged. More like an angel. Wait, what am I thinking?
    My eyes flickered back up to him when he started speaking.
    "Hi my name's Evan. I'm from New York," the guy announced.
    Evan had a sweet, melodic voice. He could be a singer.
    All the girls looked at him expectantly, but the only open seat was on my left, so Even sat there.
    Of course, being the perfect person he is, smelled like cologne.
    And not the cheap, weird kind, but the kind you could smell all day and not get tired of it.
    He smiled at me again. I couldn't help but smile back this time.
    I paid attention to the teacher for the rest of the class, which is something I rarely do, but only because I was starting to sound like a homosexual.
    Ding, ding, ding. The bell suddenly rung. Phew, I'm glad that was over.
    I hurried out of the room to lunch, Breanne right behind me.
    We sat down at our usual lunch table, a few of my friends already there.
    I couldn't help but noticing Evan was standing around, hanging there, looking confused as to where to sit for lunch.
    Apparently, my girlfriend noticed that too. "Do you think we should ask him to sit with us?"
    "Nah, Evan will find a table on his own. I don't even know if he'll want to sit with us," I replied.
    Well, I guess I spoke too soon. Evan was walking towards us, his eyes focused on me.
    "Hey, can I sit with you guys?" he addressed to the whole table of ten.
    We shrugged, but nodded. Evan took the seat across from me.
    Breanne, the outgoing one, introduced us. "Hi, I'm Breanne. You can call me Bree, or Anne, or just Breanne. This is Hunter."
    "I can introduce myself, you know," I grumbled under my breath. Evan chuckled.
    "Hi guys, I'm Evan, but you probably already know that," he smirked.
    A girl, whom I recognize from our previous class together with Evan, approached us. Her name was Christina, a perky blonde. She walked around the table to where Evan was eating.
    "Hey, will you go out with me?" Christina asked.
    It seemed like half the lunchroom quieted down, anticipating his answer.
    "Sorry, I'm gay."

  15. Fluff Fluff
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2012 5:12pm UTC
    saw this on a shirt :P
    Go to Hell for Heavan's sake. t

  16. Fluff Fluff
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    August 3, 2012 9:45pm UTC
    what animals must think of us humans
    Cat: Ew. It's hairless.
    Dog: Wth? Why are they standing on their hind legs?
    Rabbit: What's with the colorful skin??
    Fish: omgomg how do they breathe?!

  17. Fluff Fluff
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    July 31, 2012 4:10pm UTC
    James Brass?
    Witty crash of 2011?
    when there were so many witty famous people?
    when witty turned pink for breast cancer?
    when witty turned purple for bullying?
    before notifications?
    before One Direction?
    when there was the vent category?
    when witty was blue?

  18. Fluff Fluff
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    July 31, 2012 12:13pm UTC
    Win a FREE ride
    in a real police car
    just by shoplifting
    from this store.
    Lucky winners also get their name
    in the newspaper for their
    family&friends to see!

  19. Fluff Fluff
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    July 30, 2012 5:37pm UTC

  20. Fluff Fluff
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    July 30, 2012 4:47pm UTC
    Beauty Test (100% accurate)
    Hair color
    a. Blonde [ ]
    b. Brunette [ ]
    c. Black [ ]
    d. Red [ ]
    e. Other [ ]
    Eye color
    a. Blue [ ]
    b. Green [ ]
    c. Brown [ ]
    d. Hazel [ ]
    e. Other [ ]
    a. 5'5-6'0 [ ]
    b. 5'0-5'4 [ ]
    c. 4'5-4'9 [ ]
    d. 4'0-4'4 [ ]
    e. Other [ ]
    a. 61-85 [ ]
    b. 86-100 [ ]
    c. 101-125 [ ]
    d. 126-150 [ ]
    e. Other [ ]
    Skin Color
    a. Pale [ ]
    b. Light [ ]
    c. Tan [ ]
    d. Dark [ ]
    e. Other [ ]
    Mostly A's: Absolutely extraodinarily beautiful
    Mostly B's: Absolutely extraodinarily beautiful
    Mostly C's:Absolutely extraodinarily beautiful
    Mostly D's:Absolutely extraodinarily beautiful
    Mostly E's: Absolutely extraodinarily beautiful


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