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Status: Left.

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Location: Wellingborough, England. (Near northampton) <3

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Okay guys if your reading this,
then, ive left.
I know last time that i said i was going to leave...and came back like the next day,
but this time its for real. I need a break off this site, for good.

Im going to miss all of you, especially Jess and Alvin. What can i say about these two beautiful gorgeous girls? I love them with all my heart<3x
And then there's conner who ill also miss so much:'(<3x
There is so many more people who im going to miss.
I dont care what you say,
im going to miss you
Yes you,
Kitty, Lauren&Niamh.
If your reading this
i just want you to know,
it was nice knowing you..
you were the best sisters i ever have
and it was a priviledge to talk to you, to share some memories and just to be your friend and i appreciate it.

I went to the doctors and they gave me anti depressant pills...so im on the mend. But i think its too late anyways :/

I also want you to know, that all of that hacking stuff? It wasnt me. Believe who you want, but im honestly telling the truth. Im not that sort of person.

But i dont care anymore,
Niamh, i love you<3x
Kitty, i love you<3x
Lauren, i love you<3x

I know how it feels to want to commit suicide. Trust me, ive been there, tried that. There's always that one person that stops you though. And if it wasn't for them people...i would be dead right now. In fact, i should be. My dad sends constant death threats and said i dont deserve to live, my bestfriend (so-called) told me im messed up and that i need to go see a doctor....well. What a wonderful life i have. I know how you feel all of you people out there going through what im going through. Seriously lemme explain.

Imagine you are walking through a deep dark tunnel, continuously engulfing you and grasping you, and you can't get out. When you do nothing it feels like you've done everything. Every teardrop is a waterfall. Every sad fake smile you put on so obviously fake is enriched in all its glory. And your walking through this tunnel and you cant get out, darkness is all around you, just READY to come and get you and take you away for ever and that after all the darkness there will be a light, so bright and so beautiful that will make all the pain you suffered worthwhile. But then there comes a light at the end of the tunnel, pulling you tightly back to life and holding you on, keeping you going. Yes the life you go back to is hard...but not as hard as before and then after that you feel some boost of energy that makes you feel like yes life is worth living and you only live once, so dont end it because you wont get another shot at life. Dont wish it away, or it'll be gone before you could just grasp it.

That is what i've gone through. And ALWAYS there is someone to be a light at the end of the tunnel. And some people go through with suicide because they dont have that person to save them and everyone deserves to have one person there for them, or they will go through with what wasnt meant to be.

  1. FairyTalesDoComeTrue FairyTalesDoComeTrue
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2012 6:22am UTC
    I want to be somebody's idea of perfect. ♥

  2. FairyTalesDoComeTrue FairyTalesDoComeTrue
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2012 2:03am UTC
    look at her..
    shes beautiful, smart and so funny..
    she has amazing friends an amazing boyfriend and a family that would do anything for her..
    she has a beautiful house and is one of the nicest people ive ever met..
    shes perfect...
    did you know she cuts herself though?

  3. FairyTalesDoComeTrue FairyTalesDoComeTrue
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 8:14am UTC
    Want to hear a sad song to cry to?:'(
    Lower than atlantis - another sad song
    Ed Sheeran - Small Bump
    Want a feel good one?
    The script - break even
    The script - man who cant be moved
    The script - for the first time
    Chris Brown - dont wake me up
    Great song?
    Katy Perry - Wide awake
    Maroon 5 - payphone
    Havent heard any?!


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