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  1. Behindthesehazeleyesisme Behindthesehazeleyesisme
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2013 12:33pm UTC
    Got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs
    She got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs
    She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs

  2. hemmo1996* hemmo1996*
    posted a quote
    October 15, 2013 3:16pm UTC
    hi, im macklemore welcome to my house, id love you give you a mackletour. please just follow me through the mackledoor. sorry its a little dirty, i havent done my macklechores yet. let me macklepour you a glass of water. like the couch? we just bought it at the macklestore. please, let me introduce you to my dad, he fought in the vietnam macklewar. wait dont leave yet you havent even seen the second macklefloor

  3. ^_^* ^_^*
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2013 3:34pm UTC
    Girls, Find the boy who isn’t afraid to admit that he misses you, who knows that you’re not perfect, but treats you as if you are.

  4. mads* mads*
    posted a quote
    August 6, 2013 11:48am UTC
    My friend: Sing me I lullaby I'm tired.
    Me: Okay
    My friend: *sits there*
    Me: Rock a bye baby
    Me: On the tree top
    Me: When the wind blows
    Me: The bass with drop

  5. Cammie Cammie
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 12:08pm UTC
    What happens at Olive Garden when they're grating the cheese and you don't say "when"?
    The waiter gets more and more concered as the cheese starts piling up and you remain silent. They eventually plead with you to stop this madness and you just when but hold firm. Olive Garden fills with cheese, killing everyone in the building, as the cheese begins to pour out to the street. The world floods with cheese. All is cheese.

  6. Fαy Στylες* Fαy Στylες*
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 2:44pm UTC
    the thing
    Format by Breeze
    It demands
    to be
    ~John Green
    Format by Breeze

  7. Infinity on high* Infinity on high*
    posted a quote
    July 17, 2013 4:57am UTC
    Tell me what you want to hear
    Something that'll light those years
    sick of all the insencere

  8. KeepFighting KeepFighting
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2013 2:04am UTC
    I'm trying so hard to keep myself together,
    but every grade, every family fight,
    every time you look at her instead of me, every time..
    A string breaks inside me, and I'm slipping,
    and I don't know if I want to hang on anymore.

  9. BravoSierra BravoSierra
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2013 11:17am UTC
    The person who invented marriage is creepy.
    they were all like, "Yo, I love you so much I'm going to get the government involved so you can't leave."

  10. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2013 6:24pm UTC
    It still hasn't hit me quite yet.
    I see tears falling around me.
    "We have to keep in touch, promise!"
    And then I'm over here, knowing it's over.
    I know I won't hear those bells ever again.
    I know I won't see anyone from there ever again.
    I know I won't walk through those halls ever again.
    But I've been dying to leave for four years.
    And I thought by now I would have had some revelation on the subject.
    Given, I know I will miss it all.
    I would love to say I hated every single person I went to school with and that I won't miss it.
    But I actually liked most of them and will miss it dearly.
    But I'm here now, about to leave.
    One of the only ones who hasn't shed a tear.
    I should be sad, shouldn't I?
    I've grown up with every single one of these kids that surrounds me.
    They have see my flaws and see me at my worst.
    They have seen me at my best.
    And yet, it just hasn't hit me.
    That I won't be able to walk into that school anymore and call it "home."

  11. soccertrack soccertrack
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2013 4:33pm UTC
    Girls are like apples.
    best ones
    are on top
    but the boys dont want to
    reach for them because they're afraid
    of falling and getting hurt. So instead, they
    settle for the rotten one's on the bottom
    that aren't good, but easy.
    So the think
    apples on top
    is wrong
    with them, when in reality they're
    just have to wait for
    right boy to come
    the one who's brave enough
    To climb,
    all the way to the top

  12. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  13. lovecrazy lovecrazy
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2013 4:29pm UTC
    When girls complain about having small boobs,
    and say they're going to get a boob job, I just laugh. You're all fùcking stupid. Yeah, get one then go running, see how soon you regret that decision. Those damn things be bouncing everywhere. Be careful, you might black your eye.

  14. Hale_Storm18 Hale_Storm18
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2013 4:36pm UTC
    Ever noticed how your body is trying to keep you safe?
    When you hurt yourself and don’t put a band-aid on it because you think you deserve the pain, your body creates a natural band-aid to keep you protected. When you want to tear open your skin, your skin fights back, creates a tough skin of scar tissue to prevent it happening again. When you take all those pills because you’ve had enough, your stomach contracts to get rid of them
    Because your body wants you to live.

  15. Breannnnnanichole Breannnnnanichole
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2013 6:52pm UTC
    Why do you go back to him
    When he only does you wrong?
    You'll tell me you're in love with him,
    But listen to this song.
    You'll find another, yeah you'll see
    And time will help you heal
    He's just one boy, not what you need
    You just need something that's real.
    So keep your head up, darling
    Cause they'd love to see you fall
    Don't spend your time crying for him, darling
    Just because you gave it your all.
    It's okay to move on from him,
    It'll be best for you anyway.
    If all you felt was pain back then,
    Well, it can't rain every day.
    One day you'll wake up and find
    You're not upset at all.
    You'll get up and go on through the day,
    And not a single tear will fall.
    You'll realize that all along
    You only need yourself.
    Because trusting someone so much like that
    is only bad for your health.
    You know, it's not always easy
    To just pick up the pieces and go.
    But then whenever you find the right one,
    You'll feel it; yeah, you'll know.
    So don't go back to him, darlin'
    When he only did you wrong.
    You can do so much better than him,
    And you've known it all along.
    -Mine. Please don't steal. ♥

  16. ѕυммєяѕυηѕєтѕ* ѕυммєяѕυηѕєтѕ*
    posted a quote
    March 20, 2013 5:04pm UTC
    why do nice people
    choose the wrong people to love? . .

  17. italiangirl3 italiangirl3
    posted a quote
    April 27, 2013 10:23am UTC
    “Right now we are alive,
    and in this moment I
    swear, we are infinite. ”
    -The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  18. flyingbacon7 flyingbacon7
    posted a quote
    April 1, 2013 1:03pm UTC
    I just have to let this all out
    There's this guy and I'm completely in love with him
    We never met though
    But now we don't talk anymore
    It's probably because everyone messed with him
    I don't get why people can't just let me be happy
    Once they find someone that makes me happy they want them out of my life
    No matter what I will always love this guy
    He is my lifesaver
    He has a great persoality and is really good looking even though he may doubt it
    We had a lot in common yet we fought all the time
    I always started the fights because I was dumb
    Maybe I didn't want him to leave
    I overreacted over little things and I was annoying to him
    But I did care for him and I told him that everyday
    He is never going to see this but it feels good to let it out
    I will always love him
    He always made me smile on my worse days
    Talking to him was the only highlight to my day
    He dealt with me even at my worse
    I'm trying to get better lately just to make him proud
    And even though I don't talk to him anymore I still always remember all the advice he has ever told me
    He made me happy
    I messed up though
    That's all I do is mess up
    I shouldn't of told anyone about him
    I wish my parents and friends didn't find out about him
    I just wish I could be with him
    He's my best friend but he's so much more than that
    He comforted me and told me to calm down when all I did was freak out
    I love him
    I honestly didn't think love existed until I met him
    Maybe I will never talk to him again
    But I will never ever forget about him
    He's my everything
    I don't care what people say
    I'm going to start doing things to make me happy
    I don't car what others think
    Because i'm Kelsey and I'm tired of people pushing me around telling me what to do
    I know what I want
    It's not everyday that a person like this walks into my life
    I want him to stay
    I wish I could tell him I'm sorry a million times
    Words can't describe how I feel about him
    Whenever I got a text I literally smiled and laughed out loud
    He gave me a weird feeling in my stomach and honestly when I talked to him I forgot all the bad things going on
    I know he will never be mine
    But one day I hope I will meet him
    I hope I will get to hug him
    I hope to meet my best friend
    He's impacted my life a lot
    I'm hoping that one day I will be someone important and he will be proud of me
    He did a lot for me
    I just want to let him know I didn't lie to him
    The only thing I lied about was being good and happy
    sometimes I fake it so he didn't worry
    But all the love and words were real
    Maybe he is just my best friend or maybe he is more
    I don't know but he is something special
    No matter what happens to him or who he ends up with I wish him the best
    I think about him all the time
    I messed up though and I let out my anger out on him and it wasn't even his fault
    I always pushed him away but lately I realized I want him close
    I'm usually not a girl to fall in love
    But I fell in love with him
    I loved sending him long texts
    I told him the truth and he knew my secrets
    We had so many inside jokes and laugh together
    I honestly think we were meant to be
    His imperfections make him perfect
    His personality shines
    He's different than most guys
    He kept all his promises and he's so strong
    He makes me giddy just talking about him
    Maybe it's to late saying this
    But at least I said it
    I just want to thank him
    I will always love him forever and ever
    Whether he's mine or someone else's
    I will always remember him as a great and caring guy
    He caught me when I fell
    He deserved to be treated better and I tried but I failed
    I care about him so much you have no idea
    I believe this is what love is
    Even if it's just as friends
    No matter how many other guys I talk to or will ever meet
    He will always be the most special and I will always remember him
    He's my favorite and will always be my special best friend
    I finally found out what the meaning of love is
    and I know that it exists
    all thanks to the greatest guy I have ever met
    ~Thanks for reading I just had to let this all out

  19. Cammie Cammie
    posted a quote
    March 28, 2013 9:53am UTC
    I'm a victoria's secret model. its such a secret that not even victoria knows.

  20. CorindaW.* CorindaW.*
    posted a quote
    March 7, 2013 11:38am UTC
    Have you ever sat with your friends
    and just known that you're the least
    important friend in the group, and
    you felt like it wouldn't make a difference
    if you were there or not?


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