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Infinity on high* · 6 years ago
Don't let little things like this get you down- they won't even really matter in the future. If this is all true , in his point of view, he doesn't deserve you in my opinion. Don't let him bring you down so much, for all you know, in a single second, minute, month, your opinion on him could totally change. && it's totally normal to feel like this so don't even bother worrying about that, for one. Just stay strong, and know that to do that; it doesn't always have to be fake and surrounded by closed in walls <3

ForeverSouless · 6 years ago
I freaking LOVE that movie!
And all the rest of John Hughes' movies :3

zeldachick♥♪★♀†(^-^)* · 6 years ago
that is my all time favorite movie! i swear i have seen it so many times that i could probably say every line in the movie! lol :D

J I L L I A N ; )* · 6 years ago
dude same. it sucks so much omg.

Cotect336 · 7 years ago
i really like this


QueenCandy · 7 years ago

Atira · 7 years ago
Not like they listen to a word people say half the time. ;P (just kidding, I don't know everyone's cats)

sparkleyunicorns7 · 7 years ago
not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate'...

nothing Important* · 7 years ago
Cuz ur scared I ain't there daddy's with you in ur prayers no more crying wipe them tears daddy's here no mire nightmares

DepressedHby · 7 years ago
I love it already, everyone is just so relatable

_Jannette · 7 years ago
welcome to the witty family!

Butterbear · 7 years ago
You'll get used to it c: witty will change your life I promise.


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