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Status: I am not wearing makeup in my profile picture - and it's not photoshopped either. Just beautiful me.

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Hello Lovely Readers!

This is DestinyTulip's story account!
I am currently writing a fanfiction called Battle Scars.

I'm 14, a self-confessed Directioner, and I LOVE TO SING.
Like, seriously.
Forget singing in the shower.
I sing anywhere and everywhere.

Addicted to my laptop.
Hate Justin Beiber
Love Katy Perry.

You may be wondering why I like One Direction.
Well, let's put it this way. 
I am told on a daily basis that i did not have a beautiful face, and that i was ugly.
Before WMYB was released, I would have agreed with them.
You could'nt tell that i had no self esteem, because at eight years old even I knew how to fake a smile. I pretended nothing touched me, but even just a simple word shook me to my core.
and now, I'm reclaiming my lost childhood, and acting like an eight-year old who loves the way she looks.
I'll always be six years behind in my maturity because of it.
But at least I'll be making up for what childhood i lost.'

Thank you, one direction.

And now, introducing the best GIF ever made:

  1. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    April 15, 2013 1:34am UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 26
    Liam's P.O.V.
    Ruby… adopted? And just now she finds out about this?
    Well that’s a bit stressful!
    “Ruby, I-“
    “I’m going to my sister’s.”
    “You have a sister?”
    “Yeah. Franchesca Croft. Newsgirl…?”
    “Oh, yeah! Franchesca!”
    “I’m off.”
    So she goes out the trailer.
    “I’d just leave her be.” Says Alaska. “If she’s not back by 2:00, then we go look for her.”
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    Walking to my sister’s, just around the block, I get an incoming call from Chad.
    “Hey, baby.”
    “Hey. Um, listen, I just found out-“
    “I have BIG NEWS! I won the skateboarding tournament!”
    “Um, that’s great, but-“
    “I won it even though I almost fell off. I have heeeeeaps of Skill.”
    “Chad! Listen!”
    “Okay, babe, gotz to go.”
    And just like that the phone call ended. He's just hyper about his win. He'll pay attention later.
    So I walk down my sister’s cobblestone path, up to her brick house and marron door.
    I ring the doorbell.
    Is… is that my sister?
    She’s pwetty!
    “Ruby! Good to see you!”
    “Yes, it is good to see you.”
    “Oh ruby. There’s something wrong is’nt there?”
    “Yes. I just found out I was adopted.”
    “I found that out when I was your age. I know exactly how you feel.”
    "So we're not related."
    "We are - we were adopted from the same family."
    At least there's some family here.
    Incoming text from Liam,
    I collapse on her shoulder, crying.
    “And just when my career begins to take off.”

  2. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    March 23, 2013 1:47am UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 25
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    I wake up in the trailer. What time is it? I look at my clock.
    I look out my window, and…
    Oh my god.
    I duck my head down again and think of a way to solve this problem.
    I peek up, so that you can only see my eyes. There’s a bunch of them right beside the door, one about to turn the handle. The handle is’nt locked, so I run down and try to stop it.
    God she’s good.
    She’s gonna win.
    So I try something else.
    I open the door, and go out.
    “Girls girls girls. What are you doing?”
    “OH CARROTS! RUBY CROFT! Ummm… hi?”
    “One Direction needs their sleep. Were you at the concert last night? Or are you going to go to one of the other two?”
    “We did’nt get tickets…”
    “So we’re stalking them instead!”
    “Directioner thinking. Well done. Okay, come in. But be very, VERY quiet. Don’t make a noise. And you’re sitting on the floor. One noise, and you’re out. Kapesh?”
    So I open the door. They look in – wonderstruck.
    I can see them siliently fangirling.
    I lead them into the bathroom.
    “Stay here for the night. You have everything you need – a toilet, in other words – and you’re not allowed to flush it.”
    I shut the bathroom, and go back to bed.
    Harry’s P.O.V.
    Yawn. 6:30 AM.
    Toilet stop.
    So I open the bathroom door.
    “How did you get in my bathroom….?”
    Then one of them says:
    “We have Tacos.”
    I think about it.
    “Okay. You guys stay.”
    “Why did you let them in, Ruby?” asked Louis – in a non-threatining way.
    “They showed Directioner Thinking. Directioner Thinking is rewarded if I see a good demonstration!”
    The five girls are fidgeting in the corner.
    “Next time that happens, give them tickets instead please.”
    Alaska slaps her on the back of the head.
    “You could’nt have given them tickets.”
    “It would take an entire trip across the trailer – and back. Somebody would have woken up.”
    “Well… ugh, okay.”
    Ruby’s phone beeps.
    She checks the message…. And goes ghostly white.
    “What’s wrong… Rubes?”
    She looks up.
    “I was adopted.”
    Author's note: Ooooh, this plot twist tasted spicy. Let's see what's for dessert in the next chapter.

  3. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    March 16, 2013 1:54pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 24
    Alaska's P.O.V.
    “Let me get my head around this. You’re dating… your high-school bully.”
    “Because he stalks you…”
    “You make it sound like it is bad!”
    “It IS bad, Ruby!”
    “Well, I suppose so. But I’m going to give him a trial.”
    In the corner I notice Payne looking really really sad.
    I was right.
    Liby Crane is going to form.
    Just as soon as I get Rad Cringram out the way.
    “Just… don’t tell the public, okay?”
    “Well, I suppose.”
    I go over to Ruby and mine’s room and think of ways I can split them up.
    Hey, don’t judge me. I don’t want Ruby feeling any worse than she already does.
    Zayn’s P.O.V.
    I haven’t talked to the girls that much, but they seem really nice. Wrapped up in talent.
    Alaska’s in a constant sass battle with Louis. At some point or other Louis is going to challenge a duel, I reckon. Louis will win though – piece of pudding. And now it’s time for the fans to come in for the meet and greets. Liam staggers through the door just in time for the first three to come in.
    It’s the general routine, they ask us questions, get our autograph, and then ask… er…. Well, here’s an example.
    “Can I lick you?”
    It’s a little weird, but we politely decline.
    And then a girl comes through the door with shimmering green eyes, and straight brown hair.
    “Hi, I’m Bailey. Bailey Kates.”
    I can see Louis’s eyes light up.
    “Hey, Bailey. How are you?”
    “Not good, I’m afraid. I’m about to start Chemo next week.”
    “Oh. My. God.” He says.
    Well…. Who can’t see where this is going.
    If you can’t, it’s going in the directon of Bailou Katenson.

  4. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    March 14, 2013 12:34am UTC
    click to see this quote

  5. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    March 1, 2013 8:00pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 22
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    ‘And now it’s time……’ I start
    ‘For a time warp.’ Finishes Alaska.
    ‘But to be warped, we need a couple of our friends. More specifically…. Five friends.’
    A spotlight shines on Louis, who is standing centre stage.
    The spotlight shines on Niall, standing to our left, right at the front.
    Liam appears, opposite to Niall.
    Zayn has a spotlight shined on him, standing about half-way between Niall and Louis
    As soon as Harry’s spotlight is shined, the backing track starts.
    And after Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Alaska and I drop to the floor, Louis starts for us.
    Well, there’s an easier way to explain this. I’m Magenta, Alaska’s Columbia, Louis is RiffRaff, Niall is Brad, and the narrator guy is Liam. Zayn and Harry don’t get any solos, simply for effect.
    After we drop to the floor again for the end of the song, we run off stage blowing kisses and saying ‘Thank You London!’ ect, ect.
    We just preformed. It’s awesome, the adrenaline it gives you.
    So we go back to our dressing rooms, the concert’s being streamed into them, so we can hear everything.
    After C’mon C’mon they play Little Things.
    Maybe I am beautiful.
    No, I’m not. I’m a piece of poop.
    But Liam’s voice is so convincing… I might just be.
    So I text my sister.
    Yeah, I have a sister.
    Franchesca. She’s a reporter for London’s channel 5 news.
    That’s why I haven’t mentioned her – she lives all the way out here.
    ‘Oi! Franchesca!’
    ‘yea ruby?’
    ‘Just finished the first concert!’
    ‘good 4 u.’
    ‘I was thinking… could I see you at some point tomorrow?’
    ‘sure, lil sis. come over at 12.’
    ‘Sweet as. Buh-Bye!’
    Teaser: 'I knew you were stalking me. But following me to London? That's just creepy.'

  6. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2013 1:23am UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 21
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    And now it’s time for a little broadway classic.
    All That Jazz.
    I love this song. Rubes is playing piano for the start bit – my bit – and then the piano guy comes and takes her place when it’s her turn to sing and dance. If you’ve seen the Glee version (Ruby forced me to watch it when we were choosing songs – and I thought it was pretty cool) I’m Cassie and she’s Rachel. And we are duelling.
    And with a quick glimpse to the side, I notice that the 1D boys are all ready to go.
    In what seems like not much time at all, ATJ has finished, and now, it’s question time.
    ‘Hello London!’ says Ruby
    ‘We’re here to answer a couple of questions. I notice we’re answering one from Ophelia Chesaway in seat H48?’
    Opehelia is jumping up and down, waving and screaming.
    ‘What was your question?’
    ‘Liam tweeted just before you finished Oath that he’s ditched Danielle – do you suppose it was for one of you two?’
    ‘He what?’ exclaims Ruby.
    ‘Well, it looks like Ruby’s got some game then. Barely even knows Liam Payne, and yet he’s fallen flat on his face for her.’
    ‘No no no, Liam barely knows me. I’m pretty sure it can’t be me. It could – but he could have any one of you beautiful girls out there.’
    ‘Phhht. Yeah, right. I have an AWESOME potential romance sensor – and it’s beeping nonstop, it’s telling me: ‘LIBY CRANE’S GOING TO FORM! LIBY CRANE’S GOING TO FORM!’’
    “Well, it must be broken then. And that’s our only answer for the day!”
    There’s a pause as the lights go down, we’re about to sing Born This Way. And like the Glee cast, we’ve made some shirts. So we chuck them overtop our dresses, and chuck on a jacket after that.
    And then the backing track starts.
    My shirt says: ‘DMT.’
    Ruby’s shirt says: ‘Dixpraxic’
    And the audience cheers when we take off our jackets – they’re probably happy to know we’ve got some stuff wrong with us too.
    And then I spot Bailey.
    Bailey’s smiling like a Cheshire cat with pride.
    But I can only just tell.
    And just like that: the last number is about to be preformed. This is the number we’re collaborating with 1D on.
    Because it’s too hard to do with just two people.
    Time Warp – from the rocky horror picture show.

  7. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 21, 2013 9:44pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 20
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    Full house.
    Well, they are here to see One Direction, so…
    Not really surprised.
    And then, Liam, first out of makeup for the boys, and in the wings, says:
    ‘Ready for your first concert?’
    ‘I am now, thanks to the advice Britanny gave me.’ Says Rubes.
    ‘What did she tell you?’
    ‘The same amount of people who hate you will love you - If not more.’
    ‘I can safely say that’s true.’
    Freddy pops by.
    ‘Alaska, get to your side of the stage. We’re all go in one minute.’
    Oh, yeah. We’re entering from opposite sides. I run for my life.
    The backing track for Oath by Cher Lloyd starts. I walk on, and start the song.
    Ruby then enters, on the line ‘Laughing so danm hard’
    Liam’s P.O.V.
    Well, I did’nt expect this song out of them, but they’re pulling it off. After the chorus, it’s Ruby’s turn to sing solo.
    ‘I know I drive you crazy –hm, sometimes. I know I call you lazy – and that’s most times.’
    There’s something special about Ruby – but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
    ‘But you complete me – and that’s no lie’
    I’ve almost got it…
    ‘You are my tuxedo – and I’m your bowtie’
    The last time i felt this way was when i met Danielle. I don't feel that way about her now - she's so protective.
    So I text her.
    ‘Dannielle – I’m afraid I have to leave you. Do not reply to this text to protest, just accept the inevitable. I’ve found someone else.’
    And now, I tweet our breakup to the world. Because I don’t want people to think we’re together when we’re not.
    And by this time, Oath is finished. So now I’m free to watch Ruby – my future Girlfriend. Well, as soon as this concert’s over she will be mine. I know this; she did admit on Ellen that she had it in for me.

  8. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 19, 2013 10:47pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 19
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    “And this is our makeup artist, Britanny.” Says the Top Techie, Freddy, on our little tour of where to go and who we need to know.
    “Hello girls!” says Britanny.
    “And, that’s all. You may go look at –and put on - your dresses, then come back and get your makeup done. About ten minutes after your makeup and hair is done, you will need to go on stage.”
    “Yes, Freddy.”
    “Good luck!”
    And then he runs away, he has lots to do.
    And we run to our dressing rooms, and open our bags.
    They’re absolutely gorgeous, they’re white, and flowy, and oh my gosh, these ballet flats are awesome too! We put them on, and we look INCREDIBLE. I race back to Britanny, to get my hair done.
    ‘Hi, Ruby.’
    ‘Tell me, what’s it like in New Zealand? I’ve been meaning to go there, but never have got round to it.’
    ‘Well, it’s incredible. It has cute as native species, it’s got the best scenery ever, and we have THE best icecream anywhere – Kapiti. We have a easy-going attitude – We call it ‘She’ll be right.’ And we have odd-sounding words like ‘Munted’ – it means broken, and we are home to the ‘Nek Minnit’ video, the fifth largest city in the world, Dunedin, Pinapple Lumps, and the electric fence. NZ is also the queen of the beach.’
    By the time I finished that, Britanny had already done my hair in the best fishtail plait ever.
    And now she’s started on my makeup.
    ‘Sounds awesome!’
    ‘It is awesome. It’s like, the opposite of British weather.’
    ‘And that tops them all.’ She says, while applying my lip gloss.
    ‘If I had gotten the gig for doing makeup for the lads on the UAN tour, I would have been to New Zealand. But somebody else got the gig. They did’nt do it this time because they could’nt handle the stress.’
    And by this time she’s placing the finishing touch: Mascara.
    She’s fast.
    ‘I’m just a bit worried. Will that crowd hate me? Will they throw rotten tomatoes?’
    ‘No, they won’t throw fruit at you. Remember, the same amount of people who hate you, will love you – if not more.’
    And now I’m out the chair, sitting in the wings. I take a sneak peek out the side.
    Full house.
    The Dresses: http://www.dressmylove.co.uk/images/dress/ED043.jpg (by the way, the model is not in any way related to the story.)
    Author's note: SORRY READERS FOR LONG GAP BETWEEN CHAPTERS! Broadband ran out - it was hell. Anyways, hope you like!

  9. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 12, 2013 1:54pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 18
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    We get out at the venue. Big place, could seat around 3,000 people. We walk into the door labelled ‘Backstage’. I open the door. I find a hall, with individual dressing rooms for each of the lads, and then I spot our two dressing rooms. We take a look in them. There’s two bags with a label, which say ‘Do Not Open – Dress And Shoes.”
    So we walk out of our dressing rooms, since we could’nt see our dresses and shoes, so we wander along, into sidestage, to find Harry.
    “Hey!” I say, walking along.
    He turns around.
    “Hey! The soundcheck’s about to start, if you want to see it.”
    “Of course we do!”
    “Well then, get in your seats.”
    So we sit in two seats, right at the centre of the front row. It’s now 5:15, and I notice that there’s a group of thirty fangirls coming in – they must have won a competition at a radio station or something to see the soundcheck. So there’s a lot of screaming going on, and we’re staring at them, and then one of them, she appeared to be 19, pointed us out. We wave at them. And then they come charging down to the front to meet us.
    We’re bomabarded with a sea of introductions and questions.
    “Woah! One at a time, girls.”
    The one who pointed us out goes first.
    “Hi, I’m Bailey. I watched your video a thousand times, and I absolutely love you guys and One Direction.”
    “Hi, Bailey!” we say simuletaneously. “Thank you for watching the video, without each and every single one of those views we would’nt be here today!” I say.
    “Can I tell you something?”
    “Sure, anything!” says Rubes.
    “I’m about to start chemo next week… and two of the things of my bucket list are to see you guys and One Direction in person. Since a concert is the closest thing I’ll ever get to meeting One Direction, that’s why I’m here. It’s an added bonus that you just happen to be right here, and I actually get to talk to you. ”
    By now, I had tears in my eyes. And after my high school career of being popular and tough-as-nails, hardly anything made me cry.
    Rubes appeared to be tougher than me, though. She appeared to be as normal, listening patiently.
    “Would you like to hear us sing?” she offers. “Just the chorus of Kiss You though, because if I know anything about concerts, it’s that the soundcheck will indeed be starting soon.”
    “Yes!” she says, excitement flushing through her face.
    And we sing! She ends up smiling ear to ear, by the end of the chorus. Good timing on our part, because as soon as we finish, the track to C’mon C’mon started.
    “Thank you.” She whispers.
    “You’re very welcome sweetie.”
    The soundcheck was VERY entertaining.
    And then the techies call us backstage for makeup and dress.
    But not before I give Bailey a backstage pass.

  10. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 4, 2013 11:25pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 17
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    I just remembered how much I hate international flights. You spend about five or six hours on a plane, bored, and surviving ONLY on lollies. Then you’re off the plane, and you think you’re off the hook, you have to go through customs. Ugh. I could use a Pineapple Lump by now. Or some L&P. Or just something Kiwi.
    They should invent a Pavlova lollie….
    The Mini-Pav.
    I kept myself entertained for ten minutes, simply by keeping a malteser on my tounge, un chewed, for ten minutes.
    Not bad! And when we finally land in Bournemouth, England, we get off the plane to a warm welcome of airport-goers. We signed roughly 200 autographs and my fingers got tired, so we got in the cab.
    England is HEAPS different from New Zealand. And from the USA.
    “Where to?” asks the driver.
    “Corpthorne Hotel.” I say in my kiwi accent.
    “That’ll be 8.70 £.”
    I shell out.
    “Thank you.” He grunts.
    “Wonder what your first concert’ll be like! We’ll problably have our makeup done by a professional.”
    “And we get to see the soundcheck!”
    “Hold on. Text from Liam.”
    “Hello lovelies. You need to be at the concert hall at 5.PM, BTW. Well, If you want to see the soundcheck, that is.” It reads.
    Holy shoot! That’s in an hour!
    “You have Liam’s phone number?”
    “Wow! You got game!”
    “No, not like that. For communication purposes. Plus, he’s with Danielle.”
    “Yeah, Right.”
    And at that exact moment, we pulled up at the hotel.
    It looked great.
    We checked in.
    “Room 963, it’s on floor 14.”
    Well, spectacular view, nice beds. OOOOH, COMPIMENTARY CHOCOLATES! And they’re peppermint, too!
    “Now, we have to change. We need to be there in ½ an hour – and the drive takes about five minutes according to Google.”
    “Holy Halo! Okay, umm, what to wear, what to wear…” mutters Alaska
    So I change into my fave pair of denim shorts, one that fades from white to blue, and a white shirt with ‘Secret Destiny’ on it, and also a fluro yellow deinim jacket, like the one I wore in the video.
    She changes into some leather boots, some sparkling black denim shorts, and a basic white tee.
    “Let’s go!”
    So, we get in another cab, and drive.

  11. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2013 3:07pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 16
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    “Don’t try to kill her with a prank like that.”
    “We’re not pranking.”
    “It gets even more hilarious every time….” I say sarcastically.
    “WE”RE NOT PRANKING!” shouts Louis.
    “Okay. In the same universe pigs fly.”
    “Do I have to shout it in your ear?”
    “You’re not pranking.”
    “Oh saweet!” squeals Ruby.
    “But the tour starts tomorrow…” I mention.
    “People up higher at Syco have already sorted out everything. Even costumes! All you need to do is sort out some songs to sing!”
    “Sorted.” Says Ruby.
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    “And now you’re going to sing for us?” says Ellen.
    “Yes we are!” we walk over to the stage area.
    The music starts.
    We’re singing Stronger, by Britney Spears.
    After what seems like not long, the song finishes.
    And the audience comes and claps for us.
    “That’s all we have time for today, be kind to one another and goodbye!” says Ellen. The cameras stop.
    And then the reality sank in.
    I was going to travel the world with five hot guys, my best friend, and I get to preform at concerts all over the world!
    Sweet As.

  12. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2013 2:29pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 15
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    I go absolutely mental. I start screaming… and I don’t appear to stop, do i?
    And I eventually manage to calm myself down.
    “Happy Birthday Ruby!” say One Direction, simultaneously.
    “BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER!!!” she squeals, again.
    “Amen to that.”
    We hi-five eachother.
    So we’re both a little bit calmed down by now, but I’m still bobbling a little bit, and Ruby’s grinning like a Cheshire cat.
    So One Direction’s standing behind us, and Ellen says:
    “Anything you’d like to say to these boys?”
    “Um, yes.” I reply. After a pause, I say:
    “I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love.”
    Again, the audience erupts into laughter.
    Ruby then follows:
    “I need a new bucket list.”
    Again, the audience laughs.
    “And, we’ll be right back with more Ruby Croft and Alaska Merino right after the break!”
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    No more cameras.
    And we get to actually talk to 1D…. like, seriously.
    Living in Linden Grange, Ohio?
    “So, Ruby.” Says Hazza.
    “You’re a Kiwi?” he asks.
    “Do you surf?” interrupts Niall
    “Do cows moo?”
    “I’ll be taking that as a yes then.”
    “I would be worried if you took it as a no.”
    “Do you play any instruments?” asks Liam.
    “No, not really. I can play about three songs on the piano, though.”
    “And what are they?”
    “Someone Like You, I Will Survive, and All That Jazz.”
    “Nice! Alaska?”
    “You have an amazing musical talent.”
    “Well, I guess. But then again, I can’t dance. At all! But I make up for that with my acting skills.”
    “I think you can dance, but you don’t want to.” Teases Louis.
    “Really? Okay, we’re starting this. From right now, it’s on.”
    “Okay, I’m terrified.”
    “Alright Carrots,-”
    “Thirty seconds till camera!” says the cameraman.
    “You did not just call me carrots.”
    “Oh yes I did.”
    Ellen comes back, and sits in her chair again.
    “Hello, we’re back with Alaska Merino, Ruby Croft, and One Direction!”
    Cue the audience clapping.
    “Ruby, it’s your birthday today!”
    “Yes! 21st of Febuary!”
    The audience cheers.
    “Well, I believe the boys over there have another present for you…”
    “Seriously. I just completed my bucket list right there, what else could I possibly get?”
    “You and Alaska could come on tour with us… and open.”
    Author’s Note: ooooh, this plot twist tastes spicy!!!!

  13. DeStory DeStory
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2013 12:06am UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 14
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    “They’re youtube queens at 17. Please welcome to the stage, Ruby Croft and Alaska Merino!”
    We walk down the hall to come out to where the cameras are, with Kiss You playing in the backround. We both do a little dance before sitting down.
    “So good to have you on the show, girls!”
    “It’s so good to be here!” I reply.
    “Now, I understand Alaska had her first trip to the beach yesterday…”
    “Yes! It was awesome! The sand is wayyy softer than what I thought it would be like, and the water was nice and cold! I Made my first ever sandcastle. Ruby taught me how to surf! It was just awesome.” She said.
    “What did you think the sand would feel like?”
    “Sandpaper.” The audience bursts out laughing, including me.
    “I sound like Sophia Grace, Don’t I?”
    “Yep.” I finish.
    Again, the audience laughs.
    “And Ruby! This accent you have, where is it from?”
    “That’s the Maori native’s name for New Zealand.”
    And then my awesome spacial awareness kicks in. There’s someone sneaking up behind us. And then I remember that sometimes Ellen sends people out to scare her guests.
    So, thinking that was it, I waited, and kept answering questions, so I could pretend I was’nt scared when they crept up on us.
    But then a minute passed.
    And another minute.
    And another minute.
    They would have scared us by now.
    So, when I answer the question “Who’s your fave member of One Direction?” with “I have no favourites, I just have a soft spot for Liam Payne.”, I turn my head around slightly.
    And that’s when I saw them.
    I turn my body round fully.
    I pinch my stomach.
    “I’m not dreaming, am i?”
    They shake their heads.
    I try to rationalise myself, and I start to talk to myself.
    “Okay. Ruby, keep calm, and – oh, screw it. I am a fangirl, I CAN NOT KEEP CALM.”
    And then, I start bobbling up and down in my seat, letting out a couple of high pitched squeals.
    Ellen’s epicly laughing, and Alaska is still unaware of what’s going on.
    “What are you too laughing at?” asks Alaska.
    I stop fangirling.
    “You seriously don’t know.”
    “I don’t know!”
    “Look Behind You!” and then I resume fangirling.
    Alaska turns around.
    “I KNOW!” I shout.
    Because standing right infront of me was…..
    One Direction.
    Teaser: 'Seriously. I just completed my bucket list right there, what else could i possibly get?'

  14. DeStory DeStory
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    January 31, 2013 1:25pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 13
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    First we had a comment from Liam Payne – which almost made me faint.
    Now we have one from ELLEN.
    We’re doing well!
    “Hello Girls. Nice singing!”
    Rubes replies.
    “Ello Ellen, Ruby here. Thank you! We absolutely LOVE your show, we try to watch it ALL the time!”
    The conversation goes on and on and on.
    And then Ellen says this:
    “How’d you girls like to be on my show next week, 21st of Febuary?”
    “Hahaha, you’re kidding, right?”
    “No… I wouldn’t joke about something like that.”
    Okay. We just got an invite from ELLEN to be on her show.
    “Thank you so much! It’s just that we’re In Ohio and your studio’s in California.”
    “We’ll fly you girls, and both your moms, there on the 19th,!”
    And Ruby, breathless the whole time, stammers...
    “That is the best birthday present ever!”
    Her birthday?
    “When is that, by the way?” I ask her.
    “The date we’ve been asked to go on the show!”
    “I’ll tell Ellen that then!”
    So she types in:
    “Oh, that’s absolutely wonderful, Ellen! There’s a nice aspect to being on it on the 21st – That’s my birthday!”
    So we arrange it, and Ruby calls her mum, to tell the good news.
    I go and find my mum up on the second story.
    “Mum!” I shout.
    “Yes honey?”
    “We’re going to California on the 19th!”
    “Both of us? How?”
    “Me and Ruby are on Ellen on the 21st.”
    “No.” she says.
    Mum starts fangirling…. Over Ellen. Awkward…
    “Well, I’ll tell her that then!”
    So I run back down to the computer.
    “My mum’s so happy we get a holiday!” she screams.
    “You’ve never been to the beach.” She says, with a serious look on her face.
    “Yeah…. But I have seen it on an international flight to Paris though.”
    “Oh. My. God.”
    “THE BEACH IS MY LIVELYHOOD! For god’s sakes, I’m a pro surfer!”
    “Teach me how to surf?”
    “Of course.”

  15. DeStory DeStory
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    January 30, 2013 8:45pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 12
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    He’s SORRY?
    He’s the reason I have nil self-esteem.
    Okay. He’s the jerk who’s trying to use my newfound fame to make him famous, and once he’s more famous than me, he’s going to ditch me.
    I might not have self-esteem, but even I know that I’d be stupid to accept his apology.
    I stand there for what seemed like forever, and then he takes a step forward. I might not be facing him, but I have good spacial awareness.
    I put my arm out to the side, and signal for him to stop and shut up.
    I start to sing.
    “You trifilin’, good-for-nothing type of brother. Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?”
    That’s all I sing.
    Alaska unlocks the car, and we get in.
    We drive away, leaving him standing there like an idiot.
    Sweet As.
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    When we get to my house, we check Ruby’s twitter.
    Lots of compliments on her looks and singing on her last post, which was:
    ‘Viral! Thank you all for watching! #CelebrationTime’
    Some hate too.
    “OMG how can someone as hot as you like 1D?”
    “Ugh. Your voice makes DEAF people cringe.”
    For the first time in her life, she’s ignoring hate instead of reacting.
    And then there’s a comment from….
    Brace yourself.
    Teaser: "That is the best birthday present EVER!"
    Author's Note: Thank you my lovely readers for staying with me for twelve chapters!

  16. DeStory DeStory
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    January 27, 2013 3:04pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 11
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    “Goodbye everybody!” I say, whilist walking off stage, back into the dressing room.
    And the dressing room door is closed, and locked.
    And we change back into our other clothes.
    “You know, Rubes…”
    I turn around to face her.
    “Who is your fave in 1D?”
    She shuffles her right foot.
    “I… kind of have a celeb crush on Liam?” she says, with a defensive-yet-scared look on her face.
    “Nice pick! I’m desperately in love with Zayn…”
    “To be honest, he is the best looking of the group. Nice abs, too. But I am drawn to personality. Liam’s personality appeals to me. Nice guy, good looks, and that little bit of humor puts him over the top.”
    “Yeah. The way you put it makes me start to fall for him.”
    “GET OFF MY MAN!” she screams.
    “Laska, I’ve never seen you so out of your shell!”
    “Well, because of DMT –“
    “Doomed Monkey Tyrants” she interrupts.
    I let out a gigantic laugh.
    “They slowly changed me into a combination of the three of them wihout me realising, and they’re opposites of me. So I was always restricted to what THEY wanted me to be. What I am showing you is what I actually am! It’s good to be free.”
    I open the door.
    Chad’s there.
    Does he stalk us, or something?
    “Keep a-walking.” Says Rubes. She walks straight past him.
    I follow.
    He chases after us.
    “Ruby! Ruby!” he screams.
    She starts to run to the car. In heels. She must be desperate!
    Again, I follow.
    Chad’s P.O.V.
    Why is she running? Oh, yeah. I got expelled, over her, and she thinks I’m going to be mean! No. No! NO!
    “Ruby! Come back! I Love You!”
    And now she stops in her tracks, about a metre to Alaska’s car.
    “I love you.” I repeat.
    There’s a long pause as Alaska stares at me and Ruby stands still.
    “The reason why I’ve been so mean to you is because I got feelings – I did’nt know what they were – and I did’nt know what to do with them. Since you were the person causing them, I pinned it on you. That’s what happened, and I’m sorry.”

  17. DeStory DeStory
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    January 26, 2013 4:36pm UTC
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  18. DeStory DeStory
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    January 25, 2013 11:50pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 9
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    Once D.M.T. (Demi, Megan, Terra, or as I prefer, Doomed Monkey Tryants) go away, and we quietly walk to the stage.
    “Yes, Rubes. I know what you’re thinking.”
    “How do you hide it so well?”
    “I just…. Do. I don’t know how.”
    By this time, we’re in the change rooms.
    “Okay. Just to let you know, I’m here.”
    “How could you possibly know exactly what I’m going through?”
    “Laska. I get called about three names per minute, constantly beaten up, and when I do something about it, it gets worse! I never cared about labels, that’s not how it worked in New Zealand. I just do what makes me happy, and that’s music. Unfortunately that’s ultra-hard due to reasons previously listed. It’s also the reason for the reasons previously listed.But I think, would I rather be happy, or be unhappy. I wanted to be happy.”
    By this time, we’re in our dresses and shoes, and just sitting there.
    “I also have no self esteem.”
    We give eachother a hug.
    “Okay. I believe you, even though you’re an exact replica of Mila Kunis. Now, we need to get up there, and sing.”
    Luckily, Laska bought her guitar.
    So we walk out on the stage. There’s a rather big crowd. Seriously huge, too. They’re chanting
    “Alaska! Ruby! Alaska! Ruby!” repeatedly.
    Laska starts playing.
    “Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like. We could go out any day, any night, Baby I’ll take you there, Take you there, Baby I’ll take you there, yeah.”
    I start singing.
    ½ way through Liam’s solo, who should I see entering the crowd, but Chad Ingram.
    I’m so over him. Talking with Laska last night, I realised how toxic popular boys can be.
    And why she’s still single.

  19. DeStory DeStory
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    January 24, 2013 2:55pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 8
    Alaska’s P.O.V.
    Oh yeah, I forgot. The ‘popular’ clique does a weekly shopping trip on Saturday. They might have been waiting for ages.
    “Where have you been?” says Megan, storming up to me.
    “And why’d you bring - that?” follows Terra, refrencing Rubes.
    “Haven’t you heard?”
    “Oh yeah, you’re viralists. You’re not friends though. You’re still mortal enemies, just doing it for the fame. Come with us, we found an amazing dress we think you’d like to try-“ says Demi, trying to turn me away.
    “No. Stop. Just, stop.”
    I sigh.
    “Ruby understands me better than any of YOU ever did. We’re not friends, like you said. We’re BEST FRIENDS. I really don’t care WHAT dress you’ve found, and on the rare occasion I wear something that you’ve picked, I change out of it as soon as I walk through my door. THIS is the kind of dress I like.”
    I pull out my white dress.
    “Oh, no, Alaska. That’s really Horr-“
    “Don’t you get it? I don’t CARE what you think. I NEVER DID.”
    “Of course you do. We’re-“
    “Don’t you get it? You guys are the reason I do this.”
    I take off my watch to reveal I don’t know how many 1.5 centimetre vertical scars, about 2 millimeters apart, which are the result of self-harm, easily able to be hidden by a watch or bangles.
    “Emo Freak.”
    “Drama Queen.”
    “You guys RULED my life. I hated that, I want to be free. And I am, thanks to Rubes.”
    “Rubes? You call her Rubes?”
    “Yes. And she calls me Laska. Now if you’ll excuse me, We have a gig to preform.”

  20. DeStory DeStory
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    January 23, 2013 7:16pm UTC
    Battle Scars
    Chapter 7
    Ruby’s P.O.V.
    Our first autograph! And to a cutesy-cute little girl too!
    “Sure thing honey.” I say, and give my siginature.
    Alaska gives hers too.
    “Thankies.” She says.
    “You’re very welcome sweetie.” Replies Alaska, and then the little girl skips back, full of glee, to who looked like her older sister, and shows her the autograph.
    It’s a good feeling bringing that much joy to somebody.
    So we keep a-walking. I purchase a kingfisher blue evening dress, one that stops slightly above the knee, gives me an even bigger backside than the one I already have, shows some cleavage, and has NO straps for 75 dollars. That’s the most extravagant thing I’ve bought since we moved here, to Linden Grange. We spent most of our money on flights and then we had to go to a motel for a while until we found a house to buy. That’s why I have had no pocket money since I came here, hence the lack of extravagance. Then Alaska spots a brilliant dress. It’s white, stops at the knee, and it is sparkly! Her dress is exactly 80 dollars. And then I go and buy some stilletos of the same colour as my dress for 25, and Alaska bought some big black boots for twenty dollars. Walking out the store, we’re approached by two mall staff. One looks like an assistant, while the other appears to be their boss.
    “Alaska Merino and Ruby Croft, I presume?”
    “Yes.” We say at the same time.
    “Teresa Pall.” The boss one says. “I was wondering if you’d like to play an impromptu gig for us?”
    Laska and I look at eachother, then simuletaneously say
    “Well that’s great! Umm, you can see the stage from here, and there’s dressing rooms if you’d like to change into the new clothing you’ve just bought?”
    “Thank you so very much. This is my employee, Paige.”
    “Nice to meet you!” she says, doing a wee little dance on the spot.
    So we head towards the stage, until we find the exact LAST people I want to see.
    Demi, Megan, and Terra.
    The rest of Laska’s clique.
    And they don’t look happy.


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