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Louis Tomlinson

Heyyyy!!! Ok so OBVIOUSLY my name is DeAnna Young. I am an absolute

crazy girl who loves nothing but a good time with family and friends. I love

my absolute best "sister" in the world Rachel Norton she is my bestest

friend ever and partially the reason I'm as crazy as I am. Country music is my

life with out my music I would absolutely die . My favorite artists are Kenny

Chesney, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift,

Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Gloriana, Keith Urban, Uncle Kracker,

George Strait, Kid Rock, The Zac Brown Band, The Eli Young Band, Martina

McBride, Reba McEntire, Whitney Duncan, Sara Evans, Jamie O' Neal, 

Jessica Andrews and Jessie James.I love all of you my quotes are here if

you like them fave 'em and well if ya like me just follow me. I'm a great friend

and will listen to anythin' you have to say.

Stay Beautiful!!!

Hello you beautiful people of this awesome website!
It seems you have stumbled upon my "sister's" profile....YOU SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT HER AND I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND SLICE YOUR THROAT!
Thank you have a great day.



  1. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 22, 2012 10:18am UTC
    Christmas to
    Chapter Two
    I woke up among the piles of pure, although very itchy, golden colored hay that was left in the back of the barn for bedding down the stalls and for giving the horses a little feed. I'd fallen asleep here in the hay talking with Tyler, and from what I could see he was no where to be seen. He had wrapped me in my old, worn out blanket that I only used when I needed to stay in the barn to tend to the horses.
    Tyler wasn't anywhere around me then, as far I could see anyway. But, I noticed that the horse that had always been Tyler's favorite, a big white horse with a strange patch of golden fur in the shape of a lightening bolt down the side of his neck, wasn't in his stall and the saddle blankets, saddle, and harness that have the horses name designed into them weren't in the tack storage room. I walked out of the barn to see Tyler running the big horse, Lightning, out in the snow his head thrown back laughing.
    "Thought you gave up riding, cowboy?" I yelled leaning against the fence as Tyler came plodding over on the big white horse.
    "Aw, come on, Star, you know I would never give up this big boy, not in a million, trillion years." He said smiling in a way that turned me to a puddle at his feet everytime.
    "How bout we have a race, Ty-ty, ya know for old times sake?"
    " Oh, you are so on!"
    I saddled up Firedust and we were off like the wind.
    do you guys like it?

  2. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2012 9:07pm UTC
    Christmas to
    Chapter One
    Riding was my heart, I'd been riding in rodeos and competitions since I was nine, so with the annual winter horse jumping competition coming to town I was, like always, down at the stables near the far corner of our land next to the big oak tree that I would swing from into the big pond right beside it. Daddy had this stable built the moment he saw that I loved jumping horses, then he spent a ton of money buying me a red stallion colt just for me to grow up and spend time with. Firedust had grown up tall and strong and I did too. His red coat had an orangish blonde tint to it now making me even happier that Firedust was my award winning horse's name.
    My dad's beat up old chevy topped the big hill heading toward the stables while I was running my course jumping my highest hurdles to make sure Firedust was more than ready for winning that competition with me. "Star, is that you?" a tall, tan black haired boy yelled as he climbed out of the bed of old beat up truck. Tyler? Could that really be him? I turned Firedust toward the side gate where the boy was running and rode out right through the stable doors. Climbing from Firedust I put him in his stall and walked out and was tackled into a pile of hay in the corner. "Stargirl!" I looked up into the blue eyes I had missed so much. "Ty-ty," the nickname I gave him coming out in a quiet gasp as I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him as tight as I could..
    My best friend was back. His jet black hair was longer and fell just perfectly across his eyes in the most perfect of ways; his blue eyes shone brighter from his tan face and he blinding white teeth smiled down at me like I've missed for so many years. When he let me up I didn't want to let go but new I had to, only in my dreams could I hold him and never let go. Snow had began falling and a faint layer was beginning to stick to the ground. Tyler was back and this time I wasn't letting him go.
    do you guys like it?

  3. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2012 9:11pm UTC
    Christmas to
    My best friend moved away when we were in seventh grade, so when my mom texted me at school and told me that Tyler was coming down for Christmas to see his brother who lived next door to me now. Tyler was two years older so when he moved at the end of my seventh grade year I was thirteen and a half and he was about to be fifteen.
    I was ending the first semester of my sophmore year so where-ever he was attending school now he was a senior. I was the first friend Tyler made in Oklahoma when he moved here with his mama and daddy after his little sister had heart-breakingly died of cancer the year before. They felt that they needed to start over and moved into the house across the road from my family's seemingly never ending land.
    That was in the summer and we spent days stacked upon days running around the ranch and swimming in the creeks all over my land. But, it was winter now and three years have passed since Tyler moved away. I had no clue whether or not Tyler still had his long jet black hair or if he had dyed it as everyone else seemed to have done. I could only hope my Tyler was still just that, mine.
    do you guys like it?

  4. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2012 8:20am UTC
    Guns shouldn't be banned just because some people are too stupid to use a gun for what is was made for self defense and hunting. I want my kids to be able to shoot guns just like I did from the time I was five. Banning guns won't stop shootings I mean really CRIMINALS BREAK LAWS!!!!! Saying they can't have guns anymore means they'll just do something even worse to keep guns. Hell I've owned my own gun since the time I was ten and my first gun was a shotgun now I own ten that are mine alone and I'm 14 now. I love my guns and my family has a right to bear arms. My great great granny was killed in her own store shot down but I don't hate guns I love 'em even more. Nothing will take my guns away because I know how to safely handle a gun and I'm not scared of anyone pointing a gun at me.
    Don't tread on my gun rights because you wouldn't want me taking any of your riights so dont take any of mine.

  5. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 13, 2012 9:59am UTC
    .•*¨¯¨*•. .•*¨¯¨*•.
    .•*¨¯¨*•.(.....*•-•´ `•-•*.....).•*¨¯¨*•.
    Story of My Life
    I grew up in a tiny town where all I ever knew was the small four miles that was Cottonwater, Mississippi. I'd dreamed for years of escaping that tiny town that I'd lived in since the time I was two. I mean you'd want to escapr too if you knew that the people raising you weren't your parents and that your real parents were two states over still searching for their daughter in Texas. I was raised being told my name is Sara Elise Browning but yesterday on the internet I found a baby picture , a picture that looked exactly like me, but the two year old girl in this picture. Her name wasn't Sara Elise ; her name was Rachel Diamond Acker.
    I found the photo and now I'm planning my escape. I'm going back home.
    .•*¨¯¨*•.(.…..*•-•´ ¸.•*¨¯¨*•..•*¨¯¨*•.¸..`•-•*.….).•*¨¯¨*•.
    `•-•*…..`•.,¸_¸,.•´.…..*•-•´ `•-•*…...`•.,¸_¸,.•´.…..*•-•

  6. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    December 7, 2012 9:59am UTC
    Music was in my life,
    When you weren't.
    Music will now and forever be my boyfriend

  7. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2012 11:49am UTC
    Give me the beat boys and
    I wanna get lost in the Rock&Roll

  8. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    November 9, 2012 11:37am UTC
    Life Sucks
    Pain is all that I've ever known,
    But happiness is what I've
    Always shown.
    No one has ever once cared enough
    to see me as something more than
    A diamond in the rough.
    Cuts, scars all over my wrists.
    Do you like my pictures with a twist.
    You made me put them there.
    My pictures with a twist.
    I made them with a blade pressed against my wrist.
    You with your perfect smile
    and perfect hair.
    Me lost in a world of utter despair.
    While you get to float on a cloud in the air.
    Are you ashamed to know me now?
    That I've told you all my secrets.
    Do you hate me more?
    Now that my imperfections have washed ashore.
    My smile has finally faded,
    My life is finally ending.
    I won't miss you cruel friend,
    But maybe just maybe;
    I'll see you again.

  9. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    November 2, 2012 12:10pm UTC
    Gone but Not Forgotten
    Kara Leigh Darby
    Kara, we miss you. We never will forget how we loved and laughed with you.
    Kara, you were a friend to everyone you ever could've seen but the Lord called you home cause he was ready for you there.
    Kara, we miss you here in our little bitty town we wish you were still around.
    With your smiles and laughs and care free attitude. Why, Kara, you alone put the whole school in a better mood.
    One late party that fateful night ended your life on that short little drive.
    Kara, yes,you are gone from our little bitty town but all I can say is we miss you more than you know.
    Kara, we'll see you again one day but for now we'll wait another day.
    ------ Students of Wesson High------

  10. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    November 2, 2012 11:48am UTC
    A, B, C, D, E, F, G
    GUMMY BEARS are chasing me
    One is RED and one is BLUE
    One is trying to steal my SHOE
    Now I'm running for my LIFE!
    Cuz the RED one has a KNIFE!!!!!!

  11. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2012 11:27am UTC
    Trying to apply make up in the truck while my
    father tries to hit EVERY bump humanly
    possible.....I LOVE YOU TOO DADDY!

  12. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    September 8, 2012 5:10pm UTC
    Chapter 13
    Star's pov
    He thinks I don't notice him, oh if only he knew... vampires are hated more in my pack than any other pack in the world because the older wolves the ones that were around when my parents were kids and my father's parents were the Alphas well my father's parents I never met when my father was 20 years old, this was ten months before he had my mother a clan of vampires attacked the pack borders and killed many of the newborn wolves that was there target until daddy's parents started making them drop like leaves in the fall thats when they focused on his parents there were to many to fight off and they were overpowered so when they died instantly at the scent of a vampire you were just up the creek with out a paddle. Those older wolves drilled it in everyone's mind that vampires derserved no chance at life no right to live, that they were devils, killers, murderers, beasts, demons, just about anything to make you want to kill them, they got in everyone's mind but mine. Yeah, there are some vampires that are exactly what they think but there are some although they are few they exist, they refuse to hunt anything human and most people think they'll recognize a vampire instantly because they sparkle since they read all the Twilight books well, no no... no no no no no, vampires don't sparkle they look just like me and you and only some vampires are sensitive to sun even then it doesn't cause them to burn to ash they just feel intense pain that makes them fear the sun period. I untangled myself from Tyler's arms and went to shower.
    ~ an Hour later ~
    I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I grabbed another towel and started drying my hair, I had rehearsal today with my band. Yes, I have a band be amazed that wolves know how to play instruments to I'm the lead singer and acoustic guitarist while my friend Hinta plays the electric guitar and is the male vocalist in most of the duets while his twin brother Hakkaku plays the drums and then Koga plays keyboard and bass depending on the song we're perfoming but tonight's our last rehearsal before we go on stage as an opening act for Toby Keith so we're more than likely going to be doing a few covers of some country songs like Proud to Be an American and Where the Stars and Stripes and The Eagle Fly since it's a benefit concert for the soldiers overseas and our guests of honor that have middle front row seats are a troop that has recently returned and they're from Toby's hometown and my band has been becoming more and more known because Koga made a video of us and put it on YouTube so yeah, I nearly killed him for that but oh well. I went back into my room and finished getting dressed just as Tyler woke up.
    Tyler's pov
    I opened my eyes just as Star finished pulling on her dark black ruffled shirt that hung off her shoulders just barely. She had on dark midnight blue skinny jeans and black cowboy boots on. She grabbed a brush from her vanity drawer and ran it through her hair causing her wavy blonde locks to flow down her back past her a.ss like a cascading waterfall. It was obvious she hadn't noticed I'd woken up she got a necklace off a small hook screwed in by the mirror and slipped it around her neck and let it hang ontop of her shirt, it was an old golden cross. I silently slipped from bed and snuck up behind her. I was going to try and make her jump but she turned just as I was about to say something and said "Hey Tyler glad you finally decided to stop watchin' me get dressed." I blushed bright red and was about to try and flip my hair into my face to hide the fact that she made me blush when she gently brushed her lips against mine and whispered "I have a secret to tell you,"
    I looked at her and said " And what would that be, love?" She smiled and gently kissed my lips and said " I love You."

  13. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 8:13pm UTC
    Chapter 12
    Star's pov
    He saw my eyes, now fiery red, and burst into laughter holding his sides as he laughed because apperantly this is a man, or rather boy that believes the only place a woman belongs is in the kitchen cooking his food.
    "AWW, Whats the little she b/tch going to do now that I shot up her precios little bed room?" He spat at me as he regained control of his laughter and breath. I snapped my head in his direction, where some of my most loyal pack members hid in the ever green trees ready and more than willing to protect their Alpha if they were needed. I know this pain in the a$$ did NOT just call ME a b/tch.
    "What did you just say?!" I growled, my finger nails already sharpening into claws.
    "Well, I knew you were stupid but I didn't realize you were deaf too." He said turning to walk back to his house to get more ammo but he obviously does not know about my speed, before he could take a step he was pinned against a tree, my claws digging into his neck and my teeth sharpening into my wolf canines, as I snarled and growled "What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me???!!!"
    He spat in my face and yelled "B/tch!"
    Laughing I threw him to the ground.
    "You wanna see a b/tch? Okay, let me show you how much of a b/tch this girl can be!" I said as I lifted hum up and threw him through 10 trees until he slammed to a stop against an 11th. I began laughing, he wants a b/tch, I'll give him one. Walking over to him again he was ready this time pulling a blessed silver blade and slashing across getting my arms and across my stomach. It burned, it burned really bad, but I didn't show it, instead I laughed and said "You cut like a 2 year old, let me show you how it's done." I flipped him again, the knife slipping from his hand and landing in mine, as he flew over my head. I gripped the knife tightly and slowly began advancing toward him, before I had taken three steps, he phased and high tailed it out of there faster than a streak of lightning, his tail, quite literally, between his legs.
    Tyler's pov
    She would kill me if she heard me say this but ddd.aaammmnnn she is sexy when she fights, it has to be said and if you were a guy and witnessing that fight you'd think it too. She came back in and I heard Jasmine freak when she saw her. Her injuries were pretty bad but still Star's calming voice drifted up to me saying " Jasmine go to my room, in the bathroom, under the sink there is a medical kit, bring that to me and I'll tell you how to treat these..." Then there was feet poinding up the stairs and Jasmine walked past into the bathroom and left again with the medical kit in her hand. A few minutes later there was Star's voice again calmly explaing how to clean and treat the wounds as I began cleaning the glass shards up from the floor and furniture. "Are you okay?" that voice I now couldn't live without hearing everyday asked as she walked back into the room.
    I stood up from picking up smaller shards from the floor and said "Yeah, thanks to you." I couldn't help but notice that she was shirtless, bandages wrapped aroung her stomach and arms where blades cut her, her lacy black bra standing out against the white gauze and as hard as it was to do I felt her smile when I did look away.
    "Help me put on a shirt will you? It hurts a lot to move my arms much." She asked as I looked once again into her eyes.
    "Um uh, yeah sure I'll help you..." I stuttered out.
    "There are button down shirts in my closet the they're my daddy's old polos just grab me one of those and help me get it on."
    I nodded and grabbed the shirt and helped her into and with buttoning it up and then she was once again resting in bed curled by me.
    I'm in love with the Alpha and she doesn't notice me...

  14. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 14, 2012 7:43pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  15. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2012 2:48pm UTC
    Chapter 10
    Tyler's p.o.v
    She'd been sleeping for three bloody days, she can dream that I's let her lay down again without kissing me. She. Is. Mine. Not even death will steal her from me. She's all I have. I pulled away a little later but kept her tight in me arms. She smiled up at me and said, "Can I lay down now, Tyler, me head really hurts...". I whimpered quietly hoping she wouldn't hear but of course her super enhanced senses did, she said nothing so I laid back on the mountain of pillows on her bed and pulled the covers up over us. She laid her head on my chest and snuggled against me letting her eyes flutter shut.
    Star's p.o.v
    I snuggled closer to Tyler, my eyes closed to block the light filtering through me window. I may have been asleep three days but I could still hear everything going on around me. Every night I heard crying from Tyler, from Cody, even from the third floor where Devan hid himself away. I'd hear Devan start up his truck every morning and drive away to work, an hour later Cody would do the same while Tyler stayed by my side in the room only leaving to eat and to use the restroom. He's stay and kneel by my bed and pray that I would wake up. These thoughts raced through my mind as I fell asleep again.

  16. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2012 9:37pm UTC
    He finally noticed me!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  17. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 6, 2012 8:23am UTC
    Mr SandMan bring me a dream make it the sexiest Ive ever seen . . Mr Sandman bring me a dream

  18. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2012 4:21pm UTC
    Me playing with my baby cousin Bella
    My mom : Bella who is Anna's favorite boyband?
    Me : Ok Bells who's my favorite singer in 1D?
    Her : Louis!!!
    Mama : whats her fave song?
    Her : ALL OF DEM!!! DUH!!!
    I love this kid!

  19. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2012 8:06pm UTC
    You may be prettier than
    me & Skinnier than
    me but
    chick I out-boob you on
    every level

  20. DeAnnaYoung DeAnnaYoung
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2012 7:45pm UTC
    Rachel : My mouth hurts!!!!!!!
    Me : Come here sissy I'll huggle you better!!
    Rachel : No back away!!!!!
    True story


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