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  1. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    June 16, 2012 12:24pm EDT
    wanna know what sucks? I let people push me off this account. Maybe, I might come back. Jokes on you, B/tches. - T

  2. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    May 20, 2012 7:32pm EDT
    If you
    Have an instagram, Follow me @
    I'll follow back c:

  3. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    April 11, 2012 9:42pm EDT
    I made a new account, It's defe4ted.
    So if you wanna keep intouch with me,
    You can. I'm following back everyone
    that follows me considering I'm following
    no one. ugh, Thanks, btw :D

  4. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 3:44pm EDT
    I might come back to this account but I don't know why. lololololololol

  5. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 17, 2012 9:15pm EST
    Go follow
    He's one of my good friends
    and he's really sweet
    & funny :D

  6. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 14, 2012 3:27pm EST
    I don't get
    valentines day. It's a day when people treat their significant other like a prince/princess, but shouldn't you do that every day? If you really cared about someone or if someone really cared about you, they would treat you like a prince/princess everyday. Not just on valentines day.

  7. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 12, 2012 5:32pm EST
    Mind Games Part 1
    I ran out to my back yard, dashing for the shed. I opened the ugly green doors and pulled out a long light blue and purple surf board. I grabbed my board and ran back into my house. I was careful not to hit anything or make loud noises because everyone was still sleeping. It was about 8 in the morning. I ran out back outside, slowly closing the door. I ran for the beach. I threw my board in the water and i jumped on top of it. The waves were perfect. I did every single trick i knew before i noticed Tayler & Kari in there bathing suits on the beach. There surf boards in there hands. "Didn't your mom ever tell you, No surfing without a buddy!" Tayler screamed as i was coming into shallow water. "I woke up at 7 and i had nothing to do! The waves were perfect!" I tried to scream over the sounds of the crashing waves. "Wheres Des & Becca?" I asked wiping all the sand off of my board. "There getting ready, they should be here any minute" Kari answered. Just as she said that I saw George walking on to the beach. I just stared at him. "Macy, What are you looking at?" Tayler asked. She looked in the direction i was looking in. "oh look, its george" Kari added. "Macys Man!" Tayler screamed. "Shut up, he's not my man, we like each other but thats it!" I said while hitting Tayler on the back of the head. I looked back over at George and he was looking at me. "Hey Macy!" George screamed. "Hey" I screamed back while waving. " I don't know about you guys but im going back in the water" I said cheerfully. I ran back in the water. I was trying to be a bit of a show off just because George was at the beach too. I did all the tricks i knew i was good at, as soon as i did all the ones i remembered i swam back to the beach. Before getting into the shallows i saw Desire` & Kari getting into the water. "Wait for me!" screamed Becca. I looked behind me and I saw Tayler paddling off onto the biggest waves i've seen all morning. I had to get this wave, George had to see. I quickly looked in his direction. He was looking at Tayler. I quickly turned my board and paddled for the wave. I swam threw the tunnel the wave had made. I didn't know Tayler was behind me. "Macy! Watch out!" Tayler screamed. I looked back. Her board hit my ankle. I went flying off my board. what had just happened?
    Fave | Follow | Comment
    Thank you for reading ♥ (sorry it's long, But it's really good, I promise1)

  8. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 12, 2012 12:16pm EST
    This morning I went
    outside in my backyard to take care of my sisters duck and my duck (Lilo and Stitch). When I walked over to their little hut area, They weren't there. I told my sister. We called me mom and she was in the middle of giving them back to the farm we got them from. I never forgot to feed them, We always took care of them and took them out to play. What did we do wrong? We didn't even get to say goodbye. My parents didn't even give us a warning. I'm probably over reacting but I loved them, We've had them since they were babies. This just isn't right. I'm so upset. What did we do? what the hell. fnkdsnfsdnfdnsjgnjdfgfd

  9. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 11, 2012 8:59pm EST
    i'm not good with relationships.

  10. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 11, 2012 6:36pm EST
    I'm not a test,
    You don't have to cheat on me.

  11. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 11, 2012 6:24pm EST
    I don't need you
    ( hold your cursor over this quote)
    h a a z a a h h h ' s f o r m a t

  12. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2012 9:52pm EST
    Fave if you would love if Steve followed you ♥

  13. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2012 7:54pm EST
    Tumblr ~

  14. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2012 7:38pm EST
    Even though
    we broke up a year ago, I still wish you cared like I did. I know I moved on and I'm with someone else who I truly care about, but I wish you cared like I did when we were together, I hope you feel completely heart broken that I'm with someone else and not you. I hope you feel exactly how I did for months. I hope karma comes for you.

  15. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2012 6:58pm EST
    The other day
    Me and my best friend were holding hands. One of the "Popular" kids who thought it was funny to be a rude d//k head decided to scream "Hey, are you two lesbians?" Really? If I want to hold my best friends hand, I freaking will. Just because girls hold other girls hands, Does not mean they're lesbian or bisexual, Anyways, Why would it matter?

  16. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2012 6:28pm EST
    Hey Steve, I'm diggin' the purple :D

  17. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2012 5:18pm EST
    Looking back
    You're just a foolish memory now.

  18. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2012 4:58pm EST
    One cut,
    That's all it takes. One cut to become addicted to something that at any time can take your life. Something that becomes so addictive you think about it all the time, You crave it. You can't get it out of you mind. You need to cut. But what happens when you cut to deep? What happens then? What happens when you didn't want this? When people start finding out? You don't need to cut your skin to release pain.
    Please don't. Put that razor away right now, Because something so little, Could cause some BIG problems.

  19. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2012 4:49pm EST
    second guessing yourself. So what? You'll get one question wrong. It's one time and one question. You are capable of so much. Don't be afraid, You won't regret it ♥

  20. DamnnTaylerx DamnnTaylerx
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2012 4:26pm EST
    If you or anyone you know is on the vurge of suicide,
    Listen to me for 5 minutes. Just take the time to read this, Please.
    Times may be tough and giving looks so easy, Right?
    You leave behind everything and everyone you love.
    What about your parents, Best friend(s) ?
    What about them? You may feel as if
    people don't love you, You're worthless and
    unwanted in the world. You're a giant mass of nothing.
    But you're not. You were here, At this very second
    for a freaking reason. You were put on this earth
    to survive and to show the people that bring you down
    They mean nothing to you and they are a waste of your time.
    Stay strong ♥

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