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Steve · 3 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

melovinglife13 · 9 years ago
ummmm steve is no longer in my life...i cut that cord. did i do it willingly? hell no. did i cry? yes. do i want to prove all those people right? no

blankedyblankXD123 · 9 years ago
thank you stranger<3 glad to know someone out there is happy i'm alive(:

lucyfacex · 9 years ago
Hey there, you faved a jocked quote. You don't have to favorite the original but it would really mean a lot if you unfavorited it, it took a long time to make it.

Here is the original;

Here is the jocked;

Please don't let her steal my work! thanks so much :)

christieinthehouse · 9 years ago
Hey Thank You for Following whatyoudontknowaboutme,
I am sorry to say, because of being hacked, that account will not be used anymore.
But me and my friend, mrsjustinbieber, are going to start up a free website, hacker, and judgement free where gals like you and I, are free to get things off our chest.
For More Info- Check out my profile. Thx- Christieinthehouse (founder of whatyoudontknowaboutme)


ShannonCullen · 9 years ago
thanks for favouriting my doctor who quote ! x :D

HopeOnTheHorizon_x · 9 years ago
Hi there! :D Thanks so much for favoriting my quote! I actually edited it and did another format of it. So I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could fave the new one. THANKS SO MUCH! :D

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