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Confidence looks good on a girl.








  1. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 12, 2012 3:20pm UTC
    Second Chances
    Chapter 4
    That's how I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes, I glanced at the clock. 3:00 AM. Great. Then I noticed someone's hand was on mine. I looked up, and saw Jake sleeping. He had his head rested on the hard wall, his back against it as well. However, his warm hand was still on mine. How cute? I don't deserve someone like him. How could anyone ever be mad at him?
    I tried resting for about another hour and realized it was no use. So, I sat up and stared at the ceiling. Wait. How was I sitting up? I definitely could move more parts of my body, and the neck cast was gone. Progress, I thought. I'm making progress.
    I looked at Jake. He looked so peaceful, and had a smile on his face, which made me smile. At an awful time, though, I let out a nasty cough. I covered my mouth, but it was too late. Jake yawned.
    He opened his hazel eyes and whispered, "Hey gorgeous." Then he glanced at his watch.
    I felt really bad that he had to wake up at 3:00 am especially in such an uncomfortable postion.
    "What's wrong?" He asked.
    "Sorry. It's so early." I said.
    He just smiled.
    "It is early," he spoke. I frowned.
    "But, it gives me more time to see your beautiful face." I couldn't help it. I blushed.
    "I do believe you are blushing, babe." He whispered.
    "Now, I do believe you owe me something for waking me up so early." He whispered again. God, the sound of him just drove me crazy. Butterflies?Check. I cockked my head to the right.
    "What' that?"
    "This." He whispered.
    Then he leaned in, and kissed my forehead. I frowned. Damnit, Jake.
    He laughed.
    "What?" I asked.
    "Oh Nothing." He said.
    I gigled.
    "That's not fair, Jake. I'm your girlfriend, you have to tell me." I whined.
    "You looked so dissapointed." He said.
    "I am not.." I whispered, embarrased. Was it THAT obvious??
    "You are. But it's okay."
    "Plus, it's not like I couldn't kiss you if I wanted to. You're aren't the only one that can kiss me. I can kiss you too." I sassed.
    "If I wanted to." I added quickly.
    This obviously made him annoyed, and he said, "Why, you don't want to?"
    I gigled.
    "Maybe maybe not." I said.
    "Oh." He looked sad, and I suddenly felt bad.
    "Well I do.."
    "Prove it." He raised his eyebrows.
    "Fine." I said without thinking. God, why did i have to be so competitive.??
    But, I made a deal, and so I leaned in to kiss him and when he went to kiss my lips I turned so he only got my cheeck. HAH!
    I laughed.
    "Gotchya." I whispered.
    omg...i never though anyone would read my stories..but you guys are fabulous(:
    keep reading, and ill keep writing.l

  2. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 9, 2012 8:46am UTC
    Second Chances
    Chapter 3
    The nurse opened the door slowly at first. It was as if she wanted me to feel anxious to see him. Which I wasn't. Okay, maybe just a bit. But he was my boyfriend..so I needed to see him. As soon as the door fully opened a male figure stepped inside the pale room. When he laid eyes on me he smiled. Why was he smiling? Didn't I look like an idiot? Well back to the guy. He looked around 5'8, with tan skin and muscular arms.
    "Your mother and I will leave you two alone, " Said the nurse. Nurse Katherine took her hand and led her out to the door, but just as she closed the door I saw my mom wink at me through the little crack . When the door completely shut, my boyfriend stepped closer to me.
    "Hey, Anna." He smiled. Perfect white teeth, perfect silky brown hair, and oh my gosh. His eyes. They were blue. Bluer than my moms, and bluer than anyone I had ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
    "What?" He said self consiously, and his hand moved to his eyes.
    "Come closer" I whispered.
    He looked confused, but then realized that I couldn't move my neck.
    "Kneel down," I said.
    "Okay" He whispered.
    He still had his hand on his eye, and i used my right hand to remove it. As our skin touched I felt electricity. I took his hand and held it, right next to me. I needed him closer.
    This Jake guy was so out of my league.
    "Hi." I said with a smile.
    "Hey gorgeous" He replied.
    He then put both hands on my one hand gently, because there was still IV's in my arm.
    "I like your eyes, Jake." I whispered, remembering my voice was starting to go.
    "I like you." He said softly, just matching my tone.
    He moved a piece of my hair out of my eyes, and cupped his hand under my neck so as not to move the mummy wrap (as I called it). Then he moved closer and closer, until I could smell his cologne. Smelled like cinnamon.
    Then even closer, and closer. His soft perfect lips touched mine, and I swear I could cry. It was amazing. Even though I knew I was in pain, I felt like I was flying.
    He was everything I needed. I felt a connection with him, that no one could break.
    I giggled. He smiled with his mouth closed against my forehead, then kissed it too.
    Jake then moved back into what Looked like an unconfortable position on the tiled floor, so I pointed to a chair.
    "Nah," he said.
    "I'd rather be closer to you." He whispered.
    omg...i never though anyone would read my stories..but you guys are fabulous(:
    keep reading, and ill keep writing.l

  3. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2012 4:30pm UTC
    Anyone else feel old?
    Miley and Liam are engaged...

  4. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 6, 2012 4:12pm UTC
    Second Chances
    Chapter 2
    "..Mom?" I whispered. My voice was becoming more and more hoarse.
    The lady walked over to the hospital bed and rested her cold hand on mine. I could now get a better view of her. She was gorgeous. She had silky brown-auburn hair that she french braided back into one braid. Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled quietly at me. When she did this, I saw a dimple appear on her left cheeck. I smiled back. But..I couldn't remember her. However, I really was curious to why I was wrapped up in a hospital bed.
    "Please tell me what happened." I whispered. "Please."
    Her blue eyes met mine, and she spoke smoothly and calmly. "Anna, you are fifteen. You have brown hair, and blue eyes. JUst like me." She took a shaky breath.
    "You had me drive you to Jake's house. You seemed calm at the time an-"
    I cut her off, "Jake? Is he a friend?"
    My mother stared at me. "No, Anna. He's your boyfriend. He's such a gentleman. You always got this dreamy look across your face when you talked about how he held you. And well, he said you walked up to him. You looked upset, and he leaned in to kiss you an-" I touched my head where it hurt. All of a sudden I had a flash. My head slapped against the cold pavement.
    "And well, you had a heart attack. Being the amazing man Jake is, he carried you back to our house. Of course, he had already called 911."
    Anna? Anna? Anna?I remembered someone's voice drifting off.
    However, I felt like something was wrong. There was something missing in the story.
    "He told me how you fell on the pavement so hard, and you started bleeding. And he was so worried, Anna."
    Then she started to sniffle. I squeezed her hand.
    "Mom, it's okay. Look, I'm okay."
    She smiled again, and I noticed the nurse even tearing up as she sat in the corner of the pale room.
    Then NUrse Katherine spoke," Anna? Would you like to meet Jake?" She said softly.
    "Yes." I whispered.
    Then she opened the door.
    GAHH(: you guys are fabulous. thanks so much:):):):)

  5. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2012 10:26pm UTC
    Second Chances
    Chapter 1
    I opened my eyes. Where was I? What day was it? What was in my arms? I was wearing a paper dress, like one of those you have to wear on your check up at the doctors. A chil ran through my spine. I yawned. Ouch! My cheeck felt as if it was the size of my head itself. Confused, I looked around to my find my phone. I was sitting on what seemed like a hospital bed, in a pale white room, with two chairs. I tried to lift my head to get a better view, but my neck was like a mummy...wrapped several times in a gauz wrap. It hurt even to swallow. Why was I here? I was only in the hospital once, when I got into a car accident with my dad and- I shut out that thought. My heart swelled just to think about it. Because I couldn't use my neck to lift up my head, I used my left hand to search around my left area. I felt a cool, glass table and a smooht screen. Ahah! I grasped my phone. What type of phone was it again? JUst as I was about to slide to open, the wooden door creeked open. "Oh my god, Anna." A woman walked to my hospital bed smiled soflty, and let out a quick tear at the same time. I squinted at her. Was this a nurse? "Hello. Um I'm a bit confused...but if you could, could I have a bit of water? MY throat hurts.. uhh Nurse..." I didn't see a name tag. The lady looked taken back. What did I say?? "I'm sorry. It's just you didn't have a name tag, I didn;t mean to be ru-"
    "Anna. Don't you remember?" Remember what?
    "No..?" I stammered.
    " Do I know you?" Now, the woman sat down on the chair. Then came the tears.
    Next, a new lady came in to the pale room. She had a definite fake smile on her face, and her blonde hair was tied back with a clear elastic band. I squinted to look for a nurse tag on her white uniform.Nurse Katherine.
    "Hello, my name is Nurse Katherine. "
    I looked at her blankly, not exactly sure what to say. In fact, I wasn't sure of basically anything. Now, Nurse Katherine glanced over at the lady quietly sobbing in the wooden chair. Her facial expression softened to a more sympathetic look.
    The lady sniffled and looked up. Nurse katherine took the lady's hand and tried soothing her, but it didn't work.
    "She..doesn't..remember..me.." The woman said in a choppy sentence. The nurse didn't look surprised.
    "I know you?" I whispered?
    The nurse whispered something into the lady's ear and tried coaxing her out the door.
    "No. I won't leave Anna. I can't afford to lose her..I already lost her father." And she was back into histerics.
    "She has been the only thing keeping me alive for the past seven years." She stared down at her hands.
    "Can someone please tell me what's going on?" I said trying to keep calm, but wondering what the lady said about a father?
    Wait a minute...
    Nurse Katherine got up slowly from her wooden chair and took the lady's hand.
    "Anna, this is your mother."
    Feed back? First story..so I would really love some comments. (:
    Thanks so much!

  6. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2012 9:40pm UTC
    Second Chances
    "You cheated." I screamed, as Jake glared into my eyes. "You cheated and you lied." I wiped a tear from my eye. Slowly my heart was breaking. Slowly, but painfully. I started to walk away, but Jake grabbed by arm forcefully. "You're gonna be my girlfriend, Anna, whether you like it or not." I stared at him. His cheeks were red with anger, and he ran his hands through his usually silky oh-so-perfect brown hair. I swallowed. "No, Jake. I'm not." Again, I tried walking away with my head up high. He yanked my arm and through me against the cold pavement. I could hear him gasp. My cheeks burned against the tar, and my eyes were watering. I could feel a slow, trickle of liquid drip down my forehead.
    "..Anna?" I heard Jake whisper.
    Then there was darkness.
    Feed back? First story..so I would really love some comments. (:
    Thanks so much!

  7. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2012 3:52pm UTC
    Maybe dolphins are just

  8. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    June 1, 2012 8:40pm UTC
    I don't understand
    that one person on the rollercoaster,
    that just sits there, quietly,
    while your freaking screaming your head off in terror.
    it's like, "dude,

  9. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2012 4:03pm UTC
    I'm broken.
    Do you hear me?

  10. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2012 3:52pm UTC
    I don't hate you.
    I hate who you've become

  11. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 20, 2012 8:07pm UTC
    Wake up,
    we both need to wake up.

  12. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2012 8:14pm UTC
    You still love her.
    I can see it in your eyes.

  13. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2012 7:53pm UTC
    Ke$ha kind of fell of the face of
    the earth.

  14. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2012 7:37pm UTC
    those moments when you just wanna
    curl up and die cry.

  15. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2012 6:01pm UTC
    I hate being the ugly one
    in my group of friends.

  16. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 16, 2012 7:13pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  17. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 16, 2012 7:07pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  18. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 16, 2012 7:00pm UTC
    ♥ I miss
    the old you ♥

  19. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 15, 2012 8:12am UTC
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    I thought these were two quotes.. NOW LET's GET ON WITH OUR LIVES.
    this is not my format i would put credit but it got deleted so nmq

  20. Crazypianokeyz Crazypianokeyz
    posted a quote
    May 8, 2012 8:11pm UTC
    im not her.


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