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clearlytruthful · 1 decade ago
I cry too

livvie15 · 1 decade ago
i yell for my sister to turn the channel off

sparkleyunicorns7 · 1 decade ago
DONT PUT THEM IN GYMNASTICS IT TAKES YOUR LIFE RUINS YOUR BODY, DESTROYS YOUR BRAIN, BUT YOU CANT LEAVE BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT AND ITS SOOOOOOO ADDICTING ( my mom owns a gym and never gave me the choice and now I'm stuck with the sport for the rest of my life and we have quite the love hate relationship)


chocomickey14 · 1 decade ago
if u could take 5 people from witty to meet who?

...* · 1 decade ago
If you were meant to die, you would've been dead already. Don't do that. Not only will you hurt yourself, but you will hurt the ones who love you. And all those haters are probably just jelly. Don't worry, because If you are ever alone, i will always be here to talk. Trust me, maybe if you talk to someone, you'll feel better. That's what i did. I was once so close to suicide. But talking helps. I promise. Don't ever give up, because then you can never go back.

SayingWhatMeFeel · 1 decade ago
Hey gorgeous, please don't make permanent decision for something that can be temporarily. It gets better. If leaving Witty is what it takes to get rid of some of the pain, then do it. But we will definitely missing out and a wonderful beautiful girl in our Witty family. I hope you don't delete :| But the bigger problem is your life, you may not think that your life is precious but it is, You're NOT alone and I would honestly cry if you do go through with this. Everyone is going to try to bring you down but you can't let them. One day you'll be able to smile at the haters because you've been able to rise above and overcome them :) If you need to talk I'm always here. I promise.:)

AmbersWittyProfile · 1 decade ago
heeey beautiful don't do anything you'll regret,think about me..ill miss you and your quotes,your mom will miss you. your mum will miss you,think about what your going to leave behind,forget the haters thing about your family.think about starting a family when your older with him<3 you don't wanna miss out on that,if you ever need to talk to anyone even just to rant don't hold it all inside ill always be here for you x

peacegirl270 · 1 decade ago
if u r going to kill urself plz dont. u are special and god put u on this earth for a reason. if u just mean that you are deleting ur account u can go ahead and do that but plz dont hurt urself. just remember to hold ur head up high and not to allow the haters to get to. :)


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