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Sooo... Hiya. :)

We are Evie and Bethany and this is our story writing account. We haven't actually been online since last generation witty, and I (Bethany) want to change that. So I'm going to try to get Evie back online, and writing again.
I really miss using this account and it took quite a few tries to get the right password.
We wrote 2 and a half stories on this account. Waking Up In Vegas (mine), Revenge (Evie's) and our joint story that we never finished - Some Things Shouldn't Be Written Down. Obviously, we wont be finishing Some Things Wont Be Written Down - so here's how it ends.
Moth and Xavier end up together, Moth gets pregnant and Kate and her never speak again. Ta-Da!
So we are both fans of Sleeping With Sirens, and I want you to check out their new Halloween song - Dead Walker Texas Ranger. It's amazing.

YES. I got Evie back on, yo! I messaged her to look at the new presentation and she was like OMG yes yes yes yes yes! I was like YEA BIATCH. So woo. :) We're back. Evie made our lovely profile picture of recent pictures. Woo. :)
Also - follow me on tumblr; tumblr.com/bethykinz

Soon, we'll have stories up - one from the both of us, but until then, GIVE US IDEAS. We have no ideas so far. I NEED IDEAS, YO! Siiighhhhh. PFftttt..
I'm writing a story on my main account but I don't even know where to go with that. Suicide? Nahh... Um, so in my story, Tyn's dead - which is pretty sad. He's awesome. And they just a had a funeral and it's going through memories and crap - but I might just end it with like, 2017. I'm standing here on the aniversary of my brother's death. Not just his death-day anymore. But my wedding day. Yes - I found a guy; how lucky, huh? I wish Kels was here; I guess Tyn's death hit her harder than she let on..

Yeah - that's all I got for the Epilogue of that. You see, when you get writers block, you're meant to just write something different for a while - to get your creative juices flowing; that's what Living In The BackStreets is supposed to be - but it's not helping me write The Girl Who Lost Her Way whatsoever. I still don't know what to do. I mean, Bella's in the Army Base; she's found Riley once - and just let him walk away. WHAT TO DO?

I might stop writing this now. I mean, this isn't much of a presentation - more of just a general rambling.

We love you guys. <3

-Bethany &+ Evie

  1. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    October 30, 2012 12:54pm UTC
    The voice on the tape
    C h i l d i s h m i n d s
    Connor walks up the steps of the front porch. Out the front are two lawn chairs; each occupied by a blond woman and a brunette. Molly and Marla. They're twins and the owners of the orphange Connor lives in. They give him faltering but warm smiles as they see him - but he knows they don't mean them. The last time he tried running away was only last week and he had been caught by the police quick enough. One day though, he will make it out - that's his goal.
    "Oh!" Molly says as she pulls out the hair tie that holds back her wavey blond hair. "Connor, while you were at school, the postman came - he delivered a parcel for you; it's in the office." Her voice is posh; stereotypical english too. Guess that was the way she was raised. "Let yourself in. It's a brown parcel with your name on it."
    Connor nods, memorising the information he was just given.
    "Thanks," he says, nodding. His flippy black hair falls into his eyes and he carefully moves it out of the way with his finger tips. To get away from them, he quickly turns the door knob and lets himself inside.
    He's greeted by a long blue-wallpapered corridor and a small black girl thundering down the stairs. She's squealing about her teddy bear and Connor automatically knows that one of the other kids has hidden it again. Shrugging it off, he walks into the first room on the right - the office.
    It's a cream room with two simple desks pushed up against the walls. There are a few filing cabnits and pictures hanging on the wall. He rarely gets to come in here, so he takes the oppertunity.
    Within seconds he's sitting at the closest desk on the logged on laptop. He runs through the settings, finds the wifi password and jots it down on his arm. After changing this thursday's dinner scheldule from Indian to pizza, he comes out of the settings and leaves the laptop how it was found.
    He pulls down his long grey sleeve until it goes over his hand and stands up. The parcel is on the end of the desk by the door, so he picks it up on his way out.
    "Connor!" His name is cried as he exits the room. The little black girl is running down the corridor to meet him, squealing his name. "Connor, David's stolen my teddy bear!" Connor looks down at Julia, her wide brown eyes pleading with him.
    "Uh, yeah," Connor stumbles over his words. He places the parcel down on the little table by the door and follows Julia into the living room. This room isn't a full as usual; probably because school only ended twenty minutes and Connor ditched last lesson.
    "There!" Julia cries.
    "I didn't take anything!" David screams back from behind the sofa. David's about ten, with short brown hair and dull blue eyes. He's a liar and a bully - Connor knows this. David was abandoned when he was seven - probably because of his attitude - and has spent the past three years picking on whatever kids are younger than him.
    "Yes you did!" Julia cries. Children. Such babies sometimes, Connor thinks. With their childish minds.
    "I don't care if you did or not," Connor says slowly, his sixteen year-old mind working quickly. "If you did, give it back before I hurt you. If you didn't, stand up, let me search you and all of your hiding places and I'll believe you." David's silent for a few seconds. Slowly, he emerges from behind the sofa. In one movement, he throws a small teddy bear with only three limbs at Julia and runs out the door. Julia hugs the bear tightly, before hugging Connor's leg.
    "Thank you, Connor!" She says happily before skipping out of the room - probably going to go resume her weekly tea-party. Connor follows her down the hall and back to the parcel. He picks it up and walks upstairs.
    His bedroom isn't just his. He shares it with three other guys. It's a dark blue room with two bunk beds. He moves and sits on the bed, placing the parcel on his knees. Ripping off the paper, he finds a shoebox.
    "I didn't order any shoes," he says quietly, opening the shoebox. Inside are an asortment of tapes - at least twenty of them. "What the f...?" He trails off. He picks up a tape and twists it around in his fingers. It's numbered in yellow nail varnish. This one is four and five.
    "What's a f?" Julia asks suddenly, peeping around the door. Connor jumps up, spilling the box of tapes on the floor.
    "Shh...!" He stops himself as he looks at her.
    "And a sh?" Julia adds.
    "N- nothing, Julia," Connor says, shaking his head and kneeling down to pick up the tapes.
    So, hello :) I'm now writing three stories at one time - not on this account of course. But on separate ones. Hopefully will be getting up a chapter a night. :) I want to know if this sounds good or not... I guess I'm running out of good ideas. Thanks. -Bethany.
    [ Comment to be notified for next chapter! ]

  2. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    October 28, 2012 2:34pm UTC
    Wow, it's been 126.8 days
    since Evie or I have been on this account. I've written 2.5 stories on other accounts since then. Wow. I miss this account. Considering starting another story on here.
    Look up our other accounts: NotCaringAnymore, SweatBandit, Screaming.

  3. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    June 4, 2012 12:30pm UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Mothinia's Journal - Chapter Ten - Diary Entry Five
    28th October, 10:50am
    29th October, 3:54am
    What is wrong with me? I'm horrible. I'm disgusting. I have to leave. Dissapear. I have to go find Xavier and do that again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
    No, no no no no nooo...
    I did NOT do that last night. I didn't even consider it.
    I went to the concert last night. I'm 16 now. I went with Xavier, James and Tessa.
    I did something really stupid.
    Xavier's Book-Like-Thing - Chapter Ten Cont. - Entry One
    28th of October, 8am
    My God. Did I just do that? Did I really do that?
    I'm dating Kate. I shouldn't be doing anything with anyone else - especially Moth.
    But I want to go back. I want to go to her house and do it again. But we can't. It's wrong.
    Anyway, this is my book...Moth is doing one, so is Kate.
    Kate's my girlfriend... we don't exactly suit and she's really peeved with me at the moment for not going to her sweet 16, but I think we'll be back on track sooner or later... maybe.
    Moth is my best friend, we have since we were little. And I... I don't know how I feel about her. All I know is that last night, I messed up what I had with the both of them.
    I kissed Moth.
    Mothinia's Journel - Chapter Ten Cont. - Entry Eleven
    29th of October, 9:00am
    I kissed Xavier. There I said it. There's no way around it now. I kissed him and I liked it and I want to do it again.
    Arr, what's wrong with me? He's dating Kate. KATE. Not me.
    But I want him to- No, no I don't. Well... I sorta do-No. Nooooooooo.
    Fxxk it. I'm going to his house.
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

  4. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 15, 2012 1:21pm UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Mothinia's Journal - Chapter Nine - Diary Entry Five
    28th October, 8:00am
    Dear Diary,
    Yay! It's my party today! This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life. I really hope it goes to plan. Mothy came round last night (as I mentioned in my last entry). She told me about how much this concert meant to her and I knew I couldn't stay mad at her forever. She'd been waiting for this conncert as long as I've been waiting for my party. Lets just say I've...half forgiven her.
    29th October, 9:00am
    Dear Diary,
    My party was AMAZING! There are no words to...ugh I can't even finish my sentence. My party was at a fancy hotel on the wealthier side of town and I had persuaded my parents to let the party go un-chaperoned. Haha, is that even a word? Anyway everyone I invited came. Well, apart from Mothy and Xav but I didn't let that ruin my day. Ugh but the DJ did cancel at last minute. Luckily this guy from school I invited, um I can't remember his name, anyway his brother happens to be a DJ and he happily filled in at last minute. That reminds me, I must thank the guy for asking his brother to come. Haha my hero =P I probably shouldn't tell Xavier though. He's kinda the jealous type well, actually i can't judge 'cause so am I. I going round Mothy's house later. She said she and Xav wanted to make it up for me. I'm not too sure what that means...but I guess I'll have to find out. oh and it was also Mothy's birthday yesterday.
    Just about to leave. Sigh. I know everything will be fine but I can't help but wonder. Ya, know? Can I even trust them now? They lied to me. I'll just have to hope they don't do it again...but is that enough? Ugh...I just don't understand. I guess I just need to hear their side of the story before I can judge. And that's what today is about. Getting answers. (and also Mothy's birthday)
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

  5. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 9, 2012 12:52pm UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Mothinia's Journal - Chapter Eight - Diary Entry Four
    26th October, 10:00am
    God I'm nervous. Nervous Moth. That's what they'll call me. Nervous Moth, The Most Nervous Girl On Earth. I'll walk down the street and little kids will point at me, tugging on their Mother's arms. Their Mother's will rush them past me as quickly as they can - not wanting to find out if the nervousness is contagious.
    I guess I'm not making much sense here, but I can explain... ish. Today is Kate's birthday. I haven't spoken to her in days, neither has Xavier. Xavier's been round my house basically nonstop. He only leaves to tell his Mum that he's staying here, and to get clothes. We both got Kate presents - me, one. Xavier, like 7 billion, but I doubt she'll except them - or us. ARGGHH...
    I don't know what to do. Xavier only just got back here. He left hours ago for Kate's, he didn't take all of the presents he bought though - only the ones he thought she'd like best. I am actually sitting here right now, eating a bar of Dairy Milk that was supposed to be one of her presents... too bad.
    Okay, so I went to the toilet, and came back to find Xavier reading my journal. Respecting privacy, yeah right. He was cracking up at something I wrote... I'm just afraid that he read something I didn't want him to... RAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Xavier just jacked my journal. He can't keep still. Kate turned him down when he turned up at her house... he had planned everything. Booked an expensive resturaunt, rented all of her favourite films, even rented a limo for her. He had planned everything...
    I'm going to go to Kate's house... maybe she'll let me talk to her. I bought her the silver chain bracelet she's been wanting forever... so she might let me in. Xavier's still here. I ripped out the back pages of the journal and gave them to him. He drew on them for about an hour, then Dory came downstairs. So now they're both sitting on the floor in front of The Incredibles, colouring in pictures of Disney Princesses.
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

  6. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2012 8:43am UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Kate's Diary - Chapter 7 - Diary entry 4
    26th October, 8:00
    Happy Birthday to me! It's my sixteenth birthday! Six. Teen. Whoo! Whoops just got shouted at by mum. Apparently it's too early to be shouting "Whoo!".
    I know my party is in two days but still it's my birthday. I'm going to the town centre with Mothy and Xa...maybe not. We haven't really spoke since the other day. Oh well, I don't need them to have fun. I just invite some of the girls round. Maybe I could call Melissa and Jasmine? It seems like ages since I last spoke to them
    Just called the girls. They'll be here in half an hour. Oh the doorbell just rang. One second....
    It was Xavier. He had come bearing gifts so I had to let him in. He was telling me he was sorry and that he wanted to take me out today. Ya know, since it's my birthday? I said no. I told him it was because the girls were coming round but I could've easily cancelled. The real reason is because I can't let him think that he can walk all over me, make me cry, and then just buy me expensive gifts and take me out to dinner and then expect everything to be okay.
    The girls have been here all day! They've just gone home to get changed. We're going out to dinner at a resturant later. Seriously another knock at the door? It can't be the girls because they only just left...I just looked out the window. It's Mothy. What am I supposed to say to her? Nothing. I just told mum to tell her that I'm not here....
    "I know she's here. I just saw her look through the window."
    O, oh they're footsteps on the stairs. It's Mothy. I have to go....
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

  7. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 6, 2012 4:00am UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Kate's Mothinia's Journel - Chapter 6 - Diary entry 3
    21st October, 11:56
    Well that didn't go well...she practically yelled. The rest of the people in COSTA stared...It sorta went:
    "I won't be at your party"
    "Neither will Xav"
    "I'm sorry"
    So... she didn't take it very well...maybe I shouldn't go to the concert...no,I will go. I've been wanting this. She said she was going to ask Xavier if its true...no doubt he'll confirm what I said.
    Between me and you...journel I've never thought of myself as being particulary close to Kate. I was best friends with Xavier and he started dating her and he refused to let either one of us leave his life. So, me and Kate, I think we just kept it going - for Xavier. I mean, I love the guy, he's my best friend. And the way Kate loves him - it's more of a I-wanna-get-in-your-pants way. And they've been dating for what... years. I can't tell him that we're not really best friends, it'll crush him, then he'll have to go around chosing. And when deciding over the best friend, or the girlfriend - the girlfriend comes our on top. Always. So, to keep him around, I have to keep Kate around. I mean, she's not all that bad sometimes - but she's just so girly. It irks me.
    22nd October 4:09pm
    Not long til my birthday now. Mines on the 28th of October, Kate's is on the 26th. But I'm skyed. Six days to go. SIX! Which means SIX DAYS TIL LOSTPROPHETS. Xavier's been around my house all day - while getting continous angry texts from Kate. He's actually around my house right now, he knows I write in this thing - but I don't let him see anything I don't want him to. He respects that. I think. Yes, he just said he respects it. The truth. Ahhh, he's alright really. He's just gone to get Captain America: The First Avenger from the DVD rack. It's one of my favourite films. Especially at the end when Nick Fury goes "Are you alright?" And Steve goes; "Yeah, I had a date." Or something like that... I don't know the exact words, but it gets me every time. He's also gone to get popcorn. The radio's on in the kitchen, and Adele's song Set Fire To The Rain has come on. Xavier isn't a big fan of the song, so every time he hears it he has to sing along. really, he's not a bad singer - but his impression of Adele is hilarious. It's like a dying cat.
    Xavier's still here. It's amazing really. Kate's really angry, but she'll move on. We've also watch Thor and the first Iron Man. I love superhero films - but only Marvel. He's probably going to end up sleep round like usual. My parents just gave up on telling him to go home - they gave up years ago, he never does it. Instead, he curls up on the sofa even more, and put the bowl of popcorn on his lap - ignoring them. Right now, he's asleep next to me on the sofa. I'm actually on his lap, but it's fine. We never do this in front of Kate though, she goes beserk. She never accuses him of anything though - she trusts him too much. He could be an international playboy, and she wouldn't believe it - just say it's someone who looks similar. I think she trusts too much.
    I was going to keep writing, but Shane came in with Dory. She was crying because of a nightmare, and he couldn't stop her. Dory's only six, and her name's actually Montana, but she has a thing about that Disney film Finding Nemo.
    I have a big family, really. Me, Dory, Shane - who's nineteen, Jason - who's eighteen, and then my little brother Danny - who's four. Big family. Then there's Xavier. He's literally a part of my family. He's stayed here enough. Everyone knows him well enough. Okay, he's waking up. I should go.
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter. Sorry it's taken so long.

  8. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 4, 2012 1:46pm UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Kate's Diary - Chapter Five - Diary Entry 3
    21st October 9:00am
    Dear Diary,
    Really nervous. I'm about to go meet Mothy at COSTA. What on Earth can this be about. It sounds really important. Got to go meet her now...
    Just got home and I'm so mad at Mothy. No wait, Mothy and Xavier. It turns out she wasn't feeling guilty because she was thinking about going to that concert. No, she was feeling guilty because she is going. With Xavier! Sigh, I suppose I better go talk to my boyfriend.
    I just got off the phone with him and he confirmed what Mothy said. They're leaving me on one of the most important times of my life to go to a concert. Don't call me over dramatic because I'm not. This is the party I've been planning all my life and I have always pictured my two best friends by my side. I never pictured me spending the whole of my birthday party wondering whether my two friends are having a better time than me at a concert. The band they're going to see aren't even that good.
    I need to make them jealous. Make them feel guilty and regret never coming to my party. Trust me; what I have planned is going to make them regret this for the rest of their lives.
    Haha. Oh wow, I sound like one of those evil villians from Disney films.
    I just told Dad everything that happened and he gave me the 'I told you so' look. He still thinks I should break up with him. What if he's right? No, I love Xavier. Guys make mistakes too right? I just can't believe they did this. Behind my back!
    I have to go finish party planning... Bye!
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter. Also, last chapter, it was put up as number three. But it wasnt. Sorry!

  9. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 3, 2012 11:59am UTC
    Some Things Shouldn't be Written Down
    Mothinia's Journal - Chapter Three - Diary Entry Two
    20th October 10:20am
    Whoa. Best day ever - I guess. Now, besides being Kate's boyfriend, Xavier is also my best friend in the entire world - expect for Kate of course... oh who am I kidding? Xavier is a billion times closer to me than Kate. Now, he knew my little... obsession with Lostprophets, and being that totally awesome best friend I know he is - he gave me tickets. He. Gave. Me. Tickets. Me. Now, how many tickets? I hear you cry. Well, he gave me four. Four. Four tickets to Lostprophets. I wouldn't stop hugging him for aggesss.
    But there's a little snag in the idea. Kate's party. It's on my birthday. The concert. It's on my birthday. At the same time... and Xavier's coming with me to the party... instead of Kate's birthday party. I'm a terrible friend. I'm a terrible, terrible friend. He gave them to me about an hour ago now - so I remember it well. And he just handed me the tickets. He said "Hey, you know you love Lostprophets?" And I expected him to give me a poster, like he usually does. But instead he held out the tickets, saying "Happy early birthday, bubs." 'Bubs' is his name for me. He says that or 'bubba'. We didn't realise for another 10 minutes about the clashing dates.
    We had decided to keep it quiet - act like we were really excited for the party, and hope for her to believe it.
    Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Come on, I would never be that excited - we seemed kind of... full on. God, we were too excited, she was getting suspicious. Maybe I should phone her... myabe I should phone her after I've eaten. Why mess up on an empty stomach?
    So, I told her I need to speak to her tomorrow... why did I do that? Idiot. I could have said it over the phone and not have recieved her... girly wrath. I mean, I could start a... female dog fight... I'm not gonna swear. I only swear when I'm angry. But she isn't that good in a fight anyway - I could win...
    21st October 9:30am
    Okay... I'm waiting in COSTA for Kate. Scared. Very scared. She'll be here soon. I know it...
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

  10. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2012 2:33pm UTC
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    Format by twilightgirl995
    I shook with cold as I started my walk home from my friends house. The dark, cold, damp alley was alive in the night. Street lights flickered as a dog howled in the distance. Although it was deserted I felt something watching me. What should I do?
    My breathing quickened and it felt as if me heart was going to burst out of my chest. I started speed walking, telling myself that it was just my imagination and that nothing was wrong but deep down I knew it was a lie. I started hearing footsteps coming from all directions. The birds, who before, were just sat quietly, jumped up and flew away. The wind howled as if it felt my fear. Shaking with fear, I hoped my feet would be able to carry me home. Shadows grew longer as the creature creating it grew closer. A small "eek" esacaped my mouth. I tried to run but my body froze in fear. I never realised it was my last night on earth
    This was just a short story i wrote in English and thought you might like it
    Format by twilightgirl995

  11. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2012 12:58pm UTC
    SomeThings Shouldn't be Written Down
    Kate's Diary - Chapter 3 - Diary entry 2
    October 20th 3:00pm
    Dear Diary,
    All of today Mothy and Xavier have been helping me put the finishing touches on my party planning. It's going to be epic! I can see it now; the whole school talking about it on Monday. I won't be the sad lonely girl then. I'll be the girl who throws the best parties.
    I becoming suspicous of Mothy and Xavier. They both seemed to throw themselves whole-heartedly into the planning, which so isn't like them. Xav even helped make decorations! I think they're up to something because they looked kind of...well...guilty but I'm being ridiculous right? I hope so. I can't handle a problem of any kind right now.
    I'm very grateful to Mothy right now because, even though she's hiding something from me, she's skipping a concert with her favourite band Lostprophets to come to my party. Maybe the guilty look on her face was because she'd rather be at the concert but I hope not. I've been planning this party since I was little and Mothy knows that.
    I've just ran upstairs crying. Me and dad were sat at the table eating our food when he randomly brought up Xavier. He was telling me that he's a no good waste of space and then he told me that he wanted me to break up with him! I love them both so much. I can't let Xavier go but I can't upset my dad. What should I do?
    Just had a phone call from Mothy. She sounded really guilty again and said she needed to talk in person tomorrow. I really hope it's not something bad...
    -By Bethany and Evie
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote which chapter. Also, sorry for the wait... we need to be on at the same time to post.

  12. Bethie Bethie
    posted a quote
    April 29, 2012 2:00pm UTC
    SomeThings Shouldn't be Written Down
    Mothinia's Journal - Chapter Two - Diary Entry One
    19th October 2:04pm
    Okay Diary, okay...
    So, Kate - she told me how she's writing a diary. So, she gave me this book and told me "Hey, you should try it!" So, here I am... writing a journal... not a diary. A journal. Journal. Diaries are for girly girls. Journals are for actual girls who have. A. Life... Not that Kate doesn't have a life - sometimes she has too much of a life... you know what I mean...
    Anyway, I. Can't. Wait. It's gonna be my birthday. I love birthdays. But, not for the reason of parties - I don't have parties. But, I'm looking forward to it because it's my sixteenth. Sixteen years old. Six. Teen. Sixteen. But then, there's things that I hoped for a bit more...
    On my birthday, there's a concert. No, not just a concert - the concert. The most amazing concert with the most amazing band known to man - or at least, known to their fans. Lostprophets. The Lostprophets. In Nottingham. Lostprophets in Nottingham. Lostprophets in Rock City, Nittingham. I know I'm putting alot of emphasis on this, but It. Is. Amazing. But then there's the fact that I don't have tickets... and they're sold out.
    But, back to Kate. I mean, how are we friend? How is that possible? Have you never seen her... book? Books don't have eyes... but she, she's a blond with blue eyes. She's a ahppy, perky girl. Then... me. Seriously, I was a blond. When I was younger. Now, I have black hair, and green eyes with amazing black rims. I guess I'm just unique. We're opposites erally. Like how she didn't even know who Lostprophets were when I told her, and then when I got her to look them up, she happened to land on We Are Godzilla You Are Japan - so that wasn't a great start. Anyway, my older brother Shane is gonna go get his first tattoo, and he wants me to come along.
    Well, that was eventful. Shane got his tattoo, it's really cool. He got the word 'YoungForever' on the inside of his right wrist... but I don't know why...
    I just got a phone call from Kate - it was one of our shorter ones. She's syked about her birthday on the 26th. Mine is two days after hers... which is cool, I guess. I don't like parties anymore, but she seems to love them. And, so, as we grew up, we grew apart slightly, so I'm gonna help plan it... wish me luck.
    -Bethany and Evie.
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  13. Bethie Bethie
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    April 29, 2012 8:25am UTC
    SomeThings Shouldn't be Written Down
    Kate's Diary - Chapter One - Diary Entry One
    19th October 2:00pm
    Dear Diary,
    It's my birthday in a week's time! We've been planning my party all day. By 'we', I mean me and Mothy. I was surprised that she wanted to help me. She doesn't strike me as a party girl. Maybe she's finally becoming like the rest of us and not be that gothy-emo kind of person. She always has been a little bit different. No on really understands why I hang out with her but no one erally understands me as well as she does - except from Xavier of course.
    When my mother died, Mothy was there for me, but that's probably because she knows how it feels. To have part of your heart ripped out. Understanding that they're never coming back is the hardest part. You feel like you're completely on your own, like no one knows what you're going through - but Mothy and Xavier were there for me.
    My boyfriend, Xavier, is amazing. He's sweet, charming and of course - faithful. I could trust him with my life.
    The Monday after my party is the first day back at school and I refuse to be the sad, lonely girl who lost a parent anymore. No, I'll get back to the me I was before. The happy me and when I'm asked if I'm okay, I'll say yes, no matter how much of a lie it is. Because, let's be honest, when people are "Are you okay?" or "How are you?" they don't actually want a truthful answer, they just want to hear the words "I'm fine". So that's what I'll tell them.
    Xavier is supposed to be coming round in a few minutes to beet my parent's dad for the first time. I'm not sure why I wrote parents. I should be over her death by now right?
    Xavier met my dad tonight. It didn't go down well. He doesn't approve of him and thinks he's too... out there for me. We had a fight. A big fight. Out relationship has been so... tense since she died. Everything in my life comes back to my mother! I need to start fresh. Think optimistic. Think about the party.
    Okay, so I'm planning on having my party at a country club. You know, all girly. Not sure whether Moth is going to like that - or Xavier - but it's my party so what the hey? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
    -Bethany and Evie.
    Please fave, comment and follow. If you comment you get an automatic update of the next chapter! This is our collab story so we're not going to say who wrote what chapter.

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    April 28, 2012 3:56pm UTC
    Chapter #7
    Because Of You Sequel
    Final Chapter
    The train of the dress followed me down the aisle, threatening to trip me up. The stiletto heels made my feet throb in pain and I had to fight with my dress to keep breathing. I tried to focus on the man stood in front on me, his eyes full of love and devotion. I kept telling myself I felt the same way about him but deep down I knew it wasn’t true.
    I kept my feet moving forward and when I finally reached him, I had persuaded my self that I was doing the right thing. Taking a deep breath, I placed a bright smile on face and stared straight into his eyes. He took my hand and slowly brought it up to his lips. The priest began,
    “Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here to join together this man and this woman in Matrimony…”
    I couldn’t care for the speech, so I just stood there thinking about Charles, the man who I was about to marry. His eyes glistened in the sun that shone through the church windows. I looked towards the window behind Charles. Back there was a cemetery. The cemetery where my daughters were buried.
    “Wilt thou have this man to be thy wedded husband? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honour, and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as you both shall live?”
    I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. “I do”
    I went pale. What had I done? There was clapping and cheering as Charles pressed his mouth against mine. No! His sweaty hand grasped mine. We walked together back down the hell with my stomach taunting me, wanting to be sick. Luckily it held till we were outside away from people. I put my bare back against the cold wall with Charles staring on in horror and desperation to help me.
    “Sara, are you okay?” although his voice was soft and caring it made my stomach churn. I turned just in time to stop myself from throwing up on him.
    After I had finished spewing my guts, he picked me up bride style.
    “Put. Me. Down” I snarled. He looked shocked but I didn’t care I just ran – well as best I could in high heels and a massive dress- to the graves of my daughters. Tears ruined my make up and my dress was now covered in mud. Charles had ran after me. The biggest mistake of his life. I reached inside my dress to my thigh, where I permanently kept a gun. I pulled it out and before I could begin to let common sense and sanity take over, I pulled the trigger. His body fell to ground. I knew he was dead. Police sirens rang and somehow I knew they were for me.
    “Put the gun down!” I dropped it not caring what happened to me now because I finally had what I had been needing; closure and Revenge.
    Feedback? This was the final chapter people!
    Format by twilightgirl995

  15. Bethie Bethie
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    April 28, 2012 3:29pm UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentyseven
    I walked down the isle, my arm wrapped around Cal's. He was let out for this; this special day of mine. I was wearing a long, strapless white gown and gathered at the waist and flowed down from there. Behind me, Marrisa, Tessa and Claire followed wearing strapless lavender dresses, with flowers in their platnuim blond hair. My dirty blond hair was straightened, and parted at the back so it came over my shoulders to the front. I had a veil that was attached to my hair with a small tiara and flowed down my back. Cal was also dressed formally, which was something I had never seen before. He wore a black tux, and I could just about see the rainbow friendship bracelet I had given him age seven. It was only then that I realised the matching one had been around my wrist since I left Ohio the first time, and was still there now. He kept flipping his dirty blond hair to the side, so it looked like he was having a seizure.
    He was smiling at me, and I couldn't help but smile back. This was my best friend; my brother, walking me inbetween these rows of chairs. Each chair was taken by another face, another body. A quick sweep helped me see familiar faces; Jacob West, Alex - an owner of the bar, and others. I could see a few guards stationed around; watching Cal - they wern't going to let him escape, but he wasn't here for that. He was here to be with me on this day.
    We reached the alter, where my groom was standing in another black tux. His sea green eyes shon with happiness and longing; it had been a year since it was first official - a year since I ran away. Cal kissed my cheek, and I smiled gratefully at him, for being there, for staying with me. He went to his seat, and I took my groom's hand. The priest looked around the audience.
    "We are gathered here today, on this beautiful beach, to to witness the union between these two people," the priest said. I zoned out of what he was saying for a few minutes, and focused on my groom.
    "Now, do you, Theodora Maria Guest, taking Gale Anderson, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?" The preist asked. I stared straight at Gale, smiling.
    "I do," I said.
    "And do you, Gale James Anderso-"
    "Of course I do, I wouldn't be here if I didn't," he grinned at me, and I heard a laugh ripple through the crowd. We were handed the rings, and we both slipped them onto eachother's left hand's ring finger.
    "By the power in me, and the power of the United States of America, I pronounce you husband and wife," I heard. "You may kiss the bride."
    Gale's lips were immedietely on mine, his hands on my waist, feeling me through the dress. I placed my hands on his neck, kissing him back.
    I was eighteen years old, he was nineteen. We were married, after exactly a year of being engaged - and I loved no one more.
    I woke up in Vegas, and ended up married.
    And that, that is the end of my story! I'm happy with the ending, and I hope you are too. Now, don't go thinking you'll hear no more of me, the collab story between me and Evie will be out soon!

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    April 28, 2012 2:14pm UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentysix
    I stared up at Theo.
    "I know we were married before, but this time, we could do it right," I said. My arms were out-streched, holding up the small box. I had thought carefully about this since I went to see Cal in jail. I had decided that if it was true, I would ask her myself and then propose - I would just have to hope she would say yes.
    When I left jail, I walked around the shops for a while. I saw a jewellers and walked inside, staring at each of the rings in turn. I knew it was what I wanted, but I had to find the perfect one. My finger traced along the glass, and I saw that other men were doing the same thing with rings and necklaces. I went along the long counter, looking at every single ring. I stopped when I came across a silver ring, with a diamond in the middle. I could see Theo wearing it. It would be perfect. I looked up as a man walked past, behind the counter.
    "Can I see this ring?" I asked him. He wore a tux, and his hair was short and gelled. He used a key to open the case, reached inside I lifted the ring outside. I tuned out as he told me about the amount it's worth, and how old it was - I just knew that Theo should wear this on her finger.
    "How much?" I asked after he finish describing the ring. He tilted the ring around in his fingers, studying it.
    "Eight," he said, matter-of-factly.
    "Eight-thousand?" I asked, my hopes dying.
    "No, eight-hundred. Usually this ring would be worth a little more, but there is a sale going on today," I gestured vaugely over to a small poster that I had missed.
    "Eight-hundred, deal." I said, pulling out my wallet. I pulled out my American Express, and passed it to the man. He put the ring into a small bag, stapled it, and then put my card into a machine. Maybe it wasn't a full three months salary - but I don't make a salary, I partly own a bar. I pressed my pin into the machine, and it took eight-thousand dollars from my account. I felt a bit empty with that, but I didn't mind - I was about to be engaged... hopefully.
    Theo looked down at me, as I kneeled before her with the ring in her reach. She nodded slightly - I would've missed it if I wasn't staring right at her. A smile pressed across her face.
    "Yeah- yes," she said, her voice quiet. It slowly got louder. "Yes, yes, yes!" She said, smiling widely at me. She lunged into a hug, and I wrapped my arms around her. Yes, we'd only known eachother for three weeks tops, but if Ross from Friends could marry Emily after six weeks - why can't we marry after three? Besides, the wedding didn't have to be immedite.
    She pulled away, and I took her left hand. I slid the ring onto her finger, and stared at it. When I went to look at her face, I saw her staring at it in awe.
    "I love you Theo," I said. I felt exactly the same as I did when I was in the police station - like she would never turn me down.
    "I love you too, Gale," she responded. I had never heard her say it, but it sounded so great.
    I leaned forward and kissed her slowly. My bride-to-be.
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    April 28, 2012 10:18am UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentyfive
    I sat on the sofa, my legs propped up on the coffee table. The table was playing quietly in the background - something like American Idol, but I was reading a magazine of Tessa's. It was celebrity gossip. Within the last few weeks, I had forgot completely about the outside world; that other people had lives of their own - I was just focused on my own. I've been back here for nearly twenty-four hours now, and Gale hadn't returned from Ohio. Was he there to find me? Was he lost? Or was he there for Cal? I pushed the thoughts away and put the magazine down; it was extremely boring.
    I stood up and walked through the hallway, leaving the TV on. I jogged down the stairs, and opened the door to the bar; the noise had hit me from the top of the stairs. I shut the door and walked around over to the back of the counter. Nate always seemed to be behind the bar, and was once again there - making some sort of drink. His feet were bare once again, but I never question him about it. I leaned on the counter, looking around. I only recognised the waitresses that I lived with, but no one else. Nate smiled at me.
    "Don't look so sad, Theo," he said, shaking up a metal cup.
    "I'm not sad," I told him. He grinned at me.
    "How about I give you something to do?" He asked me, and I nodded. He passed me a blue plastic bowl. "Fill the peanut bowl please," he said, smiling. I passed the bowl from hand to hand, and sighed relcutantly. I walked further down the counter, and got the peanuts out from the fridge. After pouring them into the bowl, and putting them away, I took the peanut bowl and gave it to Nate.
    "You bore me Nate," I told him, holding back a smile. He grinned and passed the man his drink.
    "Aww, you love me really," he told me. He wrapped his arms around me, in a hug. Grinning, I hugged him back.
    "Hey, so, you're gonna get your arms off of my girl, right?" Someone asked from behind me. I looked around and there, before me, stood green-eyed, black-haired Gale. I grinned and jumped over the counter to hugged him. I felt his strong arms wrap around me, and his breath on my shoulder. We slowly pulled away.
    "Your girl?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded.
    "Well, if you want to be that is," I nodded. "So, you do?"
    "Yeah, I do," I smiled. He leaned in his head, and kissed me slowly.
    Later on, we sat on the sofa, facing each other, cross-legged.
    "So, you went to see Cal?" I asked hesitantly. He nodded, taking my hands in his.
    "Yeah, he's pretty cool. I see why you like him so much," he told me.
    "What did you talk about?" I asked.
    "You, mainly. And he answered the question I went to ask," he said.
    "Which was?"
    "If you loved me," he replied. I raised my eyebrows. "He said you did, which made me pretty happy." I smiled and nodded.
    "That's true," I replied.
    "But, I learn't something," he told me. "I heard that, if two people love eachother - there's only one thing they can do." I stared at him, and tilted my head slightly. "I know we've done this before," he said. To be honest, I was getting a bit confused.
    "What?" I asked. He just smiled, slipped off the sofa, and landed on the floor on one knee. I bit the inside of my lip as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it up, to show a silver ring, with a diamond on the top.
    "And that one thing we can do, is be married," he said.
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    April 28, 2012 8:18am UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentyfour
    My cell was unlocked by a tall, black guard.
    "Callum Wright," the guy said. I nodded and stood up. My cell mate nodded to me, he knew all about Theo, and I was excited to see her again. He cuffed my hands, and locked the cell again. I was lead down the familiar path, jealous faces hiden in the shadows of the cells. I was pushed through the door, and lead out in the line out to the visitor's room. My eyes sweeped across the room; Theo wasn't there. Panic went through me - who was here to see me? I stayed silent as the names were called out, working out who was left. I heard my name be called out, and a guy stood up. His dark hair flipped to one side, covering green eyes. My handcuffs were unlocked, and I walked over to him, rubbing my wrists. Once I got to him, I sat down next to him, staring susupicously.
    "Okay, who are you, and why are you here?" I asked. He sighed, and leaned on the table.
    "My name is Gale Anderson and I need to talk to you," he told me. I recognised the name from the talks with Theo. I bit my lip, and stayed silent for a little longer. She had mentioned a few days ago that she still loved this guy.
    "What about?" I asked, buying for time.
    "You know what about," he said, still not facing me. He didn't wait for me to give the 'all clear', instead, he just started. "Okay, I know she's been here a bit in the last week, and I'm fine with that. And you might know what happened between me and her," he said. I nodded.
    "She told me," I replied.
    "Well, I wanna know what she said," he told me.
    "I don't know if I can do that, Gale," I told him.
    "Why not?"
    "Because it's an invasion of privacy." Gale sighed, and put his head in his hands.
    "Listen, Cal," he said. "I love her, okay? I came here because I want to know if she loves me too - and you would know that." I bit the inside of my lip, I loved her, yeah. But as my sister. And that kiss on the first day she came back here? A one off. It felt right - but so wrong. I shook my head, getting the thought to go away.
    "And you want me to tell you if she loves you? Is that the only reason you're here?" I asked. He shrugged.
    "I want to know more about her. She didn't tell me all that much."
    I spent the next hour and a half talking about Theo with him. About everything we got up to as children; how we met; how her brain works. Before I realised, the guard yelled,
    "All right! Visiting time is up!" I sighed, and waited for a guard to come and collect me.
    "Okay, well, I won't be seeing you again, right?" I asked him. He raised his eyebrows.
    "And why not?"
    "I dunno. Because you came to Ohio to speak to me, but not to her. And yesterday, her tracker was still on - not letting her leave." I said, matter-of-factly. He nodded.
    "I know... you haven't answered my question," he said.
    "Which one?" I asked, as the guard who appeared cuffed my hands together.
    "The one about if she loves me or not," he replied. I started to leave, but paused.
    "Yeah, she does," I told him, and was led away.
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    Okay, there can't be all that many chapters left - although I also said that around the 7 chapter mark too..

  19. Bethie Bethie
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    April 28, 2012 3:45am UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentythree
    I hadn't spoken to anyone when I returned to the Avenged Angel. Danny kept trying to tell me that it was inevitable - we were drunk, but I wouldn't listen to him. I was inlove with Theo and she turned me down. I spent a long time in the bathroom each day - just sitting on the floor, drinking. I threw up alot too. I then started up smoking again - which I hated myself, but I couldn't do anything about - I was craving nicotine. I didn't leave the bathroom that week - Danny brought up my food, but I would throw it up within an hour. I guess that was depression.
    I leaned against the door, lifting the bottle up to my lips. The vodka tingled against the back of my throat, the bitter taste hurting my throat. I heard a knock at the door, and shifted so it could open.
    "Hola Gale," Danny said as he walked through the door. I didn't look at him, but I knew the voice; the spanish. The door shut, and he sat down next to me. "Tell me what happened," he said. I hadn't told the story to anyone, they just knew that something bad had happened. So, I told him. I told him about how she just stood there, not speaking. She didn't feel the same way.
    Danny stayed silent throughout the story, then, when it was over, he looked at me, shaking his head.
    "Don't let that stop you," he said. "Maybe she was scared; shocked that you were there. Or maybe, she just need time to think," I could hear the sincerity in his voice, but it was shrouded with his accent. "Go after her, mi hermano," he added. I shook my head.
    "She doesn't want me there," I told him.
    "She does," Danny persisted. "And I found a way to work out if she really likes you or not," he told me.
    "How?" I asked. I kept my tone sad, and drunk, but this got my interest.
    "Her best friend, Cal - he's in the Ohio state jail," Danny told me. I wasn't understanding though.
    "I phoned the jail, and asked to speak to him - they wouldn't let me of course. But I asked if anyone had visited him lately," he nodded. "Everyday of this week, a girl named Theodora Guest was there." I sat up at this. "Do it, mi hermano, do it." He got up, and left me to think.
    Night came quickly, and the motel I was staying in didn't seem to be a freind to heaters. I slept, after hours of non-stop thinking about Theo. But, this was a good plan. I had to speak to her friend - Cal. I just had to hope that she wasn't going to be there that day.
    I left the motel early in the morning, and finished my journey to Cincinnatti. I took buses, and hitch-hiked, but when I got there - I had no idea where to turn to. It was one pm, and I knew from looking at the jail's website, that visiting time started at three.
    I walked through the quiet streets, passing rows of cafés. The only non-quiet part about the roads was a group of brunettes. I needed directions, and they could probably give them to me. I walked up to them.
    "Hey, do you know where the state jail is?" I asked them. They all seemed to look to one of the girls.
    "Hi," she said, smiling. "I'm Evie, and you are?"
    "Wanting to know where the jail is," I told her. She shook her head and laughed.
    "No, silly! You're supposed to say your name!"
    "Your name," I responded. Yes, I was in a bit of a hurry, but I had time to play a few games. Evie laughed again, and I quickly latched on to her idea of getting me on a date with her.
    "The jail's up the road and to the right," she told me. "I'll take you if you want - but we should, I dunno, get something to eat? And then see a movie after?" She smiled, and batted her eyelashes.
    "No thanks," I replied. "Just directions thanks."
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  20. Bethie Bethie
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    April 27, 2012 12:36pm UTC
    ♣Waking Up In Vegas♣
    Chapter twentytwo
    Evie and her friends never got to see Cal in the flesh, and I was happy with that fact. The next day, I left the hostel. I didn't go to the jail that day either. I went straight to the police station; to find Jacob and to get that thing off of my ankle.
    Jacob looked up as I walked through the door.
    "So, you wanna' go back in the slammer?" He asked as I came over to him. I shook my head.
    "I want this off," I told him, bringing my foot up onto his desk. He was sitting behind the desk in a swivel chair, and he sighed as I showed him the tracker again.
    "You know I can't do that," he told me.
    "Well, I'm not messing about anymore," I replied. "I'm serious. I've stopped with the stealing, and breaking in, and I wanna' just get this off." I sighed and sat on the chair opposite him. "I will even sign something," I told him. He sighed again, leaning forward on the desk.
    "I know you want it off but-"
    "-But nothing!" I intrupted. "I want it off. You can get it off."
    "I know," he said. "I can get it off. But only after the time is up," he told me.
    "I will sign something," I repeated. "Legally binding something." Instead of responding, he opened a draw and brought out a file. After typing on the computer, he flicked through the file, then stared at me, sighing. "What?" I asked. Something printed out and he picked it up, placed it on the desk infront of me with a pen. I skimmed over the lines, legally... no stealing... breaking and entering... crime... no... no... neither... do you promise... god's holy book...
    "It's saying that if I take the tracker off, you wont do any crimes for the next year," Jacob told me. I stared at him, my eyes wide. Picking up the pen, I signed my name Theodora Guest.
    Jacob picked up some tools, and five minutes later, I was rubbing my bare ankle. It's gone, finally gone, I thought.
    The next day I was walking back through the back streets of Vegas; my mind racing with things to say. I stopped outside the Avenged Angel; telling myself that everything will be fine.
    I walked through the door and over the bar. Nate was standing there, his ginger hair covering his left eye. I leaned on the counter.
    "Where's Gale?" I asked, scaring him. He looked up and stared at me.
    "Theo? Theo!" He jumped over the counter and bear hugged me. "God, I missed you! What are you doing here? I thought you couldn't-" He stared down at my bare ankle. "It's gone! It's gone!" He exclaimed. I grinned at him, but it faltered when he looked a bit worried. "No no no no no no no, Gale went down to Ohio last night," he told me. My eyes went wide.
    "What?" I asked. "What!"
    "He went to Ohio, and said he found something out about your best friend - Cal or something. He's gone to talk to him."
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