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  1. Babyyy_lovee Babyyy_lovee
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2010 8:40pm UTC
    <font face="Modern">
    needed to save this code.

  2. ninsterrr ninsterrr
    posted a quote
    February 21, 2009 5:39pm UTC
    i hated going to weddings.
    all the grandmas would poke me
    and say " you're n e x t " they stopped
    when i started doing it to them at
    f u n e r a l s .
    not minee ! no credit whatsoevuuuur .!?

  3. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  4. luckygf333 luckygf333
    posted a quote
    January 29, 2010 5:13pm UTC
    Story Part #5
    "Got it!" I yelled to Haley, Nicole, Krissy, and Moni as I ran out of the house with my wallet. "Alright C'mon then!" said Moni and started running towards her friends house. "Woah, the mall is the opposite direction?" said Haley and looked puzzled. "Yeah we're picking up Syd first!" I yelled back to Haley and started running with Moni. As soon as we reached Syd's house Spotty, her dog jumped on Nicole. Syd put her back in the house and we walked to the mall to get my outfit for my date at 8.
    srry its so short i ran out of time! ill write another on sundayy...

  5. luckygf333 luckygf333
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2010 7:06pm UTC
    Story Part #4
    "MAGGIEE! HE ASKED YOU OUT DIDNT HE?!?!?!" yelled Bre, one of my best friends, who was sitting with us for a change. The whole cafeteria looked at us and some people were smiling, most of the guys looked sad, and once everyone looked away, TJ came over... "Who?!" he snarled at Bre. "I-I-I-I-I dont know" responded Bre in a shaky voice. "Woah, back off of her dude!" I said and lightly pushed TJ away. "You wanna fight?" he said and lifted me up by my shirt, then shoved me against a wall. "TJ! Guess what?!" said Alex, and when he turned around Alex punched him in the face. Alex ran over to where I had crawled up in a corner and was crying "Hey, are you alright???" he said and lightly touched my arm. "Y-yeah I think so..." I said between sobs and sat up. I noticed the underside of my arm was bleeding and quickly hid it. "Hey, I saw that, let's get you to the nurse." Alex said and half carried half walked me to the nurse's office.

  6. luckygf333 luckygf333
    posted a quote
    January 27, 2010 5:07pm UTC
    Story Part #3
    tjrox101: magz im sorry!!!! I love you!
    maggzie333: TJ, you are NOT sorry. youre a lying cheater. I'm breaking up with you!
    tjrox101: babe im sorry please dont!
    maggzie333: no TJ, i have to go, bye.
    monicat321: hey do you know alex's AIM screen name yet?
    maggzie333: no, do you?
    monicat321: no lol just wondering
    maggzie333: lol k
    The next morning before school...
    "Mom! Can you drive me to school??? My stupid car wont start!!!" I yelled up the stairs to my mom. "Sure hunny hold on a second I'll be right down!"
    I ran into the school just as first period was starting. "Hi Mr. Kaselly, sorry I'm late, my car wouldn't start so my mom had to drive me!" I whispered to my teacher as I gave him my late pass. I slipped my bag off my shoulder and set it under my desk then sat down. "Hey cutie, you feeling better?" whispered Alex from behind me. I blushed and whispered "Hey, yeah a lot, thanks for asking."
    As soon as the bell rang, Alex hurried out of his seat and came over to my desk and asked "Do you need any help with your books?" "Oh n--" I started to say then saw Moni mouthing 'YES' so I finished my sentence with "Sure, thats nice of you!"
    At lunch, Alex pulled me aside and said "So...what happened yesterday? With TJ? I saw you slap him yesterday in the hall... sorry if it's not any of my business." "Oh...well he was my boyfriend and he was making out with my friend...that's why I went home" I said as I held back the tears. Me and TJ had only been dating since junior year...we were seniors now....but I gave him everything I had...and I mean EVERYTHING. "Oh I'm sorry...so you wouldn't wanna go on a da-" He started. "Go on a date with you? I barely know you yet but sure" I blurted out and smiled. He laughed and responded "Actually, yes! Thursday night at 8:00, ice arena?" "Sure! Come over and sit with me to eat!" I blushed a little and walked to my table with everyone there smiling.

  7. luckygf333 luckygf333
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 6:55pm UTC
    Story Part #2
    "Ew...mystery meat again?!" said Moni as we walked through the lunch line. "That's why I bring my own lunch hunn." said Haley with a wink and a smile. We sat down at our normal table with Sam, Luke, Nicole, Krissy, and Zach. I watched Luke whisper something into Nicole's ear and she giggled then whispered back. Haley and I exchanged excited looks because we knew what he said to her. I played with my food and was wondering where TJ, my boyfriend was.
    After we all dumped our trays I went to go to the bathroom and saw TJ making out with Danielle, one of my friends. I stopped dead in my tracks. There was my boyfriend cheating on me with my friend. Then TJ saw me and started to walk toward me. I slapped him across the face and ran to the nurse. I told her I didn't feel good and she took my temperature then said I was good to go home. "Hey, are you okay?" said Alex as he walked by. "N-n-n-n-o...not really..." I replied. "Oh I'm sorry... so you're cute, what's your name?" I blushed and said "Thanks...Maggie Douglas, you're Alex right?" "Cute name too! And yeah, well I gotta go to science, I'll see you tomorrow?" "Sure, see ya!"

  8. luckygf333 luckygf333
    posted a quote
    January 25, 2010 6:15pm UTC
    Story Part #1
    " Oh my god Magz... he's such a cutie!!!" said Haley, my best friend, as we walked into our old, stinky high school. Haley was right...he was super cute, the only problem is he was new to the school, so we didn't know his name. "Hey, you're a cutie" said Tylor as he winked at me. "Creeper." said Haley and walked me away, even though she secretly had liked him since the 4th grade. "Well I'll see you at lunch!" I said as I walked into my homeroom. I said hello to my teacher, Mr. Kaselly, and sat down next to Moni as Mr. Kaselly gave us our schedules. As soon as me and Moni got our schedules we compared them and found out we had all our classes together. Then I saw him...the really cute guy me and Haley saw in the hall. "Moni!!! Do you know that guys name? The really cute one behind me." I whispered to Moni. "Yeah, it's Alex Hamilton, you guys would be cute together!" laughed Moni and lightly hit my arm. "Oh gosh Moni, in my drea--" I started to say before Mr. Kaselly cut me off, "Excuse me girls, would you like to share those thoughts with the class?" "No sir...." said me and Moni simultaniously then giggled.

  9. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  10. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

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    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
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  12. XOdasherXOX XOdasherXOX
    posted a quote
    January 27, 2010 9:48pm UTC
    take me or leave me #12
    Finally. Ten minutes untill dinner with Cam. With the most gorgeous, amazing, sweetest guy i had ever met. I was scared though. I had only known him a day... and he had kissed me already. I flipped channels in the club room in Watson, my dorm, while i waited for him to get me. Ten minutes, nothing. Fifteen minutes, nothing. Thirty minutes, no sign of Cam. An hour passed. Two hours. Three, even. The tears started to come, and i went to my room, took a hot shower, washed all the makeup off, put my jewelry back in its box, and hung up my cute jeans, tank top, and the adorable sweater vest i had just gotten from Hollister with the sequined pockets. I threw my metallic ballet flats in the closet, and threw my hair into a high bun on the top of my head. I slipped on my American Eagle plaid PJ pants and a cami and crawled into bed.
    Rae came in the room.
    "How was tonight?" She asked.
    "It didnt happen."
    "He freaking stood me up, Rae. I knew this would happen, too. I kissed him the day i met him."
    "You're too good for him, baby." She said and hugged me.
    "You say that about every guy i meet. You hate all of them, Rae."
    "You can understand why, though, cant you, Car?"
    "I always get hurt in the end." I stopped. "Except Michael." I smiled. "He moved." I remembered that summer we spent together.
    "You were still hurt." She said knowingly.
    "At least it wasnt his fault." I said, and closed my eyes. But before i could fall asleep, i heard a knock at my door.

  13. _Story_Girl _Story_Girl
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 6:43pm UTC
    Page #2
    You Dont Scare Me
    (Chapter; 1)
    I heard something running towards me. I could make out it was a person. But i couldnt figure out who it was. I turned around & they stopped about 5 feet from me. "Did you use to go to school here?" the voice asked. It was soft & gental. I could tell it was a girl. "Yes i did, i moved three years ago though" i said. The girl came into sight. She was one of my best friends when i lived here. "Yeah i know" she smiled. "Remember me?, im Morgan" she said. I laughed. "Yes i remember you!" i said. We started talking & soon we were across town. "I dont know why you moved back, this town is so dumb" she said. I just looked at her. "Well it really wasnt my choice" i frowned. She just glanced at me. And looked at the road. "Im sor" she paused. "Im just really sorry" she added after a couple moments. I smiled at her. "It's alright. My life there was perfect though, perfect boyfriend, amazing friends, i honestly didnt think i'd ever have to move again. But i guess that's what i get for doing my own thinking" i laughed. Morgan laughed too. "So what happen to all our old friends?" i asked. She didnt speek for a moment. "Well, after 8th grade we all kinda went sepreate ways" she said. Still looking at the road ahead. I didnt say anything at first. Then i said "Well, that's how it always happens". We decided to turn around. We exchanged phone numbers. She went to her house. I went to mine. Once i had my house in veiw i saw that the U-Haul was unloading things at my house. "You guy's finally made it!" i teased the guys driving it. They smiled, & continued with unloading. I went around to the back of my yard. And layed on the grounds watching the clouds. Watching the clouds from my back yard was my favorite thing in the world to do. I still heard kids yelling & screaming. I tried making out what they were saying. But i couldnt. I drifted off to sleep. The early morning sunshine woke me up. Shining bright on my face. I felt like i had a sunburn. But i didnt move. I was too tired. I put my arm across my face & fell back to sleep. Around eight my mom came outside & woke me up. I didnt even want to move. I finally made it into the house. I took a shower & blew dry my hair & traightened it. I didnt have anything to do. Or any plans. But you always have to be ready when you leave the house. Just incase you come across someone you have to impress. As i was finishing my hair. Morgan appeared at my door. "Hey, girl" she smiled. "Your mom let me in" she added. I laughed. "I figured you just broke in". We both laughed. "Wanna hang out?" she asked nicly. "But i mean if you have plans, it's okay" she said confusingly i understood. "Yeah, we can. Let me find my shoes" i said. Luckly they were right in front of me. I told my mom i'd be back later. And me & Morgan left. "I want my mom to see what you look like now, your so freaking gorgeous" she said. I laughed. I didnt think i was pretty at all compared to her. So we walked to her house. And there was a boy on her front porch. About Eightteen maybe? "Raelynn this is my brother Brice, if you dont remember" she laughed. I Smiled. "Hi Brice" i said. He smiled as well. "Nice to meet you Raelynn." We walked inside of her house. I could still feel Brices eyes on me. I turned around before i shut the door. And sure enough he was still looking at me. He was gorgeous. Brown hair, Blue eyes, Athletic body. Any girls dream. I smiled as i shut the door. And followed Morgan into the kitchen. I saw this woman standing in the kitchen looking over a man reading the paper. "Mom, Dad" she said "This is Raelynn". They both smiled at me. "Well hello honey" her mom said. "You are gorgeous, just like Morgan said" she laughed. "You two girls better watch out this year at school. All the guys will be after you two" her dad said. I couldnt help but laugh. Guy's were never interested in me. I didnt think? I told her parents why we had to move back. Which they probably already knew because i told Morgan last night. When we left Morgans house, Brice was still outside on the front steps. "So your gonna be a Junior?" he asked as i was talking away. "I am right now" i said. "Cool, im a Senior" he smiled. I started to walk away with Morgan. And i remember it was Monday. "Morgan, why arent you in school?, there's still a couple more days left of school" i said. She smiled at me "No silly, we've been out for a week already" she said. I felt dumb, because i wasnt even sure when they were suppose to get out. I just knew my old school got out in a couple days. "Oh, i feel dumb" i admited. She laughed. "No need for that" she said. We kept walking down the road & we started talking. "So, your brother wont be going to our school this coming year?" i asked Morgan. She looked at me. "Nope, thank god. I cant stand him most of the time. But i think he has a thing for you" she laughed. I didnt comment on that, I just smiled. We walked down to the park. It was the mot beautiful sight i've ever seen. The sun shining on the flowers, & the sky as bright as ever. "This is my favorite place to be in the summer" Morgan said. As she sat down on the green grass. I could tell why it was her favorite place. I smiled & sat down beside her.

  14. serendipity7729 serendipity7729
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 10:58pm UTC
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  15. serendipity7729 serendipity7729
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 6:12pm UTC
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  16. serendipity7729 serendipity7729
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 6:52pm UTC
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  17. serendipity7729 serendipity7729
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2010 5:31pm UTC
    His Summer.
    I walked around campus looking for Eric for about an hour, he was no where. I looked everywhere, the main house, all three cabins plus leaders cabin, the pool, the bathrooms, the fields, everywhere. I finally walked back up to his truck and sat in the back and just thought.
    I thought about Eric, and what Erve had said about him. Could it really be true? Did he really love me that much? He couldn't, could he?
    I thought about how much time I still had left here at camp, with him and his family, and with Michaela. We got here on Sunday, it's Tuesday now. On thursday the guy counslers would start showing up to prepare the two weeks of camp. Would he still want to spend time with me, even though all his friends would be there?
    "There you are!" I heard Mike yell to me. I looked back at him, on his flanks were Michaela and Jake - my real family. Behind Jake was Pete, a counsler I recognized from last year, same age as my brother, Jake, Eric, and Mike. He was tan, and had black curly hair parted on the side. He smiled at me like he knew something.
    "Find him?" I asked as they all climbed into the back of the truck.
    "Naaah. We thought we'd come find you to see if you had any luck. But I'll take that as a no. We did, however, find Petey over here. His dad dropped him off early. So he'll be chillin with us for now." Michaela answered.
    "Hey Pete. What's happenin?" I greeted.
    "Not much, can't find your boyfriend, huh?" he smiled again. I had never really thought of Eric with the title 'boyfriend' tagged on, but I guess that's what he is.
    "Yeah, I guess so. I don't know where he could be..." I replied.
    "Anyone check Echo Rock?" Pete asked.
    "No, I don't think so, anyone feel like taking a walk with me?" I looked at everyone.
    Before I knew it, all five of us were walking downt the path to Echo Rock, Eric's favorite place at camp. I had the dock, and he had the rock.
    We heard Eric before we actually saw him. He was blaring his music and sitting on the edge. The pack made me go up first, and not tell him they were there. They just wanted to know what was wrong, knowing he would tell me, and not the entire group. Whenever something was up, Eric came here and blasted his music, drowning everyone out. I hadn't thought to look here because I thought everything was fine.
    "Hey there..." I said as I climbed up the rock. Echo Rock was more of a cliff looking out at the reservior. You could see everything from here, and, as the name implies, you scream, the mountains mimic.
    There was no answer. I tried a different aproach, "Pete's here. His dad dropped him off early." I had to yell to be heard over the music.
    "Do you think they're right?" Eric had caught me off guard. It took me a minute to realize who he was talking about. I reached down and turned the music off and sat down next to him.

  18. serendipity7729 serendipity7729
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2010 9:16pm UTC
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  19. LoveForLifexx3 LoveForLifexx3
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2010 10:35pm UTC
    please readd&comentt:))
    “Look familiar?” He said, and smiled.
    I just blushed and nodded.
    “Now that day was fun.” He said smiling.
    “This whole weekend was too.” I said, also smiling.
    “Yeah... too bad about school tomorrow...”
    “Yeah... but we can hang at school too.”
    “Yeah, that's true.”
    We sat down and turned on the TV, but we were too busy talking so we weren't really watching. Eventually, the subject came to Alec and Heather.
    “I feel so bad for them.” He said.
    “Yeah... Who's this Kara girl?” I asked.
    “His girlfriend before Jess... She broke up with him, but now shes jealous. Not a very good way to get someone to like you...”
    “Yeah... that just screams out 'I'm a sicko with no friends.'”
    He laughed. “You're so funny!”
    I smiled. “You're funnier.”
    “Aw, babe, I love you.”
    “I love you too.” I smiled.
    He laughed.
    “What's so funny,” I said, trying not to laugh too.
    “I just noticed how much we've been saying that.” He replied thoughtfully. “It's nice. I love you.” He said, smiling really wide.
    “And I love you.” I said, also smiling. We kept talking about things, about us, and about my birthday coming up. We talked and talked, until about eight. “I guess I better get going...”
    “Yeah... I guess so...” We both got up and he led me to the door.
    “I'll see you tomorrow.” I said.
    “Yeah.” He said and smiled.
    I walked home and called Heather. I made sure she was okay, and then I took a shower and got into some pajamas. Then I went into the living room.
    “Hey, sweetie.” My mom said.
    “Hi,” my dad added.
    “Hey, how's the house been?” I asked.
    “Good, it feels like you've been gone forever.” Mom said.
    “Thanks, mom... for everything...” I said, and smiled.
    “No problem.” She said, and grinned. I told them I was going to bed, and they said goodnight. I said night to Andrew and then went to bed.

  20. LoveForLifexx3 LoveForLifexx3
    posted a quote
    January 27, 2010 5:35pm UTC
    please readd&comentt:))
    He sat down on one of those chairs that's long and almost flat, but the back is raised. He then motioned me to sit down next to him, so I did.
    “Hey,” He said softly.
    “Yeah?” I asked.
    “I hope you know, that no one, not another girl, not another guy, or anyone, no one can break us up. And if anyone hurts you, I'll hurt them. Especially another guy, cause no ones stealing me from you...”
    I looked at him. “I would never let anyone come between us...”We just sat there for a while, til Heather came back outside. I jumped up and asked her what happened.
    “I'll go talk to Alec...” Gary said.
    “Okay, girl. Spill it.” I said.
    “Well...” She said, tearing again. “He said Kara texted him last night, and at first she just said 'hey', so he didn't answer, and about an hour later, he got another text, this time saying, 'I still love you.' He ignored it, but then fifteen minutes later she texted again, 'but you've got a girlfriend. That won't last long.' He got concerned, so he asked her what she meant. She texted back saying, 'if you don't go out with me, I'll tell her you kissed me. And that YOU leaned in.' He said she gave him three choices, go out with her behind my back, don't go out with her and tell me he kissed her, or break up with me and go out with her. He said he didn't want to cheat on me, and that he didn't want me to think that he did when she told me he kissed her. So he broke up with me...” She could barely say that part. “Then he said, 'I love you, and I hope you'll wait until she breaks up with me...' then he added, 'I'll make sure to be annoying to her...' and he kissed me lightly. He was crying too... then I mumbled “okay.” and left.”
    She was crying again, so I hugged her tightly and told her it was going to be okay. Then Gary came out and said that Alec wanted to be alone.
    “That sounds good...” She said, so we walked her home.
    “Wow...” I said to him, as we started walking back to the beach. It was late-ish by now, almost four, so we were going to get something to eat there.
    “Yeah...” Was all he could say. We got out our food and ate in silence. Then we sat on the beach and just talked. It wasn't really about anything, just talking and laughing.
    “One more day, my love.” He said. “What will we do?”
    “Hm... I don't know... something fun?” I said, laughing.
    “Yeah.” He said, smiling. “We could go to my place and just chill?”
    “Yeah, that sounds cool.” I said.
    We walked to his house and he let us in.


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