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....hey there.

  1. AmandaOak AmandaOak
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2010 10:27pm EDT
    dear witty girls,
    i read this book., it's called
    For Young Women Only
    it's an AMAZING book!
    about the male brain..
    and i noticed how there was a lot of comments on here about how guys are jerks when they hang out with you and his friends.
    in the book, it mentions how yes, there are going to be jerks out there like that. but some of them, not all - some, aren't like the way they are when it's just you two and no one else because they want to show their friends that they can have a relationship with a girl, without changing the relationship with his buds. but yeah, there will be the jerks out there as well.
    i hope this helped,
    [no hate comments would be nice:)]

  2. AmandaOak AmandaOak
    posted a quote
    August 6, 2010 3:27pm EDT
    &it seems like yesterday..
    it was just a dream.
    but those days are gone..
    and just memories.

  3. AmandaOak AmandaOak
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2010 2:00am EDT
    there's one word that comes to mind when i see you..

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