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I am a tomboy.One of my favorite quotes is Where There Is Love There Is Life. It is said by Gandhi. My name is Anamaria Zaggy.

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  1. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2011 9:30pm UTC
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  2. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2011 6:04pm UTC
    my name is tommy jones and i love my girlfriend so much... but idk if i want to marry her. when we first started dating she was so immature. than i meet her friend, Mercedes, and i liked her ever since than. i have cheated on Ana more than once and i have told people i love them more than once. i didn't bothwer to tell Ana about cheating on her or telling other people i love them. Than i find out that she was telling other guys she loves them. and it made me so sad that she would do that to me. and she had to find out from Jaesa, my ex, that i had cheated on her more than once. she learned what i did. and she learned i was a liar. Ana only did one thing bad, which was tell other guys she loves them. Me? I cheated on her and told other girls that i love them. i put her through so much pain, yet she still loves me enough to forgive me and move on. But i doubt she will ever forget. I Love her so much though.
    -Tommy Jones
    Love of Ana's life

  3. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    January 21, 2011 11:07pm UTC
    i needs advice. firstly don't judge on my grammar. My boyfriend has this gal friend. She is very very protective. She thinks that my boyfriend and i dont have any more love for each other. "Will you just back off of Tommy!! Like seriously!! Just go away!" her exact words ... so i was wondering if i should back off and leave him alone bcuz of her even tho i do love her or just ignore her completely and stay with him.

  4. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2010 7:34pm UTC
    Let him wish his life
    For the sorrows of stone
    Never knowing the first thread
    Of these
    Never knowing the pain of ice
    As its crystals slowly grow
    Needles pressing in on the heart
    To live forever
    And never feel a thing
    To wait a million lifetimes
    Only to erode and become sand
    Wish not for the stone
    But for the fire
    Lasts only moments
    But change everything
    Oh to be lightning
    To exist for less than a moment
    Yet in that moment
    To expose the world to every open eye
    Oh to be thunder
    To clap and ring
    To rumble into memories
    Minds and spines
    To chill the soul and shake the very ground
    Pounding even the sand
    Into smaller pieces
    Or the mountain
    Brooding, extinct
    Yet gathering for one fatal moment
    The power to blow the top clean off the world
    Oh to last the blink of an eye and leave nothing
    But nothing unmoved behind you
    -Vincent Guilliano

  5. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2010 10:11pm UTC
    Is it wrong that I still love him? No, I don't think so. Is it wrong that he kissed me and I kissed back? Yes, that is wrong. I love him, he loves me. His mom doesn't like me at all though. He hurt himself because of what his mom said. She said " You can't date her." He has about 10 cuts on his wrist because he can't be with me. I have on cut on my wrist, but i have hurt myself other ways. I have practically tattooed the word love on my other wrist. Red marks burn my skin. My nails, sharp, scrap against my skin. I am thinking of taking a thumbtack to my skin. I might give myself a permanent tattoo (scar) with his Initials. I know he won't read this for I will hide it. I fear no one will help me, because no one knows I have these things in my head. I think about killing myself, but what stops me is my long-time friend and Him. I love Him and I filled up a page of hurt and pain.

  6. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2010 6:44pm UTC
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  7. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2010 6:10pm UTC
    Hey for everyone who actually reads my quotes i am making a new one then transfering all my old quotes to that one the username is Zagster

  8. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2010 11:02pm UTC
    A Twisted World Part 2
    I ran so fast towards him it was like i was flying. I caught him and made him turn to face me. I gasped out of surprise. The guy is a girl. That girl is Leslie, Trey's girlfriend. A second after i took this information in she was dead because of blood loss . . . from me. Trey would've liked the fact that Leslie was dead. In fact, they were a horrible couple. They always fought about little things. Trey was my best friend in the whole world. I told Trey everything, even the fact that i am not most humans. I say this because I have bits of vampire blood running through my veins. My dad is a vampire. My dad's dad was a vampire. My mom is half-vampire.

  9. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2010 5:55pm UTC
    A Twisted World
    (Part 1)
    Off to my left is Trey. Trey is my best friend in the whole world. Little did I know this was the last time I would see him, . . . alive. Just like a lightening bolt a loud bang sounded out and rung through my ears. I see Trey falling to the ground, dead before he hit the ground. I turned to face his killer. Suddenly this feeling over came me. I knew this feeling, I was changing. My canine teeth started to hurt like crazy. I looked up and the killers whole body trembled with fear. Another feeling over came me, this feeling told me this killer had to die . . . by my hand.

  10. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2010 11:45pm UTC
    Even when i get only 1 favorite i'm happy because i think, "At least someone likes it, At least someone cared to read it even if it isn't pretty"

  11. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2010 11:38pm UTC
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  12. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2010 8:39pm UTC

  13. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2010 8:17pm UTC
    Ana and Anna
    (part 2)
    Before Aaron came into Ana and my lives, Ana was always sad. she would mope about everything. The thing she was most sad about was her ex-boyfriend. She has had many boyfriends before, but this one guy is the guy she truely loved. Apparently he didn't love her back, since she caught him cheating on her and trying to hit on me. She was glad i didn't take his bait. After that she ended it for fear that if he does it again i would fall for it.
    Should I continue??

  14. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    September 19, 2010 3:27am UTC
    Ana and Anna
    Once in a land name Maria, there lived a poor girl named Ana. Maria meant bitter, and the rulers of Maria were bitter. Ana, however, meant gracious and she was very gracious. Ana was a beautiful girl of 13. She had a crush on a guy she always sees, but she knew it will never work out. She knows this because he loves another girl by the name of Arabella. This boy's name is Aaron. Aaron means strong, exalted. Arabella means beautiful lion. Aaron and Arabella's names fit them perfectly. Me? My name is Anna. What does it mean? I don't know, personally I don't care. I love my name. This story isn't just about me though. It is also about my twin sister Ana.
    should i continue???

  15. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2010 11:55pm UTC
    Dad: Look at the nice clean Air Vent Sheets!
    Me: They still Look Dirty.
    Dad: Well, They are still wet.
    Me *yelling up the stairs*: WHY DOES EVERYTHING WET LOOK DIRTY????!!!!????!!!!
    (awkward moment {i have a dirty mind} luckliy my dad didn't notice)

  16. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2010 11:18pm UTC
    I see him, he's nice, smart,cool. I love him. I don't know if he loves me too. I'm sure he still does. At least he says he does, but he is my ex. I guess he is going through with staying single. Please don't go through with it. I love you too much to let you go. I know I can't change your mind. So, I will live until you see me.

  17. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2010 11:14pm UTC
    Love is all around me engulfing me with its power, surrounding me, but not touching you at all

  18. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2010 1:00am UTC
    "That really grills my Chilean sea bass"
    "That really lit my fire"
    "That really opened my phone"
    "That really turned a light on"
    "That really opened my beer"
    "That really turns the handle"
    "That really feeds the pets"
    -All said by my Father

  19. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2010 12:12am UTC
    There you are,
    My bestie, Hope
    runs through me.
    I hope you love me.
    I hope you care about me.
    Peace goes through my head.
    Peace is what we have between us.
    Love is what is on my heart when I think about you.
    I love you.
    I Hope you love me too.
    I hope you will give me a chance.
    I hope you will get over the guy you have fallen head over heels in love with.
    Please let me hope you,
    Please let me love you.
    I ask You just that,
    Let me help and love you.
    -Written for me By One of my best guy friends

  20. AZyTJ AZyTJ
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2010 12:03am UTC
    Hope is in my heart and starts consuming me.
    Out in the world is the guy who won my heart.
    Peace fills my heart, Hoping he'll comeback to me.
    Energy runs through my veins whenever I talk to him.


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