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      Just don't seeARllovelovelovelove & ; check them out?loveThis is lovelovelovelove; looking after her acc now she's gone; rip beaut. <3 

Hello georgeous.. My names Summer, yes. My name is a season. I'm fourteen years old, I live the life of an average girl, with a down side. I was recently diagnosed with cancer; not sure how long I have left. My bestbestbest friend on here is lovelovelovelove; both Hannah- who died recently from cancer</3 and Danielle- who is freaking amazing<3 are incredible, please take your time to follow her, and leave her a quick comment telling her how amazing she is, it would make my day. - most of my quotes come from her, because she's the one with the mind;) I'm tired of the hate messages, if you don't like who I am, gtfo my profile. Yes, I am dying. Do you know me in real life? You don't, stop judging. I'm pretty emotional, though I like to be happy, though you can't really find yourself the happiest person when you know that everyday you wake up, is one day closer to she day you'll die.. I'm pretty ugly, i'm sure you'd agree with me there.. I'm taken & in love. <3 I think thats it, appart from follow me, comment, and ask me if you have a problem, i'm always happy to help. <3 
    1. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 12, 2011 2:24pm UTC
      When she comes home;
      Her make-up is washed off;
      Her jeans are traded for pj bottoms, and her uggs are traded for fluffy socks.
      Her hair is scraped back into a messy pony tail.
      She inserts a movie into her DVD player;
      Even though her vision is blurred from her tears.
      She wraps herself into her old quilt,
      and cuddles her worn teddy bear close to her chest;
      As a small pile of crumpled tissues form beside her.
      She'll reach for her ipod, and put on a song by Taylor Swift,
      and she'll slowly cry herself to sleep. ♥

    2. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 11, 2011 11:53am UTC
      Today someone said to me;
      'You have cancer? I'm so sorry..' I'm not..
      I don't want to die, you can't really say anyone does, but dying means;
      A new life will be made.
      And, I'm not the best of people, I'm nothing special.
      But i'd just like to get this message out to the world;
      Life is beautiful.
      Never think of suicide, its a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
      Live life to the fullest, laugh, have fun-
      Make mistakes, but never, never.
      Say life isn't worth it. ♥

    3. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 10, 2011 3:37pm UTC

      Today, I got some bad news.
      I have 2 months to live;
      From terminal cancer...
      I'm fourteen years old.
      My mum died months ago;
      And my bes tfriend died a month ago.
      I want to die; in a way..
      Because; theres not really much point in life
      but there is ALWAYS a reason to live;
      (Keep smiling;..)
      Be happy- have no regrets.
      Live every day like theres no tomorrow;
      Take chances, be wild//
      [ Have fun. ]

    4. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 9, 2011 1:12pm UTC

      A.K.A lovelovelovelove;
      She died on the 13th of February 2011.
      From cancer.
      I didn't know her in real life;
      But she was like my best friend on here.
      She had so much inspiration..
      She gave people a meaning for life; she told them
      that it was important to smile & BE HAPPY;
      (Because; Life is short..)
      Can I have, just one fave?
      Because honestly;
      She was the most amazing person, i've ever met;
      [ R.I.P Hannah; Ily forever.. ]

    5. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 9, 2011 1:07pm UTC

      My friend died today;
      The reason? Suicide.
      She was bullied, because she cut,
      And she had her reasons.
      Her mother died last week;
      And she couldn't deal with it anymore.
      She had a witty..
      I'm not asking for 100 faves, i'm not even asking
      for 10. Just 1, just to prove that somewhere;
      (Someone loved her.)
      I have cancer, and not long to live;
      And all I want out of my life, is to make people
      understand.. That life is a beautiful thing;
      [ Live it to the fullest. ]

    6. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 3, 2011 1:50pm UTC
      Today I smashed my rear mirror;
      Cause i'm done looking back.. ♥
      *format credit; lovelovelovelove

    7. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      March 2, 2011 12:57pm UTC
      Sometimes; that girl who seems so strong// who never lets what people say bother her, who smiles and laughs with her friends.. is really the girl who,
      deep down, is falling to//

    8. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      February 27, 2011 8:35am UTC
      Today, I came home crying.
      My best friend had been involved in a car accident,
      My boyfriend had broken up with me,
      My friends had fallen out with me,
      And to top it all off, I'd failed an exam.
      I locked myself in my room, and my 7 year old brother knocked on my door;
      he gave me a huge hug;
      and said the words i needed to hear more then anything that day: 'I love you',.

    9. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      February 26, 2011 1:45pm UTC

      My mum died 3 months ago, she had cancer;
      The funniest thing ever, was that she found witty,
      and she used to make me sit with her for hours,
      Just so she could read the
      One day, she started crying,
      It was because a girl on here had lost her mum
      and i suddenly realised how much she ment to me..
      6 months later, my mum was diagnosed with cancer.
      (and 8 months after that, she died.)
      I realised, just how much it hurts to loose someone;
      And how sometimes, people just need to be understood..
      So, i'm not asking for a top quote;
      [ Just to be understood,
      for once. ]

    10. AReasonToLive AReasonToLive
      posted a quote
      February 26, 2011 1:25pm UTC
      Thinking about suicide?♥
      Dont. I was recently diagnosed with cancer.. I've been given around 6 months to live. I don't want tpo die, but I know that soon I'll be with my mom and my little sister grace. But please.. if you ever need a reason to live, there are plently, just keep on hanging in there; please..
      Live for me?♥


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