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Steve · 6 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

freelance · 9 years ago
fgsgfdgf I hate world history though. Freakin China and the Mesopotamians and the Harrapans and I want to die. My teacher is 70 years old and has been at my school for 46 years or something. he's retiring this year but still. ccvgjbkhnhb I'm reading romeo and juliet in english and I feel forever alone, hahahah. Oh well :)

freelance · 9 years ago
Thanks, haha :)
You're really pretty ^^^^^
aghh same, but I'd rather do witty than homework :)


Steve · 9 years ago
I will try to get a way to change usernames available soon. Thanks for being a part of Witty for so long!

33_LuvU2_33 · 1 decade ago


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